Team Future Payrolls

  • Buyouts are always shown when years are options ([*] for option details)
Team Future Payrolls
Name Age Yrs Acquired SrvTm Agent Contract Status 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Albert Pujols3818Free Agency17.000Dan Lozano10 yrs/$240M (12-21)$27M$28M$29M$30MFA
Mike Trout268Amateur Draft6.070LSW Baseball6 yrs/$145.2M (15-20)$34.1M$34.1M$34.1MFA
Justin Upton3012Traded10.060Larry Reynolds5 yrs/$106M (18-22)$16M$18M$21M$23M$28M
Ian Kinsler3613Traded12.000Jay Franklin11 yrs/$102.5M (08-18)$11MFA
Andrelton Simmons287Traded5.125ISE Baseball7 yrs/$58M (14-20)$11M$13M$15MFA
Kole Calhoun307Amateur Draft4.130PSI Sports Manage...3 yrs/$26M (17-19) & 20 team option,3 yrs/$26M (17-19) & 20 team option$8.5M$10.5M$1M [FA-*]FA
Zack Cozart328Free Agency6.084Excel Sports Mana...3 yrs/$38M (18-20)$12.67M$12.67M$12.67MFA
Luis Valbuena3211Free Agency7.148Elite Sports Grou...2 yrs/$15M (17-18) & 19 mutual option$8M$500k [FA-*]FA
Jim Johnson3513Traded9.161Moye Sports Assoc...2 yrs/$10M (17-18)$5MFA
Garrett Richards308Amateur Draft5.148ISE Baseball1 yr/$7.3M (18)$7.3MFA
Matt Shoemaker316Amateur Free Agent3.166ISE Baseball1 yr/$4.13M (18)$4.12MArbArbFA
Martin Maldonado318Traded5.156Magnus Sports1 yr/$3.9M (18)$3.9MFA
Rene Rivera3410Free Agency6.070MDR Sports Manage...1 yr/$2.8M (18)$2.8MFA
Chris Young3413Free Agency11.039CAA Sports1 yr/$2M (18)$2MFA
J.C. Ramirez295Waivers2.139Octagon1 yr/$1.9M (18)$1.9MArbArbArbFA
Tyler Skaggs266Traded3.135CAA Sports1 yr/$1.88M (18)$1.88MArbArbFA
Blake Parker336Waivers3.0361 yr/$1.8M (18)$1.8MArbArbFA
Blake Wood327Waivers5.131Sports One Athlet...1 yr/$1.45M (18)$1.45MFA
Cam Bedrosian265Amateur Draft2.1531 yr/$1.1M (18)$1.1MArbArbArbFA
Jose Alvarez296Traded3.035Wasserman Media G...1 yr/$1.05M (18)$1.05MArbArbFA
Andrew Heaney275Traded2.150Icon Sports Manag...1 yr/$800k (18)$800kArbArbArbFA
Jefry Marte274Traded1.1461 yr/$559k (18)$559kPre-ArbArbArbArb
Oliver Drake314Waivers1.094The L. Warner Com...1 yr/$554k (18)$554.3kPre-ArbArbArbArb
Alex Meyer283Traded1.013Scott Boras1 yr/$552k (18)$551.5kPre-ArbArbArbArb
Keynan Middleton242Amateur Draft0.1501 yr/$551k (18)$551kPre-ArbArbArbArb
Noe Ramirez284Waivers0.139Scott Boras1 yr/$549k (18)$548.5kPre-ArbPre-ArbArbArb
Shohei Ohtani231stFree Agency0.000CAA Sports1 yr/$545k (18)$545kPre-Arb-2Pre-Arb-3Arb-1Arb-2
Ben Revere308Free Agency6.149Barry Meister1 yr/$100k (18)$100kFA
Eric Young339Free Agency5.163CAA Sports (Jeff ...Arb (~$1.1M)
Dustin Ackley3065.087Scott BorasArb
Juan Graterol293Waivers1.037ArbArbArb
Nick Tropeano274Traded2.068Bledsoe BrothersArbArbFA
Branden Pinder2921.091ArbArbArb
Rymer Liriano2721.079ArbArbArb
Jabari Blash283Traded1.023ArbArbArb
Parker Bridwell263Traded0.104ArbArb
Miguel Almonte2520.095ArbArb
Kaleb Cowart264Amateur Draft0.170ISE BaseballArbArbArb
John Lamb273Free Agency0.160Paragon Sports In...ArbArbArb
Felix Pena283Traded0.132ArbArb
Nolan Fontana272Waivers0.040CAA SportsArbArb
Eduardo Paredes232Amateur Free Agent0.070ArbArb
Greg Mahle251stAmateur Draft0.059ArbArb
Dayan Diaz2920.054ArbArb
Akeel Morris253Traded0.031ArbArb
Taylor Cole281st0.013ArbArb
Huston Street buyout$1M
Ricky Nolasco buyout$1M
Name 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
SignedPlayers With Guaranteed Contracts (does not include players with options)*286521
Dollars CommittedValue of Guaranteed Contracts (no options are exercised and includes buyouts)*$168.8M$116.7M$112.8M$53M$28M
Contract OptionsPlayers with any type of option11
Option ValuesMaximum value of options if all are exercised$8.5M$14M
Arb EligibleNumber of arbitration eligible players (1st-2nd-3rd-4th, "Arb" players = 3rds)0-0-7-00-0-18-01-0-24-00-1-20-0
Arb CostsRough estimated value of all arbitration cases (uses 3-year averages for 1st yr, 2nd,..)†$1.1M$31.4M$80.8M$109.2M$92.8M
Other PlayersAdditional Players Needed to Fill 25-man (no options exercised)122-23
Other CostsEstimate of Remaining Players Costs (based on 1-year avg of all pre-arb players)$9.08M$1.51M-$1.51M$2.27M
Payroll (no options)Est. Total Payroll w/o Options (Guaranteed + Arb + Other)$157.3M$195.1M$160.6M$123.1M
Payroll (options)Est. Total Payroll w/ Options (Guaranteed + Options + Arb + Other)$165M$208.3M$160.6M$123.1M
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