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Federation Deutscher Baseball und Softball Verband e.v.

The Germany national baseball team is a national team of Germany and is controlled by the Deutscher Baseball und Softball Verband e.v.. It represents the nation in senior-level men's international competition. Germany suffers from stricter citizenship rules than countries like Spain, Italy or Great Britain but has still finished 4th in the 2005 European Championship and 2007 European Championship, won games in the 2007 Baseball World Cup and 2009 Baseball World Cup then got Bronze in the 2010 European Championship. The team has had several US-experienced minor leaguers such as Simon Gühring, Tim Henkenjohann, Michael Franke, Claus Helmig, Rodney Gessmann, Mike Bolsenbroek, Kai Gronauer, Ludwig Glaser and Daniel Thieben as well as major leaguers Donald Lutz and Max Kepler; in the World Baseball Classic Qualifiers of 2013 and 2017, they also had some German-Americans with pro experience, most notably past or future major leaguers Will Ohman, Aaron Altherr and Bruce Maxwell. The team is a member of the CEB.

In the 2009 World Baseball Challenge, Germany beat the US college national team, the country's first win ever against a US squad. Tim Henkenjohann got the win while Simon Gühring, Jendrick Speer and Michael Franke all homered.