Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More

Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More
Year Tm Lg W L Finish Playoffs Attendance Attend/G Rank Est. Payroll PPF BPF Stadium
2024Chicago White SoxAL Central15345354,89914,78714th of 15$113,798,925103102Guaranteed Rate Field
2023Chicago White SoxAL Central6110141,669,62820,61311th of 15$140,725,951103102Guaranteed Rate Field
2022Chicago White SoxAL Central818122,009,35924,8078th of 15$167,458,334102102Guaranteed Rate Field
2021Chicago White SoxAL Central93691Lost ALDS (3-1)1,596,38519,7085th of 15$115,546,333101102Guaranteed Rate Field
2020Chicago White SoxAL Central35253Lost ALWC (2-1)3rd of 15$119,066,333100100Guaranteed Rate Field
2019Chicago White SoxAL Central728931,649,77520,62211th of 15$80,846,3339998Guaranteed Rate Field
2018Chicago White SoxAL Central6210041,608,81719,86212th of 15$75,092,0009998Guaranteed Rate Field
2017Chicago White SoxAL Central679541,629,47020,11713th of 15$97,842,0009897Guaranteed Rate Field
2016Chicago White SoxAL Central788441,746,29321,55912th of 15$113,416,0009696U.S. Cellular Field
2015Chicago White SoxAL Central768641,755,81021,67713th of 15$112,889,7009796U.S. Cellular Field
2014Chicago White SoxAL Central738941,650,82120,38113th of 15$87,475,5009897U.S. Cellular Field
2013Chicago White SoxAL Central639951,768,41321,83210th of 15$81,401,900105104U.S. Cellular Field
2012Chicago White SoxAL Central857721,965,95524,2719th of 14$118,208,000104104U.S. Cellular Field
2011Chicago White SoxAL Central798332,001,11724,7057th of 14$127,789,000106106U.S. Cellular Field
2010Chicago White SoxAL Central887422,194,37827,0917th of 14$107,195,000103103U.S. Cellular Field
2009Chicago White SoxAL Central798332,284,16328,2006th of 14$101,081,000105105U.S. Cellular Field
2008Chicago White SoxAL Central89741Lost ALDS (3-1)2,500,64830,4965th of 14$121,189,332105104U.S. Cellular Field
2007Chicago White SoxAL Central729042,684,39533,1415th of 14$108,671,833104104U.S. Cellular Field
2006Chicago White SoxAL Central907232,957,41436,5113rd of 14$102,750,667104104U.S. Cellular Field
2005Chicago White SoxAL Central99631Won WS (4-0)2,342,83328,9247th of 14$75,178,000103103U.S. Cellular Field
2004Chicago White SoxAL Central837921,930,53723,8348th of 14$65,212,500101102U.S. Cellular Field
2003Chicago White SoxAL Central867621,939,52423,9459th of 14$51,010,000102102U.S. Cellular Field
2002Chicago White SoxAL Central818121,676,91120,70310th of 14$57,052,833101101Comiskey Park II
2001Chicago White SoxAL Central837931,766,17221,80512th of 14$65,653,667103104Comiskey Park II
2000Chicago White SoxAL Central95671Lost ALDS (3-0)1,947,79924,0479th of 14$31,743,500102102Comiskey Park II
1999Chicago White SoxAL Central758621,338,85116,52913th of 14$25,820,000101101Comiskey Park II
1998Chicago White SoxAL Central808221,391,14616,96512th of 14$39,850,0009897Comiskey Park II
1997Chicago White SoxAL Central808121,864,78223,0228th of 14$57,740,0009696Comiskey Park II
1996Chicago White SoxAL Central857721,676,40320,6969th of 14$45,289,5009595Comiskey Park II
1995Chicago White SoxAL Central687631,609,77322,3589th of 14$46,961,2829596Comiskey Park II
1994Chicago White SoxAL Central674611,697,39832,0266th of 14$39,183,8369798Comiskey Park II
1993Chicago White SoxAL West94681Lost ALCS (4-2)2,581,09131,8653rd of 14$39,696,1669798Comiskey Park II
1992Chicago White SoxAL West867632,681,15632,6973rd of 14$30,160,8339899Comiskey Park II
1991Chicago White SoxAL West877522,934,15436,2242nd of 14$16,919,6679798Comiskey Park II
1990Chicago White SoxAL West946822,002,35725,0299th of 14$10,721,5009898Comiskey Park I
1989Chicago White SoxAL West699271,045,65113,07114th of 14$8,565,4109897Comiskey Park I
1988Chicago White SoxAL West719051,115,74913,77513th of 14$8,537,500100100Comiskey Park I
1987Chicago White SoxAL West778551,208,06014,91412th of 14$12,135,343103102Comiskey Park I
1986Chicago White SoxAL West729051,424,31317,58410th of 14$10,418,819104104Comiskey Park I
1985Chicago White SoxAL West857731,669,88820,6168th of 14$9,846,178104104Comiskey Park I
1984Chicago White SoxAL West748852,136,98826,3833rd of 14104105Comiskey Park I
1983Chicago White SoxAL West99631Lost ALCS (3-1)2,132,82126,3314th of 14103104Comiskey Park I
1982Chicago White SoxAL West877531,567,78719,5979th of 1499100Comiskey Park I
1981Chicago White SoxAL West54523946,65119,3198th of 149797Comiskey Park I
1980Chicago White SoxAL West709051,200,36514,8199th of 1410099Comiskey Park I
1979Chicago White SoxAL West738751,280,70216,21110th of 14101100Comiskey Park I
1978Chicago White SoxAL West719051,491,10018,6398th of 14101101Comiskey Park I
1977Chicago White SoxAL West907231,657,13520,4585th of 14101100Comiskey Park I
1976Chicago White SoxAL West64976914,94511,43710th of 12102101Comiskey Park I
1975Chicago White SoxAL West75865750,8029,26911th of 12103102White Sox Park
1974Chicago White SoxAL West808041,149,59614,0196th of 12104103White Sox Park
1973Chicago White SoxAL West778551,302,52716,0814th of 12105104White Sox Park
1972Chicago White SoxAL West876721,177,31815,0943rd of 12103103White Sox Park
1971Chicago White SoxAL West79833833,89110,2959th of 12104103White Sox Park
1970Chicago White SoxAL West561066495,3555,89712th of 12102101White Sox Park
1969Chicago White SoxAL West68945589,5467,27812th of 12107106White Sox Park, County Stadium
1968Chicago White SoxAL67958803,7759,9239th of 10107105White Sox Park, County Stadium
1967Chicago White SoxAL89734985,63412,0206th of 109394White Sox Park
1966Chicago White SoxAL83794990,01612,2226th of 109293White Sox Park
1965Chicago White SoxAL956721,130,51913,9573rd of 109193White Sox Park
1964Chicago White SoxAL986421,250,05315,4332nd of 109597White Sox Park
1963Chicago White SoxAL946821,158,84814,1323rd of 109698White Sox Park
1962Chicago White SoxAL857751,131,56213,9705th of 1099100White Sox Park
1961Chicago White SoxAL867641,146,01914,1484th of 109798Comiskey Park I
1960Chicago White SoxAL876731,644,46021,3571st of 899100Comiskey Park I
1959Chicago White SoxAL94601Lost WS (4-2)1,423,14418,2453rd of 89899Comiskey Park I
1958Chicago White SoxAL82722797,45110,3576th of 89799Comiskey Park I
1957Chicago White SoxAL906421,135,66814,7494th of 899101Comiskey Park I
1956Chicago White SoxAL856931,000,09012,9885th of 898101Comiskey Park I
1955Chicago White SoxAL916331,175,68415,2696th of 899102Comiskey Park I
1954Chicago White SoxAL946031,231,62915,7903rd of 8101104Comiskey Park I
1953Chicago White SoxAL896531,191,35315,2742nd of 8100103Comiskey Park I
1952Chicago White SoxAL817331,231,67515,5913rd of 899101Comiskey Park I
1951Chicago White SoxAL817341,328,23417,0293rd of 89797Comiskey Park I
1950Chicago White SoxAL60946781,3309,8905th of 89897Comiskey Park I
1949Chicago White SoxAL63916937,15112,1715th of 89996Comiskey Park I
1948Chicago White SoxAL511018777,84410,2357th of 89996Comiskey Park I
1947Chicago White SoxAL70846876,94811,6936th of 89895Comiskey Park I
1946Chicago White SoxAL74805983,40312,4486th of 89796Comiskey Park I
1945Chicago White SoxAL71786657,9818,8923rd of 89897Comiskey Park I
1944Chicago White SoxAL71837563,5397,3193rd of 89998Comiskey Park I
1943Chicago White SoxAL82724508,9626,6974th of 810099Comiskey Park I
1942Chicago White SoxAL66826425,7346,0825th of 89897Comiskey Park I
1941Chicago White SoxAL77773677,0778,5715th of 89999Comiskey Park I
1940Chicago White SoxAL82724660,3368,4665th of 8101101Comiskey Park I
1939Chicago White SoxAL85694594,1047,7163rd of 8103103Comiskey Park I
1938Chicago White SoxAL65836338,2784,6347th of 8103103Comiskey Park I
1937Chicago White SoxAL86683589,2457,6533rd of 8100100Comiskey Park I
1936Chicago White SoxAL81704440,8105,8775th of 8103103Comiskey Park I
1935Chicago White SoxAL74785470,2816,1084th of 8103102Comiskey Park I
1934Chicago White SoxAL53998236,5593,1547th of 8104102Comiskey Park I
1933Chicago White SoxAL67836397,7895,1663rd of 89894Comiskey Park I
1932Chicago White SoxAL491027233,1983,0296th of 89693Comiskey Park I
1931Chicago White SoxAL56978403,5505,2416th of 89794Comiskey Park I
1930Chicago White SoxAL62927406,1235,2077th of 89996Comiskey Park I
1929Chicago White SoxAL59937426,7955,6165th of 810098Comiskey Park I
1928Chicago White SoxAL72825494,1526,3353rd of 810098Comiskey Park I
1927Chicago White SoxAL70835614,4238,1923rd of 89898Comiskey Park I
1926Chicago White SoxAL81725710,3398,9923rd of 89697Comiskey Park I
1925Chicago White SoxAL79755832,23110,8082nd of 89495Comiskey Park I
1924Chicago White SoxAL66878606,6587,8793rd of 89797Comiskey Park I
1923Chicago White SoxAL69857573,7787,6503rd of 89998Comiskey Park I
1922Chicago White SoxAL77775602,8607,8294th of 810099Comiskey Park I
1921Chicago White SoxAL62927543,6507,0604th of 89898Comiskey Park I
1920Chicago White SoxAL96582833,49210,8253rd of 899100Comiskey Park I
1919Chicago White SoxAL88521Lost WS (5-3)627,1868,9602nd of 899101Comiskey Park I
1918Chicago White SoxAL57676195,0813,4845th of 899101Comiskey Park I
1917Chicago White SoxAL100541Won WS (4-2)684,5218,6651st of 8100102Comiskey Park I
1916Chicago White SoxAL89652679,9238,8301st of 898101Comiskey Park I
1915Chicago White SoxAL93613539,4616,8292nd of 8102103Comiskey Park I
1914Chicago White SoxAL70846469,2905,7942nd of 89899Comiskey Park I
1913Chicago White SoxAL78745644,5018,3701st of 810099Comiskey Park I
1912Chicago White SoxAL78764602,2417,7212nd of 89697White Sox Park
1911Chicago White SoxAL77744583,2087,4772nd of 89798White Sox Park
1910Chicago White SoxAL68856552,0846,9883rd of 89494South Side Park III, White Sox Park
1909Chicago White SoxAL78744478,4005,9065th of 89697South Side Park III
1908Chicago White SoxAL88643636,0968,1551st of 89798South Side Park III
1907Chicago White SoxAL87643666,3078,4341st of 89597South Side Park III
1906Chicago White SoxAL93581Won WS (4-2)585,2027,4081st of 89497South Side Park III
1905Chicago White SoxAL92602687,4198,3831st of 89396South Side Park III
1904Chicago White SoxAL89653557,1237,1432nd of 89496South Side Park III
1903Chicago White SoxAL60777286,1834,0885th of 89495South Side Park III
1902Chicago White SoxAL74604337,8984,6933rd of 89494South Side Park III
1901Chicago White SoxAL83531354,3504,9911st of 89597South Side Park III