Toni Stone

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Marcenia Lyle Alberga

  • Bats Right, Throws Right
  • Height 5'7", Weight 135 lbs.

Biographical Information[edit]

Toni Stone was the first woman to play in the Negro Leagues. She began her career with the San Francisco Sea Lions (1949) and the New Orleans Creoles (1949-1952). She was signed by Syd Pollack, owner of the Indianapolis Clowns in 1953 to play second base. In the 1953 season Stone appeared in 50 games and hit .243. Stone was sold to the Kansas City Monarchs prior to the 1954 season and retired following the season.

He was so good that he'd ask batters where they wanted it, just so they'd have a chance. He'd ask, "You want it high? You want it low? You want it right in the middle? Just say." People still couldn't get a hit against him. So I get up there and he says, "Hey T., how do you like it?" And I said, "It doesn't matter, just don't hurt me." When he wound up -- he had these big old feet -- all you could see was his shoe. I stood there shaking, but I got a hit. Right out over second base. Happiest moment in my life. - Stone describing her most memorable baseball moment when she played against Satchel Paige.

Further Reading[edit]

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