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Rob Neyer

Biographical Information[edit]

Rob Neyer is an American baseball columnist currently with Neyer began his career in baseball writing as a researcher for Bill James in the early 1990s. Before getting the job, he was working as a roofer in Lawrence, KS. After a four-year apprenticeship, he moved on to STATS Inc. before joining in 1996. His columns there became very influential, as they were among the first to bring concepts of sabermetrics to a wide public.

Neyer has joked, "I actually get paid by the number of readers who get really ticked off about what I write. Otherwise, I wouldn't be nearly so offensive." He is the author or co-author of several baseball books, including Baseball Dynasties. In 2019, he began a weekly podcast for SABR in which he talks to a guest active in some aspect of the world of baseball, although the conversations often veer far from the ballpark, touching on various social topics.

He was honored with the Chadwick Award in 2019.

Further Reading[edit]

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