1992 Angels Bus Crash

From BR Bullpen

On May 21, 1992 the California Angels team bus crashed on the New Jersey Turnpike. The team was traveling from New York, NY to Baltimore, MD. 12 members of the Angels traveling party were injured in the accident. The most serious was manager Buck Rodgers. Rodgers broke a rib, his left knee and elbow. After the accident he was forced to take a leave of absence from the team to recover from his injuries. Third base coach John Wathan replaced him as manager until he returned in August. Also injured in the crash were hitting coach Rod Carew (whiplash), first basemen Alvin Davis, infielders Bobby Rose (sprained ankle) and Gary DiSarcina (lower back pain), outfielder Junior Felix (lower back pain), bullpen catcher Rick Turner (laceration under left arm), trainer Ned Berget (brusied ribs and kidney) and traveling secretary Frank Sims (cracked ribs). Despite the seriousness of the accident only Rose would spend time on the DL.

The incident was not without heroes, though, as shortly after the accident occured, the Angels' second team bus arrived at the scene. The players on the second bus quickly began helping their fallen teammates to safety and checking on them before medical personnel arrived. Pitcher Chuck Finley, in particular, was cited by teammates for his efforts.