Pitcher of the Month Award

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The Major League Baseball Pitcher of the Month Award is an official award of Major League Baseball that distinguishes the best pitcher in the American League and National League at the end of each month. The award is given out after a vote of sportswriters, based only on performance from the first to the last day of that month.

Pitchers were originally eligible for the Player of the Month Award given out in each league. The National League instituted a separate award for pitchers in 1975, with the original award now restricted to position players. The American League followed suit in 1979. In 2005, a further separation was made with the introduction of the Delivery Man of the Month Award which honors the best relief pitcher in the major leagues for the past month; however, all pitchers, including relievers, remain eligible for the Pitcher of the Month Award, although the list of recipients is now dominated by starting pitchers.

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