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BR Bullpen:Copyrights

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The license used by the BR Bullpen gives free access to the content. This is an example of copyleft. You can copy, modify and redistribute (even for money) the content on this site so long as the new version grants the same freedoms to others and acknowledges the authors of the material by providing a link or url to the content. These articles will therefore be free forever and can be used in a manner than ensures this freedom (paraphrased from Wikipedia:Copyrights).

The material in the BR Bullpen (all material with the beginning url http://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/) is governed by the GNU Free Documentation License.

If you are the owner of content being used without your permission

If you are the owner of content being used without your permission, you may request the page be immediately removed from BR Bullpen by e-mailing ([1]). It may take a week or two to be removed, and we will require evidence to support your claim of ownership.