Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More

Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More
Year Tm Lg W L Finish Playoffs Attendance Attend/G Rank Est. Payroll PPF BPF Stadium
2018San Diego PadresNL West669652,168,53626,77211th of 15$93,821,0679594Petco Park
2017San Diego PadresNL West719142,138,49126,40110th of 15$49,248,7679795Petco Park
2016San Diego PadresNL West689452,351,42229,0308th of 15$50,656,1669595Petco Park
2015San Diego PadresNL West748842,459,75230,36710th of 15$125,203,7009595Petco Park
2014San Diego PadresNL West778532,195,37327,10312th of 15$76,662,1009292Petco Park
2013San Diego PadresNL West768632,166,69126,74912th of 15$65,988,6009191Petco Park
2012San Diego PadresNL West768642,123,72126,21914th of 16$55,494,7009191Petco Park
2011San Diego PadresNL West719152,143,01826,45711th of 16$45,869,1409393Petco Park
2010San Diego PadresNL West907222,131,77426,31811th of 16$37,799,3009191Petco Park
2009San Diego PadresNL West758741,919,60323,69912th of 16$50,954,2009090Petco Park
2008San Diego PadresNL West639952,427,53529,97012th of 16$73,677,6168887Petco Park
2007San Diego PadresNL West897432,790,07434,4459th of 16$58,110,5679090Petco Park
2006San Diego PadresNL West88741Lost LDS (3-1)2,659,75732,8378th of 16$69,896,1419091Petco Park
2005San Diego PadresNL West82801Lost LDS (3-0)2,869,78735,4295th of 16$63,290,8339191Petco Park
2004San Diego PadresNL West877533,016,75237,2447th of 16$55,384,8339090Petco Park
2003San Diego PadresNL West649852,030,08425,06312th of 16$45,210,0009291Qualcomm Stadium
2002San Diego PadresNL West669652,220,60127,41510th of 16$41,425,0009190Qualcomm Stadium
2001San Diego PadresNL West798342,378,12829,36012th of 16$39,182,8339191Qualcomm Stadium
2000San Diego PadresNL West768652,352,44329,04311th of 16$55,021,0009292Qualcomm Stadium
1999San Diego PadresNL West748842,523,53831,1559th of 16$49,768,1799292Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey, Qualcomm Stadium
1998San Diego PadresNL West98641Lost WS (4-0)2,555,87431,5547th of 16$46,861,5009292Qualcomm Stadium
1997San Diego PadresNL West768642,089,33325,7947th of 14$37,363,6729393Aloha Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium
1996San Diego PadresNL West91711Lost LDS (3-0)2,187,88627,0116th of 14$28,348,1729494Estadio de Beisbol Monterrey, Jack Murphy Stadium
1995San Diego PadresNL West707431,041,80514,47013th of 14$26,382,3349797Jack Murphy Stadium
1994San Diego PadresNL West47704953,85716,73414th of 14$14,916,3339897Jack Murphy Stadium
1993San Diego PadresNL West6110171,375,43216,98114th of 14$25,511,333102101Jack Murphy Stadium
1992San Diego PadresNL West828031,721,40621,2529th of 12$26,854,167102102Jack Murphy Stadium
1991San Diego PadresNL West847831,804,28922,2759th of 12$22,150,001103103Jack Murphy Stadium
1990San Diego PadresNL West758741,856,39622,9189th of 12$17,788,334101101Jack Murphy Stadium
1989San Diego PadresNL West897322,009,03124,8036th of 12$15,295,000100101Jack Murphy Stadium
1988San Diego PadresNL West837831,506,89618,60410th of 12$10,723,5029999Jack Murphy Stadium
1987San Diego PadresNL West659761,454,06117,95110th of 12$12,065,7969796Jack Murphy Stadium
1986San Diego PadresNL West748841,805,71622,2936th of 12$11,380,6939898Jack Murphy Stadium
1985San Diego PadresNL West837932,210,35227,2884th of 12$11,191,5839899Jack Murphy Stadium
1984San Diego PadresNL West92701Lost WS (4-1)1,983,90424,4935th of 12100100Jack Murphy Stadium
1983San Diego PadresNL West818141,539,81518,7786th of 129797Jack Murphy Stadium
1982San Diego PadresNL West818141,607,51619,8466th of 129696Jack Murphy Stadium
1981San Diego PadresNL West41696519,1619,43912th of 129494Jack Murphy Stadium
1980San Diego PadresNL West738961,139,02614,06210th of 129594San Diego Stadium
1979San Diego PadresNL West689351,456,96717,9878th of 129493San Diego Stadium
1978San Diego PadresNL West847841,670,10720,6195th of 129291San Diego Stadium
1977San Diego PadresNL West699351,376,26916,9917th of 129189San Diego Stadium
1976San Diego PadresNL West738951,458,47818,2315th of 129392San Diego Stadium
1975San Diego PadresNL West719141,281,74715,8246th of 129694San Diego Stadium
1974San Diego PadresNL West6010261,075,39913,2778th of 129895San Diego Stadium
1973San Diego PadresNL West601026611,8267,55312th of 129491San Diego Stadium
1972San Diego PadresNL West58956644,2738,05311th of 129592San Diego Stadium
1971San Diego PadresNL West611006557,5136,88312th of 129593San Diego Stadium
1970San Diego PadresNL West63996643,6797,94712th of 129895San Diego Stadium
1969San Diego PadresNL West521106512,9706,33312th of 129896San Diego Stadium
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