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Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Lyons Faber Pierce Buehrle White Thigpen Thornton Faber Baumann
2019 (72-89) Nova Lopez Giolito Cease Covey Colome Fry Bummer Herrera
2018 (62-100) Shields Lopez Giolito Rodon Covey Soria Fry Avilan Minaya
2017 (67-95) Shields Holland Gonzalez Pelfrey Quintana Robertson Beck Infante Jennings
2016 (78-84) Shields Sale Gonzalez Rodon Quintana Robertson Jones Albers Jennings
2015 (76-86) Samardzija Sale Danks Rodon Quintana Robertson Duke Petricka Jennings
2014 (73-89) Noesi Sale Danks Carroll Quintana Petricka Belisario Webb Putnam
2013 (63-99) Santiago Sale Danks Axelrod Quintana Reed Lindstrom Jones Veal
2012 (85-77) Peavy Sale Floyd Humber Quintana Reed Thornton Jones Crain
2011 (79-83) Buehrle Danks Floyd Humber Jackson Santos Thornton Ohman Crain
2010 (88-74) Buehrle Danks Floyd Garcia Peavy Jenks Thornton Putz Santos
2009 (79-83) Buehrle Danks Floyd Contreras Richard Jenks Thornton Dotel Linebrink
2008 (89-74) Buehrle Danks Floyd Contreras Vazquez Jenks Thornton Dotel Logan
2007 (72-90) Buehrle Danks Garland Contreras Vazquez Jenks Thornton MacDougal Logan
2006 (90-72) Buehrle Garcia Garland Contreras Vazquez Jenks Thornton Cotts McCarthy
2005 (99-63) Buehrle Garcia Garland Contreras Hernandez Hermanson Politte Cotts Marte
2004 (83-79) Buehrle Garcia Garland Loaiza Schoeneweis Takatsu Politte Cotts Marte
2003 (86-76) Buehrle Colon Garland Loaiza Wright Gordon Koch Wunsch Marte
2002 (81-81) Buehrle Ritchie Garland Glover Wright Osuna Foulke Wunsch Marte
2001 (83-79) Buehrle Biddle Wells Baldwin Wells Foulke Howry Embree Glover
2000 (95-67) Parque Sirotka Wells Baldwin Eldred Foulke Howry Wunsch Simas
1999 (75-86) Parque Sirotka Navarro Baldwin Snyder Howry Foulke Lowe Simas
1998 (80-82) Parque Sirotka Navarro Baldwin Eyre Simas Foulke Castillo Howry
1997 (80-81) Drabek Alvarez Navarro Baldwin Darwin Hernandez Castillo Karchner McElroy
1996 (85-77) Fernandez Alvarez Tapani Baldwin Magrane Hernandez Simas Karchner Thomas
1995 (68-76) Fernandez Alvarez Bere Abbott Keyser Hernandez McCaskill Radinsky DeLeon
1994 (67-46) Fernandez Alvarez Bere McDowell Sanderson Hernandez McCaskill Assenmacher DeLeon
1993 (94-68) Fernandez Alvarez Bere McDowell McCaskill Hernandez Radinsky Schwarz Pall
1992 (86-76) Fernandez Hibbard Hough McDowell McCaskill Thigpen Radinsky Leach Hernandez
1991 (87-75) Fernandez Hibbard Hough McDowell Garcia Thigpen Radinsky Pall Patterson
1990 (94-68) Fernandez Hibbard Perez McDowell King Thigpen Radinsky Pall Jones
1989 (69-92) Rosenberg Hibbard Perez Reuss King Thigpen Patterson Pall Hillegas
1988 (71-90) McDowell LaPoint Perez Reuss Long Thigpen Horton Davis Rosenberg
1987 (77-85) Bannister LaPoint DeLeon Dotson Long Thigpen Searage Winn James
1986 (72-90) Bannister Cowley Davis Dotson Allen James Nelson Schmidt Dawley
1985 (85-77) Bannister Burns Seaver Nelson Lollar James Agosto Spillner Gleaton
1984 (74-88) Bannister Burns Seaver Hoyt Dotson Reed Agosto Spillner Barojas
1983 (99-63) Bannister Burns Koosman Hoyt Dotson Lamp Agosto Tidrow Barojas
1982 (87-75) Lamp Burns Trout Hoyt Dotson Barojas Hickey Escarrega Koosman
1981 (54-52) Lamp Burns Trout Baumgarten Dotson Farmer Hickey Hoyt Lamp
1980 (70-90) Kravec Burns Trout Baumgarten Dotson Farmer Proly Wortham Hoffman
1979 (73-87) Kravec Wortham Trout Baumgarten Barrios Farmer Proly Scarbery Hoffman
1978 (71-90) Kravec Wortham Stone Wood Barrios LaGrow Willoughby Hinton Schueler
1977 (90-72) Kravec Knapp Stone Wood Barrios LaGrow Hamilton Johnson Kirkwood
1976 (64-97) Johnson Gossage Brett Forster Barrios Hamilton Carroll Vuckovich Barrios
1975 (75-86) Wood Kaat Osteen Jefferson Bahnsen Gossage Upshaw Hamilton Osborn
1974 (80-80) Wood Kaat Johnson Kucek Bahnsen Forster Gossage Pitlock Acosta
1973 (77-85) Wood Stone Fisher Forster Bahnsen Acosta Gossage Forster Stone
1972 (87-67) Wood Bradley Lemonds   Bahnsen Forster Gossage Kealey Romo
1971 (79-83) Wood Bradley John Horlen Johnson Johnson Forster Kealey Romo
1970 (56-106) Janeski Miller John Horlen Johnson Wood Murphy Weaver Crider
1969 (68-94) Peters Wynne John Horlen Edmondson Wood Osinski Carlos Bell
1968 (67-95) Peters Fisher John Horlen Carlos Wood Wilhelm Locker McMahon
1967 (89-73) Peters Howard John Horlen O'Toole Locker Wilhelm Wood McMahon
1966 (83-79) Peters Howard John Horlen Buzhardt Locker Wilhelm Higgins Pizarro
1965 (95-67) Peters Howard John Horlen Buzhardt Fisher Wilhelm Locker Bollo
1964 (98-64) Peters Pizarro Herbert Horlen Buzhardt Wilhelm Fisher Mossi Baumann
1963 (94-68) Peters Pizarro Herbert Horlen Buzhardt Wilhelm Fisher Brosnan Baumann
1962 (85-77) Wynn Pizarro Herbert Horlen Buzhardt Lown Fisher Zanni Baumann
1961 (86-76) Pierce Pizarro Herbert McLish Baumann Lown Kemmerer Hacker Baumann
1960 (87-67) Pierce Wynn Shaw Score Baumann Staley Kemmerer Lown Baumann
1959 (94-60) Pierce Wynn Shaw Donovan Latman Lown Staley Arias Shaw
1958 (82-72) Pierce Wynn Wilson Donovan Moore Lown Staley Qualters Shaw
1957 (90-64) Pierce Harshman Wilson Donovan Keegan LaPalme Staley Howell Fischer
1956 (85-69) Pierce Harshman Wilson Donovan Keegan Kinder Howell LaPalme
1955 (91-63) Pierce Harshman Trucks Donovan Johnson Howell Martin Consuegra Fornieles
1954 (94-60) Pierce Harshman Trucks Keegan Consuegra Johnson Martin Consuegra Dorish
1953 (89-65) Pierce Rogovin Trucks Fornieles Dobson Dorish Aloma Fornieles Bearden
1952 (81-73) Pierce Rogovin Grissom Stobbs Dobson Dorish Aloma Kennedy Stobbs
1951 (81-73) Pierce Rogovin Holcombe Kretlow Dobson Aloma Dorish Rotblatt
1950 (60-94) Pierce Wight Cain Scarborough Gumpert Aloma Judson Gumpert
1949 (63-91) Pierce Wight Kuzava Haefner Gumpert Surkont Pieretti Klieman
1948 (51-101) Haynes Wight Gettel Pieretti Papish Judson Caldwell Moulder Grove
1947 (70-84) Haynes Lopat Grove Gillespie Papish Caldwell Maltzberger Harrist Gebrian
1946 (74-80) Haynes Lopat Grove Smith Papish Caldwell Maltzberger Hollingsworth Hamner
1945 (71-78) Lee Lopat Grove Humphries Dietrich Johnson Caldwell Papish
1944 (71-83) Lee Lopat Grove Humphries Dietrich Maltzberger Haynes Wade Ross
1943 (82-72) Smith Ross Grove Humphries Dietrich Maltzberger Haynes Wade Swift
1942 (66-82) Smith Ross Lyons Humphries Dietrich Haynes Ross    
1941 (77-77) Smith Lee Lyons Rigney Dietrich Ross Hallett Appleton
1940 (82-72) Smith Lee Lyons Rigney Knott Brown Dietrich Rigney Appleton
1939 (85-69) Smith Lee Lyons Rigney Knott Brown Marcum Frazier Smith
1938 (65-83) Whitehead Lee Lyons Stratton Knott Rigney Gabler Whitehead
1937 (86-68) Whitehead Lee Lyons Stratton Kennedy Brown Rigney Cain Dietrich
1936 (81-70) Whitehead Cain Lyons Stratton Kennedy Brown Evans Chelini
1935 (74-78) Whitehead Tietje Lyons Jones Kennedy Wyatt Salveson Fischer
1934 (53-99) Earnshaw Tietje Lyons Jones Gaston Wyatt Heving Gallivan
1933 (67-83) Durham Gregory Lyons Jones Gaston Heving Wyatt Faber Kimsey
1932 (49-102) Frazier Caraway Lyons Jones Gaston Gregory Faber Caraway
1931 (56-97) Frazier Caraway Lyons Thomas Faber Moore Faber McKain
1930 (62-92) Henry Caraway Lyons Thomas Faber Walsh Henry McKain
1929 (59-93) Walsh Adkins Lyons Thomas Faber Dugan Adkins McKain
1928 (72-82) Blankenship Adkins Lyons Thomas Faber Lyons Cox Adkins Connally
1927 (70-83) Blankenship Connally Lyons Thomas Faber Cole Jacobs Connally
1926 (81-72) Blankenship Edwards Lyons Thomas Faber Thurston Edwards Connally
1925 (79-75) Blankenship Thurston Lyons Robertson Faber Connally Blankenship Cvengros Lyons
1924 (66-87) Cvengros Thurston Lyons Robertson Faber Connally Blankenship Cvengros Lyons
1923 (69-85) Cvengros Leverett Blankenship Robertson Faber Blankenship Cvengros Thurston
1922 (77-77) Schupp Leverett Blankenship Robertson Faber Blankenship Hodge Davenport
1921 (62-92) Kerr Wilkinson Hodge Mulrenan Faber McWeeny Hodge Wilkinson
1920 (96-58) Kerr Wilkinson Williams Cicotte Faber Kerr Payne Wilkinson
1919 (88-52) Kerr Lowdermilk Williams Cicotte Faber Kerr Danforth Lowdermilk
1918 (57-67) Shellenback Benz Williams Cicotte Russell Benz Danforth Cicotte
1917 (100-54) Faber Scott Williams Cicotte Russell Danforth Williams Faber Cicotte
1916 (89-65) Faber Scott Williams Cicotte Russell Russell Danforth Cicotte
1915 (93-61) Faber Scott Benz Cicotte Russell Russell Faber Wolfgang
1914 (70-84) Faber Scott Benz Cicotte Russell Lathrop Faber Jasper
1913 (78-74) Walsh Scott Benz Cicotte Russell Benz Russell Smith
1912 (78-76) Walsh Lange Benz Cicotte White Walsh Benz Peters White
1911 (77-74) Walsh Lange Scott Olmstead White Walsh Olmstead Baker
1910 (68-85) Walsh Young Scott Olmstead White Scott Olmstead Young
1909 (78-74) Walsh Smith Scott Burns White Scott Smith Suter
1908 (88-64) Walsh Smith Owen Altrock White Walsh Manuel Owen Altrock
1907 (87-64) Walsh Smith Patterson Altrock White White Walsh Altrock
1906 (93-58) Walsh Owen Patterson Altrock White Smith Walsh Altrock
1905 (92-60) Walsh Owen Smith Altrock White Smith Walsh  
1904 (89-65) Patterson Owen Smith Altrock White   Walsh  
1903 (60-77) Patterson Owen Flaherty Altrock White Flaherty Owen  
1902 (74-60) Patterson Callahan Piatt Griffith Garvin      
1901 (83-53) Patterson Callahan Katoll Griffith Skopec Harvey Patterson  
119 years 209 pitchers 47 pitchers 220 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.