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234 Players Listed Starting with "Rh"

Nick Rhabe, gn. Nicholas James, b. 1916, played 1937-1950
Daniel Rhame, gn. Daniel Albert, b. 1932, d. 2015, played 1950-1955
Jacob Rhame, gn. Jacob Alan, b. 1993, played 2013-2016
Lee Rhame, gn. J. Lee, played 1922-1926
Marc Rhaney, gn. Marcus Daniel, b. 1948, played 1966-1967
Daniel Rhault, gn. Daniel S., b. 1986, played 2009
Bobby Rhawn, gn. Robert John, b. 1919, d. 1984, played 1938-1952
Rhea, played 1928
Allen Rhea, gn. Allen R., b. 1968, played 1990
Allen Rhea, gn. Allen R., b. 1945, played 1965-1968
Beauford Rhea, gn. Beauford, b. 1912, played 1935-1939
Buford Rhea, gn. Buford, played 1927
Chip Rhea, gn. Charles Morris, b. 1973, played 1996
Marc Rhea, gn. Marc Allen, b. 1951, d. 2011, played 1971-1978
Marvin Rhea, gn. Marvin, played 1939
Michael Rhea, gn. Michael
Thad Rhea, gn. Thaddeus Madison, b. 1977, played 1998-1999
Wesley Rhea, gn. Wesley C., b. 1943, played 1965-1969
William Rhea, gn. William, played 1934
Cy Rheam, gn. Kenneth Johnston, b. 1893, d. 1947, played 1914-1915
Rheas, played 1934
Dylan Rheault, gn. Dylan Anthony, b. 1992, played 2013-2016
Doug Rheaume, gn. Doug
Roger Rheaume, gn. Roger A., played 1939
Dae-Eun Rhee, gn. Dae-Eun, b. 1989, played 2008-2016
Brian Rhees, gn. Brian
Frank Rheims, gn. Frank C., played 1888-1892
Guy Rhein, gn. Guy W.
Jeff Rhein, gn. Jeffrey James, b. 1970, played 1992-2001
Ralph Rhein, gn. Ralph, b. 1914, played 1934-1940
John Rheinecker, gn. John Philip, b. 1979, played 2001-2008
Leo Rheingans, gn. Wilfred Leo, b. 1927, played 1947-1949
C. Rheinhart, gn. C. A., played 1909
Bethel Rhem, gn. Bethel H., b. 1915, played 1937-1940
Edward Rhem, gn. Edward
Flint Rhem, gn. Charles Flint, b. 1901, d. 1969, played 1924-1936
Robert Rhem, gn. Robert E., b. 1927, played 1944-1946
Rhemacker, played 1907
Billy Rhiel, gn. William Joseph, b. 1900, d. 1946, played 1926-1936
Joseph Rhile, gn. Joseph M., b. 1913, played 1937
Rhine, played 1915
Ike Rhine, gn. Ike
Jack Rhine, gn. Jack R., b. 1951, played 1973-1974
Kendall Rhine, gn. Kendall Tison, b. 1970, played 1992-1997
Mark Rhine, gn. Mark
Richard Rhine, gn. Richard E., b. 1945, played 1966-1968
Harold Rhineberger, gn. Harold, played 1939
Seth Rhineer, gn. Seth
Rhinehardt, played 1925-1927
George Rhinehardt, gn. George Bennet, b. 1900, played 1923-1938
William Rhinehardt, gn. William E., b. 1920, played 1938-1948
Rhinehart, played 1920
Bill Rhinehart, gn. William Curtis, b. 1984, played 2007-2012
Billy Rhinehart, gn. Billy, played 1994-1996
Dallas Rhinehart, gn. Dallas
David Rhinehart, gn. David
James Rhinehart, gn. James, played 1946
Randy Rhinehart, gn. Randy D., b. 1961, played 1984
Vernon Rhinehart, gn. Vernon H., played 1948-1951
Billy Rhines, gn. William Pearl, b. 1869, d. 1922, played 1888-1901
David Rhino, gn. David
Kyle Rhoad, gn. Kyle, b. 1985, played 2009
Rhoades, played 1928
Rhoades, played 1915
Rhoades, played 1914
Rhoades, played 1914
Rhoades, played 1913
Rhoades, played 1907
Rhoades, played 1906
Chad Rhoades, gn. Chad T., b. 1983, played 2006-2013
Clarence Rhoades, gn. Clarence F., b. 1924, d. 2001, played 1946
Cornelius Rhoades, gn. Cornelius, b. 1892, played 1917
David Rhoades, gn. David M., b. 1961, played 1983
E. Rhoades, gn. E. E., played 1912
G. Rhoades, gn. G., played 1936
Harry Rhoades, gn. Harry H., played 1914-1916
James Rhoades, gn. James Leslie, played 1949
James Rhoades, gn. James Leslie, played 1937
Jeremy Rhoades, gn. Jeremy Scott, b. 1993, played 2014-2016
John Rhoades, gn. John, played 1907
Lloyd Rhoades, gn. Lloyd, played 1943
O. Rhoades, gn. O. E., played 1930
Raymond Rhoades, gn. Raymond, played 1932
Robert Rhoades, gn. Robert Bruce, b. 1879, d. 1956, played 1910-1913
Troy Rhoades, gn. Troy L., b. 1971, played 1990
W. Rhoades, gn. W.
Rhoads, played 1931
Rhoads, played 1911
Bob Rhoads, gn. Barton Emory, b. 1879, d. 1967, played 1901-1909
Brad Rhoads, gn. Brad
Chris Rhoads, gn. Christopher Allen, b. 1985, played 2007-2009
Elton Rhoads, gn. Elton E., b. 1885, d. 1950, played 1910
George Rhoads, gn. George E., b. 1926, played 1949-1950
Kevin Rhoads, gn. Kevin C., b. 1959, played 1982-1983
Russell Rhoads, gn. Russell
Gary Rhoda, gn. Gary N., b. 1973, played 1992-1994
Rhode, played 1912
Brian Rhode, gn. Brian
Chuck Rhode, gn. Arthur Charles, b. 1925, d. 2013, played 1946-1947
Vinton Rhode, gn. Vinton, played 1914
Rhodemeyer, played 1907
R. Rhodemeyer, gn. R., played 1909
Donald Rhoden, gn. Donald Clifford, b. 1936, played 1958
Donald Rhoden, gn. Donald
Henry Rhoden, gn. Henry Carrington, b. 1941, played 1960
Rick Rhoden, gn. Richard Alan, b. 1953, played 1971-1989
Ryan Rhoden, gn. Ryan
Tyler Rhoden, gn. Robert Tyler, b. 1984, played 2007-2009
William Rhoden, gn. William
David Rhodenbaugh, gn. David M., b. 1948, played 1968-1969
Kevin Rhoderick, gn. Kevin, b. 1988, played 2011-2013
Rhodes, played 1946
Rhodes, played 1932
Rhodes, played 1931
Rhodes, played 1930
Rhodes, played 1929
Rhodes, played 1925
Rhodes, played 1923
Rhodes, played 1916
Rhodes, played 1893
Rhodes, played 1889
Aaron Rhodes, gn. Aaron Jeffrey, b. 1992, played 2015
Adrain Rhodes, gn. Adrain, played 1940
Alex Rhodes, gn. Alex
Arthur Rhodes, gn. Arthur Lee, b. 1969, played 1988-2011
Ben Rhodes, gn. Ben
Blake Rhodes, gn. Blake
Brad Rhodes, gn. Brad
Branden Rhodes, gn. Branden
Brandon Rhodes, gn. Brandon
Braxton Rhodes, gn. W. Braxton, b. 1912, played 1938-1940
Brian Rhodes, gn. Brian, b. 1975, played 1998
Cajen Rhodes, gn. Cajen
Cecil Rhodes, gn. Cecil C., b. 1914, played 1935-1942
Charlie Rhodes, gn. Charles Anderson, b. 1885, d. 1918, played 1905-1914
Chester Rhodes, gn. Chester, played 1934
Claude Rhodes, gn. Claude, played 1932-1933
Cory Rhodes, gn. Cory David, b. 1991, played 2014
Danny Rhodes, gn. Danny J., b. 1976, played 1998-1999
Dion Rhodes, gn. Dion
Dusty Rhodes, gn. Dusty Alan, b. 1976, played 1998-2000
Dusty Rhodes, gn. Jeffrey Allen, b. 1955, played 1978
Dusty Rhodes, gn. James Lamar, b. 1927, d. 2009, played 1947-1962
Dusty Rhodes, gn. J. L., b. 1934, played 1953-1957
Dusty Rhodes, gn. Dusty, played 1921
Dusty Rhodes, gn. Dusty, b. 1945
Dylan Rhodes, gn. Dylan
Elton Rhodes, gn. Elton, played 1909
Eugene Rhodes, gn. Eugene A.
Gordon Rhodes, gn. John Gordon, b. 1907, d. 1960, played 1928-1939
H. Rhodes, gn. H. H., played 1920
Hakeem Rhodes, gn. Hakeem
Harry Rhodes, gn. Harry, b. 1922, d. 2001, played 1940-1948
Herbert Rhodes, gn. Herbert H., b. 1928, played 1945-1949
Herman Rhodes, gn. Herman B., b. 1924, d. 1995, played 1947-1954
Howard Rhodes, gn. Howard, played 1940
Huey Rhodes, gn. Huey Hillman, b. 1932, played 1951-1953
J.T. Rhodes, gn. J. T.
Jake Rhodes, gn. Jake, b. 1989, played 2014-2016
Jake Rhodes, gn. Jake W., played 1941
James Rhodes, gn. James M., played 1944
James Rhodes, gn. James, Jr., played 1942-1943
Jeffrey Rhodes, gn. Jeffrey G., b. 1963, played 1981-1983
Jimmy Rhodes, gn. Jimmy
Joey Rhodes, gn. Joseph Carl, b. 1975, played 1994-1997
John Rhodes, gn. John R., played 1926-1927
John Rhodes, gn. John, played 1892
Kendall Rhodes, gn. Kendall LaDell, b. 1977, played 1998-2004
Ladd Rhodes, gn. Ladd
Lawrence Rhodes, gn. Lawrence, played 1942
Leon Rhodes, gn. Leon, b. 1908, played 1930-1932
Lowell Rhodes, gn. Lowell, b. 1932, played 1951-1955
Matt Rhodes, gn. Matt
Matthew Rhodes, gn. Matthew
Mike Rhodes, gn. Michael David, b. 1965, played 1988-1990
Mike Rhodes, gn. Michael T., b. 1958, played 1980-1986
Nick Rhodes, gn. Nicholas Andrew, b. 1978, played 1998-2000
Pecky Rhodes, gn. Pecky, played 1913
Pete Rhodes, gn. Herbert Pete, b. 1923, played 1941-1948
Quay Rhodes, gn. Quay, played 1939
Raleigh Rhodes, gn. Raleigh
Randy Rhodes, gn. Randy
Raymond Rhodes, gn. Raymond A., played 1940-1942
Richard Rhodes, gn. Richard A., b. 1952, played 1975
Richard Rhodes, gn. Richard, b. 1924, played 1944-1948
Ricky Rhodes, gn. Ricky Ross, b. 1989, played 2007
Ricky Rhodes, gn. Ricky Lee, b. 1968, played 1988-1995
Rory Rhodes, gn. Rory Elias, b. 1991, played 2009-2013
Scott Rhodes, gn. Scott, played 1996-1997
Shane Rhodes, gn. Shane Philip, b. 1980, played 2001-2004
Stephen Rhodes, gn. Stephen C., b. 1960, played 1981
Ted Rhodes, gn. Theodore, b. 1935, played 1955-1959
Thaddaeus Rhodes, gn. Thaddaeus
Tuffy Rhodes, gn. Karl Derrick, b. 1968, played 1986-2009
Vernon Rhodes, gn. Vernon D., b. 1959, played 1982
Vernon Rhodes, gn. Vernon O., b. 1926, played 1947-1949
Steve Rhodin, gn. Steve
Rory Rhodriguez, gn. Rory Renard, b. 1971, played 1991-1998
Rhoe, played 1925
Rhoe, played 1899
Claire Rhoer, gn. Claire Arthur, b. 1930, played 1949-1955
Rholeder, played 1921-1924
Kellen Rholl, gn. Kellen, b. 1996
Joe Rhomberg, gn. Kevin J., b. 1981, played 2003-2010
Kevin Rhomberg, gn. Kevin Jay, b. 1955, played 1977-1985
Joseph Rhone, gn. Joseph O., b. 1934, played 1954
O.J. Rhone, gn. Oscar Joe, b. 1971, played 1993-1995
Corey Rhoney, gn. Corey Stephen, b. 1990, played 2013
Rhorer, played 1915
Donald Rhoton, gn. Donald
Frank Rhoton, gn. Frank L., d. 1912, played 1904-1912
Rhuark, played 1918
Greg Rhude, gn. Gregory, b. 1991
George Rhue, gn. George B., played 1885-1892
John Rhue, gn. John, played 1884
Mike Rhue, gn. Mike, b. 1979, played 2002-2003
Orville Rhuems, gn. Orville
Dennis Rhyman, gn. Dennis Lynn, b. 1946, d. 2008, played 1965-1968
Edward Rhyman, gn. Edward L., b. 1943, played 1965
Raph Rhymes, gn. Raphael Ray, b. 1989, played 2013-2015
Will Rhymes, gn. William Daniel, b. 1983, played 2005-2014
H. Rhynders, gn. H., played 1905
Howard Rhynders, gn. Howard, played 1908-1909
Ernie Rhyne, gn. Maxwell Ernest, b. 1908, played 1926
Hal Rhyne, gn. Harold Walter, b. 1928, played 1947-1954
Hal Rhyne, gn. Harold J., b. 1899, d. 1971, played 1921-1940
James Rhyne, gn. James, played 1940
Ken Rhyne, gn. Kenneth Eugene, Jr., b. 1948, d. 2015, played 1970-1971
Kenneth Rhyne, gn. Kenneth E., b. 1920, played 1941-1952
Marvel Rhyne, gn. James Marvel, b. 1929, played 1947-1949
Rolland Rhyner, gn. Rolland J., b. 1938, played 1958-1959
Cass Rhynes, gn. Cass
Rhys, played 1937

About the Minor League Data

Historical performance data for professional leagues (affiliated minor leagues, independent minor leagues, fall/winter leagues, and other international leagues) is provided by and licensed from 24-7 Baseball and Chadwick Baseball Bureau. It incorporates the work of many stalwart baseball researchers, including Cliff Blau, Art Cantu, Frank Hamilton, Reed Howard, Kevin Johnson, Bob McConnell, Jack Morris, and Ray Nemec, as well as members of the Minor Leagues Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Perhaps most importantly, it builds upon the seminal work of Ed Washuta, who magnanimously provided the framework to make the whole thing possible.

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