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From BR Bullpen

A suspension is a disciplinary measure through which a player is prevented from taking part in games for a set period. A suspension can be handed out by the league, for example after an on-field brawl, or by a team, as a result of insubordination or of a violation of team rules. It can be accompanied by a fine, and generally comes with a withholding of salary for the given period.

Most suspensions for on-field incidents are short - from one to ten games - but those for violating rules pertaining to PEDs or to domestic violence can be much more extensive. In the case of a short suspension, a player is not normally replaced on the roster, but in a longer one, he is placed on the restricted list and a replacement player can be added. A suspension that is permanent turns into a black list.

In Major League Baseball, suspensions are governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which sets out who can decide on them, how long they can be, and what appeal mechanisms exist. It is not rare for a suspension to be shortened on appeal.