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Located in Huntington, WV, Marshall University is the focal point of a city with a population of about 50,000, situated in a Tri-State area of more than 300,000. The Huntington campus, noted for its attractiveness, level terrain and accessibility, occupies about 88 acres near the center of Huntington, a few blocks east of downtown and just a walk away from the banks of the Ohio River. Marshall also has a campus in South Charleston, WV, and centers across the state.

Marshall University is named after John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States from 1801 through 1835. The longest serving Chief Justice in United States history, Marshall is widely regarded as having established a broad interpretation of the Constitution of the United States, which established the Constitution as the basis of the American legal system and the “rule of law” as the law of the land. During his tenure as Chief Justice, the Judicial Branch of the new American government rose to a level of importance commensurate with that of the Executive and Legislative branches.

Marshall was founded as Marshall Academy in 1837, designated a college in 1858, the state normal school in 1867 and a university in 1961

Marshall University has sponsored baseball in 1896, 1898-1905, 1910-1938, 1942-1943, and 1947-present.

Comedian/Actor Billy Crystal attended Marshall on a baseball scholarship, but the program was suspended during his Freshman year and Crystal never returned for his Sophomore year.

Notable Alumni[edit]


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Assistant Coaches[edit]

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The Thundering Herd Baseball Team plays their "home" contests at several different locations in the state of West Virginia due to the lack of a playing field in Huntington.

The majority of the Herd's non-conference contests are played near by at the local YMCA Kennedy Center's George Smailes Field.

All home conference games are played at a Class A Minor League Ballpark in Charleston, WV, Appalachian Power Park, also home of the Pittsburgh Pirates Class A Affiliate West Virginia Power.

Marshall also plays an occasional non-conference game in Beckley, WV at Linda K. Epling Stadium. Epling Stadium is also the home of the West Virginia Miners of the Prospect League.


Single Season Records[edit]


  • Wins: 30 (2008)
  • Win Percentage: 1.000 12-0 (1902)


  • Runs Scored: 35 vs Morehead State (1990)
  • Home Runs: 9 vs Morehead State (1990)
  • Hits: 30 vs Morehead State (1990)
  • RBI: 34 vs Morehead State (1990)


  • Average: .334 (1998)
  • Games: 61 (2008)
  • At Bats 2080 (2008)
  • Runs Scored: 417 (2001)

Source: Herd Zone