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Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Nolasco Penny Willis Rapp Burnett Nen Darensbourg Dunn Looper
2019 (57-105) Alcantara Smith Lopez Richards Hernandez Romo Conley Garcia Kinley
2018 (63-98) Urena Smith Chen Richards Straily Ziegler Steckenrider Barraclough Guerrero
2017 (77-85) Urena Conley Volquez Worley Straily Ramos Garcia Barraclough McGowan
2016 (79-82) Koehler Conley Fernandez Chen Nicolino Ramos Phelps Barraclough McGowan
2015 (71-91) Koehler Haren Phelps Latos Cosart Ramos Dunn Morris Dyson
2014 (77-85) Koehler Eovaldi Alvarez Hand Turner Cishek Dunn Ramos Hatcher
2013 (62-100) Koehler Eovaldi Fernandez Nolasco Turner Cishek Dunn Ramos Webb
2012 (69-93) Johnson Buehrle Zambrano Nolasco Sanchez Bell Dunn Cishek Webb
2011 (72-90) Vazquez Volstad Hand Nolasco Sanchez Oviedo Dunn Mujica Choate
2010 (80-82) Johnson Volstad Robertson Nolasco Sanchez Oviedo Hensley Sanches Badenhop
2009 (87-75) Johnson Volstad West Nolasco Sanchez Oviedo Pinto Meyer Calero
2008 (84-77) Olsen Volstad Miller Nolasco Hendrickson Gregg Pinto Lindstrom Nelson
2007 (71-91) Olsen Willis Mitre van den Hurk Obermueller Gregg Tankersley Lindstrom Gardner
2006 (78-84) Olsen Willis Johnson Nolasco Moehler Borowski Tankersley Herges Messenger
2005 (83-79) Burnett Willis Beckett Leiter Moehler Jones Mota Mecir Alfonseca
2004 (83-79) Burnett Willis Beckett Pavano Penny Benitez Perisho Bump Howard
2003 (91-71) Redman Willis Beckett Pavano Penny Looper Almanza Tejera Urbina
2002 (79-83) Burnett Tavarez Beckett Tejera Penny Nunez Almanza Looper Darensbourg
2001 (76-86) Burnett Dempster Clement Smith Penny Alfonseca Bones Looper Darensbourg
2000 (79-82) Sanchez Dempster Cornelius Smith Penny Alfonseca Almanza Looper Darensbourg
1999 (64-98) Meadows Dempster Springer Fernandez Hernandez Alfonseca Edmondson Looper Darensbourg
1998 (54-108) Meadows Sanchez Larkin Ojala Hernandez Mantei Edmondson Alfonseca Darensbourg
1997 (92-70) Brown Fernandez Leiter Saunders Rapp Nen Powell Cook Heredia
1996 (80-82) Brown Burkett Leiter Hutton Rapp Nen Powell Perez Mathews
1995 (67-76) Hammond Burkett Witt Weathers Rapp Nen Veres Perez Mathews
1994 (51-64) Hammond Hough Gardner Weathers Rapp Nen Lewis Perez Mutis
1993 (64-98) Hammond Hough Armstrong Bowen Rapp Harvey Lewis Klink Turner
27 years 70 pitchers 16 pitchers 52 pitchers
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