Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Wakefield Clemens Buchholz Winter Dobson Papelbon Stanley Wilson Earley
2022 (54-55) Pivetta Eovaldi Hill Wacha Winckowski Houck Diekman Brasier Sawamura
2021 (92-70) Pivetta Eovaldi Rodriguez Perez Richards Barnes Ottavino Taylor Sawamura
2020 (24-36) Godley Eovaldi Mazza Perez   Barnes Valdez Brasier Brice
2019 (84-78) Rodriguez Eovaldi Porcello Sale Price Workman Walden Brasier Barnes
2018 (108-54) Rodriguez Johnson Porcello Sale Price Kimbrel Kelly Hembree Barnes
2017 (93-69) Rodriguez Pomeranz Porcello Sale Fister Kimbrel Scott Hembree Barnes
2016 (93-69) Rodriguez Price Porcello Wright Buchholz Kimbrel Ross Tazawa Barnes
2015 (78-84) Rodriguez Miley Porcello Kelly Buchholz Uehara Ogando Tazawa Layne
2014 (71-91) Lester Lackey Peavy De La Rosa Buchholz Uehara Badenhop Tazawa Mujica
2013 (97-65) Lester Lackey Dempster Doubront Buchholz Uehara Breslow Tazawa Miller
2012 (69-93) Lester Beckett Cook Doubront Buchholz Aceves Padilla Atchison Miller
2011 (90-72) Lester Beckett Lackey Wakefield Buchholz Papelbon Bard Albers Aceves
2010 (89-73) Lester Beckett Lackey Matsuzaka Buchholz Papelbon Bard Okajima Delcarmen
2009 (95-67) Lester Beckett Penny Wakefield Buchholz Papelbon Ramirez Okajima Delcarmen
2008 (95-67) Lester Beckett Matsuzaka Wakefield Buchholz Papelbon Lopez Okajima Delcarmen
2007 (96-66) Schilling Beckett Matsuzaka Wakefield Tavarez Papelbon Lopez Okajima Timlin
2006 (86-76) Schilling Beckett Lester Wakefield Clement Papelbon Tavarez Delcarmen Timlin
2005 (95-67) Arroyo Wells Miller Wakefield Clement Foulke Myers Embree Timlin
2004 (98-64) Arroyo Lowe Martinez Wakefield Schilling Foulke Leskanic Embree Timlin
2003 (95-67) Burkett Lowe Martinez Wakefield Fossum Kim Lyon Embree Timlin
2002 (93-69) Burkett Lowe Martinez Wakefield Castillo Urbina Fossum Embree Wakefield
2001 (82-79) Nomo Cone Martinez Wakefield Castillo Lowe Beck Garces Schourek
2000 (85-77) Martinez Fassero Martinez Wakefield Schourek Lowe Cormier Garces Pichardo
1999 (94-68) Portugal Rapp Martinez Saberhagen Rose Lowe Cormier Guthrie Wasdin
1998 (92-70) Wakefield Avery Martinez Saberhagen Lowe Gordon Corsi Lowe Eckersley
1997 (78-84) Wakefield Avery Sele Gordon Suppan Slocumb Corsi Wasdin Lacy
1996 (85-77) Wakefield Clemens Sele Gordon Eshelman Slocumb Stanton Garces Hudson
1995 (86-58) Wakefield Clemens Hanson Smith Eshelman Aguilera Belinda Cormier Hudson
1994 (54-61) Sele Clemens Hesketh Darwin Finnvold Ryan Fossas Howard Harris
1993 (80-82) Sele Clemens Viola Darwin Dopson Russell Fossas Ryan Harris
1992 (73-89) Hesketh Clemens Viola Gardiner Dopson Reardon Fossas Darwin Harris
1991 (84-78) Hesketh Clemens Harris Gardiner Bolton Reardon Fossas Lamp Gray
1990 (88-74) Boddicker Clemens Harris Kiecker Bolton Reardon Murphy Lamp Gray
1989 (83-79) Boddicker Clemens Dopson Smithson Gardner Smith Murphy Lamp Stanley
1988 (89-73) Hurst Clemens Boyd Smithson Gardner Smith Bolton Lamp Stanley
1987 (78-84) Hurst Clemens Nipper Sellers Stanley Gardner Schiraldi Sambito Crawford
1986 (95-66) Hurst Clemens Nipper Boyd Seaver Stanley Lollar Sambito Crawford
1985 (81-81) Hurst Clemens Nipper Boyd Ojeda Crawford Stanley Clear Trujillo
1984 (86-76) Hurst Clemens Nipper Boyd Ojeda Stanley Crawford Clear Johnson
1983 (78-84) Hurst Tudor Eckersley Brown Ojeda Stanley Aponte Clear Johnson
1982 (89-73) Hurst Tudor Eckersley Torrez Rainey Stanley Aponte Clear Burgmeier
1981 (59-49) Tanana Tudor Eckersley Torrez Crawford Clear Stanley Campbell Burgmeier
1980 (83-77) Renko Tudor Eckersley Torrez Stanley Burgmeier Stanley Campbell Drago
1979 (91-69) Renko Rainey Eckersley Torrez Stanley Drago Burgmeier Campbell Ripley
1978 (99-64) Tiant Lee Eckersley Torrez Wright Stanley Burgmeier Campbell Drago
1977 (97-64) Tiant Lee Jenkins Cleveland Wise Campbell Willoughby Stanley Paxton
1976 (83-79) Tiant Pole Jenkins Jones Wise Willoughby Murphy House Cleveland
1975 (95-65) Tiant Lee Cleveland Moret Wise Drago Segui Burton Willoughby
1974 (84-78) Tiant Lee Cleveland Moret Drago Segui Veale Drago Cleveland
1973 (89-73) Tiant Lee Curtis Moret Pattin Bolin Veale Moret Garman
1972 (85-70) Tiant Siebert Curtis McGlothen Pattin Lee Newhauser Peters
1971 (85-77) Tiant Siebert Culp Peters Lonborg Lyle Lee Bolin Tatum
1970 (87-75) Nagy Siebert Culp Peters Brett Lyle Wagner Romo Brett
1969 (87-75) Nagy Siebert Culp Lonborg Stange Lyle Landis Romo Stange
1968 (86-76) Ellsworth Bell Culp Lonborg Santiago Stange Landis Lyle Waslewski
1967 (92-70) Stange Bell Brandon Lonborg Santiago Wyatt Santiago Lyle Osinski
1966 (72-90) Stange Wilson Brandon Lonborg Santiago Wyatt McMahon Sanders Osinski
1965 (62-100) Monbouquette Wilson Morehead Lonborg Bennett Radatz Earley Ritchie Duliba
1964 (72-90) Monbouquette Wilson Morehead Lamabe Connolly Radatz Earley Heffner Spanswick
1963 (76-85) Monbouquette Wilson Morehead Heffner Conley Radatz Earley Lamabe Wood
1962 (76-84) Monbouquette Wilson Schwall Delock Conley Radatz Earley Fornieles Nichols
1961 (76-86) Monbouquette Stallard Schwall Delock Conley Fornieles Earley Stallard Muffett
1960 (65-89) Monbouquette Brewer Sullivan Delock Casale Fornieles Sturdivant Borland Sullivan
1959 (75-79) Monbouquette Brewer Sullivan Delock Casale Fornieles Kiely Chittum Monbouquette
1958 (79-75) Sisler Brewer Sullivan Delock Bowsfield Kiely Wall Fornieles Byerly
1957 (82-72) Sisler Brewer Sullivan Nixon Fornieles Delock Minarcin Susce Porterfield
1956 (84-70) Parnell Brewer Sullivan Nixon Porterfield Delock Hurd Sisler Kiely
1955 (84-70) Delock Brewer Sullivan Nixon Susce Kinder Hurd Brodowski Kiely
1954 (69-85) Kiely Brewer Sullivan Nixon Parnell Kinder Hurd Brown Hudson
1953 (84-69) McDermott Brown Hudson Nixon Parnell Kinder Flowers Delock Kennedy
1952 (76-78) McDermott Trout Hudson Nixon Parnell Benton Scarborough Delock Kinder
1951 (87-67) McDermott Stobbs Scarborough Wight Parnell Kinder Masterson Taylor Nixon
1950 (94-60) Dobson Stobbs Kinder Masterson Parnell Kinder Masterson McDermott Schanz
1949 (96-58) Dobson Stobbs Kinder Kramer Parnell Hughson Johnson Kinder
1948 (96-59) Dobson Harris Kinder Kramer Parnell Hughson Johnson Ferriss
1947 (83-71) Dobson Ferriss Hughson Galehouse Johnson Johnson Murphy Dorish Klinger
1946 (104-50) Dobson Ferriss Hughson Harris Bagby Klinger Johnson Dreisewerd Brown
1945 (71-83) O'Neill Ferriss Wilson Heflin Hausmann Barrett Ryba Hausmann
1944 (77-77) O'Neill Bowman Hughson Woods Terry Barrett Woods Ryba Hausmann
1943 (68-84) Newsome Judd Hughson Dobson Terry Brown Woods Ryba Karl
1942 (93-59) Newsome Judd Hughson Dobson Wagner Brown Butland Ryba Judd
1941 (84-70) Newsome Harris Grove Dobson Wagner Ryba Wilson Fleming Harris
1940 (82-72) Bagby Galehouse Grove Wilson Ostermueller Wilson Heving Dickman
1939 (89-62) Auker Galehouse Grove Wilson Ostermueller Heving Wilson Wade Dickman
1938 (88-61) Bagby Dickman Grove Wilson Ostermueller McKain Bagby Ostermueller Dickman
1937 (80-72) Newsom Marcum Grove Wilson McKain Wilson Walberg Ostermueller McKain
1936 (74-80) Ferrell Marcum Grove Wilson Ostermueller Wilson Ostermueller Russell
1935 (78-75) Ferrell Welch Grove Rhodes Ostermueller Wilson Walberg Hockette
1934 (76-76) Ferrell Welch Johnson Rhodes Ostermueller Pennock Walberg Welch
1933 (63-86) Weiland Brown Johnson Rhodes Pipgras Kline Andrews Welch
1932 (43-111) Weiland Durham Kline Rhodes Andrews Kline Moore Michaels
1931 (62-90) MacFayden Russell Gaston Lisenbee Moore Moore Lisenbee Durham Morris
1930 (52-102) MacFayden Russell Gaston Lisenbee Durham Smith Durham Bushey
1929 (58-96) MacFayden Russell Gaston Ruffing Morris Carroll Durham Bayne
1928 (57-96) MacFayden Russell Harriss Ruffing Morris Simmons Settlemire Morris
1927 (51-103) Wiltse Welzer Harriss Ruffing Lundgren Russell MacFayden Welzer
1926 (46-107) Wiltse Zahniser Harriss Ruffing Wingfield Russell Wingfield Welzer
1925 (47-105) Ehmke Zahniser Quinn Ruffing Wingfield Fuhr Ross Zahniser
1924 (67-87) Ehmke Ferguson Quinn Fullerton Piercy Quinn Fuhr Ross Murray
1923 (61-91) Ehmke Ferguson Quinn Murray Piercy Quinn O'Doul Fullerton Murray
1922 (61-93) Collins Ferguson Quinn Pennock Karr Karr Fullerton Russell
1921 (75-79) Jones Bush Myers Pennock Russell Karr Thormahlen Russell
1920 (72-81) Jones Bush Harper Pennock Hoyt Karr Hoyt Fortune
1919 (66-71) Jones Mays Ruth Pennock Caldwell Dumont Russell McGraw
1918 (75-51) Jones Mays Ruth Bush Leonard Molyneaux    
1917 (90-62) Shore Mays Ruth Foster Leonard Pennock Bader Jones
1916 (91-63) Shore Mays Ruth Foster Leonard Leonard Mays Gregg Foster
1915 (101-50) Shore Wood Ruth Foster Leonard Mays Collins Gregg Leonard
1914 (91-62) Shore Collins Bedient Foster Leonard Bedient Coumbe Leonard
1913 (79-71) Wood Collins Bedient Moseley Leonard Bedient Hall Leonard
1912 (105-47) Wood Collins Bedient O'Brien Hall Bedient Hall Pape
1911 (78-75) Wood Collins Cicotte Pape Karger Wood Hall Cicotte
1910 (81-72) Wood Collins Cicotte Smith Karger Wood Hall Collins
1909 (88-63) Wood Arellanes Cicotte Chech Morgan Arellanes Cicotte Pape Steele
1908 (75-79) Young Burchell Cicotte Winter Morgan Cicotte Burchell Pruiett
1907 (59-90) Young Glaze Pruiett Winter Tannehill Glaze Winter Pruiett
1906 (49-105) Young Dinneen Harris Winter Tannehill Glaze Winter Harris
1905 (78-74) Young Dinneen Gibson Winter Tannehill Gibson Winter  
1904 (95-59) Young Dinneen Gibson Winter Tannehill      
1903 (91-47) Young Dinneen Gibson Winter Hughes      
1902 (77-60) Young Dinneen Sparks Winter Hughes      
1901 (79-57) Young Lewis Mitchell Winter Cuppy      
122 years 238 pitchers 50 pitchers 215 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.