Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More

Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More
Year Tm Lg W L Finish Playoffs Attendance Attend/G Rank Est. Payroll PPF BPF Stadium
2023Boston Red SoxAL East788452,672,13032,9895th of 15$181,282,500106106Fenway Park
2022Boston Red SoxAL East788452,625,08932,4094th of 15$188,420,000108108Fenway Park
2021Boston Red SoxAL East92702Lost ALCS (4-2)1,725,32321,3004th of 15$156,095,000108107Fenway Park
2020Boston Red SoxAL East243652nd of 15$171,984,429108108Fenway Park
2019Boston Red SoxAL East847832,915,50235,9943rd of 15$218,978,142105106Fenway Park
2018Boston Red SoxAL East108541Won WS (4-1)2,895,57535,7484th of 15$222,205,000103104Fenway Park
2017Boston Red SoxAL East93691Lost ALDS (3-1)2,917,67836,0214th of 15$200,550,750104105Fenway Park
2016Boston Red SoxAL East93691Lost ALDS (3-0)2,955,43436,4874th of 15$218,682,750106106Fenway Park
2015Boston Red SoxAL East788452,880,69435,5643rd of 15$183,931,900107107Fenway Park
2014Boston Red SoxAL East719152,956,08936,4953rd of 15$134,628,929104104Fenway Park
2013Boston Red SoxAL East97651Won WS (4-2)2,833,33334,9795th of 15$175,395,500103103Fenway Park
2012Boston Red SoxAL East699353,043,00337,5684th of 14$110,386,000103104Fenway Park
2011Boston Red SoxAL East907233,054,00137,7044th of 14$166,662,475105105Fenway Park
2010Boston Red SoxAL East897333,046,44537,6104th of 14$164,507,333105106Fenway Park
2009Boston Red SoxAL East95672Lost ALDS (3-0)3,062,69937,8113rd of 14$125,439,499104105Fenway Park
2008Boston Red SoxAL East95672Lost ALCS (4-3)3,048,25037,6334th of 14$133,390,035106107Fenway Park
2007Boston Red SoxAL East96661Won WS (4-0)2,970,75536,6764th of 14$143,026,214105106Fenway Park
2006Boston Red SoxAL East867632,930,58836,1804th of 14$120,099,824104105Fenway Park
2005Boston Red SoxAL East95672Lost ALDS (3-0)2,847,88835,1593rd of 14$123,505,125104104Fenway Park
2004Boston Red SoxAL East98642Won WS (4-0)2,837,29435,0284th of 14$127,298,500104106Fenway Park
2003Boston Red SoxAL East95672Lost ALCS (4-3)2,724,16533,6324th of 14$99,946,500103105Fenway Park
2002Boston Red SoxAL East936922,650,86232,7274th of 14$108,366,060102103Fenway Park
2001Boston Red SoxAL East827922,625,33332,4126th of 14$110,035,833100101Fenway Park
2000Boston Red SoxAL East857722,585,89531,9256th of 14$79,975,333103103Fenway Park
1999Boston Red SoxAL East94682Lost ALCS (4-1)2,446,16230,2006th of 14$64,097,500103104Fenway Park
1998Boston Red SoxAL East92702Lost ALDS (3-1)2,314,70428,5779th of 14$56,927,000101102Fenway Park
1997Boston Red SoxAL East788442,226,13627,4837th of 14$43,558,750102102Fenway Park
1996Boston Red SoxAL East857732,315,23128,5836th of 14$42,393,500101101Fenway Park
1995Boston Red SoxAL East86581Lost ALDS (3-0)2,164,41030,0614th of 14$32,455,518103103Fenway Park
1994Boston Red SoxAL East546141,775,81827,7475th of 14$37,859,084104104Fenway Park
1993Boston Red SoxAL East808252,422,02129,9014th of 14$37,120,583107106Fenway Park
1992Boston Red SoxAL East738972,468,57430,4766th of 14$43,610,584106106Fenway Park
1991Boston Red SoxAL East847822,562,43531,6354th of 14$35,167,500105105Fenway Park
1990Boston Red SoxAL East88741Lost ALCS (4-0)2,528,98631,2224th of 14$20,858,333104104Fenway Park
1989Boston Red SoxAL East837932,510,01230,9885th of 14$18,556,748106107Fenway Park
1988Boston Red SoxAL East89731Lost ALCS (4-0)2,464,85130,4304th of 14$14,687,092104104Fenway Park
1987Boston Red SoxAL East788452,231,55127,8945th of 14$13,770,171102102Fenway Park
1986Boston Red SoxAL East95661Lost WS (4-3)2,147,64126,5145th of 14$14,402,239100100Fenway Park
1985Boston Red SoxAL East818151,786,63322,0577th of 14$10,897,560103104Fenway Park
1984Boston Red SoxAL East867641,661,61820,5148th of 14104105Fenway Park
1983Boston Red SoxAL East788461,782,28522,0049th of 14107107Fenway Park
1982Boston Red SoxAL East897331,950,12424,0765th of 14106106Fenway Park
1981Boston Red SoxAL East594951,060,37920,0076th of 14106106Fenway Park
1980Boston Red SoxAL East837751,956,09224,1494th of 14105106Fenway Park
1979Boston Red SoxAL East916932,353,11429,4143rd of 14105106Fenway Park
1978Boston Red SoxAL East996422,320,64328,3012nd of 14110112Fenway Park
1977Boston Red SoxAL East976422,074,54925,9322nd of 14111113Fenway Park
1976Boston Red SoxAL East837931,895,84623,4062nd of 12112113Fenway Park
1975Boston Red SoxAL East95651Lost WS (4-3)1,748,58721,5871st of 12109109Fenway Park
1974Boston Red SoxAL East847831,556,41119,2151st of 12107108Fenway Park
1973Boston Red SoxAL East897321,481,00218,2842nd of 12105106Fenway Park
1972Boston Red SoxAL East857021,441,71818,4842nd of 12105106Fenway Park
1971Boston Red SoxAL East857731,678,73220,9841st of 12107108Fenway Park
1970Boston Red SoxAL East877531,595,27819,6951st of 12107108Fenway Park
1969Boston Red SoxAL East877531,833,24622,6331st of 12106106Fenway Park
1968Boston Red SoxAL867641,940,78823,9602nd of 10107107Fenway Park
1967Boston Red SoxAL92701Lost WS (4-3)1,727,83221,3311st of 10109109Fenway Park
1966Boston Red SoxAL72909811,17210,0148th of 10111111Fenway Park
1965Boston Red SoxAL621009652,2018,0527th of 10108106Fenway Park
1964Boston Red SoxAL72908883,27610,9055th of 10107105Fenway Park
1963Boston Red SoxAL76857942,64211,7834th of 10104103Fenway Park
1962Boston Red SoxAL76848733,0809,2797th of 10104103Fenway Park
1961Boston Red SoxAL76866850,58910,3736th of 10103101Fenway Park
1960Boston Red SoxAL658971,129,86614,6745th of 8104103Fenway Park
1959Boston Red SoxAL75795984,10212,7815th of 8104104Fenway Park
1958Boston Red SoxAL797531,077,04713,9883rd of 8106106Fenway Park
1957Boston Red SoxAL827231,181,08715,3393rd of 8105106Fenway Park
1956Boston Red SoxAL847041,137,15814,5792nd of 8111112Fenway Park
1955Boston Red SoxAL847041,203,20015,4264th of 8109109Fenway Park
1954Boston Red SoxAL69854931,12711,7866th of 8111111Fenway Park
1953Boston Red SoxAL846941,026,13313,5024th of 8104104Fenway Park
1952Boston Red SoxAL767861,115,75014,4904th of 8107107Fenway Park
1951Boston Red SoxAL876731,312,28217,4974th of 8108110Fenway Park
1950Boston Red SoxAL946031,344,08017,4564th of 8108110Fenway Park
1949Boston Red SoxAL965821,596,65020,7364th of 8104108Fenway Park
1948Boston Red SoxAL965921,558,79819,9854th of 8102105Fenway Park
1947Boston Red SoxAL837131,427,31517,6213rd of 8104107Fenway Park
1946Boston Red SoxAL104501Lost WS (4-3)1,416,94418,1663rd of 8104106Fenway Park
1945Boston Red SoxAL71837603,7947,7415th of 8101102Fenway Park
1944Boston Red SoxAL77774506,9756,5007th of 810099Fenway Park
1943Boston Red SoxAL68847358,2754,6537th of 8101102Fenway Park
1942Boston Red SoxAL93592730,3409,4852nd of 8102104Fenway Park
1941Boston Red SoxAL84702718,4979,3313rd of 8100102Fenway Park
1940Boston Red SoxAL82724716,2349,0664th of 8102104Fenway Park
1939Boston Red SoxAL89622573,0707,6414th of 8102104Fenway Park
1938Boston Red SoxAL88612646,4598,6193rd of 8103105Fenway Park
1937Boston Red SoxAL80725559,6597,5634th of 8104105Fenway Park
1936Boston Red SoxAL74806626,8958,1413rd of 8105106Fenway Park
1935Boston Red SoxAL78754558,5687,0703rd of 8106106Fenway Park
1934Boston Red SoxAL76764610,6407,9303rd of 8105104Fenway Park
1933Boston Red SoxAL63867268,7153,7327th of 8103102Fenway Park
1932Boston Red SoxAL431118182,1502,3667th of 89994Fenway Park, Braves Field
1931Boston Red SoxAL62906350,9754,3877th of 89894Fenway Park, Braves Field
1930Boston Red SoxAL521028444,0455,8436th of 89995Fenway Park, Braves Field
1929Boston Red SoxAL58968394,6205,0596th of 810097Fenway Park, Braves Field
1928Boston Red SoxAL57968396,9205,3645th of 810096Fenway Park
1927Boston Red SoxAL511038305,2753,9147th of 810297Fenway Park
1926Boston Red SoxAL461078285,1553,7037th of 810196Fenway Park
1925Boston Red SoxAL471058267,7823,5708th of 810399Fenway Park
1924Boston Red SoxAL67877448,5565,8258th of 810399Fenway Park
1923Boston Red SoxAL61918229,6882,9458th of 8102100Fenway Park
1922Boston Red SoxAL61938259,1843,5508th of 810199Fenway Park
1921Boston Red SoxAL75795279,2733,6278th of 89997Fenway Park
1920Boston Red SoxAL72815402,4455,2956th of 89696Fenway Park
1919Boston Red SoxAL66716417,2916,3235th of 89495Fenway Park
1918Boston Red SoxAL75511Won WS (4-2)249,5133,5643rd of 89799Fenway Park
1917Boston Red SoxAL90622387,8564,8484th of 89799Fenway Park
1916Boston Red SoxAL91631Won WS (4-1)496,3976,3643rd of 898101Fenway Park, Braves Field
1915Boston Red SoxAL101501Won WS (4-1)539,8857,1041st of 89597Fenway Park
1914Boston Red SoxAL91622481,3596,0931st of 898100Fenway Park
1913Boston Red SoxAL79714437,1945,8294th of 899102Fenway Park
1912Boston Red SoxAL105471Won WS (4-3-1)597,0967,6551st of 8101104Fenway Park
1911Boston Red SoxAL78755503,9616,6313rd of 89899Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1910Boston Red SoxAL81724584,6197,3082nd of 8102103Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1909Boston Red SoxAL88633668,9658,9202nd of 8102103Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1908Boston Red SoxAL75795473,0486,1433rd of 8103103Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1907Boston AmericansAL59907436,7775,6003rd of 810199Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1906Boston AmericansAL491058410,2095,3274th of 8102100Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1905Boston AmericansAL78744468,8286,0893rd of 8101100Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1904Boston AmericansAL95591623,2957,6951st of 8103106Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1903Boston AmericansAL91471Won WS (5-3)379,3385,4193rd of 8102105Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1902Boston AmericansAL77603348,5674,9092nd of 8100102Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds
1901Boston AmericansAL79572289,4484,1952nd of 89799Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds