Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Harder Feller Hudlin Lemon Uhle Allen Plunk Allen Shaw
2020 (0-0)                
2019 (93-69) Bieber Bauer Clevinger Plesac Plutko Hand Cimber Perez Wittgren
2018 (91-71) Bieber Bauer Clevinger Kluber Carrasco Allen Otero Perez Ramirez
2017 (102-60) Tomlin Bauer Clevinger Kluber Carrasco Allen Shaw Miller Goody
2016 (94-67) Tomlin Bauer Salazar Kluber Carrasco Allen Shaw Otero Manship
2015 (81-80) Anderson Bauer Salazar Kluber Carrasco Allen Shaw McAllister Rzepczynski
2014 (85-77) Masterson Bauer Salazar Kluber House Allen Shaw Atchison Rzepczynski
2013 (92-70) Masterson Jimenez Kazmir Kluber McAllister Perez Shaw Allen Smith
2012 (68-94) Masterson Jimenez Lowe Gomez McAllister Perez Pestano Sipp Smith
2011 (80-82) Masterson Hernandez Tomlin Carrasco Talbot Perez Perez Sipp Smith
2010 (69-93) Masterson Hernandez Westbrook Huff Talbot Perez Perez Sipp Smith
2009 (65-97) Sowers Hernandez Lee Huff Pavano Wood Perez Sipp Lewis
2008 (81-81) Sowers Hernandez Lee Byrd Sabathia Lewis Perez Betancourt Kobayashi
2007 (96-66) Westbrook Hernandez Lee Byrd Sabathia Borowski Mastny Betancourt Fultz
2006 (78-84) Westbrook Sowers Lee Byrd Sabathia Wickman Cabrera Betancourt Davis
2005 (93-69) Westbrook Elarton Lee Millwood Sabathia Wickman Howry Sauerbeck Riske
2004 (80-82) Westbrook Elarton Lee Davis Sabathia Wickman Betancourt White Riske
2003 (68-94) Westbrook Anderson Traber Davis Sabathia Báez Boyd Mulholland Riske
2002 (74-88) Báez Drese Finley Colon Sabathia Wickman Wohlers Rincon Riske
2001 (91-71) Burba Nagy Finley Colon Sabathia Wickman Rodriguez Rincon Shuey
2000 (90-72) Burba Brower Finley Colon Woodard Karsay Reed Speier Shuey
1999 (97-65) Burba Nagy Wright Colon Gooden Jackson Reed Rincon Shuey
1998 (89-73) Burba Nagy Wright Colon Gooden Jackson Assenmacher Mesa Shuey
1997 (86-75) Hershiser Nagy Wright Colon Ogea Mesa Assenmacher Jackson Plunk
1996 (99-62) Hershiser Nagy McDowell Martinez Ogea Mesa Assenmacher Tavarez Plunk
1995 (100-44) Hershiser Nagy Clark Martinez Ogea Mesa Assenmacher Tavarez Plunk
1994 (66-47) Morris Nagy Clark Martinez Grimsley Mesa Lilliquist Plunk
1993 (76-86) Mesa Kramer Clark Bielecki Mutis Plunk Hernandez Lilliquist Dipoto
1992 (76-86) Nagy Cook Armstrong Scudder Otto Olin Power Lilliquist Plunk
1991 (57-105) Nagy Swindell King Nichols Candiotti Olin Hillegas Orosco Jones
1990 (77-85) Black Swindell Farrell Valdez Candiotti Jones Olin Orosco Guante
1989 (73-89) Black Swindell Farrell Yett Candiotti Jones Olin Orosco Atherton
1988 (78-84) Bailes Swindell Farrell Yett Candiotti Jones Gordon Havens Dedmon
1987 (61-101) Bailes Swindell Schrom Niekro Candiotti Jones Vande Berg Yett Stewart
1986 (84-78) Schulze Heaton Schrom Niekro Candiotti Camacho Bailes Yett Noles
1985 (60-102) Schulze Heaton Blyleven Ruhle Wardle Waddell Thompson Easterly Clark
1984 (75-87) Comer Heaton Blyleven Farr Sutcliffe Camacho Jeffcoat Waddell Aponte
1983 (70-92) Sorensen Heaton Blyleven Barker Sutcliffe Spillner Easterly Anderson Heaton
1982 (78-84) Sorensen Waits Denny Barker Sutcliffe Spillner Glynn Whitson Brennan
1981 (52-51) Blyleven Waits Denny Barker Garland Spillner Monge Stanton Lacey
1980 (79-81) Spillner Waits Denny Barker Garland Monge Cruz Stanton Wihtol
1979 (81-80) Wise Waits Paxton Barker Garland Monge Cruz Spillner Reuschel
1978 (69-90) Wise Waits Paxton Clyde Hood Kern Monge Spillner Kinney
1977 (71-90) Garland Eckersley Bibby Fitzmorris Dobson Kern Monge Hood Buskey
1976 (81-78) Brown Eckersley Bibby Waits Dobson LaRoche Kern Thomas Buskey
1975 (79-80) Peterson Eckersley Hood Harrison Raich LaRoche Brown Beene Buskey
1974 (77-85) Peterson Perry Perry Bosman Kline Buskey Wilcox Beene Hilgendorf
1973 (71-91) Tidrow Perry Wilcox Bosman Strom Hilgendorf Johnson Lamb Farmer
1972 (72-84) Tidrow Perry Wilcox Dunning Colbert Mingori Riddleberger Hennigan Farmer
1971 (60-102) McDowell Foster Lamb Dunning Hargan Hennigan Mingori Colbert Farmer
1970 (76-86) McDowell Hand Chance Dunning Hargan Higgins Lasher Hennigan Ellsworth
1969 (62-99) McDowell Tiant Ellsworth Williams Hargan Williams Pizarro Paul Law
1968 (86-75) McDowell Tiant Siebert Williams Hargan Romo Fisher Paul Kurtz
1967 (75-87) McDowell Tiant Siebert O'Donoghue Hargan Pena Culver Allen Bailey
1966 (81-81) McDowell Tiant Siebert Bell Hargan Radatz Tiant Allen Kelley
1965 (87-75) McDowell Tiant Siebert Terry Kralick Bell McMahon Weaver Stange
1964 (79-83) McDowell Tiant Donovan Ramos Kralick McMahon Bell Abernathy Siebert
1963 (79-83) Grant Latman Donovan Ramos Kralick Abernathy Bell Allen Walker
1962 (80-82) Grant Latman Donovan Ramos Perry Bell Funk Allen Dailey
1961 (78-83) Grant Latman Bell Hawkins Perry Funk Locke Allen Latman
1960 (76-78) Grant Latman Bell Stigman Perry Klippstein Locke Stigman Briggs
1959 (89-65) Grant McLish Bell Score Perry Perry Cicotte Garcia
1958 (77-76) Grant McLish Bell Narleski Ferrarese Mossi Wilhelm Narleski
1957 (76-77) Wynn Garcia Mossi Narleski Lemon Narleski McLish Tomanek Daley
1956 (88-66) Wynn Garcia Score Aguirre Lemon Mossi McLish Narleski Houtteman
1955 (93-61) Wynn Garcia Score Houtteman Lemon Narleski Mossi Wight Houtteman
1954 (111-43) Wynn Garcia Feller Houtteman Lemon Narleski Mossi Newhouser Hooper
1953 (92-62) Wynn Garcia Feller Houtteman Lemon Hooper Wight Hoskins Brissie
1952 (93-61) Wynn Garcia Feller Gromek Lemon Harris Gromek Brissie
1951 (93-61) Wynn Garcia Feller Chakales Lemon Brissie Garcia Gromek Zuverink
1950 (92-62) Wynn Garcia Feller Gromek Lemon Benton Zoldak Pieretti
1949 (89-65) Wynn Garcia Feller Bearden Lemon Benton Paige Zoldak Papish
1948 (97-58) Zoldak Black Feller Bearden Lemon Christopher Paige Klieman Gromek
1947 (80-74) Gettel Black Feller Embree Harder Klieman Stephens Lemon Gromek
1946 (68-86) Reynolds Gromek Feller Embree Harder Krakauskas Lemon Center
1945 (73-72) Reynolds Gromek Bagby Smith Klieman Klieman Salveson Center
1944 (72-82) Reynolds Gromek Harder Smith Klieman Heving Klieman Calvert Poat
1943 (82-71) Reynolds Bagby Harder Smith Kennedy Heving Naymick Center Poat
1942 (75-79) Dean Bagby Harder Smith Milnar Ferrick Eisenstat Heving
1941 (75-79) Feller Bagby Harder Smith Milnar Brown Eisenstat Heving
1940 (89-65) Feller Allen Harder Smith Milnar Dobson Eisenstat Humphries
1939 (87-67) Feller Allen Harder Hudlin Milnar Dobson Eisenstat Broaca
1938 (86-66) Feller Allen Harder Hudlin Whitehill Humphries Galehouse Milnar Zuber
1937 (83-71) Galehouse Allen Harder Hudlin Whitehill Heving Brown Wyatt
1936 (80-74) Hildebrand Allen Harder Brown Blaeholder Lee Galehouse Hudlin
1935 (82-71) Hildebrand Hudlin Harder Pearson Lee Brown Winegarner Brown
1934 (85-69) Hildebrand Hudlin Harder Pearson Brown Brown Bean Winegarner Lee
1933 (75-76) Hildebrand Hudlin Harder Ferrell Brown Bean Connally Hudlin
1932 (87-65) Hildebrand Hudlin Harder Ferrell Brown Hildebrand Connally Hudlin
1931 (78-76) Connally Hudlin Harder Ferrell Brown Appleton Harder Lawson
1930 (81-73) Shoffner Hudlin Harder Ferrell Brown Appleton Harder Bean
1929 (81-71) Miller Hudlin Shaute Ferrell Miljus Miljus Ferrell Holloway
1928 (62-92) Miller Hudlin Shaute Uhle Grant Hudlin Bayne Harder Grant
1927 (66-87) Miller Hudlin Shaute Uhle Buckeye Shaute Karr Grant
1926 (88-66) Levsen Smith Shaute Uhle Buckeye Shaute Karr Buckeye
1925 (70-84) Karr Smith Miller Uhle Buckeye Speece Cole Buckeye
1924 (67-86) Shaute Smith Coveleski Uhle Edwards Metivier Smith Shaute
1923 (82-71) Shaute Smith Coveleski Uhle Edwards Metivier Boone Morton
1922 (78-76) Morton Mails Coveleski Uhle Bagby Lindsey Edwards Keefe
1921 (94-60) Sothoron Mails Coveleski Uhle Bagby Caldwell Morton Bagby
1920 (98-56) Caldwell Mails Coveleski Morton Bagby Uhle Niehaus Faeth
1919 (84-55) Myers Uhle Coveleski Morton Bagby Uhle Phillips Enzmann
1918 (73-54) Coumbe Enzmann Coveleski Morton Bagby Bagby Coumbe Groom Enzmann
1917 (88-66) Coumbe Klepfer Coveleski Morton Bagby Bagby Coumbe Gould Morton
1916 (77-77) Coumbe Klepfer Coveleski Morton Bagby Bagby Gould Coveleski
1915 (57-95) Coumbe Mitchell Hagerman Morton Walker Jones Harstad Coumbe
1914 (51-102) Steen Mitchell Hagerman Morton Blanding Collamore Blanding Morton
1913 (86-66) Falkenberg Mitchell Gregg Kahler Blanding Cullop Blanding Mitchell
1912 (75-78) Steen Mitchell Gregg Kahler Blanding Baskette Steen Mitchell
1911 (80-73) Krapp Mitchell Gregg Kahler Blanding Kahler Blanding Krapp
1910 (71-81) Falkenberg Mitchell Young Harkness Link Mitchell Koestner Harkness
1909 (71-82) Falkenberg Berger Young Joss Rhoads Sitton Liebhardt Falkenberg
1908 (90-64) Liebhardt Berger Chech Joss Rhoads Chech Liebhardt Ryan
1907 (85-67) Liebhardt Thielman Hess Joss Rhoads Berger Clarkson  
1906 (89-64) Bernhard Townsend Hess Joss Rhoads Hess Eells  
1905 (76-78) Bernhard Moore Hess Joss Rhoads      
1904 (86-65) Bernhard Moore Donahue Joss Rhoads      
1903 (77-63) Bernhard Moore Donahue Joss Wright      
1902 (69-67) Bernhard Moore Streit Joss Wright      
1901 (54-82) Dowling Moore Hart Scott Bracken Hoffer    
120 years 210 pitchers 46 pitchers 221 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.