2019 Holland Series

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2019 Holland Series: Curaçao Neptunus (36-6) vs. L&D Amsterdam Pirates (34-8)


The 2019 Holland Series is the 33rd Holland Series. Neptunus and Amsterdam face off for the fourth consecutive season; Neptunus was trying for their sixth title in a row.



Neptunus had won the last five Holland Series. They were managed by Ronald Jaarsma. They led the 2019 Hoofdklasse in runs (274), hitting .303 as a team, and allowed a league-low 100 with a 1.95 ERA. Dwayne Kemp (.364/.400/.545) led the league with 40 RBI, Stijn van der Meer (.309/.401/.382) led with 39 runs and Gianison Boekhoudt (.302/.439/.496) tied for first with six homers; six regulars topped .300. Diegomar Markwell (11-1, 1.69) and Misja Harcksen (11-2, 1.95) tied for the most wins while Orlando Yntema (8-1, 2.22) fanned 94 in 77 innings. Kevin Kelly (2-1, 9 Sv, 0.56, .068 opponent average) led in saves while Berry van Driel (1.69, 4 Sv) and Elton Koeiman (1-0, 1.93) also provided fine relief.


Amsterdam, managed by Brian Finnegan, was only two wins behind Neptunus and was second to them in both offense (268) and pitching/defense (108 runs allowed). Their offense was more of a two-man show with Denzel Richardson (.388/.459/.619, 38 RBI in 35 G) leading the league in slugging and average and Gilmer Lampe (.382/.479/.618, 38 R in 38 G) leading in OBP. They also had three effective starters in Jim Ploeger (9-2, Sv, 1.18), Rob Cordemans (6-1, 2.11, 58 K in 55 1/3 IP) and Kevin Heijstek (6-2, 2.56) while the bullpen was also solid with Jhan Rifaele (4-1, Sv, 1.19), Maickel Rietel (1-0, Sv, 1.21), Tom Stuifbergen (1-0, 8 Sv, 1.89) and Mike Groen (2-1, 1.93).


August 22[edit]