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For an introduction to creating pages see How to contribute.

Page Requirements[edit]

Every page MUST have at least one category.

This is important because without a Category pages become difficult or impossible to find and then become abandoned and unused.

See also Uncategorizedpages.

Suggested Criteria for Page Significance[edit]

Every page should have two or more categories or links to another legitimate page (Not just a date, place, league or team).

The presence of Links and Categories on a page is important because it allows the reader to always have a link to more information. But it also serves to validate the significance of the page. By having two or more legitimate and significant links on a page you will usually have a worthy page.

(Alternative: In the case of a page that is difficult to link it may be ok if the subject is considered significant and the article has some quantity & quality content. For example an article about a great player in a non-U.S. country may be difficult to link but could definitely be worthy of a page.)

Use Common Sense[edit]

  • If a page doesn't meet criteria above it should NOT automatically be deleted.

Violating page criteria is not necessarily cause for deletion because often the better solution is simply to add the appropriate Categories and/or links to make it a legit page. If the page seems insignificant or takes too much effort to make valid then it should be deleted. Use your best judgement and if necessary debate it on the Talk page. If you make a mistake it can always be reversed.

  • If a page can not be easily made legitimate then it should be deleted.
  • If a page is created that is totally irrelevant and/or insignificant then it should be deleted.

In all cases there will be exceptions to the rule. Use common sense and try to follow the spirit of the rule.