Team Future Payrolls

  • Buyouts are always shown when years are options ([*] for option details)
Team Future Payrolls
Name Age Yrs Acquired SrvTm Agent Contract Status 2019 2020 2021 2022
Ryan Braun3513Amateur Draft11.129CAA Sports (Nez B...5 yrs/$105M (16-20) & 21 mutual option$19M$17M$4M [FA-*]FA
Lorenzo Cain3310Free Agency7.074Joshua Kusnick5 yrs/$80M (18-22)$15M$16M$17M$18M
Christian Yelich277Traded5.069Paragon Sports In...7 yrs/$49.57M (15-21) & 22 team option$9.75M$12.5M$14M$1.25M [FA-*]
Yasmani Grandal308Free Agency6.115The Legacy Agency1 yr/$18.25M (19) & 20 mutual option$16M$2.25M [FA-*]FA
Eric Thames325Free Agency3.0633 yrs/$16M (17-19) & 20 team option$6M$1M [Arb-*]ArbFA
Chase Anderson316Traded4.146Hub Sports Manage...2 yrs/$11.75M (18-19) & 20-21 team option$6.5M$500k [Arb-*]$0 [FA-*]FA
Mike Moustakas309Free Agency7.111Scott Boras1 yr/$10M (19) & 20 mutual option$7M$3M [FA-*]FA
Jimmy Nelson306Amateur Draft4.107CAA Sports1 yr/$3.7M (19)$3.7MArbFA
Corey Knebel275Traded3.151Excel Sports Mana...1 yr/$5.13M (19)$5.12MArbArbFA
Matt Albers3614Free Agency11.141SSG Baseball2 yrs/$5M (18-19)$2.5MFA
Travis Shaw295Traded3.088Pro Star Manageme...1 yr/$4.68M (19)$4.67MArbArbFA
Zach Davies265Traded3.0201 yr/$2.6M (19)$2.6MArbArbFA
Hernan Perez288Waivers4.079MDR Sports Manage...1 yr/$2.5M (19)$2.5MArbFA
Junior Guerra345Waivers2.1551 yr/$2.23M (19)$2.23MArbArbArb
Jordan Lyles289Traded7.002Ballengee Group1 yr/$2.05M (19)$2.05MFA
Gio Gonzalez3312Free Agency9.162CAA Sports1 yr/$2M (19)$2MFA
Tyler Saladino295Purchased3.0531 yr/$888k (19)$887.5kArbArbFA
Manny Pina326Traded3.046The L. Warner Com...1 yr/$1.75M (19) & 20 team option$1.6M$150k [Arb-*]ArbFA
Drew Pomeranz309Traded6.013Beverly Hills Spo...1 yr/$1.5M (19)$1.5MFA
Alex Claudio276Traded3.114MDR Sports Manage...1 yr/$1.28M (19)$1.27MArbArbFA
Cory Spangenberg286Free Agency4.004Jet Sports Manage...1 yr/$1.2M (19)$1.2MArbFA
Josh Hader253Traded1.1151 yr/$688k (19)$687.6kPre-ArbArbArb
Tyler Austin274Free Agency1.1591 yr/$569k (19)$568.6kArbArbArb
Brent Suter294Amateur Draft1.1611 yr/$568k (19)$568.3kArbArbArb
Ben Gamel274Traded2.0291 yr/$568k (19)$567.7kArbArbArb
Orlando Arcia244Amateur Free Agent2.0471 yr/$566k (19)$565.7kArbArbArb
Freddy Peralta232Traded0.0901 yr/$565k (19)$564.6kPre-ArbPre-ArbArb
Taylor Williams273Amateur Draft1.026NWSMG/Nik Lubisic...1 yr/$564k (19)$563.8kPre-ArbArbArb
Corbin Burnes242Amateur Draft0.0861 yr/$563k (19)$562.8kPre-ArbPre-ArbArb
Brandon Woodruff263Amateur Draft0.1611 yr/$561k (19)$561.4kPre-ArbArbArb
David Freitas303Traded0.1591 yr/$559k (19)$558.5kPre-ArbArbArb
Bobby Wahl2721.0401 yr/$558k (19)$558.4kPre-ArbArbArb
Tuffy Gosewisch3552.171ArbArb
Deolis Guerra304Free Agency1.144ArbArb
Jake Faria253Traded1.112ArbArb
Ray Black292Traded0.115Arb
Jacob Nottingham242Traded0.054Arb
Adrian Houser263Traded0.031Players Edge Spor...Arb
Aaron Wilkerson303Traded0.026C.L. Rocks Corpor...Arb
Jay Jackson312Free Agency0.021Arb
Nate Orf291stAmateur Free Agent0.020Arb
Mike Moustakas buyout$1M
Jordan Lyles buyout$250k
Joakim Soria buyout$1M
Name 2019 2020 2021 2022
SignedPlayers With Guaranteed Contracts (does not include players with options)*32321
Dollars CommittedValue of Guaranteed Contracts (no options are exercised and includes buyouts)*$121.7M$52.4M$35M$19.25M
Contract OptionsPlayers with any type of option521
Option ValuesMaximum value of options if all are exercised$44.9M$24.5M$15M
Arb EligibleNumber of arbitration eligible players (1st-2nd-3rd-4th, "Arb" players = 3rds)0-0-13-00-0-20-00-0-21-0
Arb CostsRough estimated value of all arbitration cases (uses 3-year averages for 1st yr, 2nd,..)$65.7M$101.1M$106.1M
Other PlayersAdditional Players Needed to Fill 25-man (no options exercised)933
Other CostsEstimate of Remaining Players Costs (based on 1-year avg of all pre-arb players)$6.74M$2.25M$2.25M
Payroll (no options)Est. Total Payroll w/o Options (Guaranteed + Arb + Other)$124.8M$138.3M$127.6M
Payroll (options)Est. Total Payroll w/ Options (Guaranteed + Options + Arb + Other)$165.9M$161.3M$141.9M
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