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Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Johnson Kaat Pascual Radke Blyleven Aguilera Carrasquel Guardado Burke
2019 (101-61) Berrios Odorizzi Perez Gibson Pineda Rogers May Harper Duffey
2018 (78-84) Berrios Odorizzi Lynn Gibson Romero Rodney Hildenberger Rogers Reed
2017 (85-77) Berrios Santana Mejia Gibson Colon Kintzler Belisle Rogers Pressly
2016 (59-103) Berrios Santana Duffey Gibson Nolasco Kintzler Tonkin Rogers Pressly
2015 (83-79) Pelfrey Santana Hughes Gibson Milone Perkins Boyer Fien Duensing
2014 (70-92) Nolasco Correia Hughes Gibson Pino Perkins Burton Fien Duensing
2013 (66-96) Pelfrey Correia Diamond Deduno Hernandez Perkins Burton Fien Duensing
2012 (66-96) Blackburn Liriano Diamond De Vries Hendriks Perkins Burton Burnett Gray
2011 (63-99) Blackburn Liriano Pavano Duensing Baker Capps Perkins Burnett Mijares
2010 (94-68) Blackburn Liriano Pavano Slowey Baker Rauch Guerrier Crain Mijares
2009 (87-76) Blackburn Liriano Perkins Slowey Baker Nathan Guerrier Crain Mijares
2008 (88-75) Blackburn Hernandez Perkins Slowey Baker Nathan Guerrier Crain Reyes
2007 (79-83) Silva Santana Bonser Garza Baker Nathan Guerrier Neshek Rincon
2006 (96-66) Silva Santana Bonser Radke Liriano Nathan Crain Reyes Rincon
2005 (83-79) Silva Santana Lohse Radke Mays Nathan Crain Romero Rincon
2004 (92-70) Silva Santana Lohse Radke Mulholland Nathan Fultz Romero Rincon
2003 (90-72) Rogers Mays Lohse Radke Reed Guardado Hawkins Romero Rincon
2002 (94-67) Milton Mays Lohse Radke Reed Guardado Hawkins Romero Jackson
2001 (85-77) Milton Mays Lohse Radke Reed Hawkins Guardado Wells Carrasco
2000 (69-93) Milton Mays Redman Radke Bergman Hawkins Guardado Wells Miller
1999 (63-97) Milton Mays Hawkins Radke Lincoln Trombley Guardado Wells Miller
1998 (70-92) Milton Tewksbury Hawkins Radke Morgan Aguilera Guardado Trombley Carrasco
1997 (68-94) Robertson Tewksbury Hawkins Radke Rodriguez Aguilera Guardado Trombley Swindell
1996 (78-84) Robertson Aguilera Aldred Radke Rodriguez Stevens Guardado Hansell Naulty
1995 (56-88) Tapani Trombley Erickson Radke Rodriguez Aguilera Guardado Stevens Mahomes
1994 (53-60) Tapani Deshaies Erickson Mahomes Pulido Aguilera Willis Guthrie Casian
1993 (71-91) Tapani Deshaies Erickson Banks Guardado Aguilera Willis Hartley Casian
1992 (90-72) Tapani Smiley Erickson Krueger Mahomes Aguilera Willis Guthrie Edens
1991 (95-67) Tapani Morris Erickson Anderson Guthrie Aguilera Willis Bedrosian Leach
1990 (74-88) Tapani West Smith Anderson Guthrie Aguilera Berenguer Wayne Leach
1989 (80-82) Rawley Viola Smith Anderson Dyer Reardon Berenguer Wayne Gonzalez
1988 (91-71) Blyleven Viola Lea Anderson Toliver Reardon Berenguer Atherton Portugal
1987 (85-77) Blyleven Viola Straker Smithson Niekro Reardon Berenguer Atherton Frazier
1986 (71-91) Blyleven Viola Heaton Smithson Portugal Atherton Davis Pastore Jackson
1985 (77-85) Blyleven Viola Butcher Smithson Schrom Davis Eufemia Wardle Lysander
1984 (81-81) Hodge Viola Butcher Smithson Schrom Davis Filson Whitehouse Lysander
1983 (70-92) Williams Viola Castillo Havens Schrom Davis Walters Whitehouse Lysander
1982 (60-102) Williams Viola Castillo Havens O'Connor Davis Felton Little Boris
1981 (41-68) Williams Redfern Arroyo Erickson Koosman Corbett O'Connor Verhoeven Cooper
1980 (77-84) Zahn Redfern Jackson Erickson Koosman Corbett Kinnunen Verhoeven Marshall
1979 (82-80) Zahn Goltz Hartzell Erickson Koosman Marshall Redfern Bacsik Jackson
1978 (73-89) Zahn Goltz Serum Erickson Jackson Marshall Thayer Johnson Sutton
1977 (84-77) Zahn Goltz Thormodsgard Redfern Schueler Johnson Burgmeier Schueler Johnson
1976 (85-77) Singer Goltz Hughes Redfern Bane Campbell Burgmeier Luebber Albury
1975 (76-83) Blyleven Goltz Hughes Albury Corbin Burgmeier Campbell Johnson Albury
1974 (82-80) Blyleven Goltz Decker Albury Corbin Campbell Burgmeier Hands Corbin
1973 (81-81) Blyleven Kaat Decker Woodson Hands Corbin Sanders Hands Campbell
1972 (77-77) Blyleven Kaat Perry Woodson Corbin Granger LaRoche Strickland Norton
1971 (74-86) Blyleven Kaat Perry Luebber Corbin Hall Williams Corbin Perranoski
1970 (98-64) Blyleven Kaat Perry Zepp Tiant Perranoski Williams Hall Zepp
1969 (97-65) Boswell Kaat Perry Hall Chance Perranoski Worthington Grzenda Miller
1968 (79-83) Boswell Kaat Perry Merritt Chance Worthington Perranoski Roland Miller
1967 (91-71) Boswell Kaat Grant Merritt Chance Worthington Kline Roland Perry
1966 (89-73) Boswell Kaat Grant Perry Pascual Worthington Cimino Klippstein Siebler
1965 (102-60) Boswell Kaat Grant Perry Pascual Worthington Pleis Klippstein Fosnow
1964 (79-83) Stigman Kaat Grant Roland Pascual Worthington Pleis Klippstein Perry
1963 (91-70) Stigman Kaat Perry Stange Pascual Dailey Pleis Roggenburk Moore
1962 (91-71) Stigman Kaat Kralick Bonikowski Pascual Moore Stange Maranda Stigman
1961 (70-90) Ramos Kaat Kralick Lee Pascual Moore Pleis Lee Stobbs
1960 (73-81) Ramos Woodeshick Kralick Lee Pascual Moore Clevenger Woodeshick Stobbs
1959 (63-91) Ramos Fischer Kemmerer Griggs Pascual Clevenger Hyde Woodeshick Stobbs
1958 (61-93) Ramos Valentinetti Kemmerer Griggs Pascual Hyde Clevenger Byerly Valentinetti
1957 (55-99) Ramos Stobbs Kemmerer Abernathy Pascual Clevenger Hyde Byerly Kemmerer
1956 (59-95) Ramos Stobbs Wiesler Stone Pascual Chakales Byerly Grob
1955 (53-101) Porterfield Schmitz McDermott Stone Pascual Chakales Ramos Pascual
1954 (66-88) Porterfield Schmitz McDermott Stone Stobbs Stewart Keriazakos Pascual
1953 (76-76) Porterfield Shea Masterson Marrero Stobbs Dixon Sima Lane
1952 (78-76) Porterfield Shea Masterson Marrero Moreno Consuegra Ferrick Johnson
1951 (62-92) Porterfield Johnson Hudson Marrero Moreno Consuegra Harris Haynes
1950 (67-87) Kuzava Consuegra Hudson Marrero Haynes Harris Singleton Pearce Haynes
1949 (50-104) Scarborough Calvert Hudson Harris Weik Welteroth Hittle Haynes
1948 (56-97) Scarborough Wynn Hudson Masterson Haefner Ferrick Welteroth Thompson Candini
1947 (64-90) Scarborough Wynn Hudson Masterson Haefner Ferrick Cary Scarborough Candini
1946 (76-78) Scarborough Leonard Newsom Wolff Haefner Pieretti Masterson Kennedy
1945 (87-67) Pieretti Leonard Niggeling Wolff Haefner Pieretti Carrasquel Ullrich
1944 (64-90) Wynn Leonard Niggeling Wolff Haefner LeFebvre Carrasquel Candini
1943 (84-69) Wynn Leonard Candini Carrasquel Haefner Haefner Mertz Carrasquel Scarborough
1942 (62-89) Wynn Hudson Newsom Carrasquel Masterson Zuber Carrasquel Trotter
1941 (70-84) Leonard Hudson Chase Sundra Zuber Zuber Carrasquel Masterson
1940 (64-90) Leonard Hudson Chase Masterson Krakauskas Krakauskas Carrasquel Monteagudo
1939 (65-87) Leonard Haynes Chase Carrasquel Krakauskas Appleton Masterson Carrasquel Kelley
1938 (75-76) Leonard Ferrell Chase Weaver Kelley Appleton Hogsett Kelley
1937 (73-80) DeShong Ferrell Appleton Weaver Fischer Appleton Cohen Linke
1936 (82-71) DeShong Newsom Appleton Whitehill Cascarella Appleton Cohen Weaver
1935 (67-86) Hadley Newsom Linke Whitehill Burke Russell Pettit Linke
1934 (66-86) Weaver Stewart Thomas Whitehill Burke Russell McColl Burke Crowder
1933 (99-53) Weaver Stewart Thomas Whitehill Crowder Russell McAfee Burke Thomas
1932 (93-61) Weaver Brown Thomas Marberry Crowder Marberry Brown Weaver Coffman
1931 (92-62) Jones Brown Fischer Marberry Crowder Marberry Hadley Fischer Crowder
1930 (94-60) Jones Brown Hadley Marberry Crowder Burke Brown Liska
1929 (71-81) Jones Braxton Hadley Marberry Burke Marberry Burke Brown Braxton
1928 (75-79) Jones Braxton Hadley Gaston Zachary Braxton Burke Brown Marberry
1927 (85-69) Lisenbee Thurston Hadley Johnson Zachary Braxton Burke   Marberry
1926 (81-69) Coveleski Ruether Crowder Johnson Murray Marberry Morrell Ferguson Ogden
1925 (96-55) Coveleski Ruether Zachary Johnson Mogridge Marberry Russell Gregg Ogden
1924 (92-62) Ogden Marberry Zachary Johnson Mogridge Marberry Russell Speece Zahniser
1923 (75-78) Zahniser Warmoth Zachary Johnson Mogridge Russell Brillheart Hollingsworth Zahniser
1922 (69-85) Francis Erickson Zachary Johnson Mogridge Brillheart Erickson Francis
1921 (80-73) Courtney Erickson Zachary Johnson Mogridge Acosta Schacht Courtney
1920 (68-84) Courtney Erickson Zachary Johnson Shaw Acosta Zachary Courtney
1919 (56-84) Harper Erickson Zachary Johnson Shaw Craft Gill Thompson
1918 (72-56) Harper Ayers Matteson Johnson Shaw Ayers Shaw Johnson
1917 (74-79) Harper Gallia Dumont Johnson Shaw Ayers Shaw Gallia
1916 (76-77) Harper Gallia Boehling Johnson Ayers Ayers Shaw Gallia
1915 (85-68) Shaw Gallia Boehling Johnson Ayers Ayers Hopper Gallia
1914 (81-73) Shaw Engel Boehling Johnson Ayers Engel Harper Bentley
1913 (90-64) Groom Engel Boehling Johnson Hughes Hughes Engel Gallia Boehling
1912 (91-61) Groom Engel Cashion Johnson Hughes Engel Johnson Cashion
1911 (64-90) Groom Walker Gray Johnson Hughes Gray Otey Walker
1910 (66-85) Groom Walker Gray Johnson Reisling Reisling Otey  
1909 (42-110) Groom Smith Gray Johnson Hughes Groom Gray Hughes
1908 (67-85) Burns Smith Keeley Johnson Hughes Keeley Falkenberg Hughes
1907 (49-102) Patten Smith Falkenberg Graham Hughes Patten Falkenberg Hughes
1906 (55-95) Patten Smith Falkenberg Kitson Hughes Smith Kitson Hughes
1905 (64-87) Patten Townsend Wolfe Jacobson Hughes Townsend Patten  
1904 (38-113) Patten Townsend Wolfe Jacobson Hughes   Patten  
1903 (43-94) Patten Townsend Orth Wilson Lee Townsend    
1902 (61-75) Patten Townsend Orth Carrick Lee      
1901 (61-72) Patten Mercer Gear Carrick Lee Gear    
119 years 222 pitchers 38 pitchers 206 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.