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Recent Game Results

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Season Summary

Team Win/Loss Splits

Team Game-by-Game Schedule

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
1Tuesday, Apr 12LOUCLVW521-01 Tied+
2Friday, Apr 15LOUCHCL481-16 1.0-
3Saturday, Apr 16LOUCHCW14102-14 0.52:20+
4Tuesday, Apr 19LOUPITW213-11up 0.5++
5Thursday, Apr 21LOUCHCW724-11 Tied+++
6Friday, Apr 22LOUCHCW315-11up 0.5++++1892-04-20 (Rain)
7Saturday, Apr 23LOU@CHCW *V246-11 Tied+++++
8Monday, Apr 25LOU@PITL296-23 1.0-
9Tuesday, Apr 26LOU@PITW607-22 1.0+
10Wednesday, Apr 27LOU@PITW648-22 1.52:50++
11Friday, Apr 29LOUBROW529-22 0.5+++
12Saturday, Apr 30LOUBROL2109-32 1.5-
Gm# May Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
13Sunday, May 1LOUBLNW11210-32 1.0+
14Tuesday, May 3LOUBLNW4011-32 0.5++
15Wednesday, May 4LOUBSNL3411-42 1.5-
16Thursday, May 5LOUBSNL2311-53 2.5--
17Friday, May 6LOUPHIL4611-63 3.0---
18Saturday, May 7LOUPHIL3611-73 4.0----
19Sunday, May 8LOUWHSW8312-73 3.5+
20Tuesday, May 10LOUWHSW2013-73 2.0++
21Thursday, May 12 (1)LOUNYGL6813-83 4.02:10-
22Thursday, May 12 (2)LOUNYGL3713-93 4.02:05--1892-05-11 (Rain)
23Friday, May 13LOU@CINL5713-103 4.52:03---
24Monday, May 16LOU@CLVL1313-115 6.01:45----
25Tuesday, May 17LOU@CLVL0913-126 6.01:45-----
26Thursday, May 19LOUSTLW7514-126 5.52:00+
27Sunday, May 22LOUCINL0414-136 6.0-
28Monday, May 23 (1)LOUCINL1214-145 6.0--1892-05-24 (Rain)
29Monday, May 23 (2)LOUCINW7315-145 6.0+1892-05-21 (Rain)
30Thursday, May 26LOU@BSNL0715-157 7.5-
31Friday, May 27LOU@BSNW10316-156 6.5+
32Saturday, May 28LOU@BSNL3916-167 7.5-
33Monday, May 30 (1)LOU@PHIL6716-177 9.5--
34Monday, May 30 (2)LOU@PHIL2316-187 9.5---
35Tuesday, May 31LOU@PHIL1416-199 10.5----
Gm# June Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
36Wednesday, Jun 1LOU@BROL41216-209 11.52:10-----
37Thursday, Jun 2LOU@BROL5716-219 11.5------
38Friday, Jun 3LOU@BROW11817-219 10.5+
39Saturday, Jun 4LOU@NYGL2617-229 11.5-
40Monday, Jun 6LOU@NYGL3417-239 12.52:00--
41Tuesday, Jun 7LOU@NYGW4318-239 11.5+
42Wednesday, Jun 8LOU@WHSL11218-249 12.52:10-
43Thursday, Jun 9LOU@WHSL3618-2510 13.0--
44Friday, Jun 10LOU@WHSW7319-259 13.5+
45Saturday, Jun 11LOU@BLNW6420-259 13.52:00++
46Monday, Jun 13LOU@BLNL3520-269 13.52:00-
47Tuesday, Jun 14LOU@BLNL91820-2710 14.52:10--
48Wednesday, Jun 15 (1)LOU@CLVL4920-2810 15.0---
49Wednesday, Jun 15 (2)LOU@CLVL1220-2910 15.0----1892-04-13 (Rain; Site change)
50Thursday, Jun 16 (1)LOU@CLVL21020-3010 16.0-----
51Thursday, Jun 16 (2)LOU@CLVL3520-3110 16.0------1892-04-14 (Rain; Site change)
52Saturday, Jun 18LOU@STLW5221-3110 15.0+
53Sunday, Jun 19LOU@STLL0321-3210 15.5-
54Monday, Jun 20LOU@STLL3921-3310 17.0--
55Tuesday, Jun 21 (1)LOUPITL4721-3410 16.5---
56Tuesday, Jun 21 (2)LOUPITW5122-3410 16.5+1892-04-18 (Rain)
57Wednesday, Jun 22LOUPITL1422-3511 17.5-
58Friday, Jun 24LOU@CHCW1023-3511 18.5+
59Saturday, Jun 25LOU@CHCL2523-3611 19.5-
60Sunday, Jun 26LOU@CINL3723-3711 20.0--1892-05-14 (Rain)
61Monday, Jun 27LOU@CINW5424-3711 20.0+
62Tuesday, Jun 28LOU@CINL1424-3811 20.0-
63Wednesday, Jun 29LOUSTLW6325-3811 20.0+
64Thursday, Jun 30LOUSTLW4226-3811 19.5++
Gm# July Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
65Friday, Jul 1LOUPHIL6826-3911 20.5-
66Saturday, Jul 2LOUPHIL41026-4011 21.5--
67Sunday, Jul 3LOUSTLW4227-4011 21.0+1892-05-18 (Rain)
68Monday, Jul 4 (1)LOUBROL0427-4111 22.0-
69Monday, Jul 4 (2)LOUBROL4727-4211 22.0--
70Tuesday, Jul 5LOUNYGW7528-4211 22.02:00+
71Wednesday, Jul 6LOUNYGL4528-4311 22.0-
72Thursday, Jul 7LOUBSNL4528-4411 23.0--
73Friday, Jul 8LOUBSNL2728-4511 24.0---
74Saturday, Jul 9LOUBLNW7129-4511 23.0+
75Sunday, Jul 10LOUBLNL6729-4611 23.5-
76Tuesday, Jul 12LOUWHSW1030-4611 23.01:20+
77Wednesday, Jul 13LOUWHSL21030-4711 23.51:45-
78Friday, Jul 15LOU@PHIL1930-4811 23.5--
79Saturday, Jul 16LOU@PHIW8331-4811 23.5+
80Monday, Jul 18LOU@WHSL71131-4911 23.5-
81Tuesday, Jul 19LOU@WHSL6731-5011 24.0--
82Wednesday, Jul 20LOU@BROW6332-5011 23.5+
83Thursday, Jul 21LOU@BROW11533-5011 22.51:452,580++
84Friday, Jul 22LOU@BLNL81833-5111 23.0-
85Saturday, Jul 23LOU@BLNL3433-5211 24.0--
86Monday, Jul 25LOU@BSNL2533-5311 24.5---
87Tuesday, Jul 26LOU@BSNL41033-5411 25.5----
88Wednesday, Jul 27LOU@NYGL2733-5511 26.5-----
89Thursday, Jul 28LOU@NYGL0733-5611 26.5------
90Friday, Jul 29LOU@PITL1733-5711 27.5-------
91Saturday, Jul 30LOU@PITW8234-5711 27.5+
Gm# August Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
92Monday, Aug 1LOUCINW6135-5711 27.5++
93Tuesday, Aug 2LOUCINW11436-5710 27.0+++
94Wednesday, Aug 3LOUCLVL2736-5811 28.0-
95Thursday, Aug 4LOUCLVL2436-5911 29.0--
96Saturday, Aug 6LOU@STLL2336-6011 30.5---
97Sunday, Aug 7LOU@STLW7137-6011 30.0+
98Tuesday, Aug 9LOU@CHCL5637-6111 30.5-
99Wednesday, Aug 10LOU@CHCW8338-6111 29.5+
100Thursday, Aug 11LOUSTLT0038-6111 29.0+
101Friday, Aug 12LOUSTLL1438-6211 29.5-
102Saturday, Aug 13LOUSTLW4239-6211 28.5+
103Sunday, Aug 14LOUSTLW9240-6210 28.01:45++
104Monday, Aug 15LOUPHIL1240-6311 29.0-
105Tuesday, Aug 16LOUPHIW7241-6310 28.0+
106Wednesday, Aug 17LOUPHIW3242-6310 27.0++
107Thursday, Aug 18LOUWHSW4343-6310 27.01,400+++
108Saturday, Aug 20LOUWHSW4244-6310 25.5++++
109Sunday, Aug 21LOUWHSW7345-6310 25.0+++++
110Monday, Aug 22LOUBLNW6246-6310 24.5++++++
111Wednesday, Aug 24LOUBLNW5447-639 24.5+++++++
112Thursday, Aug 25LOUBSNL1647-649 25.51:45-
113Friday, Aug 26LOUBSNW4048-649 24.5+
114Saturday, Aug 27LOUBSNL1848-659 25.5-
115Monday, Aug 29LOUBROL41048-669 26.5--
116Tuesday, Aug 30LOUBROW7649-669 25.5+
117Wednesday, Aug 31LOUBROL1949-679 26.5-
Gm# September Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
118Thursday, Sep 1LOUNYGW7250-679 26.5+
119Friday, Sep 2 (1)LOUNYGL1650-689 27.0-
120Friday, Sep 2 (2)LOUNYGW5251-689 27.0+1892-09-03 (Unknown reason)
121Monday, Sep 5 (1)LOU@BSNL1251-699 28.5-
122Monday, Sep 5 (2)LOU@BSNL2551-709 28.5--
123Wednesday, Sep 7LOU@BLNW4252-709 28.5+
124Thursday, Sep 8LOU@BLNL5952-719 28.5-
125Friday, Sep 9LOU@WHSW3053-719 27.5+
126Saturday, Sep 10LOU@WHSL0553-729 28.5-
127Monday, Sep 12LOU@PHIL51853-739 29.5--
128Tuesday, Sep 13LOU@PHIW4254-739 29.5+
129Wednesday, Sep 14LOU@NYGL2454-749 30.0-
130Thursday, Sep 15LOU@NYGL31154-759 31.5--
131Friday, Sep 16LOU@BROL2454-769 31.5---
132Saturday, Sep 17LOU@BROL21554-7710 32.5----
133Tuesday, Sep 20LOU@CINL6754-789 34.0-----
134Wednesday, Sep 21LOU@CINW3155-789 33.5+
135Thursday, Sep 22LOU@CLVL2655-799 34.01:45-
136Friday, Sep 23LOU@CLVL6755-8010 34.0--
137Saturday, Sep 24LOU@CLVL0955-8110 34.5---
138Monday, Sep 26LOUCHCW11056-819 33.5+
139Wednesday, Sep 28 (1)LOUCHCL4556-829 34.51:35-
140Wednesday, Sep 28 (2)LOUCHCW5357-829 34.51:10+1892-09-27 (Fire at stadium)
141Friday, Sep 30LOU@PITL1557-839 36.0-1892-09-30 (Site change)
Gm# October Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
142Saturday, Oct 1 (1)LOU@PITL31057-849 35.52:00--1892-10-01 (Site change)
143Saturday, Oct 1 (2)LOU@PITW7658-849 35.52:05+1892-09-29 (Schedule change; Site change)
144Monday, Oct 3LOU@PITW10959-849 35.0++
145Tuesday, Oct 4LOU@PITW6560-849 35.0+++
146Wednesday, Oct 5LOU@CHCW7261-849 34.5++++
147Thursday, Oct 6LOU@CHCL3561-859 36.0-
148Friday, Oct 7LOU@CINL3461-869 37.01:35--1892-09-19 (Train wreck (CIN))
149Sunday, Oct 9 (1)LOUCINW9562-869 37.5+
150Sunday, Oct 9 (2)LOUCINT3362-869 37.5+1892-10-08 (Unknown reason)
151Tuesday, Oct 11LOU@STLL6762-879 38.0-
152Wednesday, Oct 12LOU@STLW11363-879 37.5+1892-10-10 (Unknown reason)
153Friday, Oct 14LOU@CLVL101663-889 38.51:45-1892-10-13 (Unknown reason; Site change)
154Saturday, Oct 15LOU@CLVL21163-899 40.01:00--1892-10-15 (Unknown reason; Site change)
Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak Orig. Scheduled
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