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Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Splittorff Gubicza Appier Leonard Saberhagen Montgomery Mingori Herrera Pattin
2019 (59-103) Junis Keller Sparkman Duffy Bailey Kennedy Barlow McCarthy Diekman
2018 (58-104) Junis Keller Kennedy Duffy Hammel Herrera Hill McCarthy Flynn
2017 (80-82) Junis Vargas Kennedy Duffy Hammel Herrera Moylan Minor Soria
2016 (81-81) Volquez Ventura Kennedy Duffy Gee Davis Moylan Herrera Soria
2015 (95-67) Volquez Ventura Guthrie Duffy Young Holland Davis Herrera Madson
2014 (89-73) Shields Ventura Guthrie Duffy Vargas Holland Davis Herrera Crow
2013 (86-76) Shields Santana Guthrie Davis Mendoza Holland Collins Herrera Hochevar
2012 (72-90) Chen Hochevar Guthrie Smith Mendoza Broxton Collins Herrera Crow
2011 (71-91) Chen Hochevar Francis Paulino Duffy Soria Collins Wood Crow
2010 (67-95) Chen Hochevar Greinke Davies Bannister Soria Hughes Wood Tejeda
2009 (65-97) Meche Hochevar Greinke Davies Bannister Soria Wright Cruz Bale
2008 (75-87) Meche Hochevar Greinke Davies Bannister Soria Ramirez Mahay Oviedo
2007 (69-93) Meche Perez Greinke De La Rosa Bannister Soria Gobble Riske Peralta
2006 (62-100) Redman Perez Hernandez Elarton Hudson Burgos Gobble Sisco Peralta
2005 (56-106) Greinke Lima Hernandez Carrasco Howell MacDougal Burgos Sisco Affeldt
2004 (58-104) Greinke May Anderson Gobble Wood Affeldt Cerda Sullivan Field
2003 (83-79) Affeldt May George Hernandez Snyder MacDougal Grimsley Carrasco Lowe
2002 (62-100) Suppan May Byrd Asencio Sedlacek Hernandez Grimsley Mullen Bailey
2001 (65-97) Suppan Durbin Reichert Wilson Stein Hernandez Grimsley Henry Bailey
2000 (77-85) Suppan Durbin Reichert Suzuki Stein Bottalico Spradlin Santiago Reichert
1999 (64-97) Suppan Rosado Witasick Appier Stein Montgomery Service Morman Whisenant
1998 (72-89) Belcher Rosado Rapp Rusch Pichardo Montgomery Service Bevil Whisenant
1997 (67-94) Belcher Rosado Appier Rusch Pittsley Montgomery Walker Pichardo Olson
1996 (75-86) Belcher Haney Appier Gubicza Linton Montgomery Jacome Pichardo Magnante
1995 (70-74) Gordon Haney Appier Gubicza Jacome Montgomery Meacham Pichardo Brewer
1994 (64-51) Gordon Cone Appier Gubicza Milacki Montgomery Belinda Pichardo Brewer
1993 (84-78) Pichardo Cone Appier Haney Gardner Montgomery Gubicza Gordon Brewer
1992 (72-90) Pichardo Reed Appier Gubicza Aquino Montgomery Meacham Shifflett Magnante
1991 (82-80) Boddicker Saberhagen Appier Gubicza Aquino Montgomery Davis Crawford Magnante
1990 (75-86) Gordon Saberhagen Appier Gubicza Davis Montgomery Farr Crawford Davis
1989 (92-70) Gordon Saberhagen Leibrandt Gubicza Aquino Farr Montgomery Gordon Leach
1988 (84-77) Bannister Saberhagen Leibrandt Gubicza Power Farr Montgomery Gleaton Garber
1987 (83-79) Jackson Saberhagen Leibrandt Gubicza Black Quisenberry Farr Gleaton Davis
1986 (76-86) Jackson Saberhagen Leibrandt Gubicza Leonard Quisenberry Farr Black Gubicza
1985 (91-71) Jackson Saberhagen Leibrandt Gubicza Black Quisenberry Beckwith Jones LaCoss
1984 (84-78) Gura Saberhagen Leibrandt Gubicza Black Quisenberry Beckwith Huismann Saberhagen
1983 (79-83) Gura Splittorff Renko Blue Black Quisenberry Armstrong Hood Castro
1982 (90-72) Gura Splittorff Leonard Blue Frost Quisenberry Armstrong Hood Jackson
1981 (50-53) Gura Splittorff Leonard Gale Jones Quisenberry Martin Brett Wright
1980 (97-65) Gura Splittorff Leonard Gale Martin Quisenberry Pattin Christenson Eastwick
1979 (85-77) Gura Splittorff Leonard Gale Busby Hrabosky Quisenberry Mingori Rodriguez
1978 (92-70) Gura Splittorff Leonard Gale Hassler Hrabosky Bird Mingori Pattin
1977 (102-60) Colborn Splittorff Leonard Pattin Hassler Bird Gura Mingori Littell
1976 (90-72) Fitzmorris Splittorff Leonard Pattin Bird Littell Hall Mingori Pattin
1975 (91-71) Fitzmorris Splittorff Leonard Busby Briles Bird McDaniel Mingori Pattin
1974 (77-85) Fitzmorris Splittorff Dal Canton Busby Briles Bird McDaniel Mingori Hoerner
1973 (88-74) Fitzmorris Splittorff Drago Busby Wright Bird Garber Dal Canton Hoerner
1972 (76-78) Nelson Splittorff Drago Hedlund Dal Canton Burgmeier Abernathy Fitzmorris Angelini
1971 (85-76) Fitzmorris Splittorff Drago Hedlund Dal Canton Abernathy Burgmeier Fitzmorris York
1970 (65-97) Rooker Johnson Drago Butler Morehead Abernathy Burgmeier Fitzmorris Wright
1969 (69-93) Rooker Bunker Drago Butler Nelson Drabowsky Burgmeier Wickersham Morehead
51 years 103 pitchers 20 pitchers 99 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.