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Full-Season Roster & Games by Position

Full-Season Roster & Games by Position
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary
Ed Albosta22us USRR6' 1"175Oct 27, 19181st2222200000000000-0.4
Johnny Allen36us USRR6' 0"180Sep 30, 190410114111111000000000000.9
Mace Brown32us USRR6' 1"190May 21, 19097240242424000000000000.5
Dolph Camilli34us USLL5' 10"185Apr 23, 19079149147149148001480000000106.8All-Star
Hugh Casey27us USRR6' 1"207Oct 14, 19134451845454500000000000-0.3
Bob Chipman22us USLL6' 2"190Oct 11, 19181st10111000000000000.2
Pete Coscarart28us USRR5' 11"175Jun 16, 19134439432000019010000179-0.5
Curt Davis37us USRR6' 2"185Sep 7, 190383116312828000000000302.7
Tom Drake28us USRR6' 1"185Aug 7, 19122112111110000000011100.0
Leo Durocher HOF35us USRR5' 10"160Jul 27, 190515189181300010120000700.2
Freddie Fitzsimmons39us USRR5' 11"185Jul 28, 1901171312131313000000000001.3
Herman Franks27us USLR5' 10"187Jan 4, 191435736575605500000011600.2$4,000
Larry French33us USRL6' 1"195Nov 1, 19071361666000000000000.3
Augie Galan29us USBR6' 0"175May 23, 1912817517600000006061200.1
Tony Giuliani28us USRR5' 11"175Nov 24, 1912631330300000000000.0
Lee Grissom33us USBL6' 3"200Oct 23, 1907841444000000000000.4
Luke Hamlin36us USLR6' 2"168Jul 3, 19047302030303000000000000-0.5
Billy Herman HOF31us USRR5' 11"180Jul 7, 190911133133133133000133000000003.6All-Star
Kirby Higbe26us USRR5' 11"190Apr 8, 191554839484848000000000003.3
Alex Kampouris28us USRR5' 8"155Nov 13, 191271615161500015000000101.1
Newt Kimball26us USRR6' 2"190Mar 27, 19154155151515000000000000.6
Cookie Lavagetto28us USRR6' 0"170Dec 1, 191281321161321200000120000001602.7All-Star
Joe Medwick HOF29us USRR5' 10"187Nov 24, 19111013313013313100000013100131204.6All-Star
Van Mungo30us USRR6' 2"185Jun 8, 19111120222000000000000.0
Mickey Owen25us USRR5' 10"190Apr 4, 19165128114128128012800000000500.1All-Star
George Pfister22us USRR6' 0"200Sep 4, 19181st10110100000000000.0
Babe Phelps33us USLR6' 2"225Apr 16, 190810166161101100000000700.1
Pee Wee Reese HOF22us USRR5' 10"160Jul 23, 19182152148152151000001510000202.0
Pete Reiser22us USLR5' 11"185Mar 17, 1919213713213713300000001332133417.5All-Star
Lew Riggs31us USLR6' 0"175Apr 22, 1910877417745001143000003211.5
Bill Swift33us USRR6' 1"192Jun 19, 19081090999000000000000.2
Vito Tamulis29us USLL5' 9"170Jul 11, 19116120121212000000000000.1
Tommy Tatum21us USRR6' 0"185Jul 16, 19191st8384000000130441-0.1
Joe Vosmik31us USRR6' 0"185Apr 4, 1910122517251800000020161880-0.7
Dixie Walker30us USLR6' 1"175Sep 24, 19101014813014814600000021241051461325.5
Paul Waner HOF38us USLL5' 8"153Apr 16, 190316118119000000009920-0.2
Jimmy Wasdell27us USLL5' 11"185May 15, 191459456946800150008047542541.0
Kemp Wicker34us USRL5' 11"182Aug 13, 19064162161616000000000000.5
Whit Wyatt33us USRR6' 1"185Sep 27, 1907124035403838000000000207.7All-Star
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary

Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date
Leo Durocher HOF35us USJul 27, 1905ManagerApr 15Sep 28
Red Corriden53us USSep 4, 1887Apr 15Sep 28
Chuck Dressen46us USSep 20, 1894Apr 15Sep 28
George Pfister22us USSep 4, 1918Apr 15Sep 28
Name Age DoB Role Start Date End Date
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