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Steve Bartman is the Chicago Cubs fan who interfered with a foul fly ball that Moises Alou was attempting to catch with one out in the 8th inning of Game 6 of the National League Championship Series on October 14, 2003 (Boxscore).

The Cubs ended up losing the game and the series to the Florida Marlins. The Cubs were ahead 3-0 at the time of the controversial play, but proceeded to squander the lead following it, thanks mostly to an error by shortstop Alex Gonzalez. While Alou would have had a chance to make the catch, it would have been a stellar play by him and by no means a sure thing; in any case, Bartman's intervention prevented him from having any shot at the ball. The Marlins went on to score 8 runs during the inning to put the game away, while FOX repeatedly showed Bartman during the broadcast. He was forced to leave the game early out of fear for his safety. He has not returned to Wrigley Field since despite being an avid Cubs fan all of his life.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush offered Bartman asylum in Florida following the series. However, Bartman remained in Chicago, IL where he worked as a financial adviser. He has turned down numerous offers to cash in on his unwanted celebrity. His name has resurfaced in the news every time the Cubs have reached the postseason since 2003, most notably in 2016, when the Cubs finally broke their long-standing World Series curse. He stated that he was "overjoyed" at the Cubs' win but would not attend the victory parade for fear of becoming a distraction.

On July 31, 2017, Cubs owner Tom Ricketts presented him with a World Series ring. The Cubs explained in a statement:

"We hope this provides closure on an unfortunate chapter of the story that has perpetuated throughout our quest to win a long-awaited World Series. While no gesture can fully lift the public burden he has endured for more than a decade, we felt it was important Steve knows he has been and continues to be fully embraced by this organization. After all he has sacrificed, we are proud to recognize Steve Bartman with this gift today."

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