Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Seaver Koosman Gooden Fernandez Darling Franco Feliciano Sisk Franco
2021 (77-85) Stroman Walker Megill deGrom Peterson Diaz May Castro Familia
2020 (26-34) Porcello Wacha Lugo deGrom Peterson Diaz Wilson Hughes Familia
2019 (86-76) Syndergaard Wheeler Matz deGrom Vargas Diaz Lugo Gsellman Familia
2018 (77-85) Syndergaard Wheeler Matz deGrom Vargas Familia Lugo Gsellman Blevins
2017 (70-92) Gsellman Harvey Lugo deGrom Montero Reed Sewald Smoker Blevins
2016 (87-75) Colon Harvey Syndergaard deGrom Matz Familia Reed Robles Blevins
2015 (90-72) Colon Harvey Syndergaard deGrom Niese Familia Torres Robles Gilmartin
2014 (79-83) Colon Wheeler Gee deGrom Niese Mejia Torres Familia Edgin
2013 (74-88) Harvey Wheeler Gee Hefner Niese Parnell Rice Hawkins Atchison
2012 (74-88) Dickey Santana Gee Young Niese Francisco Parnell Rauch Ramirez
2011 (77-85) Dickey Pelfrey Gee Capuano Niese Rodriguez Parnell Byrdak Beato
2010 (79-83) Dickey Pelfrey Santana Takahashi Niese Rodriguez Feliciano Dessens Acosta
2009 (70-92) Hernández Pelfrey Santana Redding Maine Rodriguez Feliciano Green Stokes
2008 (89-73) Perez Pelfrey Santana Martinez Maine Wagner Feliciano Smith Heilman
2007 (88-74) Perez Glavine Hernandez Sosa Maine Wagner Feliciano Schoeneweis Heilman
2006 (97-65) Trachsel Glavine Hernandez Martinez Maine Wagner Feliciano Bradford Heilman
2005 (83-79) Benson Glavine Zambrano Martinez Ishii Looper Hernandez Bell Heilman
2004 (71-91) Trachsel Glavine Leiter Seo Ginter Looper Stanton Bottalico Franco
2003 (66-95) Trachsel Glavine Leiter Seo Heilman Benitez Stanton Weathers Franco
2002 (75-86) Trachsel Astacio Leiter Estes D'Amico Benitez Guthrie Weathers Strickland
2001 (82-80) Trachsel Rusch Leiter Appier Reed Benitez Franco White Wendell
2000 (94-68) Hampton Rusch Leiter Jones Reed Benitez Franco Cook Wendell
1999 (97-66) Hershiser Yoshii Leiter Dotel Reed Benitez Franco Cook Wendell
1998 (88-74) Jones Yoshii Leiter Nomo Reed Franco Rojas Cook Wendell
1997 (88-74) Jones Mlicki Clark Reynoso Reed Franco McMichael Lidle Kashiwada
1996 (71-91) Jones Harnisch Clark Isringhausen Wilson Franco Henry Dipoto Mlicki
1995 (69-75) Jones Harnisch Mlicki Pulsipher Saberhagen Franco Henry Dipoto Minor
1994 (55-58) Jones Smith Remlinger Jacome Saberhagen Franco Mason Manzanillo Linton
1993 (59-103) Tanana Gooden Hillman Fernandez Saberhagen Franco Innis Maddux Young
1992 (72-90) Cone Gooden Schourek Fernandez Saberhagen Young Innis Guetterman Gibson
1991 (77-84) Cone Gooden Viola Whitehurst Darling Franco Innis Pena Simons
1990 (91-71) Cone Gooden Viola Fernandez Darling Franco Whitehurst Pena Musselman
1989 (87-75) Cone Gooden Ojeda Fernandez Darling Myers Aase Aguilera Innis
1988 (100-60) Cone Gooden Ojeda Fernandez Darling Myers McDowell Leach Walter
1987 (92-70) Mitchell Gooden Aguilera Fernandez Darling McDowell Orosco Sisk Myers
1986 (108-54) Ojeda Gooden Aguilera Fernandez Darling McDowell Orosco Sisk Niemann
1985 (98-64) Lynch Gooden Aguilera Fernandez Darling Orosco McDowell Sisk Gorman
1984 (90-72) Terrell Gooden Berenyi Fernandez Darling Orosco Gaff Sisk Gorman
1983 (68-94) Terrell Seaver Torrez Lynch Swan Orosco Diaz Sisk Holman
1982 (65-97) Puleo Falcone Scott Jones Swan Allen Orosco Lynch Hausman
1981 (41-62) Zachry Harris Scott Jones Lynch Allen Falcone Searage Miller
1980 (67-95) Zachry Burris Bomback Falcone Swan Allen Reardon Hausman Glynn
1979 (63-99) Kobel Ellis Hausman Falcone Swan Lockwood Murray Allen Glynn
1978 (66-96) Espinosa Koosman Bruhert Zachry Swan Lockwood Murray Bernard Siebert
1977 (64-98) Espinosa Koosman Matlack Zachry Swan Lockwood Apodaca Baldwin Myrick
1976 (86-76) Seaver Koosman Matlack Lolich Swan Lockwood Apodaca Sanders Myrick
1975 (82-80) Seaver Koosman Matlack Tate Webb Apodaca Baldwin Sanders Hall
1974 (71-91) Seaver Koosman Matlack Parker Stone Miller McGraw Apodaca
1973 (82-79) Seaver Koosman Matlack McAndrew Stone McGraw Hennigan Parker Capra
1972 (83-73) Seaver Koosman Matlack McAndrew Gentry McGraw Frisella Sadecki Taylor
1971 (83-79) Seaver Koosman Ryan Sadecki Gentry Frisella McGraw Taylor Williams
1970 (83-79) Seaver Koosman McAndrew Sadecki Gentry Taylor McGraw Frisella Cardwell
1969 (100-62) Seaver Koosman McAndrew Cardwell Gentry Taylor McGraw Koonce DiLauro
1968 (73-89) Seaver Koosman Selma Cardwell Ryan Taylor Short Koonce Jackson
1967 (61-101) Seaver Fisher Hendley Cardwell Shaw Taylor Shaw Selma Reniff
1966 (66-95) Ribant Fisher Gardner Hamilton Shaw Hamilton Hepler Sutherland Bearnarth
1965 (50-112) Jackson Fisher Spahn Cisco Parsons Richardson McGraw Bearnarth
1964 (53-109) Jackson Fisher Stallard Cisco Lary Wakefield Hunter Bearnarth
1963 (51-111) Jackson Craig Stallard Willey Hook Cisco MacKenzie Bearnarth
1962 (40-120) Jackson Craig Miller Anderson Hook Anderson MacKenzie Daviault
60 years 125 pitchers 22 pitchers 120 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.