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Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Hubbell Mathewson Marichal Schumacher Cain Beck Wiltse Lavelle McGinnity
2019 (77-85) Bumgarner Samardzija Beede Pomeranz Anderson Smith Watson Moronta Gott
2018 (73-89) Bumgarner Holland Suarez Stratton Rodriguez Strickland Watson Moronta Dyson
2017 (64-98) Samardzija Moore Cueto Blach Cain Dyson Gearrin Strickland Osich
2016 (87-75) Samardzija Bumgarner Cueto Peavy Cain Casilla Lopez Strickland Law
2015 (84-78) Heston Bumgarner Hudson Peavy Vogelsong Casilla Lopez Kontos Romo
2014 (88-74) Lincecum Bumgarner Hudson Cain Vogelsong Romo Lopez Machi Affeldt
2013 (76-86) Lincecum Bumgarner Zito Cain Vogelsong Romo Lopez Mijares Casilla
2012 (94-68) Lincecum Bumgarner Zito Cain Vogelsong Casilla Lopez Romo Affeldt
2011 (86-76) Lincecum Bumgarner Sanchez Cain Vogelsong Wilson Lopez Ramirez Affeldt
2010 (92-70) Lincecum Bumgarner Sanchez Cain Zito Wilson Romo Mota Affeldt
2009 (88-74) Lincecum Johnson Sanchez Cain Zito Wilson Howry Medders Affeldt
2008 (72-90) Lincecum Correia Sanchez Cain Zito Wilson Taschner Walker Yabu
2007 (71-91) Lincecum Lowry Morris Cain Zito Hennessey Taschner Kline Chulk
2006 (76-85) Schmidt Lowry Morris Cain Wright Benitez Correia Kline Accardo
2005 (75-87) Schmidt Lowry Tomko Hennessey Rueter Walker Eyre Christiansen Hawkins
2004 (91-71) Schmidt Williams Tomko Hermanson Rueter Herges Eyre Christiansen Brower
2003 (100-61) Schmidt Williams Foppert Moss Rueter Worrell Eyre Nathan Rodriguez
2002 (95-66) Schmidt Hernandez Ortiz Jensen Rueter Nen Worrell Zerbe Rodriguez
2001 (90-72) Estes Hernandez Ortiz Gardner Rueter Nen Worrell Fultz Rodriguez
2000 (97-65) Estes Hernandez Ortiz Gardner Rueter Nen Embree Fultz Rodriguez
1999 (86-76) Estes Brock Ortiz Gardner Rueter Nen Embree Johnstone Rodriguez
1998 (89-74) Estes Hershiser Darwin Gardner Rueter Nen Tavarez Johnstone Rodriguez
1997 (90-72) Estes VanLandingham Fernandez Gardner Rueter Beck Tavarez Henry Rodriguez
1996 (68-94) Watson VanLandingham Fernandez Gardner Leiter Beck Dewey Creek DeLucia
1995 (67-77) Mulholland VanLandingham Wilson Portugal Leiter Beck Barton Bautista Hook
1994 (55-60) Burkett Swift Hickerson Portugal Torres Beck Burba Frey Monteleone
1993 (103-59) Burkett Swift Hickerson Wilson Black Beck Jackson Rogers Righetti
1992 (72-90) Burkett Swift Burba Wilson Black Beck Jackson Hickerson Brantley
1991 (75-87) Burkett Robinson McClellan Wilson Black Righetti Oliveras Downs Brantley
1990 (85-77) Burkett Robinson Garrelts Wilson Reuschel Brantley Oliveras Bedrosian Thurmond
1989 (92-70) LaCoss Robinson Garrelts Downs Reuschel Lefferts Brantley Bedrosian Gossage
1988 (83-79) LaCoss Robinson Krukow Downs Reuschel Garrelts Lefferts Price Robinson
1987 (90-72) LaCoss Hammaker Krukow Downs Dravecky Garrelts Lefferts Robinson Gott
1986 (83-79) LaCoss Blue Krukow Downs Garrelts Garrelts Davis Robinson Minton
1985 (62-100) LaPoint Blue Krukow Hammaker Gott Garrelts Davis Williams Minton
1984 (66-96) Laskey Robinson Krukow Davis Grant Minton Lavelle Williams Lacey
1983 (79-83) Laskey Breining Krukow Davis Hammaker Minton Lavelle Barr Martin
1982 (87-75) Laskey Gale Martin Fowlkes Hammaker Minton Lavelle Holland Breining
1981 (56-55) Alexander Griffin Whitson Blue Ripley Minton Lavelle Holland Breining
1980 (75-86) Knepper Montefusco Whitson Blue Ripley Minton Lavelle Holland Griffin
1979 (71-91) Knepper Montefusco Halicki Blue Curtis Lavelle Minton Borbon Griffin
1978 (89-73) Knepper Montefusco Halicki Blue Barr Lavelle Moffitt Curtis Williams
1977 (75-87) Knepper Montefusco Halicki McGlothen Barr Lavelle Moffitt Heaverlo Williams
1976 (74-88) D'Acquisto Montefusco Halicki Dressler Barr Moffitt Lavelle Heaverlo Williams
1975 (80-81) Falcone Montefusco Halicki Caldwell Barr Moffitt Lavelle Heaverlo Williams
1974 (72-90) D'Acquisto Bryant Bradley Caldwell Barr Moffitt Sosa Bryant Williams
1973 (88-74) Marichal Bryant Bradley Willoughby Barr Sosa Moffitt Willoughby McMahon
1972 (69-86) Marichal Bryant McDowell Stone Barr Johnson Moffitt Barr McMahon
1971 (90-72) Marichal Bryant Perry Stone Cumberland Johnson Hamilton Cumberland McMahon
1970 (86-76) Marichal Robertson Perry Reberger Pitlock McMahon Johnson Davison Reberger
1969 (90-72) Marichal McCormick Perry Bolin Sadecki Linzy Herbel Gibbon McMahon
1968 (88-74) Marichal McCormick Perry Bolin Sadecki Linzy Herbel Gibbon Bolin
1967 (91-71) Marichal McCormick Perry Bolin Sadecki Linzy Herbel McDaniel Henry
1966 (93-68) Marichal Herbel Perry Bolin Sadecki Linzy Priddy McDaniel Henry
1965 (95-67) Marichal Herbel Perry Shaw Sanford Linzy Murakami Bolin Henry
1964 (90-72) Marichal Herbel Perry Hendley Bolin Shaw Pierce Duffalo O'Dell
1963 (88-74) Marichal Sanford O'Dell Pierce Bolin Pierce Larsen Duffalo Bolin
1962 (103-62) Marichal Sanford O'Dell Pierce McCormick Miller Larsen Duffalo Bolin
1961 (85-69) Marichal Sanford Loes Jones McCormick Miller O'Dell LeMay Bolin
1960 (79-75) Marichal Sanford O'Dell Jones McCormick Antonelli O'Dell Miller Loes
1959 (83-71) Antonelli Sanford Miller Jones McCormick Miller Worthington Jones McCormick
1958 (80-74) Antonelli Gomez Miller Monzant McCormick Grissom Worthington Monzant Miller
1957 (69-85) Antonelli Gomez Miller Barclay Crone Grissom Worthington Monzant Miller
1956 (67-87) Antonelli Gomez Worthington Hearn Margoneri Wilhelm McCall Grissom Ridzik
1955 (80-74) Antonelli Gomez Maglie Hearn Liddle Grissom McCall Wilhelm Giel
1954 (97-57) Antonelli Gomez Maglie Hearn Liddle Grissom McCall Wilhelm Corwin
1953 (70-84) Jansen Gomez Maglie Hearn Worthington Wilhelm Koslo Hiller Corwin
1952 (92-62) Jansen Koslo Maglie Hearn Lanier Wilhelm Koslo Spencer Kennedy
1951 (98-59) Jansen Koslo Maglie Hearn Jones Spencer Gettel Jones Kennedy
1950 (86-68) Jansen Koslo Maglie Kennedy Jones Maglie Hansen Kramer
1949 (73-81) Jansen Koslo Hartung Kennedy Jones Behrman Hansen Higbe
1948 (78-76) Jansen Koslo Hartung Poat Jones Trinkle Jones Hansen Konikowski
1947 (81-73) Jansen Koslo Hartung Kennedy Iott Trinkle Beggs Hansen Thompson
1946 (61-93) Voiselle Koslo Schumacher Kennedy Trinkle Trinkle Budnick Thompson
1945 (78-74) Voiselle Feldman Mungo Brewer Hansen Adams Fischer Emmerich Harrell
1944 (67-87) Voiselle Feldman Pyle Fischer Allen Adams Fischer Hansen Polli
1943 (55-98) Melton Wittig Chase Fischer Mungo Adams Mungo Feldman Wittig
1942 (85-67) Melton Schumacher Carpenter Hubbell Lohrman Adams McGee Feldman Sunkel
1941 (74-79) Melton Schumacher Carpenter Hubbell Lohrman Brown Adams Bowman Melton
1940 (72-80) Melton Schumacher Gumbert Hubbell Lohrman Brown Lynn Joiner Dean
1939 (77-74) Melton Schumacher Gumbert Hubbell Lohrman Brown Lynn Coffman Melton
1938 (83-67) Melton Schumacher Gumbert Hubbell Castleman Coffman Brown Lohrman Wittig
1937 (95-57) Melton Schumacher Gumbert Hubbell Castleman Melton Coffman Smith Baker
1936 (92-62) Smith Schumacher Gumbert Hubbell Fitzsimmons Coffman Gabler Gumbert Castleman
1935 (91-62) Parmelee Schumacher Castleman Hubbell Fitzsimmons Stout Gabler Smith Chagnon
1934 (93-60) Parmelee Schumacher Bowman Hubbell Fitzsimmons Hubbell Luque Smith Bowman
1933 (91-61) Parmelee Schumacher Bell Hubbell Fitzsimmons Luque Bell Spencer
1932 (72-82) Walker Schumacher Mooney Hubbell Fitzsimmons Luque Bell Gibson
1931 (87-65) Walker Mitchell Berly Hubbell Fitzsimmons Heving Berly Chaplin
1930 (87-67) Walker Mitchell Donohue Hubbell Fitzsimmons Heving Pruett Fitzsimmons Chaplin
1929 (84-67) Walker Benton Genewich Hubbell Fitzsimmons Mays Scott Henry
1928 (93-61) Aldridge Benton Genewich Hubbell Fitzsimmons Faulkner Scott Walker
1927 (92-62) Grimes Benton Barnes Henry Fitzsimmons Henry Songer Clarkson
1926 (74-77) Greenfield Ring Barnes Scott Fitzsimmons Davies Scott Ring Greenfield
1925 (86-66) Greenfield Bentley Barnes Scott Nehf Huntzinger Wisner Dean
1924 (93-60) McQuillan Bentley Barnes Dean Nehf Jonnard Ryan Maun
1923 (95-58) McQuillan Bentley Scott Ryan Nehf Jonnard Barnes Ryan Scott
1922 (93-61) McQuillan Barnes Douglas Ryan Nehf Jonnard Ryan Causey
1921 (94-59) Toney Barnes Douglas Ryan Nehf Barnes Sallee Ryan Douglas
1920 (86-68) Toney Barnes Douglas Benton Nehf Winters Hubbell Douglas
1919 (87-53) Toney Barnes Causey Benton Nehf Winters Dubuc Perritt
1918 (71-53) Perritt Barnes Causey Sallee Demaree Anderson Demaree Causey
1917 (98-56) Perritt Schupp Benton Sallee Tesreau Anderson Smith Middleton
1916 (86-66) Perritt Schupp Benton Anderson Tesreau Anderson Schupp Schauer
1915 (69-83) Perritt Mathewson Stroud Marquard Tesreau Ritter Schupp Schauer
1914 (84-70) Demaree Mathewson Fromme Marquard Tesreau Fromme Wiltse Demaree
1913 (101-51) Demaree Mathewson Fromme Marquard Tesreau Fromme Wiltse Crandall
1912 (103-48) Ames Mathewson Wiltse Marquard Tesreau Ames Wiltse Crandall
1911 (99-54) Ames Mathewson Wiltse Marquard Crandall Ames Marquard Crandall
1910 (91-63) Ames Mathewson Wiltse Drucke Crandall Ames Dickson Crandall
1909 (92-61) Ames Mathewson Wiltse Raymond Marquard Crandall Raymond Wiltse Marquard
1908 (98-56) Crandall Mathewson Wiltse McGinnity Taylor McGinnity Malarkey Mathewson
1907 (82-71) Ames Mathewson Wiltse McGinnity Taylor McGinnity Ames Wiltse
1906 (96-56) Ames Mathewson Wiltse McGinnity Taylor Ferguson McGinnity Ames Wiltse
1905 (105-48) Ames Mathewson Wiltse McGinnity Taylor Elliott McGinnity Mathewson Wiltse
1904 (106-47) Ames Mathewson Wiltse McGinnity Taylor McGinnity   Wiltse
1903 (84-55) Cronin Mathewson Miller McGinnity Taylor McGinnity Cronin Miller
1902 (48-88) Evans Mathewson Sparks McGinnity Taylor Evans    
1901 (52-85) Phyle Mathewson Hickman Denzer Taylor      
1900 (60-78) Carrick Hawley Mercer Doheny Taylor Seymour    
1899 (60-90) Carrick Seymour Meekin Doheny Gettig      
1898 (77-73) Rusie Seymour Meekin Doheny Gettig Gettig    
1897 (83-48) Rusie Seymour Meekin Doheny Sullivan Sullivan    
1896 (64-67) Clarke Seymour Meekin Doheny Sullivan Clarke    
1895 (66-65) Clarke Rusie Meekin German   Clarke German  
1894 (88-44) Clarke Rusie Meekin German Westervelt Clarke German  
1893 (68-64) Baldwin Rusie King German Crane Baldwin    
1892 (71-80)   Rusie King   Crane      
1891 (71-61) Ewing Rusie Welch Sharrott Keefe Welch    
1890 (63-68) Burkett Rusie Welch Sharrott   Burkett Sharrott  
1889 (83-43) Keefe Crane Welch O'Day        
1888 (84-47) Keefe Crane Welch Titcomb        
1887 (68-55) Keefe George Welch Titcomb Mattimore      
1886 (75-44) Keefe   Welch          
1885 (85-27) Keefe Richardson Welch          
1884 (62-50) Bagley Dorgan Welch          
1883 (46-50) Ward O'Neill Welch     Ward    
137 years 229 pitchers 45 pitchers 215 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.