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Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Hernandez Moyer Johnson Moore Garcia Schooler Nelson Jackson Rhodes
2019 (68-94) Gonzales Kikuchi Leake Hernandez Wisler Elias Gearrin Bass Brennan
2018 (89-73) Gonzales Paxton Leake Hernandez LeBlanc Diaz Vincent Pazos Colome
2017 (78-84) Miranda Paxton Gallardo Hernandez Gaviglio Diaz Vincent Pazos Rzepczynski
2016 (86-76) Iwakuma Paxton Walker Hernandez Miley Cishek Vincent Nuno Diaz
2015 (76-86) Iwakuma Happ Walker Hernandez Elias Rodney Smith Wilhelmsen Beimel
2014 (87-75) Iwakuma Young Ramirez Hernandez Elias Rodney Furbush Medina Farquhar
2013 (71-91) Iwakuma Saunders Harang Hernandez Maurer Wilhelmsen Furbush Medina Perez
2012 (75-87) Vargas Millwood Beavan Hernandez Noesi Wilhelmsen Furbush Luetge Kelley
2011 (67-95) Vargas Pineda Fister Hernandez Bedard League Wright Pauley Laffey
2010 (61-101) Vargas Rowland-Smith Fister Hernandez Pauley Aardsma League White Olson
2009 (85-77) Vargas Rowland-Smith Washburn Hernandez Bedard Aardsma Lowe White Batista
2008 (61-101) Silva Batista Washburn Hernandez Bedard Putz Lowe Green Corcoran
2007 (88-74) Weaver Batista Washburn Hernandez Ramirez Putz Sherrill Green Morrow
2006 (78-84) Meche Pineiro Washburn Hernandez Moyer Putz Sherrill Soriano Mateo
2005 (69-93) Meche Pineiro Franklin Sele Moyer Guardado Putz Thornton Mateo
2004 (63-99) Meche Pineiro Franklin Garcia Moyer Guardado Putz Hasegawa Myers
2003 (93-69) Meche Pineiro Franklin Garcia Moyer Hasegawa Rhodes Mateo Nelson
2002 (93-69) Baldwin Pineiro Franklin Garcia Moyer Sasaki Rhodes Hasegawa Nelson
2001 (116-46) Sele Abbott Halama Garcia Moyer Sasaki Rhodes Paniagua Nelson
2000 (91-71) Sele Abbott Halama Garcia Moyer Sasaki Rhodes Paniagua Mesa
1999 (79-83) Fassero Meche Halama Garcia Moyer Mesa Cloude Paniagua Rodriguez
1998 (76-85) Fassero Cloude Swift Johnson Moyer Timlin Ayala Slocumb Spoljaric
1997 (90-72) Fassero Wolcott Olivares Johnson Moyer Charlton Ayala Wells McCarthy
1996 (85-76) Hitchcock Wolcott Wells Wagner Mulholland Charlton Ayala Jackson Carmona
1995 (79-66) Bosio Johnson Belcher Torres Benes Ayala Nelson Risley Charlton
1994 (49-63) Bosio Johnson Fleming Hibbard Salkeld Ayala Davis Risley Gossage
1993 (82-80) Bosio Johnson Fleming Hanson Leary Charlton Nelson Powell Henry
1992 (64-98) Fisher Johnson Fleming Hanson DeLucia Schooler Nelson Powell Swan
1991 (83-79) Holman Johnson Krueger Hanson DeLucia Swift Jackson Murphy Swan
1990 (77-85) Holman Johnson Young Hanson Swan Schooler Jackson Comstock Swift
1989 (73-89) Holman Johnson Bankhead Hanson Swift Schooler Jackson Reed Powell
1988 (68-93) Langston Moore Bankhead Campbell Swift Schooler Jackson Reed Scurry
1987 (78-84) Langston Moore Bankhead Morgan Guetterman Nunez Wilkinson Reed Clarke
1986 (67-95) Langston Moore Swift Morgan Wilcox Young Ladd Guetterman Huismann
1985 (74-88) Langston Moore Swift Young Wills Nunez Vande Berg Thomas Long
1984 (74-88) Langston Moore Beattie Young Vande Berg Stanton Mirabella Beard Nunez
1983 (60-102) Stoddard Moore Beattie Young Clark Caudill Vande Berg Stanton Thomas
1982 (76-86) Bannister Moore Beattie Perry Nelson Caudill Vande Berg Stanton Andersen
1981 (44-65) Bannister Abbott Clay Gleaton Parrott Rawley Drago Clark Andersen
1980 (59-103) Bannister Abbott Honeycutt Beattie Parrott Rawley Heaverlo McLaughlin Roberts
1979 (67-95) Bannister Abbott Honeycutt Jones Parrott McLaughlin Rawley Montague Stein
1978 (56-104) Mitchell Abbott Honeycutt Colborn Pole Romo Rawley Todd House
1977 (64-98) Wheelock Abbott Montague House Pole Romo Laxton Kekich Segui
43 years 95 pitchers 24 pitchers 87 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.