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January 14, 2001
Chicago White Sox get: Toronto Blue Jays get:
David Wells Mike Sirotka
Matt DeWitt (later returned to Jays) Brian Simmons
Kevin Beirne
Mike Williams (later returned to Sox; never reached majors)

Shouldergate was the nickname given to a trade between the Chicago White Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays involving Mike Sirotka and his injured shoulder. It was discovered not long after the trade that Sirotka had an injured shoulder. The Blue Jays general manager, Gord Ash, sought compensation from the White Sox. Kenny Williams refused to give the Blue Jays any additional players.

Bud Selig ruled in favor of the White Sox, believing it was the Blue Jays' responsibility to know what they were getting in return for Wells. However, the Sox did return DeWitt to the Jays for minor leaguer Williams.

Sirotka has not pitched since the injury. Ironically, Wells pitched only 16 games with the Sox before suffering a season-ending injury himself and leaving the club as a free agent the following offseason.