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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Kenta Maeda?

Kenta Maeda is 35 years old.

When was Kenta Maeda born?

Kenta Maeda was born on April 11, 1988.

Where was Kenta Maeda born?

Kenta Maeda was born in Senboku-gun, Osaka.

How tall is Kenta Maeda?

Kenta Maeda is 6-1 (185 cm) tall.

How much does Kenta Maeda weigh?

Kenta Maeda weighs 185 lbs (83 kg).

How many seasons has Kenta Maeda played?

Kenta Maeda has played 7 seasons.

What position does Kenta Maeda play?

Kenta Maeda is a Pitcher.

How many strikeouts does Kenta Maeda have?

Kenta Maeda had 117 strikeouts last season and has 951 strikeouts over his career.

How much is Kenta Maeda worth?

Kenta Maeda made $3,125,000.00 last year. His current contract terms are 2 yrs/$24M (24-25).

How many teams has Kenta Maeda played for?

Kenta Maeda has played for 2 teams; the Los Angeles Dodgers and Minnesota Twins.

What is Kenta Maeda's Instagram account?

Kenta Maeda is on Instagram at 18_maeken.

What are Kenta Maeda's nicknames?

MaeKen is a nickname for Kenta Maeda.

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