Junior World Series

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The Little World Series was renamed the Junior World Series in 1932. The annual match-up between the top teams in the American Association and International League continued through 1962 (except for no series in 1935), when the AA folded. When it was re-established in 1970, several more Junior World Series were played before the institution died off in 1975.

Junior World Series Results[edit]

Year Winner (League) Results Loser (League)
1932 Newark Bears (IL) 4-2 Minneapolis Millers (AA)
1933 Columbus (OH) Red Birds (AA) 5-3 Buffalo Bisons (IL)
1934 Columbus (OH) Red Birds (AA) 5-4 Toronto Maple Leafs (IL)
1936 Milwaukee Brewers (AA) 4-1 Buffalo Bisons (IL)
1937 Newark Bears (IL) 4-3 Columbus (OH) Red Birds (AA)
1938 Kansas City Blues (AA) 4-3 Newark Bears (IL)
1939 Louisville Colonels (AA) 4-3 Rochester Red Wings (IL)
1940 Newark Bears (IL) 4-2 Louisville Colonels (AA)
1941 Columbus (OH) Red Birds (AA) 4-2 Montreal Royals (IL)
1942 Columbus (OH) Red Birds (AA) 4-1 Syracuse Chiefs (IL)
1943 Columbus (OH) Red Birds (AA) 4-1 Syracuse Chiefs (IL)
1944 Baltimore Orioles (IL) 4-2 Louisville Colonels (AA)
1945 Louisville Colonels (AA) 4-2 Newark Bears (IL)
1946 Montreal Royals (IL) 4-2 Louisville Colonels (AA)
1947 Milwaukee Brewers (AA) 4-3 Syracuse Chiefs (IL)
1948 Montreal Royals (IL) 4-1 St. Paul Saints (AA)
1949 Indianapolis Indians (AA) 4-2 Montreal Royals (IL)
1950 Columbus (OH) Red Birds (AA) 4-1 Baltimore Orioles (IL)
1951 Milwaukee Brewers (AA) 4-2 Montreal Royals (IL)
1952 Rochester Red Wings (IL) 4-3 Kansas City Blues (AA)
1953 Montreal Royals (IL) 4-1 Kansas City Blues (AA)
1954 Louisville Colonels (AA) 4-2 Syracuse Chiefs (IL)
1955 Minneapolis Millers (AA) 4-3 Rochester Red Wings (IL)
1956 Indianapolis Indians (AA) 4-0 Rochester Red Wings (IL)
1957 Denver Bears (AA) 4-1 Buffalo Bisons (IL)
1958 Minneapolis Millers (AA) 4-0 Montreal Royals (IL)
1959 Havana Sugar Kings (IL) 4-3 Minneapolis Millers (AA)
1960 Louisville Colonels (AA) 4-2 Toronto Maple Leafs (IL)
1961 Buffalo Bisons (IL) 4-0 Louisville Colonels (AA)
1962 Atlanta Crackers (IL) 4-3 Louisville Colonels (AA)
1970 Syracuse Chiefs (IL) 4-1 Omaha Royals (AA)
1971 Rochester Red Wings (IL) 4-3 Denver Bears (AA)
1972 Bypassed in favor of World Baseball Championship
1973 Pawtucket Red Sox (IL) 4-1 Tulsa Oilers (AA)
1975 Evansville Triplets (AA) 4-1 Tidewater Tides (IL)

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