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The Professional Scouts Hall of Fame honors the scouts who best represent the Hall's criteria for induction: "Criteria for induction includes a minimum of 20 years of pro scouting experience, with selection based on a combination of quantifiable success in the field, contributions made to the game in other areas of the sport whether professional or amateur, and importantly, their involvement and dedication to the local community that is honoring them through induction."[1] It was founded by Tyler Tumminia and has been run by the The Goldklang Group and was sponsored, at one point, by Topps. It began in 2008. Electees aren't inducted at one central location. Rather, the Hall's displays are located at a variety of ballparks, including Dutchess Stadium in Wappingers Falls, NY, Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, FL, Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park in Charleston, SC and CHS Field in St. Paul, MN.


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