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Absolutely do not submit material for which someone else holds the copyright. If there is any question as to the provenance of an entry, it will be removed.

If you believe that your copyright has been violated, please contact [1] to alert us to the infringement. We will review the material and remove it if needed.

See our Copyright page for more information.

New Categories

Feel free to create new categories, but use existing ones as appropriate. If in doubt see Category Criteria.

New Pages

Create new pages that either add information to existing topics and categories or that have significance to the subject of baseball. Do not create pages that are unrelated to baseball or do not add useful information.

Neutral Point of View

Always attempt to use a neutral point of view when writing. These materials are intended to be factual and not opinion. In some inflammatory issues like Steroids or Pete Rose, it may be tempting to interject your opinion. In these cases, it may be appropriate to create a new page with something to the effect of Pete Rose: the case of banning. On a page such as this, linked from the original page, users can spell out again in a neutral point of view speculatory arguments for banning Pete Rose from baseball.

Using Links

Through the use of links, one can spend hours browsing a wiki. An article on Babe Ruth is made more interesting with links to Lou Gehrig, the Boston Red Sox, Hank Aaron, and Guy Bush. Links within the wiki are added with double brackets around the linked page. Examples include [[1985 Royals]] or [[Tampa Bay Devil Rays]] or [[Endy Chavez]]. would create 1985 Royals, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and Endy Chavez.


References should be placed immediately subsequent grammar marks, and should be used as frequently as possible. Use the name parameter to cite the same source twice. In the example below, the first ref is given a name since the writer plans on using the reference again - <ref name="Miller, E">(the citation goes here)</ref>. Note how the end-ref tag is required. In the third sentence, which uses the same citation as the first, all that is needed is <ref name="Miller, E"/>; the / signals the end of the citation; the end-ref tag is not needed since no information needs to go between the ref tag and the end-ref tag, except for the name, but that is a parameter.

The <references/> tag indicates that the citations should show up "here".

The Sun is pretty big,<ref name="Miller, E">Miller, E: "The Sun". Academic Press, 2005.</ref>
but the Moon is not so big.<ref>Brown, R: "Size of the Moon", ''Scientific American'', 51(78):46</ref>
The Sun is also quite hot.<ref name="Miller, E"/>

Example rendered result:

The Sun is pretty big,[1] but the Moon is not so big.[2] The Sun is also quite hot.[1]


  1. ^ Miller, E: "The Sun", page 23. Academic Press, 2005.
  2. ^ Brown, R: "Size of the Moon", Scientific American, 51(78):46.

Quotation marks

Quotation marks (and their position relative to other grammatical marks) depend on the quotation.

Correct: Arthur said that the situation is "deplorable".
(When a sentence fragment is quoted, the period is outside.)
Correct: Arthur said, "The situation is deplorable."
(The period is part of the quoted text.)
Correct: Martha asked, "Are you coming?"
(When quoting a question, the question mark belongs inside because the quoted text itself was a question.)
Correct: Did Martha say, "Come with me"?
(The very quote is being questioned, so here, the question mark is correctly outside; the period in the original quote is omitted.)


The first segment of any page should not have a headline - this is the introduction, and it should appear above the table of contents. The subsequent sections may have headlines. The first headline used should be headline 2, ==Headline 1==; for sub-headlines, simply add an "=" to each side; ===Sub Headline 1 of Headline 1===

==Headline 1==
Lorem Ipsum

===Sub Headline 1 of Headline 1===
Lorem Ipsum

====Sub Sub Headline 1 of Sub Headline 1 of Headline 1====
Lorem Ipsum

===Sub Headline 2 of Headline 1===
Lorem Ipsum

==Headline 2==
Lorem Ipsum

Headline 1

Lorem Ipsum

Sub Headline 1 of Headline 1

Lorem Ipsum

Sub Sub Headline 1 of Sub Headline 1 of Headline 1

Lorem Ipsum

Sub Headline 2 of Headline 1

Lorem Ipsum

Headline 2

Lorem Ipsum