Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Slaton Sheets Haas Eldred Higuera Plesac Rodriguez Crim Augustine
2022 (58-50) Burnes Lauer Woodruff Houser Ashby Hader Williams Milner Boxberger
2021 (95-67) Burnes Peralta Woodruff Houser Anderson Hader Williams Suter Boxberger
2020 (29-31) Burnes Lindblom Woodruff Houser Anderson Hader Williams Yardley Claudio
2019 (89-73) Davies Anderson Woodruff Houser Chacin Hader Guerra Albers Claudio
2018 (96-67) Guerra Anderson Suter Miley Chacin Knebel Jeffress Jennings Williams
2017 (86-76) Davies Anderson Suter Nelson Garza Knebel Barnes Torres Hughes
2016 (73-89) Davies Anderson Peralta Nelson Guerra Jeffress Thornburg Torres Boyer
2015 (68-94) Garza Lohse Jungmann Nelson Fiers Rodriguez Smith Jeffress Cotts
2014 (82-80) Garza Lohse Gallardo Peralta Estrada Rodriguez Smith Duke Kintzler
2013 (74-88) Gorzelanny Lohse Gallardo Peralta Estrada Henderson Gonzalez Badenhop Kintzler
2012 (83-79) Wolf Fiers Gallardo Greinke Estrada Axford Rodriguez Veras Loe
2011 (96-66) Wolf Marcum Gallardo Greinke Narveson Axford Hawkins Estrada Loe
2010 (77-85) Wolf Bush Gallardo Parra Narveson Axford Coffey Hoffman Loe
2009 (80-82) Looper Bush Gallardo Parra Suppan Hoffman Coffey Stetter DiFelice
2008 (90-72) Sheets Bush Sabathia Parra Suppan Torres Shouse Mota Gagne
2007 (83-79) Sheets Bush Capuano Vargas Suppan Cordero Shouse Turnbow Wise
2006 (75-87) Sheets Bush Capuano Davis Ohka Turnbow Shouse Capellan Kolb
2005 (81-81) Sheets Santos Capuano Davis Ohka Turnbow Wise Santana Bottalico
2004 (67-94) Sheets Santos Capuano Davis Obermueller Kolb Vizcaino Bennett Adams
2003 (68-94) Sheets Franklin Kinney Rusch Obermueller Kolb Vizcaino DeJean Estrella
2002 (56-106) Sheets Quevedo Wright Rusch Neugebauer DeJean Vizcaino King De Los Santos
2001 (68-94) Sheets Haynes Wright Levrault Rigdon Leskanic DeJean King Fox
2000 (73-89) D'Amico Haynes Wright Snyder Bere Wickman Leskanic Weathers De Los Santos
1999 (74-87) Karl Woodard Nomo Pulsipher Eldred Wickman Myers Weathers Plunk
1998 (74-88) Karl Woodard Juden Woodall Eldred Wickman Myers Reyes Fox
1997 (78-83) Karl Mercedes D'Amico McDonald Eldred Jones Wickman Fetters Villone
1996 (80-82) Karl Bones D'Amico McDonald Eldred Fetters Lloyd Garcia Miranda
1995 (65-79) Karl Bones Sparks Givens Scanlan Fetters Lloyd Rightnowar Wegman
1994 (53-62) Eldred Bones Wegman Higuera Scanlan Fetters Lloyd Orosco Henry
1993 (69-93) Eldred Bones Wegman Navarro Miranda Henry Lloyd Orosco Fetters
1992 (92-70) Eldred Bones Wegman Navarro Bosio Henry Austin Orosco Fetters
1991 (83-79) August Brown Wegman Navarro Bosio Henry Crim Lee Machado
1990 (74-88) Knudson Higuera Robinson Navarro Bosio Plesac Crim Mirabella Fossas
1989 (81-81) August Higuera Filer Navarro Bosio Plesac Crim Knudson Fossas
1988 (87-75) August Higuera Wegman Birkbeck Bosio Plesac Crim Mirabella Jones
1987 (91-71) Nieves Higuera Wegman Barker Bosio Plesac Crim Clear Aldrich
1986 (77-84) Nieves Higuera Wegman Leary Darwin Clear Plesac Clutterbuck Johnson
1985 (71-90) Burris Higuera Haas Vuckovich Darwin Fingers Gibson McClure Searage
1984 (67-94) Sutton Cocanower Haas Caldwell McClure Fingers Ladd Tellmann Waits
1983 (87-75) Sutton Porter Haas Caldwell McClure Ladd Slaton Tellmann Augustine
1982 (95-67) Vuckovich Lerch Haas Caldwell McClure Fingers Slaton Bernard Easterly
1981 (62-47) Vuckovich Lerch Haas Caldwell Slaton Fingers Cleveland Augustine Easterly
1980 (86-76) Sorensen Travers Haas Caldwell Cleveland McClure Cleveland Augustine Castro
1979 (95-66) Sorensen Travers Haas Caldwell Slaton Castro McClure Augustine Galasso
1978 (93-69) Sorensen Travers Augustine Caldwell Replogle McClure Castro Stein Rodriguez
1977 (67-95) Sorensen Travers Augustine Haas Slaton Castro McClure Hinds Rodriguez
1976 (66-95) Colborn Travers Augustine Rodriguez Slaton Frisella Castro Sadecki Rodriguez
1975 (68-94) Colborn Travers Broberg Champion Slaton Murphy Austin Hausman Rodriguez
1974 (76-86) Colborn Wright Kobel Champion Slaton Murphy Travers Sprague Rodriguez
1973 (74-88) Colborn Bell Parsons Lockwood Slaton Linzy Short Champion Rodriguez
1972 (65-91) Lonborg Brett Parsons Lockwood Ryerson Sanders Linzy Colborn Stephenson
1971 (69-92) Pattin Slaton Parsons Lockwood Krausse Sanders Morris Krausse Weaver
1970 (65-97) Pattin Brabender Bolin Lockwood Krausse Sanders Gelnar Baldwin Locker
1969 (64-98) Pattin Brabender Talbot Barber Marshall Segui Bouton O'Donoghue Locker
54 years 113 pitchers 28 pitchers 110 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.