Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More

Franchise Attendance, Stadiums and More
Year Tm Lg W L Finish Playoffs Attendance Attend/G Rank Est. Payroll PPF BPF Stadium
2018New York MetsNL East778542,224,99527,46910th of 15$168,903,8449190Citi Field
2017New York MetsNL East709242,460,62230,3789th of 15$176,615,2529594Citi Field
2016New York MetsNL East87752Lost NLWC (1-0)2,789,60234,4405th of 15$155,221,2829696Citi Field
2015New York MetsNL East90721Lost WS (4-1)2,569,75331,7256th of 15$98,874,4739797Citi Field
2014New York MetsNL East798322,148,80826,52813th of 15$82,663,6159494Citi Field
2013New York MetsNL East748832,135,65726,36613th of 15$69,425,8609594Citi Field
2012New York MetsNL East748842,242,80327,68911th of 16$91,621,4249695Citi Field
2011New York MetsNL East778542,352,59629,0449th of 16$151,897,3099696Citi Field
2010New York MetsNL East798342,559,73831,6028th of 16$134,422,9429797Citi Field
2009New York MetsNL East709243,168,57139,1185th of 16$151,994,2379797Citi Field
2008New York MetsNL East897324,042,04549,9021st of 16$137,793,3769898Shea Stadium
2007New York MetsNL East887423,853,95547,5802nd of 16$116,181,6639798Shea Stadium
2006New York MetsNL East97651Lost NLCS (4-3)3,379,53541,7233rd of 16$101,584,9639798Shea Stadium
2005New York MetsNL East837932,829,92934,9376th of 16$101,305,8219797Shea Stadium
2004New York MetsNL East719142,318,95128,62911th of 16$102,035,9709998Shea Stadium
2003New York MetsNL East669552,140,59926,75711th of 16$117,176,4299897Shea Stadium
2002New York MetsNL East758652,804,83834,6285th of 16$94,633,5939796Shea Stadium
2001New York MetsNL East828032,658,33032,81910th of 16$93,174,4289595Shea Stadium
2000New York MetsNL East94682Lost WS (4-1)2,820,53034,8218th of 16$79,509,7769696Shea Stadium, Tokyo Dome
1999New York MetsNL East97662Lost NLCS (4-2)2,725,66833,6507th of 16$68,852,0929797Shea Stadium
1998New York MetsNL East887422,287,94828,2469th of 16$52,247,9999999Shea Stadium
1997New York MetsNL East887431,766,17421,80510th of 14$39,800,4009797Shea Stadium
1996New York MetsNL East719141,588,32319,60912th of 14$24,479,5009595Shea Stadium
1995New York MetsNL East697521,273,18317,68311th of 14$27,674,9929696Shea Stadium
1994New York MetsNL East555831,151,47121,72613th of 14$30,956,5839999Shea Stadium
1993New York MetsNL East5910371,873,18323,12611th of 14$39,043,6679998Shea Stadium
1992New York MetsNL East729051,779,53421,9708th of 12$44,602,00210099Shea Stadium
1991New York MetsNL East778452,284,48427,8605th of 12$32,590,0019999Shea Stadium
1990New York MetsNL East917122,732,74533,7382nd of 12$21,922,83499100Shea Stadium
1989New York MetsNL East877522,918,71036,0333rd of 12$19,885,0719395Shea Stadium
1988New York MetsNL East100601Lost NLCS (4-3)3,055,44538,1931st of 12$15,401,8149395Shea Stadium
1987New York MetsNL East927023,034,12937,4582nd of 12$13,846,7149395Shea Stadium
1986New York MetsNL East108541Won WS (4-3)2,767,60134,1682nd of 12$15,393,7149698Shea Stadium
1985New York MetsNL East986422,761,60134,0942nd of 12$10,834,7629799Shea Stadium
1984New York MetsNL East907221,842,69522,7496th of 129999Shea Stadium
1983New York MetsNL East689461,112,77413,57012th of 1210099Shea Stadium
1982New York MetsNL East659761,323,03616,3349th of 1210199Shea Stadium
1981New York MetsNL East41625704,24413,5437th of 1210098Shea Stadium
1980New York MetsNL East679551,192,07314,5379th of 129897Shea Stadium
1979New York MetsNL East63996788,9059,62111th of 129795Shea Stadium
1978New York MetsNL East669661,007,32812,59210th of 129796Shea Stadium
1977New York MetsNL East649861,066,82513,50410th of 129594Shea Stadium
1976New York MetsNL East867631,468,75417,9124th of 129393Shea Stadium
1975New York MetsNL East828031,730,56621,3654th of 129595Shea Stadium
1974New York MetsNL East719151,722,20921,2625th of 129999Shea Stadium
1973New York MetsNL East82791Lost WS (4-3)1,912,39023,6103rd of 129998Shea Stadium
1972New York MetsNL East837332,134,18527,3611st of 129797Shea Stadium
1971New York MetsNL East837932,266,68027,9841st of 129898Shea Stadium
1970New York MetsNL East837932,697,47932,8961st of 1299100Shea Stadium
1969New York MetsNL East100621Won WS (4-1)2,175,37326,5291st of 12101102Shea Stadium
1968New York MetsNL738991,781,65721,7282nd of 10101100Shea Stadium
1967New York MetsNL61101101,565,49220,0703rd of 1010098Shea Stadium
1966New York MetsNL669591,932,69323,8602nd of 1010197Shea Stadium
1965New York MetsNL50112101,768,38921,5663rd of 109995Shea Stadium
1964New York MetsNL53109101,732,59721,1292nd of 1010096Shea Stadium
1963New York MetsNL51111101,080,10813,3354th of 10105100Polo Grounds V
1962New York MetsNL4012010922,53011,5326th of 10105101Polo Grounds V
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