Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Show Jones Peavy Whitson Benes Hoffman Gregerson Stammen Tomlin
2021 (8-5)           Hill Pagan Melancon
2020 (37-23) Lamet Davies Paddack Richards   Hill Stammen Johnson
2019 (70-92) Lucchesi Lauer Paddack Quantrill Strahm Yates Wingenter Stammen Perdomo
2018 (66-96) Lucchesi Lauer Richard Ross Erlin Hand Yates Stammen Maton
2017 (71-91) Chacin Perdomo Richard Lamet Cahill Hand Yates Stammen Torres
2016 (68-94) Friedrich Perdomo Rea Pomeranz Cashner Rodney Hand Maurer Buchter
2015 (74-88) Shields Ross Kennedy Despaigne Cashner Kimbrel Benoit Maurer Quackenbush
2014 (77-85) Stults Ross Kennedy Despaigne Cashner Street Torres Thayer Vincent
2013 (76-86) Stults Ross Volquez Marquis Cashner Street Gregerson Thayer Thatcher
2012 (76-86) Stults Richard Volquez Marquis Bass Street Gregerson Thayer Brach
2011 (71-91) Latos Richard Stauffer Harang Moseley Bell Gregerson Qualls Frieri
2010 (90-72) Latos Richard Garland Correia LeBlanc Bell Gregerson Adams Thatcher
2009 (75-87) Gaudin Geer Stauffer Correia Young Bell Gregerson Mujica Thatcher
2008 (63-99) Peavy Maddux Wolf Baek Young Hoffman Bell Meredith Adams
2007 (89-74) Peavy Maddux Germano Wells Young Hoffman Bell Meredith Brocail
2006 (88-74) Peavy Hensley Williams Park Young Hoffman Linebrink Embree Adkins
2005 (82-80) Peavy Lawrence Williams Eaton Stauffer Hoffman Linebrink Otsuka Seanez
2004 (87-75) Peavy Lawrence Wells Eaton Valdez Hoffman Linebrink Otsuka Witasick
2003 (64-98) Peavy Lawrence Perez Eaton Jarvis Beck Matthews Hackman Witasick
2002 (66-96) Peavy Lawrence Perez Tomko Jones Hoffman Fikac Reed Embree
2001 (79-83) Jarvis Williams Tollberg Eaton Jones Hoffman Nunez Lee Davey
2000 (76-86) Clement Williams Tollberg Eaton Meadows Hoffman Walker Almanzar Wall
1999 (74-88) Clement Williams Hitchcock Ashby Boehringer Hoffman Miceli Reyes Wall
1998 (98-64) Brown Hamilton Hitchcock Ashby Langston Hoffman Miceli Boehringer Wall
1997 (76-86) Smith Hamilton Hitchcock Ashby Valenzuela Hoffman Bochtler Worrell Cunnane
1996 (91-71) Tewksbury Hamilton Sanders Ashby Valenzuela Hoffman Bochtler Worrell Blair
1995 (70-74) Benes Hamilton Sanders Ashby Dishman Hoffman Florie Williams Berumen
1994 (47-70) Benes Hamilton Sanders Ashby Whitehurst Hoffman Martinez Mauser Tabaka
1993 (61-101) Benes Brocail Harris Worrell Whitehurst Harris Hoffman Davis Mason
1992 (82-80) Benes Hurst Harris Lefferts Seminara Myers Rodriguez Melendez Maddux
1991 (84-78) Benes Hurst Harris Rasmussen Whitson Lefferts Rodriguez Andersen Maddux
1990 (75-87) Benes Hurst Show Rasmussen Whitson Lefferts Rodriguez Harris Schiraldi
1989 (89-73) Terrell Hurst Show Rasmussen Whitson Davis Grant Harris Leiper
1988 (83-78) Hawkins Jones Show Rasmussen Whitson Davis McCullers Booker Leiper
1987 (65-97) Hawkins Jones Show Grant Whitson McCullers Davis Booker Gossage
1986 (74-88) Hawkins Dravecky Show Hoyt Thurmond Gossage Lefferts McCullers Walter
1985 (83-79) Hawkins Dravecky Show Hoyt Thurmond Gossage Lefferts Stoddard DeLeon
1984 (92-70) Hawkins Lollar Show Whitson Thurmond Gossage Lefferts Dravecky DeLeon
1983 (81-81) Hawkins Lollar Show Whitson Dravecky Lucas Monge Sosa DeLeon
1982 (81-81) Montefusco Lollar Eichelberger Welsh Curtis Lucas Chiffer Show DeLeon
1981 (41-69) Mura Lollar Eichelberger Welsh Wise Lucas Littlefield Urrea Boone
1980 (73-89) Mura Curtis Jones Lucas Wise Fingers Kinney Shirley D'Acquisto
1979 (68-93) Perry Shirley Jones Owchinko Rasmussen Fingers Lee Mura D'Acquisto
1978 (84-78) Perry Shirley Jones Owchinko Rasmussen Fingers Lee Shirley D'Acquisto
1977 (69-93) Freisleben Shirley Jones Owchinko Griffin Fingers Tomlin Spillner Sawyer
1976 (73-89) Freisleben Strom Jones Spillner Griffin Metzger Tomlin Folkers Johnson
1975 (71-91) Freisleben Strom Jones Spillner McIntosh Greif Tomlin Folkers Frisella
1974 (60-102) Freisleben Greif Jones Spillner Arlin Romo Tomlin Hardy Laxton
1973 (60-102) Kirby Greif Jones Troedson Arlin Caldwell Ross Romo Corkins
1972 (58-95) Kirby Greif Norman Caldwell Arlin Corkins Ross Acosta Schaeffer
1971 (61-100) Kirby Roberts Norman Phoebus Arlin Severinsen Kelley Miller Laxton
1970 (63-99) Kirby Roberts Dobson Coombs Corkins Dukes Herbel Willis Ross
1969 (52-110) Kirby Niekro Santorini Kelley Sisk McCool Reberger Baldschun Sisk
53 years 116 pitchers 24 pitchers 108 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.