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Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Finley Weaver Witt Lackey Santana Percival Jepsen Shields Holtz
2019 (72-90) Heaney Canning Skaggs Suarez Barria Robles Buttrey Garcia Anderson
2018 (80-82) Heaney Pena Skaggs Richards Barria Parker Alvarez Bedrosian Ramirez
2017 (80-82) Nolasco Ramirez Skaggs Chavez Bridwell Norris Alvarez Parker Middleton
2016 (74-88) Weaver Shoemaker Santiago Chacin Tropeano Street Alvarez Morin Salas
2015 (85-77) Weaver Shoemaker Santiago Richards Wilson Street Smith Ramos Salas
2014 (98-64) Weaver Shoemaker Santiago Richards Wilson Street Smith Jepsen Morin
2013 (78-84) Weaver Williams Vargas Blanton Wilson Frieri De La Rosa Jepsen Kohn
2012 (89-73) Weaver Williams Haren Santana Wilson Frieri Downs Jepsen Isringhausen
2011 (86-76) Weaver Chatwood Haren Santana Pineiro Walden Downs Takahashi Thompson
2010 (80-82) Weaver Kazmir Saunders Santana Pineiro Fuentes Rodney Jepsen Rodriguez
2009 (97-65) Weaver Lackey Saunders Santana Palmer Fuentes Bulger Jepsen Oliver
2008 (100-62) Weaver Lackey Saunders Santana Garland Rodriguez Shields Speier Oliver
2007 (94-68) Weaver Lackey Escobar Santana Colon Rodriguez Shields Speier Oliver
2006 (89-73) Weaver Lackey Escobar Santana Weaver Rodriguez Shields Romero Donnelly
2005 (95-67) Colon Lackey Byrd Santana Washburn Rodriguez Shields Yan Donnelly
2004 (92-70) Colon Lackey Escobar Sele Washburn Percival Shields Rodriguez Gregg
2003 (77-85) Ortiz Lackey Appier Sele Washburn Percival Donnelly Rodriguez Weber
2002 (99-63) Ortiz Lackey Appier Sele Washburn Percival Donnelly Levine Weber
2001 (75-87) Ortiz Schoeneweis Rapp Valdez Washburn Percival Holtz Levine Weber
2000 (82-80) Ortiz Schoeneweis Bottenfield Hill Cooper Percival Holtz Hasegawa Petkovsek
1999 (70-92) Finley Sparks Belcher Hill Olivares Percival Magnante Hasegawa Petkovsek
1998 (85-77) Finley Sparks Dickson Hill Olivares Percival DeLucia Hasegawa Holtz
1997 (84-78) Finley Watson Dickson Hill Springer Percival Harris James Holtz
1996 (70-91) Finley Boskie Abbott Grimsley Langston Percival McElroy James Holtz
1995 (78-67) Finley Boskie Abbott Anderson Langston Smith Percival James Patterson
1994 (47-68) Finley Leftwich Magrane Anderson Langston Grahe Butcher Leiter Patterson
1993 (71-91) Finley Leftwich Sanderson Farrell Langston Frey Nelson Patterson Grahe
1992 (72-90) Finley Abbott Valera Blyleven Langston Grahe Crim Frey Eichhorn
1991 (81-81) Finley Abbott McCaskill Lewis Langston Harvey Bailes Robinson Eichhorn
1990 (80-82) Finley Abbott McCaskill Blyleven Langston Harvey Bailes Fraser Eichhorn
1989 (91-71) Finley Abbott McCaskill Blyleven Witt Harvey Minton Fraser McClure
1988 (75-87) Finley Fraser McCaskill Petry Witt Harvey Minton Cliburn Corbett
1987 (75-87) Sutton Fraser Candelaria Reuss Witt Buice Minton Lucas Finley
1986 (92-70) Sutton McCaskill Candelaria Romanick Witt Moore Corbett Lucas Forster
1985 (90-72) Slaton McCaskill Candelaria Romanick Witt Moore Corbett Cliburn Clements
1984 (81-81) Slaton John Zahn Romanick Witt Sanchez Corbett Kaufman Aase
1983 (70-92) Forsch John Zahn Kison Witt Sanchez Hassler Curtis Witt
1982 (93-69) Forsch Renko Zahn Kison Witt Corbett Hassler Sanchez Aase
1981 (51-59) Forsch Renko Zahn Frost Witt Aase Hassler Sanchez Jefferson
1980 (65-95) Tanana Martinez Aase Frost Knapp Hassler Clear LaRoche Montague
1979 (88-74) Ryan Barr Aase Frost Knapp Clear Barlow LaRoche Montague
1978 (87-75) Ryan Tanana Aase Hartzell Knapp LaRoche Hartzell Miller Brett
1977 (74-88) Ryan Tanana Simpson Hartzell Brett LaRoche Hartzell Miller Barlow
1976 (76-86) Ryan Tanana Ross Hartzell Kirkwood Drago Hartzell Scott Verhoeven
1975 (72-89) Ryan Tanana Figueroa Singer Hassler Kirkwood Lange Scott Brewer
1974 (68-94) Ryan Tanana Lange Singer Hassler Lockwood Sells Selma
1973 (79-83) Ryan Wright May Singer Hand Sells Barber Monteagudo Lange
1972 (75-80) Ryan Wright May Messersmith Clark Barber Fisher Allen
1971 (76-86) Murphy Wright May Messersmith Clark Allen LaRoche Fisher Queen
1970 (86-76) Murphy Wright May Messersmith Bradley Tatum LaRoche Fisher Doyle
1969 (71-91) Murphy McGlothlin May Messersmith Brunet Tatum Wilhelm Fisher Wright
1968 (67-95) Murphy McGlothlin Ellis Clark Brunet Rojas Burgmeier Pattin Locke
1967 (84-77) Hamilton McGlothlin Wright Clark Brunet Rojas Kelso Cimino Coates
1966 (80-82) Chance Lopez Wright Newman Brunet Lee Burdette Rojas Sanford
1965 (75-87) Chance Lopez May Newman Brunet Lee Gatewood Sukla Latman
1964 (82-80) Chance Belinsky McBride Newman Latman Lee Duliba Osinski Lee
1963 (70-91) Chance Belinsky McBride Lee Osinski Navarro Fowler Spring Nelson
1962 (86-76) Chance Belinsky McBride Grba Bowsfield Morgan Fowler Spring Duren
1961 (70-91) Moeller Duren McBride Grba Bowsfield Fowler Morgan James Donohue
59 years 115 pitchers 31 pitchers 113 pitchers
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.