High School & Secondary School Alumni in the Majors

Schools' Major League Totals: Batting / Pitching

Numbers in parentheses are (# of MLB players, # of all pro players in our DB) Please note that this information is not complete and some players' collegiate or scholastic data is either unknown or unentered.

US Colleges and Universities


A. H. Parker HS (Birmingham, AL) (4,10)

Abbeville HS (Abbeville, AL) (0,1)

Alabama Christian Academy (Montgomery, AL) (0,3)

Albertville HS (Albertville, AL) (1,1)

Alexander City HS (Alexander City, AL) (0,1)

Aliceville HS (Aliceville, AL) (0,1)

Allen Institute (Mobile, AL) (2,2)

American Christian Academy (Tuscaloosa, AL) (0,4)

Andalusia HS (Andalusia, AL) (0,5)

Anniston HS (Anniston, AL) (0,3)

Arab HS (Arab, AL) (0,2)

Ardmore HS (Ardmore, AL) (0,2)

Ashford HS (Ashford, AL) (0,2)

Athens HS (Athens, AL) (1,3)

Auburn HS (Auburn, AL) (1,12)

Austin HS (Decatur, AL) (0,2)

Baker HS (Mobile, AL) (1,6)

Baldwin County HS (Bay Minette, AL) (0,2)

Banks HS (Birmingham, AL) (0,3)

Barton Academy (Mobile, AL) (0,1)

Beauregard HS (Beauregard, AL) (0,1)

Ben C. Rain HS (Mobile, AL) (0,4)

Benjamin Russell HS (Alexander City, AL) (2,5)

Bessemer Academy (Bessemer, AL) (0,1)

Bessemer HS (Bessemer, AL) (1,7)

Beulah HS (Valley, AL) (0,1)

Bibb County HS (Centreville, AL) (1,8)

Birmingham HS (Birmingham, AL) (2,3)

Blount HS (Mobile, AL) (0,1)

Boaz HS (Boaz, AL) (0,3)

Bob Jones HS (Madison, AL) (2,9)

Bradshaw HS (Florence, AL) (0,1)

Brewbaker Technology Magnet HS (Montgomery, AL) (0,2)

Brewer HS (Somerville, AL) (1,2)

Briarwood Christian School (Birmingham, AL) (0,3)

Bridgeport HS (Bridgeport, AL) (0,1)

Brookwood HS (Brookwood, AL) (0,2)

Buckhorn HS (New Market, AL) (1,2)

Calera HS (Calera, AL) (0,4)

Carbon Hill HS (Carbon Hill, AL) (1,2)

Carroll HS (Ozark, AL) (0,1)

Carver HS (Gadsden, AL) (0,1)

Central HS (Florence, AL) (0,1)

Central HS (Hayneville, AL) (1,1)

Central HS (Mobile, AL) (1,4)

Central HS (Phenix City, AL) (1,9)

Central HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (2,4)

Charles Henderson HS (Troy, AL) (1,5)

Chelsea HS (Chelsea, AL) (0,1)

Cherokee County HS (Centre, AL) (1,5)

Cherokee HS (Cherokee, AL) (0,1)

Childersburg HS (Childersburg, AL) (1,9)

Chilton County HS (Clanton, AL) (2,3)

Choctaw County HS (Butler, AL) (1,4)

Citronelle HS (Citronelle, AL) (1,2)

Clarke County HS (Grove Hill, AL) (1,1)

Clay-Chalkville HS (Pinson, AL) (0,6)

Cleburne County HS (Heflin, AL) (0,1)

Clift HS (Opelika, AL) (0,1)

Coffee HS (Florence, AL) (1,2)

Corner HS (Dora, AL) (0,4)

Cotaco HS (Sommerville, AL) (0,1)

Cottonwood HS (Cottonwood, AL) (1,1)

Cullman HS (Cullman, AL) (2,7)

Curry HS (Jasper, AL) (0,1)

Dadeville HS (Dadeville, AL) (0,2)

Dale County HS (Midland City, AL) (0,1)

Dallas County HS (Plantersville, AL) (0,1)

Daphne HS (Daphne, AL) (1,6)

David HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (0,1)

Davidson HS (Mobile, AL) (2,14)

Decatur HS (Decatur, AL) (1,3)

Demopolis Academy (Demopolis, AL) (1,1)

Demopolis HS (Demopolis, AL) (2,4)

Deshler HS (Tuscumbia, AL) (0,1)

Dora HS (Dora, AL) (1,1)

Dothan HS (Dothan, AL) (1,3)

Dozier HS (Dozier, AL) (0,1)

Druid HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (1,2)

Edgewood Academy (Elmore, AL) (0,2)

Elmore County HS (Eclectic, AL) (0,1)

Emma Sansom HS (Gadsden, AL) (0,4)

Ensley HS (Birmingham, AL) (2,16)

Enterprise HS (Enterprise, AL) (0,4)

Escambia Academy (Atmore, AL) (0,1)

Escambia County HS (Atmore, AL) (0,1)

Etowah HS (Attalla, AL) (1,6)

Eufaula HS (Eufaula, AL) (0,2)

Eugene Brown Erwin HS (Center Point, AL) (0,3)

Evergreen HS (Evergreen, AL) (0,1)

Fairfield HS (Fairfield, AL) (0,2)

Fairfield Industrial HS (Fairfield, AL) (1,2)

Fairhope HS (Fairhope, AL) (1,6)

Faith Academy (Mobile, AL) (2,8)

Favitdale HS (Favitdale, AL) (0,1)

Fayette County HS (Fayette, AL) (0,3)

Fayetteville HS (Sylacauga, AL) (0,1)

Five Points HS (Five Points, AL) (2,2)

Flomaton HS (Flomaton, AL) (0,4)

Florala HS (Florala, AL) (0,1)

Florence HS (Florence, AL) (1,5)

Foley HS (Foley, AL) (0,2)

Fort Dale-South Butler Academy (Greenville, AL) (0,1)

Fort Payne HS (Fort Payne, AL) (0,1)

Fruitdale HS (Fruitdale, AL) (0,1)

Gadsden HS (Gadsden, AL) (0,2)

Gardendale HS (Gardendale, AL) (2,5)

Gaston HS (Gadsden, AL) (0,1)

Gaylesville HS (Gaylesville, AL) (0,1)

Geneva County HS (Hartford, AL) (1,2)

Geneva HS (Geneva, AL) (0,1)

George Washington Carver HS (Birmingham, AL) (0,2)

Georgiana HS (Georgiana, AL) (0,1)

Geroge Washington Carver HS (Montgomery, AL) (1,2)

Glenwood HS (Phenix City, AL) (1,3)

Glenwood School (Smiths Station, AL) (0,4)

Gordo HS (Gordo, AL) (0,4)

Goshen HS (Goshen, AL) (1,2)

Grand Bay HS (Grand Bay, AL) (1,1)

Greensboro HS (Greensboro, AL) (0,1)

Greenville HS (Greenville, AL) (0,1)

Grissom HS (Huntsville, AL) (0,4)

Gulf Shores HS (Gulf Shores, AL) (0,2)

Guntersville HS (Guntersville, AL) (1,1)

Haleyville HS (Haleyville, AL) (0,2)

Handley HS (Roanoke, AL) (0,1)

Hartselle HS (Hartselle, AL) (2,9)

Hatton HS (Town Creek, AL) (1,1)

Hazel Green HS (Hazel Green, AL) (0,5)

Headland HS (Headland, AL) (0,4)

Helena HS (Helena, AL) (0,5)

Hewitt-Trussville HS (Trussville, AL) (2,11)

Hicks Memorial HS (Selma, AL) (0,1)

Hillcrest HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (2,8)

Hokes Bluff HS (Hokes Bluff, AL) (1,5)

Holt HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (1,2)

Holtville HS (Deatsville, AL) (0,1)

Holy Family HS (Emsley, AL) (1,1)

Holy Spirit Catholic School (Tuscaloosa, AL) (0,2)

Homewood HS (Homewood, AL) (0,2)

Hooper Academy (Hope Hull, AL) (0,1)

Hooper HS (Birmingham, AL) (3,5)

Hoover HS (Hoover, AL) (0,13)

Houston Academy (Dothan, AL) (0,1)

Hueytown HS (Hueytown, AL) (4,12)

Huffman HS (Birmingham, AL) (3,8)

Huntsville HS (Huntsville, AL) (3,8)

Jackson HS (Jackson, AL) (1,2)

Jacksonville HS (Jacksonville, AL) (2,3)

James Clemens HS (Madison, AL) (0,1)

Jefferson County HS (Birmingham, AL) (0,1)

Jefferson Davis HS (Montgomery, AL) (2,11)

Jemison HS (Jemison, AL) (0,2)

Jess Lanier HS (Bessemer, AL) (1,2)

John Carroll Catholic HS (Birmingham, AL) (0,2)

John T. Morgan Academy (Selma, AL) (1,3)

Johnson HS (Huntsville, AL) (0,3)

Jones Valley HS (Birmingham, AL) (2,6)

Joppa HS (Joppa, AL) (1,1)

Kennedy HS (Kennedy, AL) (0,1)

Lafayette HS (Lafayette, AL) (1,2)

Lanett HS (Lanett, AL) (0,2)

Lanier HS (Montgomery, AL) (0,8)

Lauderdale County HS (Rogersville, AL) (0,1)

Lawrence County HS (Moulton, AL) (0,2)

Lee HS (Huntsville, AL) (2,13)

Lee HS (Montgomery, AL) (3,10)

Lee Scott Academy (Auburn, AL) (0,2)

Leeds HS (Leeds, AL) (0,5)

LeFlore HS (Mobile, AL) (0,2)

Leroy HS (Leroy, AL) (2,3)

Lexington HS (Lexington, AL) (1,1)

Lincoln HS (Lincoln, AL) (0,1)

Litchfield HS (Gadsden, AL) (0,1)

Long HS (Skipperville, AL) (0,1)

Louisville HS (Louisville, AL) (0,1)

Madison Academy (Madison, AL) (0,3)

Madison County HS (Gurley, AL) (0,1)

Maplesville HS (Maplesville, AL) (0,1)

Marbury HS (Deatsville, AL) (1,1)

Marengo Academy (Linden, AL) (0,2)

Marion Military Institute (Marion, AL) (0,1)

Mars Hill Bible School (Florence, AL) (1,3)

Marshall County HS (Guntersville, AL) (0,1)

Mary G. Montgomery HS (Semmes, AL) (2,7)

McAdory HS (McCalla, AL) (1,2)

McGill Catholic HS (Mobile, AL) (1,2)

McGill-Toolen Catholic HS (Mobile, AL) (2,12)

Millbrook HS (Millbrook, AL) (1,1)

Minor HS (Adamsville, AL) (1,7)

Mobile Christian School (Mobile, AL) (0,4)

Mobile County HS (Grand Bay, AL) (2,3)

Mobile County Training School (Mobile, AL) (1,4)

Monroe Academy HS (Monroeville, AL) (0,1)

Monroe County HS (Monroeville, AL) (1,2)

Montevallo HS (Wilton, AL) (0,1)

Montgomery County HS (Ramer, AL) (1,1)

Montgomery HS (Montgomery, AL) (2,3)

Montgomery HS (Wilmer, AL) (0,2)

Morgan County HS (Hartselle, AL) (0,2)

Mortimer Jordan HS (Morris, AL) (0,6)

Mountain Brook HS (Mountain Brook, AL) (1,9)

Munford HS (Munford, AL) (0,1)

Murphy HS (Mobile, AL) (1,9)

Muscle Shoals HS (Muscle Shoals, AL) (0,1)

New Hope HS (New Hope, AL) (0,1)

Newton HS (Newton, AL) (0,1)

Newville HS (Newville, AL) (0,1)

Next Level Academy (Montgomery, AL) (0,5)

North Jackson HS (Stevenson, AL) (0,1)

North Jefferson HS (Warrior, AL) (0,1)

North Sand Mountain HS (Higdon, AL) (1,1)

Northridge HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (0,3)

Northside HS (Northport, AL) (0,1)

Northside Methodist Academy (Dothan, AL) (0,1)

Northview HS (Dothan, AL) (2,6)

Oak Grove HS (Bessemer, AL) (0,3)

Oak Mountain HS (Birmingham, AL) (1,7)

Oneonta HS (Oneonta, AL) (0,2)

Opelika HS (Opelika, AL) (2,5)

Opp HS (Opp, AL) (0,3)

Orrville HS (Orrville, AL) (0,1)

Oxford HS (Oxford, AL) (1,6)

Patrician Academy (Butler, AL) (1,1)

Paul Hayne HS (Birmingham, AL) (1,1)

Paul W. Bryant HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (1,2)

Pelham HS (Pelham, AL) (0,6)

Pell City HS (Pell City, AL) (2,9)

Phenix City HS (Phenix City, AL) (0,1)

Phil Campbell HS (Phil Campbell, AL) (0,1)

Phillips HS (Birmingham, AL) (2,10)

Phillips HS (Phillips, AL) (1,1)

Pickens Academy (Carrollton, AL) (2,2)

Pike Liberal Arts School (Troy, AL) (0,3)

Pinson Valley HS (Pinson, AL) (2,6)

Piper-Coleanor HS (Piper, AL) (1,1)

Pleasant Grove HS (Pleasant Grove, AL) (1,1)

Powderly HS (Birmingham, AL) (1,1)

Praco HS (Praco, AL) (0,1)

Prattville HS (Prattville, AL) (2,6)

Priceville HS (Decatur, AL) (0,1)

Ragland HS (Ragland, AL) (0,1)

Ramsay HS (Birmingham, AL) (1,5)

Ranburne HS (Ranburne, AL) (1,1)

Rehobeth HS (Rehobeth, AL) (0,1)

Robertsdale HS (Robertsdale, AL) (1,4)

Rogers HS (Florence, AL) (0,1)

Russell County HS (Seale, AL) (2,14)

Russellville HS (Russellville, AL) (0,2)

S. R. Butler HS (Huntsville, AL) (2,7)

Samson HS (Samson, AL) (0,1)

Saraland HS (Saraland, AL) (0,2)

Satsuma HS (Satsuma, AL) (2,6)

Selma HS (Selma, AL) (2,6)

Shades Cahaba HS (Homewood, AL) (0,1)

Shades Valley HS (Birmingham, AL) (0,3)

Shaw HS (Mobile, AL) (1,3)

Sheffield HS (Sheffield, AL) (0,1)

Sipsey Valley HS (Sipsey Valley, AL) (0,1)

Slocomb HS (Slocomb, AL) (1,1)

Smith HS (Ozark, AL) (0,1)

Smiths Station HS (Smiths Station, AL) (0,4)

Southern Academy (Greensboro, AL) (0,1)

Southern Choctaw HS (Silas, AL) (1,2)

Southside HS (Southside, AL) (0,6)

Spain Park HS (Hoover, AL) (1,5)

Spanish Fort HS (Spanish Fort, AL) (0,7)

Sparkman HS (Harvest, AL) (1,5)

Springville HS (Springville, AL) (1,2)

Springwood HS (Lanett, AL) (0,1)

St. Clair County HS (Odenville, AL) (0,2)

St. Elmore HS (Theodore, AL) (0,1)

St. James HS (Montgomery, AL) (2,5)

St. Luke's Episcopal School (Mobile, AL) (0,2)

St. Paul's Episcopal School (Mobile, AL) (3,6)

Stanhope Elmore HS (Millbrook, AL) (2,9)

Starke University School (Montgomery, AL) (0,1)

Strathmore HS (Strathmore, AL) (0,1)

Sumiton Christian HS (Jasper, AL) (0,1)

Susan Moore HS (Blountsville, AL) (1,1)

Sweet Water HS (Sweet Water, AL) (1,3)

Sylacauga HS (Sylacauga, AL) (1,3)

T. R. Miller HS (Brewton, AL) (0,4)

T. V. McCoo HS (Eufaula, AL) (0,1)

Talladega HS (Talladega, AL) (0,2)

Tallassee HS (Tallassee, AL) (0,6)

Tarrant City HS (Tarrant, AL) (1,1)

Tarrant HS (Birmingham, AL) (0,3)

Theodore HS (Theodore, AL) (0,5)

Thomasville HS (Thomasville, AL) (1,5)

Thompson HS (Alabaster, AL) (1,5)

Thorsby HS (Thorsby, AL) (0,1)

Trinity Presbyterian HS (Montgomery, AL) (0,3)

Troy HS (Troy, AL) (0,1)

Tuscaloosa Academy HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (2,4)

Tuscaloosa County HS (Northport, AL) (2,12)

Tuscaloosa HS (Tuscaloosa, AL) (0,3)

Tuskegee HS (Tuskegee, AL) (0,2)

UMS Prep HS (Mobile, AL) (0,5)

UMS-Wright Prep (Mobile, AL) (0,2)

Union Springs HS (Union Springs, AL) (2,2)

University Military School (Mobile, AL) (0,1)

Valley HS (Valley, AL) (1,4)

Vestavia Hills HS (Vestavia Hills, AL) (4,14)

Vigor HS (Prichard, AL) (1,8)

W. A. Berry HS (Hoover, AL) (1,2)

Walker County HS (Jasper, AL) (0,1)

Walker HS (Jasper, AL) (0,2)

Warrior Academy (Eutaw, AL) (0,1)

Warrior HS (Warrior, AL) (0,2)

Washington County HS (Chatom, AL) (0,2)

Weaver HS (Weaver, AL) (0,1)

Wellborn HS (Anniston, AL) (0,1)

Wenonah HS (Birmingham, AL) (2,3)

West Blocton HS (West Blocton, AL) (0,1)

West End HS (Birmingham, AL) (1,5)

West Point HS (Cullman, AL) (0,1)

Westbrook Christian School (Rainbow City, AL) (0,2)

Western HS (Ensley, AL) (0,1)

Westfield HS (Docena, AL) (1,1)

Wetumpka HS (Wetumpka, AL) (2,5)

Whistler HS (Whistler, AL) (1,1)

White Plains HS (Anniston, AL) (0,1)

Wilcox County HS (Camden, AL) (1,1)

Williamson HS (Mobile, AL) (1,3)

Woodlawn HS (Birmingham, AL) (2,8)


A. J. Dimond HS (Anchorage, AK) (0,5)

Bartlett HS (Anchorage, AK) (0,1)

Ben Eielson HS (Fairbanks, AK) (0,1)

Central HS (Kenai, AK) (0,1)

Chugiak HS (Eagle River, AK) (0,3)

Douglas HS (Juneau, AK) (1,2)

East HS (Anchorage, AK) (0,4)

Juneau HS (Juneau, AK) (0,2)

Kodiak HS (Kodiak, AK) (0,1)

Lathrop HS (Fairbanks, AK) (0,1)

Monroe Catholic HS (Fairbanks, AK) (0,1)

North Pole HS (North Pole, AK) (0,1)

Service HS (Anchorage, AK) (0,3)

Sitka HS (Sitka, AK) (0,2)

Soldotna HS (Soldotna, AK) (2,3)

South Anchorage HS (Anchorage, AK) (0,4)

Wasilla HS (Wasilla, AK) (0,1)

West Anchorage HS (Anchorage, AK) (0,1)


Agua Fria HS (Avondale, AZ) (4,11)

Ajo HS (Ajo, AZ) (0,1)

Alhambra HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,11)

Amphitheater HS (Tucson, AZ) (2,6)

Apache Junction HS (Apache Junction, AZ) (0,1)

Apollo HS (Glendale, AZ) (3,9)

Arcadia HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,16)

Bagdad HS (Bagdad, AZ) (0,1)

Barry Goldwater HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,3)

Basha HS (Chandler, AZ) (1,13)

Batesville HS (Batesville, AZ) (0,1)

Benson Union HS (Benson, AZ) (1,3)

Bisbee HS (Bisbee, AZ) (0,4)

Blue Ridge HS (Lakeside, AZ) (0,2)

Boulder Creek HS (Anthem, AZ) (0,4)

Bourgade HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,3)

Bradshaw Mountain HS (Prescott Valley, AZ) (2,5)

Brophy College Preparatory (Phoenix, AZ) (3,26)

Browne HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,7)

Buckeye Union HS (Buckeye, AZ) (1,2)

Buena HS (Sierra Vista, AZ) (2,9)

Cactus HS (Glendale, AZ) (1,6)

Cactus Shadows HS (Cave Creek, AZ) (0,13)

Camelback HS (Phoenix, AZ) (2,5)

Camp Verde HS (Camp Verde, AZ) (0,1)

Campo Verde HS (Gilbert, AZ) (0,7)

Canyon del Oro HS (Tucson, AZ) (5,16)

Canyon View HS (Waddell, AZ) (0,2)

Carl Hayden HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,4)

Casa Grande Union HS (Casa Grande, AZ) (0,5)

Catalina Foothills HS (Tucson, AZ) (1,11)

Catalina Magnet HS (Tucson, AZ) (0,1)

Centennial HS (Peoria, AZ) (2,5)

Central HS (Phoenix, AZ) (3,3)

Cesar Chavez HS (Laveen, AZ) (0,2)

Chandler HS (Chandler, AZ) (2,17)

Chaparral HS (Scottsdale, AZ) (8,52)

Chino Valley HS (Chino Valley, AZ) (1,2)

Cibola HS (Yuma, AZ) (0,8)

Cienega HS (Vail, AZ) (2,4)

Coconino HS (Flagstaff, AZ) (1,2)

Coolidge HS (Coolidge, AZ) (0,2)

Corona del Sol HS (Tempe, AZ) (0,15)

Coronado HS (Scottsdale, AZ) (2,15)

Cortez HS (Phoenix, AZ) (2,3)

Deer Valley HS (Glendale, AZ) (2,12)

Desert Christian HS (Tucson, AZ) (0,1)

Desert Mountain HS (Scottsdale, AZ) (2,20)

Desert Ridge HS (Mesa, AZ) (1,5)

Desert View HS (Tucson, AZ) (0,2)

Desert Vista HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,18)

Dobson HS (Mesa, AZ) (1,7)

Douglas HS (Douglas, AZ) (0,3)

East HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,1)

Eastmark HS (Mesa, AZ) (0,1)

Empire HS (Tucson, AZ) (0,1)

Estrella Foothills HS (Goodyear, AZ) (0,2)

Flagstaff HS (Flagstaff, AZ) (1,2)

Flowing Wells HS (Tucson, AZ) (0,1)

Fountain Hills HS (Fountain Hills, AZ) (0,2)

Gerard HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,1)

Gilbert HS (Gilbert, AZ) (3,22)

Glendale HS (Glendale, AZ) (0,3)

Globe HS (Globe, AZ) (0,4)

Grand Canyon HS (Grand Canyon Village, AZ) (0,1)

Greenway HS (Phoenix, AZ) (2,15)

Hamilton HS (Chandler, AZ) (3,35)

Hayden HS (Winkelman, AZ) (0,4)

Highland HS (Gilbert, AZ) (3,14)

Holbrook HS (Holbrook, AZ) (0,1)

Horizon HS (Scottsdale, AZ) (6,37)

Ironwood HS (Glendale, AZ) (0,3)

Ironwood Ridge HS (Oro Valley, AZ) (0,4)

Kingman Academy (Kingman, AZ) (1,1)

Kingman HS (Kingman, AZ) (0,1)

Kofa HS (Yuma, AZ) (0,4)

La Joya Community HS (Avondale, AZ) (0,1)

Lake Havasu HS (Lake Havasu City, AZ) (0,6)

Liberty HS (Peoria, AZ) (0,4)

Marana HS (Tucson, AZ) (2,3)

Marcos de Niza HS (Tempe, AZ) (0,5)

Maryvale HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,8)

McClintock HS (Tempe, AZ) (3,7)

Mesa HS (Mesa, AZ) (6,14)

Mesquite HS (Gilbert, AZ) (1,13)

Miami HS (Miami, AZ) (1,2)

Millennium HS (Goodyear, AZ) (1,5)

Mingus Union HS (Cottonwood, AZ) (1,5)

Mohave HS (Bullhead City, AZ) (0,5)

Moon Valley HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,5)

Mountain Pointe HS (Phoenix, AZ) (5,22)

Mountain Ridge HS (Glendale, AZ) (5,18)

Mountain View HS (Mesa, AZ) (4,16)

Mountain View HS (Tucson, AZ) (0,3)

Nogales HS (Nogales, AZ) (1,10)

North Canyon HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,1)

North HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,11)

Northwest Christian School (Phoenix, AZ) (0,2)

Notre Dame Preparatory HS (Scottsdale, AZ) (2,15)

Oro Valley HS (Oro Valley, AZ) (0,1)

Page HS (Page, AZ) (0,1)

Palo Verde HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,1)

Palo Verde HS (Tucson, AZ) (2,8)

Paradise Valley HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,7)

Payson HS (Payson, AZ) (0,1)

Peoria HS (Peoria, AZ) (0,4)

Perry HS (Gilbert, AZ) (0,7)

Phoenix HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,2)

Pinnacle HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,16)

Prescott HS (Prescott, AZ) (2,13)

Pueblo HS (Tucson, AZ) (1,5)

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy (Tucson, AZ) (0,1)

Queen Creek HS (Queen Creek, AZ) (0,6)

Ray HS (Kearny, AZ) (0,1)

Raymond S. Kellis HS (Glendale, AZ) (1,4)

Red Mountain HS (Mesa, AZ) (1,18)

Rincon HS (Tucson, AZ) (3,6)

Rio Rico HS (Rio Rico, AZ) (0,1)

River Valley HS (Mohave Valley, AZ) (0,1)

Round Valley HS (Eagar, AZ) (0,1)

Sabino HS (Tucson, AZ) (2,18)

Safford HS (Safford, AZ) (0,1)

Saguaro HS (Scottsdale, AZ) (2,18)

Sahuarita HS (Sahuarita, AZ) (1,6)

Sahuaro HS (Tucson, AZ) (6,24)

Salpointe Catholic HS (Tucson, AZ) (4,11)

San Luis HS (San Luis, AZ) (0,3)

San Manuel HS (Oracle, AZ) (0,1)

Sandra Day O'Connor HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,11)

Santa Cruz Valley Union HS (Eloy, AZ) (2,3)

Santa Rita HS (Tucson, AZ) (1,1)

Scottsdale Christian HS (Scottsdale, AZ) (0,2)

Scottsdale HS (Scottsdale, AZ) (2,5)

Seligman HS (Seligman, AZ) (0,1)

Seton Catholic Preparatory (Chandler, AZ) (0,7)

Shadow Mountain HS (Phoenix, AZ) (2,8)

Shadow Ridge HS (Surprise, AZ) (0,1)

Show Low HS (Show Low, AZ) (1,3)

Sierra Vista HS (Hereford, AZ) (0,1)

Sinagua HS (Flagstaff, AZ) (0,3)

Skyline HS (Mesa, AZ) (0,2)

Snowflake HS (Snowflake, AZ) (0,3)

South Mountain HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,3)

St. Mary's HS (Phoenix, AZ) (4,7)

Sunnyside HS (Tucson, AZ) (1,10)

Sunnyslope HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,5)

Sunrise Mountain HS (Peoria, AZ) (4,10)

Tempe HS (Tempe, AZ) (0,5)

Thatcher HS (Thatcher, AZ) (1,4)

The Orme School (Mayer, AZ) (0,1)

Thunderbird HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,5)

Tolleson Union HS (Tolleson, AZ) (0,3)

Tombstone HS (Tombstone, AZ) (0,3)

Tucson High Magnet School (Tucson, AZ) (1,4)

Tucson HS (Tucson, AZ) (6,33)

Union HS (Phoenix, AZ) (1,11)

Valley Vista HS (Surprise, AZ) (0,3)

Verrado HS (Buckeye, AZ) (1,3)

Walden Grove HS (Sahuarita, AZ) (0,1)

Washington HS (Phoenix, AZ) (2,6)

West Phoenix HS (Phoenix, AZ) (0,4)

Westview HS (Avondale, AZ) (0,1)

Westwood HS (Mesa, AZ) (1,9)

Wickenburg HS (Wickenburg, AZ) (0,1)

Willcox HS (Thatcher, AZ) (0,2)

Williams Field HS (Gilbert, AZ) (0,2)

Williams HS (Williams, AZ) (1,1)

Willow Canyon HS (Surprise, AZ) (0,1)

Yuma Catholic HS (Yuma, AZ) (0,1)

Yuma HS (Yuma, AZ) (0,7)


Alma HS (Alma, AR) (0,2)

Arkadelphia HS (Arkadelphia, AR) (0,2)

Arkansas Baptist HS (Little Rock, AR) (0,1)

Arkansas City HS (Arkansas City, AR) (0,2)

Arkansas HS (Texarkana, AR) (2,16)

Ashdown HS (Ashdown, AR) (0,5)

Batesville HS (Batesville, AR) (0,3)

Bay HS (Bay, AR) (1,2)

Beebe HS (Beebe, AR) (0,2)

Beech Grove HS (Beech Grove, AR) (0,1)

Benton HS (Benton, AR) (1,8)

Bentonville HS (Bentonville, AR) (0,8)

Bentonville West HS (Centerton, AR) (0,3)

Biggers HS (Biggers, AR) (0,1)

Booneville HS (Booneville, AR) (1,3)

Bradford HS (Bradford, AR) (0,1)

Brookland HS (Brookland, AR) (0,1)

Bryant HS (Bryant, AR) (1,11)

Cabot HS (Cabot, AR) (0,8)

Camden Fairview HS (Camden, AR) (2,4)

Camden HS (Camden, AR) (0,1)

Caraway HS (Caraway, AR) (0,1)

Catholic HS (Little Rock, AR) (3,5)

Cedarville HS (Cedarville, AR) (0,1)

Central Arkansas Christian HS (North Little Rock, AR) (1,3)

Charleston HS (Charleston, AR) (0,1)

Clarendon HS (Clarendon, AR) (1,1)

Clinton HS (Clinton, AR) (2,2)

Clover Bend HS (Clover Bend, AR) (0,1)

Coal Hill HS (Coal Hill, AR) (0,1)

Conway HS (Conway, AR) (1,7)

Corning HS (Corning, AR) (0,1)

Crossett HS (Crossett, AR) (1,5)

Delight HS (Delight, AR) (0,2)

Des Arc HS (Des Arc, AR) (1,1)

Dollarway HS (Pine Bluff, AR) (0,1)

Dunbar HS (Little Rock, AR) (3,4)

Ecclesia College (Springdale, AR) (0,2)

El Dorado HS (El Dorado, AR) (1,4)

England HS (England, AR) (0,2)

Episcopal Collegiate School (Little Rock, AR) (0,1)

Fair HS (Little Rock, AR) (0,2)

Farmington HS (Farmington, AR) (0,2)

Fayetteville HS (Fayetteville, AR) (3,18)

Fordyce HS (Fordyce, AR) (1,1)

Forrest City HS (Forrest City, AR) (2,3)

Fort Smith Christian HS (Fort Smith, AR) (1,1)

Fort Smith HS (Fort Smith, AR) (1,4)

Fouke HS (Fouke, AR) (0,1)

Fountain Lake HS (Hot Springs, AR) (0,2)

Genoa Central HS (Genoa, AR) (0,1)

Glen Rose HS (Malvern, AR) (0,1)

Gosnell Secondary HS (Gosnell, AR) (0,2)

Gravette HS (Gravette, AR) (1,3)

Greenbrier HS (Greenbrier, AR) (0,6)

Greene County Tech HS (Paragould, AR) (0,1)

Greenwood HS (Greenwood, AR) (0,4)

Gurdon HS (Gurdon, AR) (0,1)

Guy HS (Guy, AR) (0,1)

Hall HS (Little Rock, AR) (1,3)

Har-Ber HS (Springdale, AR) (0,5)

Harmony Grove HS (Camden, AR) (0,2)

Harrison HS (Harrison, AR) (0,3)

Havana HS (Havana, AR) (1,1)

Home School (Horatio, AR) (0,1)

Horatio HS (Horatio, AR) (0,1)

Hot Springs HS (Hot Springs, AR) (1,3)

Jacksonville HS (Jacksonville, AR) (0,4)

Jessieville HS (Jessieville, AR) (0,1)

Joe T. Robinson HS (Little Rock, AR) (0,3)

Jones HS (Little Rock, AR) (0,1)

Jonesboro HS (Jonesboro, AR) (0,10)

Junction City HS (Junction City, AR) (0,2)

Lafayette County HS (Lewisville, AR) (0,1)

Lake Hamilton HS (Pearcy, AR) (1,3)

Lakeside HS (Hot Springs, AR) (0,2)

Little Rock Central HS (Little Rock, AR) (3,12)

Little Rock Christian HS (Little Rock, AR) (0,5)

Little Rock HS (Little Rock, AR) (0,8)

Lonoke HS (Lonoke, AR) (0,2)

Mabelvale HS (Mabelvale, AR) (0,1)

Magnolia HS (Magnolia, AR) (0,1)

Malvern HS (Malvern, AR) (0,3)

Mansfield HS (Mansfield, AR) (0,1)

Marion HS (Marion, AR) (0,1)

Marked Tree HS (Marked Tree, AR) (0,2)

Maumelle HS (Maumelle, AR) (0,2)

McCrory HS (McCrory, AR) (0,1)

McGehee HS (Tillar, AR) (0,2)

Midland HS (Pleasant Plains, AR) (0,2)

Monticello HS (Monticello, AR) (1,5)

Morrilton HS (Morrilton, AR) (0,2)

Mountain Home HS (Mountain Home, AR) (1,4)

Nashville HS (Nashville, AR) (0,3)

Nemo Vista HS (Center Ridge, AR) (0,1)

Nettleton HS (Jonesboro, AR) (1,6)

Newport HS (Newport, AR) (0,3)

North HS (Little Rock, AR) (1,1)

North Little Rock Catholic Academy (North Little Rock, AR) (0,1)

North Little Rock HS (North Little Rock, AR) (3,17)

Northeast HS (North Little Rock, AR) (0,3)

Northside HS (Fort Smith, AR) (0,4)

Oak Grove HS (Paragould, AR) (0,1)

Ole Main HS (North Little Rock, AR) (0,3)

Osceola HS (Osceola, AR) (0,1)

Palestine-Wheatley HS (Palestine, AR) (0,1)

Paragould HS (Paragould, AR) (0,3)

Paris HS (Paris, AR) (0,2)

Parkers Chapel HS (El Dorado, AR) (0,1)

Parkview HS (Little Rock, AR) (0,2)

Pea Ridge HS (Pea Ridge, AR) (0,1)

Piggott HS (Piggott, AR) (0,1)

Pine Bluff HS (Pine Bluff, AR) (3,24)

Pleasant Grove HS (Pleasant Grove, AR) (0,2)

Pocahontas HS (Pocahontas, AR) (0,1)

Pottsville HS (Pottsville, AR) (0,1)

Prairie Grove HS (Prairie Grove, AR) (2,2)

Providence Academy (Rogers, AR) (0,1)

Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR) (0,2)

Ridgecrest HS (Paragould, AR) (0,1)

Rogers Heritage HS (Rogers, AR) (1,3)

Rogers HS (Rogers, AR) (1,4)

Russellville HS (Russellville, AR) (0,12)

Salem HS (Salem, AR) (0,1)

Searcy HS (Searcy, AR) (2,4)

Sheridan HS (Sheridan, AR) (0,2)

Shiloh Christian HS (Springdale, AR) (0,5)

Sloan-Hendrix HS (Imboden, AR) (0,1)

Smackover HS (Smackover, AR) (0,3)

Southside HS (Fort Smith, AR) (0,5)

Springdale HS (Springdale, AR) (0,1)

Strong HS (Strong, AZ) (0,1)

Stuttgart HS (Stuttgart, AR) (0,2)

Subiaco Academy (Subiaco, AR) (0,1)

Swifton HS (Swifton, AR) (1,1)

Sylvan Hills HS (Sherwood, AR) (2,8)

The Baptist Preparatory School (Little Rock, AR) (0,1)

Tuckerman HS (Tuckerman, AR) (0,1)

University HS (Fayetteville, AR) (0,1)

Valley View HS (Jonesboro, AR) (0,3)

Van Buren HS (Van Buren, AR) (0,2)

Vandervoort HS (Vandervoort, AR) (0,1)

Vilonia HS (Vilonia, AR) (0,1)

Viola HS (Viola, AR) (1,2)

Violet Hill HS (Horseshoe Bend, AR) (0,1)

Walnut Ridge HS (Walnut Ridge, AR) (0,2)

Watson Chapel HS (Pine Bluff, AR) (0,13)

Weiner HS (Weiner, AR) (0,1)

West Fork HS (West Fork, AR) (1,1)

West Memphis HS (West Memphis, AR) (0,2)

White Hall HS (White Hall, AR) (1,3)

Wilbur D. Mills University Studies HS (Little Rock, AR) (0,1)

Woodlawn HS (Woodlawn, AR) (0,2)


A. B. Miller HS (Fontana, CA) (2,12)

Abraham Lincoln HS (Los Angeles, CA) (7,12)

Abraham Lincoln HS (San Diego, CA) (5,29)

Abraham Lincoln HS (San Francisco, CA) (5,14)

Abraham Lincoln HS (San Jose, CA) (1,3)

Acalanes HS (Lafayette, CA) (1,12)

Adolfo Camarillo HS (Camarillo, CA) (6,25)

Agoura HS (Agoura Hills, CA) (1,12)

Alameda HS (Alameda, CA) (12,22)

Albany HS (Albany, CA) (1,7)

Alhambra HS (Alhambra, CA) (4,15)

Alhambra HS (Martinez, CA) (1,10)

Alisal HS (Salinas, CA) (0,2)

Aliso Niguel HS (Aliso Viejo, CA) (2,17)

Alpaugh HS (Alpaugh, CA) (0,1)

Alpha Charter School (Elverta, CA) (0,2)

Alta Loma HS (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) (2,15)

Amador HS (Sutter Creek, CA) (1,3)

Amador Valley HS (Pleasanton, CA) (1,10)

American HS (Fremont, CA) (0,2)

American River HS (Woodland, CA) (1,1)

Amos Alonzo Stagg HS (Stockton, CA) (5,15)

Anaheim HS (Anaheim, CA) (3,14)

Analy HS (Sebastopol, CA) (0,4)

Anderson Union HS (Anderson, CA) (3,9)

Andrew Putnam Hill HS (San Jose, CA) (0,3)

Angelo Rodriguez HS (Fairfield, CA) (1,5)

Ann Sobrato HS (Morgan Hill, CA) (0,1)

Antelope HS (Antelope, CA) (0,2)

Antelope Valley HS (Lancaster, CA) (4,9)

Antioch HS (Antioch, CA) (5,14)

Apple Valley Christian School (Apple Valley, CA) (0,1)

Apple Valley HS (Apple Valley, CA) (2,6)

Aptos HS (Aptos, CA) (1,11)

Aquinas HS (San Bernardino, CA) (0,3)

Aragon HS (San Mateo, CA) (2,7)

Arcadia HS (Arcadia, CA) (6,32)

Arcata HS (Arcata, CA) (3,6)

Archbishop Mitty HS (San Jose, CA) (4,17)

Archbishop Riordan HS (San Francisco, CA) (1,5)

Argonaut HS (Jackson, CA) (0,1)

Arlington HS (Riverside, CA) (4,18)

Armijo HS (Fairfield, CA) (3,14)

Arnold O. Beckman HS (Irvine, CA) (2,11)

Arrowhead Christian Academy (Redlands, CA) (0,1)

Arroyo Grande HS (Arroyo Grande, CA) (0,8)

Arroyo HS (El Monte, CA) (2,9)

Arroyo HS (San Lorenzo, CA) (1,9)

Artesia HS (Lakewood, CA) (2,8)

Arvin HS (Arvin, CA) (1,9)

Ashland HS (Ashland, CA) (0,1)

Atascadero HS (Atascadero, CA) (2,7)

Atwater HS (Atwater, CA) (4,14)

Avenal HS (Avenal, CA) (0,2)

Aviation HS (Redondo Beach, CA) (2,4)

Azusa HS (Azusa, CA) (2,3)

Bakersfield Christian HS (Bakersfield, CA) (0,3)

Bakersfield HS (Bakersfield, CA) (7,26)

Balboa HS (San Francisco, CA) (3,14)

Baldwin Park HS (Baldwin Park, CA) (4,9)

Banning HS (Banning, CA) (2,7)

Barstow HS (Barstow, CA) (1,5)

Bassett HS (La Puente, CA) (0,2)

Bay View HS (San Francisco, CA) (1,1)

Bear River HS (Grass Valley, CA) (0,3)

Beaumont HS (Beaumont, CA) (0,2)

Bell Gardens HS (Bell Gardens, CA) (0,5)

Bell HS (Bell, CA) (10,25)

Bella Vista HS (Fair Oaks, CA) (3,8)

Bellarmine College Preparatory (San Jose, CA) (15,35)

Bellflower HS (Bellflower, CA) (6,15)

Belmont HS (Los Angeles, CA) (2,5)

Benicia HS (Benicia, CA) (1,7)

Berean Christian HS (Walnut Creek, CA) (0,1)

Berkeley HS (Berkeley, CA) (15,39)

Beverly Hills HS (Beverly Hills, CA) (2,15)

Big Bear HS (Big Bear Lake, CA) (0,2)

Big Valley Christian HS (Modesto, CA) (0,2)

Birmingham HS (Los Angeles, CA) (3,18)

Bishop Alemany HS (Mission Hills, CA) (2,24)

Bishop Amat Memorial HS (La Puente, CA) (10,33)

Bishop Armstrong HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,2)

Bishop Garcia Diego HS (Santa Barbara, CA) (0,2)

Bishop HS (Bishop, CA) (0,2)

Bishop Montgomery HS (Torrance, CA) (2,13)

Bishop Mora Salesian HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,2)

Bishop O'Dowd HS (Oakland, CA) (6,17)

Blackford HS (San Jose, CA) (0,2)

Blair HS (Pasadena, CA) (0,5)

Bloomington Christian HS (Bloomington, CA) (0,1)

Bloomington HS (Bloomington, CA) (0,4)

Bolsa Grande HS (Garden Grove, CA) (3,4)

Bonita HS (La Verne, CA) (7,24)

Bonita Vista HS (Chula Vista, CA) (2,12)

Bradshaw Christian HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,1)

Branham HS (San Jose, CA) (1,3)

Brawley Union HS (Brawley, CA) (3,9)

Brea Olinda HS (Brea, CA) (3,11)

Brentwood School (Pacific Palasides, CA) (0,2)

Bret Harte Union HS (Angels Camp, CA) (0,1)

Brethren Christian HS (Huntington Beach, CA) (1,2)

Brethren HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,1)

Buchser HS (Santa Clara, CA) (1,6)

Buena HS (Ventura, CA) (1,14)

Buena Park HS (Buena Park, CA) (1,7)

Buhach Colony HS (Atwater, CA) (2,7)

Bullard HS (Fresno, CA) (5,36)

Bullis Prep HS (Walnut Creek, CA) (0,1)

Burbank HS (Burbank, CA) (4,10)

Burlingame HS (Burlingame, CA) (2,16)

Butte Valley HS (Dorris, CA) (0,1)

Cabrillo HS (Lompoc, CA) (2,9)

Cajon HS (San Bernardino, CA) (2,8)

Calabasas HS (Calabasas, CA) (1,11)

Calexico HS (Calexico, CA) (0,3)

California Connections Academy (San Juan Capistrano, CA) (0,1)

California HS (San Ramon, CA) (0,10)

California HS (Whittier, CA) (1,6)

Calistoga HS (Calistoga, CA) (1,3)

Calvary Chapel HS (Murrieta, CA) (1,2)

Calvary Christian HS (Chula Vista, CA) (0,1)

Calvary Christian School (Vista, CA) (0,1)

Camden HS (San Jose, CA) (1,5)

Campbell Hall School (Studio City, CA) (0,3)

Campbell HS (Campbell, CA) (2,6)

Campolindo HS (Moraga, CA) (6,21)

Canoga Park HS (Canoga Park, CA) (4,16)

Cantwell HS (Monotebello, CA) (0,1)

Canyon Crest Academy (San Diego, CA) (1,5)

Canyon HS (Anaheim, CA) (7,24)

Canyon HS (Santa Clarita, CA) (4,10)

Canyon Springs HS (Moreno Valley, CA) (4,16)

Capistrano Valley Christian School (San Juan Capistrano, CA) (0,3)

Capistrano Valley HS (Mission Viejo, CA) (6,30)

Capital Christian HS (Sacramento, CA) (1,4)

Capuchino HS (San Bruno, CA) (2,6)

Cardinal Newman HS (Santa Rosa, CA) (3,9)

Carlmont HS (Belmont, CA) (0,6)

Carlsbad HS (Carlsbad, CA) (6,17)

Carmel HS (Carmel, CA) (1,6)

Carpinteria HS (Carpinteria, CA) (0,1)

Carson HS (Carson, CA) (4,20)

Caruthers Union HS (Fresno, CA) (0,1)

Casa Grande HS (Petaluma, CA) (3,14)

Casa Roble Fundamental HS (Orangevale, CA) (4,12)

Castle Park HS (Chula Vista, CA) (2,8)

Castlemont HS (Oakland, CA) (7,24)

Castro Valley HS (Castro Valley, CA) (2,11)

Cate School (Carpinteria, CA) (0,1)

Cathedral Catholic HS (San Diego, CA) (3,18)

Cathedral HS (Los Angeles, CA) (1,1)

Centennial HS (Bakersfield, CA) (2,12)

Centennial HS (Compton, CA) (10,33)

Centennial HS (Corona, CA) (1,9)

Center HS (Antelope, CA) (1,1)

Centerville HS (Washington, CA) (1,1)

Central Catholic HS (Modesto, CA) (1,5)

Central HS (Fresno, CA) (2,11)

Central Union HS (El Centro, CA) (0,5)

Central Valley Christian HS (Visalia, CA) (1,1)

Central Valley HS (Ceres, CA) (1,1)

Central Valley HS (Shasta Lake, CA) (1,3)

Ceres HS (Ceres, CA) (0,4)

Cerritos HS (Cerritos, CA) (2,12)

Chaffey HS (Ontario, CA) (3,17)

Chaminade College Preparatory School (West Hills, CA) (3,15)

Channel Islands HS (Oxnard, CA) (2,9)

Chaparral HS (Temecula, CA) (3,7)

Chapman HS (San Diego, CA) (0,1)

Charter Oak HS (Covina, CA) (2,16)

Charter School of San Diego (San Diego, CA) (1,1)

Chatsworth Charter HS (Chatsworth, CA) (12,34)

Chester F. Awalt HS (Mountain View, CA) (0,1)

Chico HS (Chico, CA) (4,11)

Chino Hills HS (Chino Hills, CA) (3,9)

Chino HS (Chino, CA) (2,17)

Chowchilla Union HS (Chowchilla, CA) (0,2)

Christian Brothers HS (Sacramento, CA) (5,21)

Christian HS (El Cajon, CA) (4,8)

Chula Vista HS (Chula Vista, CA) (4,8)

Citrus Valley HS (Redlands, CA) (0,1)

Clairemont HS (San Diego, CA) (5,19)

Claremont HS (Claremont, CA) (3,24)

Clarksburg HS (Clarksburg, CA) (0,1)

Clayton Valley Charter HS (Concord, CA) (3,18)

Cloverdale HS (Cloverdale, CA) (0,4)

Clovis East HS (Clovis, CA) (0,3)

Clovis HS (Clovis, CA) (2,24)

Clovis North HS (Clovis, CA) (0,4)

Clovis West HS (Fresno, CA) (2,19)

Coachella Valley HS (Coachella, CA) (0,8)

Coalinga HS (Coalinga, CA) (0,1)

Coastal Christian School (Arroyo Grande, CA) (0,1)

Colfax HS (Colfax, CA) (0,3)

College Park HS (Pleasant Hill, CA) (1,11)

Colony HS (Ontario, CA) (0,1)

Colton HS (Colton, CA) (4,21)

Colusa HS (Colusa, CA) (0,1)

Commerce HS (San Francisco, CA) (2,7)

Community Harvest Charter School (Los Angeles, CA) (0,1)

Compton HS (Compton, CA) (14,29)

Concord HS (Concord, CA) (0,5)

Concordia HS (Oakland, CA) (0,4)

Corcoran HS (Corcoran, CA) (0,5)

Cordova HS (Rancho Cordova, CA) (12,27)

Corning HS (Corning, CA) (1,2)

Corona del Mar HS (Newport Beach, CA) (3,21)

Corona HS (Corona, CA) (4,19)

Coronado HS (Coronado, CA) (1,6)

Costa Mesa HS (Costa Mesa, CA) (2,9)

Covina HS (Covina, CA) (5,15)

Crawford HS (San Diego, CA) (9,22)

Crean Lutheran HS (Irvine, CA) (0,1)

Crenshaw HS (Los Angeles, CA) (5,25)

Crescent-Iroquois HS (Crescent City, CA) (0,1)

Crescenta Valley HS (La Crescenta, CA) (2,19)

Crespi Carmelite HS (Encino, CA) (7,24)

Crestmoor HS (San Bruno, CA) (0,3)

Crockett HS (San Francisco, CA) (1,1)

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences (Santa Monica, CA) (0,4)

Culver City HS (Culver City, CA) (5,18)

Cupertino HS (Cupertino, CA) (1,7)

Cypress HS (Cypress, CA) (6,18)

Damien HS (La Verne, CA) (5,26)

Dana Hills HS (Dana Point, CA) (5,17)

Danville HS (Danville, CA) (1,1)

David HS (Modesto, CA) (0,1)

Davis HS (Davis, CA) (2,16)

De Anza HS (Richmond, CA) (0,7)

De La Salle HS (Concord, CA) (5,27)

Deep Valley Christian School (Ukiah, CA) (0,1)

Deer Valley HS (Antioch, CA) (0,7)

Del Campo HS (Fair Oaks, CA) (3,6)

Del Mar HS (San Jose, CA) (0,4)

Del Norte HS (Crescent City, CA) (0,1)

Del Oro HS (Loomis, CA) (1,5)

Del Valle Continuation HS (Livermore, CA) (0,1)

Del Valle HS (Walnut Creek, CA) (0,2)

Delano Union HS (Delano, CA) (0,8)

Denair HS (Denair, CA) (0,1)

Desert Christian Academy (Bermuda Dunes, CA) (0,1)

Desert Christian HS (Lancaster, CA) (0,2)

Diamond Bar HS (Diamond Bar, CA) (4,16)

Diamond Ranch HS (Pomona, CA) (0,2)

Dinuba HS (Dinuba, CA) (1,5)

Dixon HS (Dixon, CA) (0,2)

Dominguez HS (Compton, CA) (4,14)

Don Antonio Lugo HS (Chino, CA) (2,18)

Don Bosco Technical Institute (Rosemead, CA) (0,1)

Dos Palos HS (Dos Palos, CA) (2,12)

Dos Pueblos HS (Goleta, CA) (3,10)

Dougherty Valley HS (San Ramon, CA) (0,1)

Downey HS (Downey, CA) (0,12)

Dr. Floyd B. Buchanan HS (Clovis, CA) (4,29)

Duarte HS (Duarte, CA) (1,2)

Dublin HS (Dublin, CA) (0,3)

Dunn School (Los Olivos, CA) (0,2)

Durham HS (Durham, CA) (0,1)

Dwight D. Eisenhower HS (Rialto, CA) (5,20)

Eagle Rock HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,7)

Earl Warren HS (Downey, CA) (4,12)

East Bakersfield HS (Bakersfield, CA) (2,6)

East Nicolaus HS (Nicolaus, CA) (0,3)

East Union HS (Manteca, CA) (0,5)

Eastlake HS (Chula Vista, CA) (3,22)

Eastside HS (Lancaster, CA) (0,2)

Edgewood HS (West Covina, CA) (6,19)

Edison HS (Fresno, CA) (3,22)

Edison HS (Huntington Beach, CA) (11,30)

Edison HS (Stockton, CA) (0,10)

El Cajon Valley HS (El Cajon, CA) (2,12)

El Camino Fundamental HS (Sacramento, CA) (2,10)

El Camino HS (Oceanside, CA) (0,6)

El Camino HS (South San Francisco, CA) (2,8)

El Camino Real HS (Woodland Hills, CA) (8,29)

El Campo HS (Citrus Heights, CA) (0,4)

El Capitan HS (Lakeside, CA) (3,32)

El Centro HS (El Centro, CA) (1,2)

El Cerrito HS (El Cerrito, CA) (7,31)

El Dorado HS (Placentia, CA) (10,43)

El Dorado HS (Placerville, CA) (1,1)

El Modena HS (Orange, CA) (1,17)

El Molino HS (Forestville, CA) (1,4)

El Monte HS (El Monte, CA) (5,14)

El Rancho HS (Pico Rivera, CA) (6,15)

El Segundo HS (El Segundo, CA) (7,27)

El Sobrante HS (El Sobrante, CA) (0,1)

El Toro HS (Lake Forest, CA) (3,24)

Eleanor Roosevelt HS (Eastvale, CA) (0,2)

Elk Grove HS (Elk Grove, CA) (14,38)

Ells HS (Richmond, CA) (5,7)

Ellwood P. Cubberley HS (Palo Alto, CA) (0,1)

Elsie Allen HS (Santa Rosa, CA) (0,1)

Elsinore HS (Wildomar, CA) (2,5)

Emeryville HS (Emeryville, CA) (0,1)

Encina HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,3)

Encinal HS (Alameda, CA) (6,18)

Enterprise HS (Redding, CA) (0,5)

Escalon HS (Escalon, CA) (0,3)

Escondido HS (Escondido, CA) (7,14)

Esperanza HS (Anaheim, CA) (8,37)

Estancia HS (Costa Mesa, CA) (3,5)

Etiwanda HS (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) (3,18)

Eureka HS (Eureka, CA) (0,7)

Excelsior HS (Norwalk, CA) (0,8)

Exeter HS (Exeter, CA) (3,8)

Fairfax HS (Los Angeles, CA) (9,21)

Fairfield HS (Fairfield, CA) (1,8)

Fairmont Prep Academy (Anaheim, CA) (0,3)

Faith Baptist HS (Granada Hills, CA) (0,1)

Fallbrook Union HS (Fallbrook, CA) (4,15)

Fermin Lasuen HS (San Pedro, CA) (0,3)

Ferndale HS (Ferndale, CA) (1,2)

Ferra HS (Gardena, CA) (0,1)

Ferris HS (Nuevo, CA) (0,1)

Fillmore HS (Fillmore, CA) (1,3)

Flintridge Preparatory (La Canada, CA) (0,1)

Florin HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,3)

Folsom HS (Folsom, CA) (3,13)

Fontana HS (Fontana, CA) (5,26)

Foothill HS (Bakersfield, CA) (0,4)

Foothill HS (Foothill, CA) (0,1)

Foothill HS (Highlands, CA) (0,1)

Foothill HS (Palo Cedro, CA) (0,5)

Foothill HS (Pleasanton, CA) (2,11)

Foothill HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,2)

Foothill HS (Santa Ana, CA) (4,24)

Fort Bragg HS (Fort Bragg, CA) (1,2)

Fortuna Union HS (Fortuna, CA) (1,4)

Fountain Valley HS (Fountain Valley, CA) (6,23)

Fowler HS (Fowler, CA) (0,6)

Francis Parker School (San Diego, CA) (3,6)

Franklin County HS (Bowersville, CA) (0,1)

Franklin HS (Elk Grove, CA) (0,7)

Franklin HS (Franklin, CA) (0,1)

Franklin HS (Glendale, CA) (0,1)

Franklin HS (Highland Park, CA) (0,1)

Franklin HS (Los Angeles, CA) (2,6)

Franklin HS (Stockton, CA) (2,4)

Fred C. Beyer HS (Modesto, CA) (1,14)

Freedom HS (Oakley, CA) (1,4)

Fremont Christian HS (Fremont, CA) (0,1)

Fremont HS (Fremont, CA) (0,1)

Fremont HS (Los Angeles, CA) (25,49)

Fremont HS (Oakland, CA) (4,5)

Fremont HS (Sunnyvale, CA) (5,19)

Fresno HS (Fresno, CA) (14,27)

Frontier HS (Bakersfield, CA) (1,3)

Fullerton Union HS (Fullerton, CA) (9,24)

Gabrielino HS (San Gabriel, CA) (0,1)

Galileo HS (San Francisco, CA) (12,25)

Galt HS (Galt, CA) (2,2)

Ganesha HS (Pomona, CA) (3,11)

Garces Memorial HS (Bakersfield, CA) (0,7)

Garden Grove HS (Garden Grove, CA) (4,18)

Gardena HS (Gardena, CA) (4,21)

Garey HS (Pomona, CA) (4,8)

Garfield HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,4)

George Washington HS (Oakland, CA) (0,1)

George Washington Preparatory HS (Los Angeles, CA) (14,27)

Geyserville HS (Geyserville, CA) (0,1)

Gilroy HS (Gilroy, CA) (2,7)

Gladston HS (Azusa, CA) (0,1)

Gladstone HS (Covina, CA) (1,3)

Glen A. Wilson HS (Hacienda Heights, CA) (0,5)

Glendale HS (Glendale, CA) (5,16)

Glendora HS (Glendora, CA) (6,30)

Golden Sierra HS (Garden Valley, CA) (0,1)

Golden Valley HS (Merced, CA) (2,2)

Golden Valley HS (Santa Clarita, CA) (1,3)

Golden West HS (Visalia, CA) (2,13)

Gonzales HS (Gonzales, CA) (0,1)

Grace Brethren HS (Simi Valley, CA) (0,3)

Grace M. Davis HS (Modesto, CA) (2,11)

Granada Hills HS (Granada Hills, CA) (10,24)

Granada HS (Livermore, CA) (2,15)

Granite Bay HS (Granite Bay, CA) (2,16)

Granite Hills HS (Apple Valley, CA) (0,3)

Granite Hills HS (El Cajon, CA) (8,38)

Grant HS (Van Nuys, CA) (3,9)

Grant Union HS (Sacramento, CA) (5,24)

Grass Valley HS (Grass Valley, CA) (1,1)

Great Oak HS (Temecula, CA) (0,19)

Gridley HS (Gridley, CA) (0,1)

Grossmont HS (La Mesa, CA) (8,32)

Grover Cleveland HS (Reseda, CA) (8,27)

Gunn HS (Palo Alto, CA) (0,7)

Gustine HS (Gustine, CA) (1,5)

Half Moon Bay HS (Half Moon Bay, CA) (0,1)

Hamilton HS (Chico, CA) (0,1)

Hamilton HS (Hamilton City, CA) (1,3)

Hamilton HS (Los Angeles, CA) (2,14)

Hanford HS (Hanford, CA) (5,24)

Harbor HS (Santa Cruz, CA) (1,4)

Harvard HS (Studio City, CA) (1,1)

Harvard-Westlake HS (Los Angeles, CA) (7,19)

Hawthorne HS (Hawthorne, CA) (3,9)

Hayward HS (Hayward, CA) (3,15)

Head-Royce School (Oakland, CA) (1,3)

Healdsburg HS (Healdsburg, CA) (0,1)

Helix HS (La Mesa, CA) (6,26)

Hemet HS (Hemet, CA) (1,13)

Herbert Hoover HS (Fresno, CA) (2,19)

Herbert Hoover HS (Glendale, CA) (2,10)

Herbert Hoover HS (San Diego, CA) (11,30)

Heritage HS (Brentwood, CA) (1,4)

Hesperia Christian School (Hesperia, CA) (0,1)

Hesperia HS (Hesperia, CA) (2,8)

High Tech HS (San Diego, CA) (0,1)

Highland HS (Bakersfield, CA) (0,5)

Highland HS (Palmdale, CA) (1,5)

Highlands HS (North Highlands, CA) (2,6)

Hillsdale HS (San Mateo, CA) (0,5)

Hilltop HS (Chula Vista, CA) (6,12)

Hilman HS (Hilman, CA) (0,1)

Hilmar HS (Hilmar, CA) (0,3)

Hiram W. Johnson HS (Sacramento, CA) (2,11)

Hogan HS (Vallejo, CA) (3,14)

Hollister HS (Hollister, CA) (0,1)

Hollywood HS (Los Angeles, CA) (4,12)

Holtville HS (Holtville, CA) (1,3)

Holy Cross HS (Santa Cruz, CA) (0,1)

Homer HS (Lakewood, CA) (0,1)

Homestead HS (Cupertino, CA) (4,10)

Hoopa HS (Hoopa, CA) (0,1)

Horizon Christian HS (San Diego, CA) (0,3)

Hueneme HS (Oxnard, CA) (3,14)

Hughson HS (Hughson, CA) (0,2)

Huntington Beach HS (Huntington Beach, CA) (12,40)

Huntington Park HS (Huntington Park, CA) (0,5)

Immanuel Christian School (Ridgecrest, CA) (0,1)

Immanuel HS (Reedley, CA) (0,2)

Imperial Beach HS (Imperial Beach, CA) (0,1)

Imperial HS (Imperial, CA) (1,4)

Independence HS (San Jose, CA) (0,6)

Indio HS (Indio, CA) (0,4)

Inglewood HS (Inglewood, CA) (3,13)

Irvine HS (Irvine, CA) (1,9)

Irvington HS (Fremont, CA) (2,5)

Jackson HS (Los Angeles, CA) (1,1)

James C. Enochs HS (Modesto, CA) (0,1)

James Lick HS (San Jose, CA) (2,5)

James Marshall HS (West Sacramento, CA) (1,2)

James Monroe HS (North Hills, CA) (7,20)

Jefferson HS (Daly City, CA) (3,8)

Jefferson HS (Los Angeles, CA) (7,18)

Jesse M. Bethel HS (Vallejo, CA) (0,1)

Jesuit HS (Carmichael, CA) (6,31)

Jewish Community HS of the Bay (San Francisco, CA) (0,1)

Johansen HS (Modesto, CA) (0,2)

John Burroughs HS (Burbank, CA) (2,7)

John F. Kennedy HS (Fremont, CA) (3,3)

John F. Kennedy HS (Granada Hills, CA) (9,30)

John F. Kennedy HS (La Palma, CA) (3,13)

John F. Kennedy HS (Richmond, CA) (2,9)

John F. Kennedy HS (Sacramento, CA) (4,16)

John H. Francis Polytechnic HS (Sun Valley, CA) (6,21)

John H. Glenn HS (Norwalk, CA) (1,5)

John H. Pitman HS (Turlock, CA) (1,2)

John Marshall HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,4)

John Muir HS (Pasadena, CA) (2,26)

John Swett HS (Crockett, CA) (0,3)

John W. North HS (Riverside, CA) (4,12)

Jordan HS (Long Beach, CA) (4,26)

Jordan HS (Los Angeles, CA) (3,5)

JSerra Catholic HS (San Juan Capistrano, CA) (2,38)

Julian HS (Julian, CA) (1,2)

Junipero Serra HS (Gardena, CA) (4,15)

Junipero Serra HS (San Diego, CA) (1,2)

Junipero Serra HS (San Mateo, CA) (12,46)

Jurupa Valley HS (Mira Loma, CA) (1,6)

Justin-Siena HS (Napa, CA) (1,2)

Kaiser HS (Fontana, CA) (0,3)

Katella HS (Anaheim, CA) (4,22)

Kearny HS (San Diego, CA) (4,18)

Kennedy HS (Barstow, CA) (1,1)

Kerman HS (Kerman, CA) (0,7)

Kern County Union HS (Bakersfield, CA) (1,2)

Kern Valley HS (Lake Isabella, CA) (0,1)

King City HS (King City, CA) (0,3)

Kingsburg HS (Kingsburg, CA) (1,5)

La Canada HS (La Canada, CA) (1,9)

La Costa Canyon HS (Carlsbad, CA) (2,16)

La Crescenta HS (La Crescenta, CA) (0,1)

La Habra HS (La Habra, CA) (3,16)

La Jolla Academy (La Jolla, CA) (0,1)

La Jolla Country Day School (La Jolla, CA) (2,7)

La Jolla HS (La Jolla, CA) (7,25)

La Mirada HS (La Mirada, CA) (1,21)

La Puente HS (La Puente, CA) (2,9)

La Quinta HS (Westminster, CA) (7,26)

La Serna HS (Whittier, CA) (2,8)

La Sierra HS (Riverside, CA) (1,6)

La Verne HS (La Verne, CA) (2,2)

La Vista HS (Brea, CA) (0,1)

Laguna Beach HS (Laguna Beach, CA) (1,7)

Laguna Creek HS (Elk Grove, CA) (1,6)

Laguna Hills HS (Laguna Hills, CA) (4,15)

Lakeside HS (Lake Elsinore, CA) (0,1)

Lakewood HS (Lakewood, CA) (16,67)

Lampassa HS (Lampassa, CA) (0,1)

Lancaster HS (Lancaster, CA) (0,1)

Las Lomas HS (Walnut Creek, CA) (1,5)

Las Plumas HS (Oroville, CA) (0,1)

LaSalle HS (Pasadena, CA) (1,4)

Lassen HS (Susanville, CA) (1,5)

Laton HS (Laton, CA) (0,1)

Lawndale HS (Lawndale, CA) (1,2)

Laytonville HS (Laytonville, CA) (0,1)

Le Grand HS (Le Grand, CA) (0,1)

Leigh HS (San Jose, CA) (1,8)

Leland HS (San Jose, CA) (2,13)

Lemoore HS (Lemoore, CA) (0,3)

Lennox HS (Lennox, CA) (1,6)

Leuzinger HS (Lawndale, CA) (2,10)

Liberty HS (Bakersfield, CA) (0,13)

Liberty HS (Brentwood, CA) (2,6)

Liberty HS (Madera, CA) (1,2)

Lincoln HS (Lincoln, CA) (1,2)

Lincoln HS (Spring Valley, CA) (0,1)

Lincoln HS (Stockton, CA) (2,16)

Linden HS (Linden, CA) (1,10)

Lindhurst HS (Olivehurst, CA) (0,1)

Lindsay HS (Lindsay, CA) (0,2)

Linfield Christian School (Temecula, CA) (1,5)

Littlerock HS (Littlerock, CA) (1,1)

Live Oak HS (Morgan Hill, CA) (3,10)

Livermore HS (Livermore, CA) (3,7)

Livingston HS (Livingston, CA) (0,3)

Loara HS (Anaheim, CA) (7,23)

Locke HS (Los Angeles, CA) (6,17)

Lodi HS (Lodi, CA) (2,19)

Logan HS (Union City, CA) (1,13)

Loma Linda Academy (Loma Linda, CA) (0,1)

Lompoc HS (Lompoc, CA) (6,16)

Lone Pine HS (Lone Pine, CA) (0,1)

Long Beach HS (Long Beach, CA) (1,2)

Long Beach Polytechnic HS (Long Beach, CA) (19,58)

Los Alamitos HS (Los Alamitos, CA) (9,38)

Los Altos HS (Hacienda Heights, CA) (2,8)

Los Altos HS (Los Altos, CA) (1,11)

Los Amigos HS (Fountain Valley, CA) (0,2)

Los Angeles Baptist HS (North Hills, CA) (0,3)

Los Angeles HS (Los Angeles, CA) (12,24)

Los Banos HS (Los Banos, CA) (0,1)

Los Gatos HS (Los Gatos, CA) (3,24)

Los Osos HS (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) (4,11)

Lowell HS (San Francisco, CA) (6,7)

Lowell HS (Whittier, CA) (0,2)

Loyalton HS (Loyalton, CA) (0,1)

Loyola HS (Los Angeles, CA) (6,33)

Luther Burbank HS (Sacramento, CA) (3,16)

Lutheran HS (Inglewood, CA) (0,2)

Lutheran HS (La Verne, CA) (0,2)

Lynbrook HS (San Jose, CA) (0,1)

Lynwood HS (Lynwood, CA) (10,20)

Madera HS (Madera, CA) (2,13)

Madison HS (San Diego, CA) (3,19)

Maggie HS (Maggie, CA) (0,1)

Magnolia HS (Anaheim, CA) (0,16)

Malibu HS (Malibu, CA) (0,1)

Mammoth HS (Mammoth Lakes, CA) (0,2)

Manteca HS (Manteca, CA) (2,5)

Manual Arts HS (Los Angeles, CA) (8,24)

Manzanita Prep (Palo Alto, CA) (1,1)

Mar Vista HS (Imperial Beach, CA) (1,1)

Maranatha HS (Pasadena, CA) (2,9)

Maria Carillo HS (Santa Rosa, CA) (0,2)

Marian Catholic HS (San Diego, CA) (1,5)

Marian HS (Chula Vista, CA) (0,1)

Marin Academy (San Rafael, CA) (0,1)

Marin Catholic HS (Kentfield, CA) (1,7)

Marina HS (Huntington Beach, CA) (7,32)

Marini HS (Westminster, CA) (0,1)

Mark Keppel HS (Alhambra, CA) (4,6)

Martin Luther King HS (Riverside, CA) (0,10)

Marysville HS (Marysville, CA) (1,6)

Mater Dei Catholic HS (Chula Vista, CA) (0,1)

Mater Dei HS (Santa Ana, CA) (9,60)

Maxwell HS (Maxwell, CA) (0,1)

Mayfair HS (Lakewood, CA) (2,12)

McAteer HS (San Francisco, CA) (1,2)

McClatchy HS (Sacramento, CA) (10,32)

McClymonds HS (Oakland, CA) (13,19)

McFarland HS (McFarland, CA) (0,1)

McKinleyville HS (McKinleyville, CA) (1,2)

McLane HS (Fresno, CA) (1,25)

Memorial HS (Newark, CA) (1,7)

Menlo School (Atherton, CA) (2,8)

Menlo-Atherton HS (Atherton, CA) (1,9)

Merced HS (Merced, CA) (6,20)

Mesa Verde HS (Citrus Heights, CA) (1,1)

Millikan HS (Long Beach, CA) (9,47)

Mills HS (Millbrae, CA) (0,2)

Milpitas HS (Milpitas, CA) (0,1)

Mira Costa HS (Manhattan Beach, CA) (1,18)

Mira Loma HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,3)

Mira Mesa HS (San Diego, CA) (3,13)

Miraleste HS (Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA) (1,4)

Miramonte HS (Orinda, CA) (2,8)

Mission Bay HS (San Diego, CA) (2,27)

Mission College Prep (San Luis Obispo, CA) (0,1)

Mission Hills HS (San Marcos, CA) (1,6)

Mission HS (San Francisco, CA) (8,16)

Mission San Jose HS (Fremont, CA) (3,8)

Mission Viejo HS (Mission Viejo, CA) (5,18)

Modesto Christian HS (Modesto, CA) (1,3)

Modesto HS (Modesto, CA) (1,9)

Monache HS (Porterville, CA) (4,7)

Monrovia HS (Monrovia, CA) (1,8)

Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte HS (Monrovia, CA) (1,1)

Monta Vista HS (Cupertino, CA) (1,16)

Montclair HS (Montclair, CA) (2,8)

Montclair Prep HS (Van Nuys, CA) (3,6)

Monte Vista HS (Danville, CA) (3,10)

Monte Vista HS (Spring Valley, CA) (4,21)

Montebello HS (Montebello, CA) (5,15)

Monterey HS (Monterey, CA) (5,16)

Monterey Union HS (Del Ray Oaks, CA) (0,1)

Montevello HS (Montevello, CA) (0,1)

Montgomery HS (San Diego, CA) (2,14)

Montgomery HS (Santa Rosa, CA) (1,5)

Moorpark HS (Moorpark, CA) (0,10)

Moreau HS (Hayward, CA) (2,6)

Morello Prep HS (Boulder Creek, CA) (0,1)

Moreno Valley HS (Moreno Valley, CA) (1,6)

Morningside HS (Inglewood, CA) (1,7)

Morro Bay HS (Morro Bay, CA) (0,4)

Mount Carmel HS (Los Angeles, CA) (1,3)

Mount Carmel HS (San Diego, CA) (3,17)

Mount Diablo HS (Concord, CA) (1,6)

Mount Eden HS (Hayward, CA) (3,7)

Mount Miguel HS (Spring Valley, CA) (2,11)

Mount Pleasant HS (San Jose, CA) (1,2)

Mount Shasta HS (Mount Shasta, CA) (0,3)

Mount Whitney HS (Visalia, CA) (3,18)

Mountain House HS (Mountain House, CA) (0,1)

Mountain View HS (El Monte, CA) (1,1)

Mountain View HS (Mountain View, CA) (3,9)

Muir Technical (Los Angeles, CA) (1,2)

Murphy HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,1)

Murrieta Mesa HS (Murrieta, CA) (0,1)

Murrieta Valley HS (Murrieta, CA) (3,9)

Napa HS (Napa, CA) (5,19)

Nathaniel Narbonne HS (Harbor City, CA) (7,21)

Needles HS (Needles, CA) (0,3)

Neff HS (La Mirada, CA) (1,4)

Nevada Union HS (Grass Valley, CA) (1,5)

Newark HS (Newark, CA) (0,1)

Newark Memorial HS (Newark, CA) (1,1)

Newbury Park HS (Thousand Oaks, CA) (5,28)

Newport Harbor HS (Newport Beach, CA) (1,15)

Nipomo HS (Nipomo, CA) (1,4)

Nogales HS (La Puente, CA) (3,17)

Norco HS (Norco, CA) (4,17)

Nordhoff HS (Ojai, CA) (1,3)

Norte Del Rio HS (Sacramento, CA) (1,2)

Norte Vista HS (Riverside, CA) (3,15)

North Bakersfield HS (Bakersfield, CA) (2,8)

North Gate HS (Pleasant Hill, CA) (1,1)

North Hollywood HS (North Hollywood, CA) (3,13)

North HS (Highlands, CA) (1,1)

North Monterey County HS (Castroville, CA) (0,3)

North Riverside HS (Riverside, CA) (3,12)

North Salinas HS (Salinas, CA) (0,3)

North Torrance HS (Torrance, CA) (4,17)

Northgate HS (Walnut Creek, CA) (1,6)

Northview HS (Covina, CA) (8,22)

Northwood HS (Irvine, CA) (1,4)

Norwalk HS (Norwalk, CA) (3,5)

Notin HS (Buena Park, CA) (0,1)

Notre Dame HS (Sherman Oaks, CA) (10,44)

Novato HS (Novato, CA) (0,3)

Oak Grove HS (San Jose, CA) (2,5)

Oak Hills HS (Oak Hills, CA) (0,1)

Oak Park HS (Oak Park, CA) (0,4)

Oak Ridge HS (El Dorado Hills, CA) (2,14)

Oakdale HS (Oakdale, CA) (1,6)

Oakland HS (Oakland, CA) (6,19)

Oakland Technical HS (Oakland, CA) (13,32)

Oakmont HS (Roseville, CA) (2,7)

Oaks Christian HS (Westlake, CA) (2,8)

Ocean View HS (Huntington Beach, CA) (6,19)

Oceana HS (Pacifica, CA) (0,1)

Oceanside HS (Oceanside, CA) (4,19)

Ontario HS (Ontario, CA) (1,12)

Orange Glen HS (Escondido, CA) (0,6)

Orange HS (Orange, CA) (0,6)

Orange Lutheran HS (Orange, CA) (4,33)

Orestimba HS (Newman, CA) (0,1)

Orland HS (Orland, CA) (0,2)

Orosi HS (Orosi, CA) (0,1)

Oroville HS (Oroville, CA) (5,7)

Otay Ranch HS (Chula Vista, CA) (0,7)

Overfelt HS (San Jose, CA) (0,3)

Owens Valley HS (Independence, CA) (1,1)

Oxnard HS (Oxnard, CA) (3,12)

Pacific Grove HS (Pacific Grove, CA) (0,6)

Pacific HS (San Bernardino, CA) (0,2)

Pacifica HS (Garden Grove, CA) (2,13)

Palisades Charter HS (Pacific Palisades, CA) (2,18)

Palm Desert HS (Palm Desert, CA) (4,21)

Palm Springs HS (Palm Springs, CA) (3,10)

Palma HS (Salinas, CA) (0,5)

Palmdale HS (Palmdale, CA) (4,20)

Palo Alto HS (Palo Alto, CA) (4,17)

Palo Verde HS (Blythe, CA) (1,2)

Paloma Valley HS (Menifee, CA) (0,2)

Palos Verdes HS (Palos Verdes Estates, CA) (2,10)

Palos Verdes Peninsula HS (Rolling Hills Estates, CA) (2,3)

Paraclete HS (Lancaster, CA) (1,4)

Paramount HS (Paramount, CA) (3,6)

Parry McCleur HS (Buena Vista, CA) (0,1)

Pasadena HS (Pasadena, CA) (9,28)

Paso Robles HS (Paso Robles, CA) (2,9)

Pater Noster HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,1)

Patrick Henry HS (San Diego, CA) (6,27)

Patriot HS (Jurupa Valley, CA) (1,3)

Perris HS (Perris, CA) (1,2)

Petaluma HS (Petaluma, CA) (3,11)

Peterson HS (Sunnyvale, CA) (0,3)

Phelps County HS (Redlands, CA) (0,1)

Phineas Banning HS (Wilmington, CA) (8,14)

Piedmont Hills HS (San Jose, CA) (0,3)

Piedmont HS (Piedmont, CA) (0,3)

Pierce HS (Los Angeles, CA) (1,1)

Piner HS (Santa Rosa, CA) (0,2)

Pinole Valley HS (Pinole, CA) (4,18)

Pioneer HS (San Jose, CA) (1,4)

Pioneer HS (Whittier, CA) (1,5)

Pioneer HS (Woodland, CA) (0,1)

Pioneer Valley HS (Santa Maria, CA) (0,1)

Pittsburg HS (Pittsburg, CA) (2,10)

Pius X HS (Downey, CA) (2,7)

Placer HS (Auburn, CA) (1,8)

Pleasant Grove HS (Elk Grove, CA) (0,7)

Pleasant Hill HS (Pleasant Hill, CA) (1,5)

Pleasant Valley HS (Chico, CA) (2,6)

Point Loma HS (San Diego, CA) (7,24)

Polytechnic HS (Oakland, CA) (1,1)

Polytechnic HS (San Francisco, CA) (3,10)

Polytechnic School (Pasadena, CA) (1,3)

Pomona Catholic HS (Pomona, CA) (1,2)

Pomona HS (Pomona, CA) (5,9)

Ponderosa HS (Shingle Springs, CA) (2,12)

Porterville HS (Porterville, CA) (0,8)

Portola HS (Portola, CA) (0,4)

Poway HS (Poway, CA) (11,34)

Prep HS (Santa Clara, CA) (1,1)

Prospect HS (Saratoga, CA) (0,2)

Providence HS (Burbank, CA) (1,1)

Quartz Hill HS (Quartz Hill, CA) (1,18)

Quincy HS (Quincy, CA) (2,3)

Ramona HS (Ramona, CA) (2,9)

Ramona HS (Riverside, CA) (4,15)

Rancho Alamitos HS (Garden Grove, CA) (2,9)

Rancho Bernardo HS (San Diego, CA) (9,43)

Rancho Buena Vista HS (Vista, CA) (4,17)

Rancho Cotate HS (Rohnert Park, CA) (1,3)

Rancho Cucamonga HS (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) (1,6)

Rancho Verde HS (Moreno Valley, CA) (0,2)

Ravenswood HS (East Palo Alto, CA) (1,2)

Red Bluff HS (Red Bluff, CA) (1,8)

Redlands East Valley HS (Redlands, CA) (3,12)

Redlands HS (Redlands, CA) (4,17)

Redondo Union HS (Redondo Beach, CA) (2,23)

Redwood Christian HS (San Lorenzo, CA) (0,3)

Redwood HS (Larkspur, CA) (2,15)

Redwood HS (Visalia, CA) (5,15)

Reseda HS (Reseda, CA) (4,14)

Rialto HS (Rialto, CA) (3,8)

Richard Gahr HS (Cerritos, CA) (10,33)

Richmond HS (Richmond, CA) (9,23)

Ridgeview HS (Bakersfield, CA) (2,4)

Righetti HS (Santa Maria, CA) (2,15)

Riis HS (Los Angeles, CA) (4,5)

Rim Of The World HS (Lake Arrowhead, CA) (1,2)

Rio Americano HS (Sacramento, CA) (1,9)

Rio Linda HS (Rio Linda, CA) (1,6)

Rio Mesa HS (Oxnard, CA) (3,16)

Rio Vista HS (Rio Vista, CA) (0,1)

Ripon Christian HS (Ripon, CA) (0,1)

Ripon HS (Ripon, CA) (0,1)

River City HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,2)

River Valley HS (Yuba City, CA) (0,2)

Riverbank HS (Modesto, CA) (0,1)

Riverdale HS (Riverdale, CA) (0,1)

Riverside Christian HS (Mira Loma, CA) (0,1)

Riverside HS (Riverside, CA) (3,3)

Riverside Polytechnic HS (Riverside, CA) (13,42)

Rocklin HS (Rocklin, CA) (1,12)

Rodeo HS (Rodeo, CA) (0,1)

Rolling Hills HS (Rolling Hills Estates, CA) (1,9)

Rolling Hills Prep (San Pedro, CA) (2,2)

Roosevelt HS (Oakland, CA) (3,4)

Rosamond HS (Rosamond, CA) (0,1)

Rosemead HS (Rosemead, CA) (1,5)

Roseville HS (Roseville, CA) (1,9)

Rowland HS (Rowland Heights, CA) (2,7)

Royal HS (Simi Valley, CA) (3,22)

Royal Oak HS (Covina, CA) (1,6)

Rubidoux HS (Riverside, CA) (3,12)

Sacramento HS (Sacramento, CA) (16,35)

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (San Francisco, CA) (7,25)

Sacred Heart Preparartory (Atherton, CA) (1,4)

Saddleback HS (Santa Ana, CA) (2,8)

Sage Creek HS (Carlsbad, CA) (0,1)

Salesian College Preparatory (Richmond, CA) (0,3)

Salinas HS (Salinas, CA) (1,14)

Samuel Ayer HS (Milpitas, CA) (1,1)

Samuel F. B. Morse HS (San Diego, CA) (5,15)

San Benito HS (Hollister, CA) (2,6)

San Bernardino HS (San Bernardino, CA) (3,19)

San Carlos HS (San Carlos, CA) (1,6)

San Clemente HS (San Clemente, CA) (2,18)

San Diego HS (San Diego, CA) (15,39)

San Diego Jewish Academy (San Diego, CA) (0,1)

San Dieguito HS Academy (Encinitas, CA) (1,6)

San Dimas HS (San Dimas, CA) (4,16)

San Fernando HS (San Fernando, CA) (8,25)

San Francisco HS (Fairfield, CA) (0,1)

San Gabriel HS (San Gabriel, CA) (3,12)

San Gorgonio HS (San Bernardino, CA) (2,10)

San Jacinto HS (San Jacinto, CA) (0,4)

San Joaquin Memorial HS (Fresno, CA) (2,7)

San Jose Academy (San Jose, CA) (0,1)

San Jose HS (San Jose, CA) (4,8)

San Juan Capistrano HS (San Juan Capistrano, CA) (0,1)

San Juan Hills HS (San Juan Capistrano, CA) (0,5)

San Juan HS (Citrus Heights, CA) (2,9)

San Leandro HS (San Leandro, CA) (4,22)

San Lorenzo HS (San Lorenzo, CA) (3,9)

San Lorenzo Valley HS (Felton, CA) (1,3)

San Luis Obispo HS (San Luis Obispo, CA) (3,21)

San Marcos HS (San Marcos, CA) (0,14)

San Marcos HS (Santa Barbara, CA) (1,6)

San Marin HS (Novato, CA) (2,9)

San Marino HS (San Marino, CA) (1,8)

San Mateo HS (San Mateo, CA) (2,16)

San Pasqual HS (Escondido, CA) (0,6)

San Pedro HS (San Pedro, CA) (7,24)

San Rafael HS (San Rafael, CA) (3,8)

San Ramon Valley HS (Danville, CA) (5,28)

San Ysidro HS (San Diego, CA) (0,4)

Sanger HS (Sanger, CA) (1,4)

Santa Ana HS (Santa Ana, CA) (0,3)

Santa Ana Valley HS (Santa Ana, CA) (3,18)

Santa Barbara Catholic HS (Santa Barbara, CA) (0,2)

Santa Barbara HS (Santa Barbara, CA) (8,22)

Santa Clara HS (Santa Clara, CA) (1,11)

Santa Cruz HS (Santa Cruz, CA) (3,19)

Santa Fe Christian School (Solana Beach, CA) (0,9)

Santa Fe HS (Santa Fe Springs, CA) (2,6)

Santa Margarita Catholic HS (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) (4,31)

Santa Maria HS (Santa Maria, CA) (4,9)

Santa Monica HS (Santa Monica, CA) (12,34)

Santa Paula HS (Santa Paula, CA) (2,4)

Santa Rosa HS (Santa Rosa, CA) (4,12)

Santa Teresa HS (San Jose, CA) (0,9)

Santa Ynez Valley Union HS (Santa Ynez, CA) (2,11)

Santana HS (Santee, CA) (6,25)

Santiago HS (Corona, CA) (2,8)

Santiago HS (Garden Grove, CA) (2,12)

Saratoga HS (Saratoga, CA) (2,8)

Saugus HS (Saugus, CA) (4,15)

Savanna HS (Anaheim, CA) (7,15)

Scotts Valley HS (Scotts Valley, CA) (2,4)

Scripps Ranch HS (San Diego, CA) (1,10)

Segerstrom HS (Santa Ana, CA) (0,2)

Selma HS (Selma, CA) (3,7)

Senator Ruben S. Ayala HS (Chino Hills, CA) (2,13)

Sequoia HS (Redwood City, CA) (5,14)

Serra HS (Compton, CA) (0,1)

Serra HS (Hawthorne, CA) (0,1)

Serra HS (Lawndale, CA) (0,1)

Serra HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,1)

Serramonte HS (Daly City, CA) (0,2)

Serrano HS (Phelan, CA) (0,7)

Servite HS (Anaheim, CA) (9,39)

Shadow Hills HS (Indio, CA) (2,2)

Shafter HS (Shafter, CA) (0,3)

Shasta HS (Redding, CA) (0,10)

Sheldon HS (Sacramento, CA) (1,4)

Sherman E. Burroughs HS (Ridgecrest, CA) (1,6)

Sierra Canyon School (Los Angeles, CA) (0,3)

Sierra HS (Manteca, CA) (0,1)

Sierra HS (Tollhouse, CA) (0,3)

Sierra HS (Whittier, CA) (1,10)

Silver Creek HS (San Jose, CA) (1,5)

Silverado HS (Victorville, CA) (0,2)

Simi Valley HS (Simi Valley, CA) (7,32)

Sir Francis Drake HS (San Anselmo, CA) (1,7)

Skyline HS (Oakland, CA) (3,14)

Solana Beach HS (Solana Beach, CA) (0,1)

Soledad HS (Soledad, CA) (0,2)

Sonoma HS (Sonoma, CA) (2,3)

Sonoma Valley HS (Sonoma, CA) (3,6)

Sonora HS (Brea, CA) (1,1)

Sonora HS (La Habra, CA) (1,12)

Sonora HS (Sonora, CA) (1,5)

Soquel HS (Soquel, CA) (3,13)

South City HS (San Francisco, CA) (0,1)

South El Monte HS (South El Monte, CA) (0,1)

South Gate HS (South Gate, CA) (5,9)

South Hills HS (West Covina, CA) (8,37)

South HS (Bakersfield, CA) (1,7)

South HS (Torrance, CA) (3,15)

South Pasadena HS (South Pasadena, CA) (2,4)

South San Francisco HS (South San Francisco, CA) (0,12)

South Tahoe HS (South Lake Tahoe, CA) (0,1)

Southern California Christian HS (Orange, CA) (1,1)

Southwest HS (El Centro, CA) (0,1)

Southwest HS (San Diego, CA) (0,1)

St. Agnes HS (Los Angeles, CA) (0,1)

St. Anthony HS (Long Beach, CA) (3,10)

St. Augustine HS (San Diego, CA) (5,27)

St. Bernard HS (Playa del Rey, CA) (5,18)

St. Bernard's HS (Eureka, CA) (1,3)

St. Bonaventure HS (Ventura, CA) (2,8)

St. Elizabeth HS (Oakland, CA) (5,15)

St. Francis HS (La Canada, CA) (5,17)

St. Francis HS (Mountain View, CA) (7,35)

St. Francis HS (Watsonville, CA) (0,1)

St. Genevieve HS (Reseda, CA) (1,3)

St. Helena HS (St. Helena, CA) (0,1)

St. Ignatius College Preparatory (San Francisco, CA) (5,18)

St. James HS (Parkside, CA) (0,1)

St. John Bosco HS (Bellflower, CA) (4,31)

St. Joseph HS (Alameda, CA) (0,5)

St. Joseph HS (Santa Maria, CA) (2,6)

St. Joseph's Notre Dame (Alameda, CA) (1,2)

St. Margaret's HS (San Juan Capistrano, CA) (0,1)

St. Mary's College HS (Albany, CA) (1,5)

St. Mary's HS (Berkeley, CA) (1,2)

St. Mary's HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (St. Mary's, CA) (1,1)

St. Mary's HS (Stockton, CA) (5,20)

St. Michael's College Prep HS (San Jose, CA) (0,1)

St. Patrick's HS (Vallejo, CA) (1,2)

St. Patrick-St. Vincent HS (Vallejo, CA) (0,1)

St. Paul HS (Santa Fe Springs, CA) (5,10)

St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Monterey Park, CA) (0,1)

St. Vincent's HS (Los Angeles, CA) (1,1)

St. Vincent's HS (Petaluma, CA) (0,1)

St. Vincent's HS (Vallejo, CA) (2,4)

Steele Canyon HS (Spring Valley, CA) (1,3)

Stevenson HS (Carmel, CA) (0,2)

Stockdale HS (Bakersfield, CA) (1,6)

Stockton HS (Stockton, CA) (3,5)

Stuart Hall HS (San Francisco, CA) (0,1)

Suisan City HS (Suisan City, CA) (1,1)

Sultana HS (Hesperia, CA) (0,4)

Summerville HS (Tuolumne, CA) (0,1)

Sunny Hills HS (Fullerton, CA) (2,12)

Sunnyside HS (Fresno, CA) (0,1)

Sunnyvale HS (Sunnyvale, CA) (0,1)

Sunset HS (Hayward, CA) (1,3)

Susan Miller Dorsey HS (Los Angeles, CA) (10,22)

Sutter HS (Sutter, CA) (0,3)

Sweetwater HS (National City, CA) (2,14)

Sylmar HS (Sylmar, CA) (2,14)

Taft Union HS (Taft, CA) (0,4)

Tahquitz HS (Hemet, CA) (0,1)

Tamalpais HS (Mill Valley, CA) (4,13)

Tehachapi HS (Tehachapi, CA) (0,5)

Temecula Valley HS (Temecula, CA) (2,19)

Temescal Canyon HS (Lake Elsinore, CA) (0,7)

Temple City HS (Temple City, CA) (2,9)

Templeton HS (Templeton, CA) (0,1)

Tennyson HS (Hayward, CA) (1,2)

Terra Linda HS (San Rafael, CA) (2,7)

Terra Nova HS (Pacifica, CA) (3,10)

Tesoro HS (Las Flores, CA) (1,9)

The Athenian School (Danville, CA) (0,1)

The Bishop's School (La Jolla, CA) (1,1)

The Branson School (Ross, CA) (0,1)

The Buckley School (Los Angeles, CA) (0,1)

The Harker School (San Jose, CA) (0,1)

The King's Academy (Sunnyvale, CA) (1,2)

Theodore Roosevelt HS (Fresno, CA) (5,20)

Theodore Roosevelt HS (Los Angeles, CA) (5,10)

Thomas Downey HS (Modesto, CA) (5,12)

Thousand Oaks HS (Thousand Oaks, CA) (10,33)

Tokay HS (Lodi, CA) (2,8)

Tomales HS (Tomales, CA) (0,1)

Torrance HS (Torrance, CA) (10,28)

Torrey Pines HS (San Diego, CA) (4,23)

Trabuco Hills HS (Mission Viejo, CA) (2,10)

Tracy HS (Tracy, CA) (1,6)

Trinity HS (Weaverville, CA) (0,1)

Troy HS (Fullerton, CA) (7,21)

Truckee HS (Truckee, CA) (0,1)

Tulare Union HS (Tulare, CA) (3,14)

Tulare Western HS (Tulare, CA) (1,3)

Turlock HS (Turlock, CA) (6,21)

Tustin HS (Tustin, CA) (5,22)

Twentynine Palms HS (Twentynine Palms, CA) (0,1)

U.S. Naval Academy Prep School HS (San Diego, CA) (0,1)

Ukiah HS (Ukiah, CA) (0,6)

University City HS (San Diego, CA) (2,5)

University HS (Irvine, CA) (1,3)

University HS (Los Angeles, CA) (5,15)

University HS (San Diego, CA) (5,16)

University HS (San Francisco, CA) (1,1)

Upland Christian HS (Upland, CA) (0,1)

Upland HS (Upland, CA) (6,25)

Vacaville Christian HS (Vacaville, CA) (0,1)

Vacaville HS (Vacaville, CA) (5,25)

Valencia HS (Placentia, CA) (1,6)

Valencia HS (Santa Clarita, CA) (3,20)

Valhalla HS (El Cajon, CA) (3,19)

Vallejo HS (Vallejo, CA) (4,26)

Valley Center HS (Valley Center, CA) (0,2)

Valley Christian Academy (Santa Maria, CA) (0,1)

Valley Christian HS (Cerritos, CA) (2,3)

Valley Christian HS (Lakewood, CA) (0,1)

Valley Christian HS (Roseville, CA) (1,1)

Valley Christian HS (San Jose, CA) (0,16)

Valley HS (Sacramento, CA) (1,2)

Valley HS (Santa Ana, CA) (0,1)

Valley View HS (Moreno Valley, CA) (2,8)

Van Nuys HS (Van Nuys, CA) (2,3)

Vanden HS (Fairfield, CA) (1,11)

Vasquez HS (Acton, CA) (0,1)

Venice HS (Los Angeles, CA) (9,23)

Ventura HS (Ventura, CA) (4,18)

Verbum Dei HS (Los Angeles, CA) (1,8)

Verdugo Hills HS (Sunland, CA) (3,10)

Victor Valley HS (Victorville, CA) (0,9)

Viewpoint School (Calabasas, CA) (0,1)

Villa Park HS (Villa Park, CA) (4,20)

Village Christian School (Los Angeles, CA) (0,1)

Vintage HS (Napa, CA) (1,11)

Visalia HS (Visalia, CA) (3,4)

Vista del Lago HS (Folsom, CA) (0,2)

Vista del Lago HS (Moreno Valley, CA) (0,1)

Vista HS (Vista, CA) (2,17)

Vista Murrieta HS (Murrieta, CA) (0,9)

Vista West HS (Bakersfield, CA) (0,1)

Walnut HS (Walnut, CA) (2,8)

Wasco HS (Wasco, CA) (1,7)

Washington HS (Fremont, CA) (3,6)

Washington HS (San Francisco, CA) (2,8)

Washington Union HS (Fresno, CA) (2,8)

Watsonville HS (Watsonville, CA) (1,4)

West Campus HS (Sacramento, CA) (0,2)

West Covina HS (West Covina, CA) (4,20)

West Hills HS (Santee, CA) (1,6)

West HS (Bakersfield, CA) (1,6)

West HS (Torrance, CA) (4,26)

West Ranch HS (Santa Clarita, CA) (1,7)

West Valley HS (Cottonwood, CA) (0,2)

West Valley HS (Hemet, CA) (0,1)

Westchester HS (Los Angeles, CA) (8,36)

Western HS (Anaheim, CA) (2,6)

Western HS (Buena Park, CA) (0,10)

Western HS (Los Alamitos, CA) (0,2)

Western HS (Rossmore, CA) (0,1)

Westlake HS (Westlake Village, CA) (6,33)

Westminster HS (Westminster, CA) (3,14)

Westmont HS (Campbell, CA) (2,5)

Westmoor HS (Daly City, CA) (1,5)

Westview HS (San Diego, CA) (0,7)

Wheatland Union HS (Wheatland, CA) (1,1)

Whittier Christian HS (La Habra, CA) (0,6)

Whittier HS (Whittier, CA) (1,7)

Wilcox HS (Santa Clara, CA) (3,13)

Will C. Wood HS (Vacaville, CA) (3,8)

William Howard Taft Charter HS (Woodland Hills, CA) (7,20)

William J. Knight HS (Palmdale, CA) (0,3)

William S. Hart HS (Santa Clarita, CA) (14,37)

Willits HS (Willits, CA) (0,1)

Willow Glen HS (San Jose, CA) (0,8)

Willows HS (Willows, CA) (0,4)

Wilmer Amina Carter HS (Rialto, CA) (0,2)

Wilson HS (Los Angeles, CA) (2,9)

Wilson HS (San Francisco, CA) (0,1)

Windsor HS (Windsor, CA) (0,3)

Windward School (Los Angeles, CA) (1,4)

Winters HS (Winters, CA) (2,4)

Wood HS (Berkeley, CA) (2,2)

Woodbridge HS (Irvine, CA) (0,3)

Woodcreek HS (Roseville, CA) (1,11)

Woodcrest Christian HS (Riverside, CA) (1,7)

Woodlake HS (Woodlake, CA) (1,2)

Woodland HS (Woodland, CA) (4,15)

Woodrow Wilson HS (Long Beach, CA) (20,78)

Woodside HS (Woodside, CA) (1,5)

Workman HS (La Puente, CA) (0,4)

Yale School (Los Angeles, CA) (1,1)

Yerba Buena HS (San Jose, CA) (0,2)

Ygnacio Valley HS (Concord, CA) (3,8)

Yorba Linda HS (Yorba Linda, CA) (0,2)

Yosemite HS (Oakhurst, CA) (2,6)

Yreka Union HS (Yreka, CA) (4,5)

Yuba City HS (Yuba City, CA) (2,13)

Yucaipa HS (Yucaipa, CA) (6,24)

Yucca Valley HS (Yucca Valley, CA) (1,3)


Abraham Lincoln HS (Denver, CO) (2,4)

Air Academy HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (1,3)

Alameda HS (Lakewood, CO) (0,1)

Arapahoe HS (Littleton, CO) (0,5)

Arvada HS (Arvada, CO) (0,2)

Arvada West HS (Arvada, CO) (1,16)

Aurora Central HS (Aurora, CO) (3,9)

Bayfield HS (Bayfield, CO) (0,3)

Bear Creek HS (Lakewood, CO) (1,3)

Bent County HS (Las Animas, CO) (0,1)

Berthoud HS (Berthoud, CO) (0,3)

Boulder HS (Boulder, CO) (0,11)

Brighton HS (Brighton, CO) (1,6)

Broomfield HS (Broomfield, CO) (1,10)

Brush HS (Brush, CO) (0,1)

Buena Vista HS (Buena Vista, CO) (0,2)

Burlington HS (Burlington, CO) (0,1)

Canon City HS (Canon City, CO) (0,1)

Castle View HS (Castle Rock, CO) (0,1)

Centaurus HS (Lafayette, CO) (0,1)

Centennial HS (Pueblo, CO) (1,2)

Central HS (Grand Junction, CO) (0,2)

Central HS (Pueblo, CO) (1,3)

Chaparral HS (Parker, CO) (0,7)

Chatfield HS (Littleton, CO) (2,8)

Cherokee Trail HS (Aurora, CO) (0,5)

Cherry Creek HS (Greenwood Village, CO) (9,35)

Cheyenne Mountain HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (2,3)

Colorado Academy (Denver, CO) (0,1)

Colorado Springs Christian School (Colorado Springs, CO) (0,1)

Colorado Springs HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (0,2)

Columbine HS (Littleton, CO) (1,10)

Coronado HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (0,1)

Cortez HS (Cortez, CO) (0,1)

Cripple Creek-Victor HS (Cripple Creek, CO) (0,1)

Dakota Ridge HS (Littleton, CO) (1,7)

Delta HS (Delta, CO) (0,1)

Denver Christian School (Lakewood, CO) (1,1)

Denver HS (Denver, CO) (0,1)

Douglas County HS (Castle Rock, CO) (0,10)

Durango HS (Durango, CO) (1,7)

Eaglecrest HS (Aurora, CO) (0,2)

East HS (Denver, CO) (4,7)

Eaton HS (Eaton, CO) (0,10)

Elizabeth HS (Elizabeth, CO) (0,1)

Englewood HS (Englewood, CO) (1,6)

Erie HS (Erie, CO) (0,2)

Evergreen HS (Evergreen, CO) (2,2)

Fairview HS (Boulder, CO) (3,14)

Faith Baptist School (Longmont, CO) (0,1)

Faith Christian Academy (Arvada, CO) (2,3)

Fort Collins HS (Fort Collins, CO) (0,5)

Fossil Ridge HS (Fort Collins, CO) (1,3)

Fountain-Fort Carson HS (Fountain, CO) (1,2)

Fowler HS (Fowler, CO) (1,1)

Fruita HS (Fruita, CO) (0,1)

Fruita Monument HS (Fruita, CO) (2,10)

Gateway HS (Aurora, CO) (0,2)

George Washington HS (Denver, CO) (0,2)

Golden HS (Golden, CO) (3,7)

Grand Junction HS (Grand Junction, CO) (1,14)

Grandview HS (Aurora, CO) (2,8)

Greeley Central HS (Greeley, CO) (1,3)

Greeley West HS (Greeley, CO) (1,5)

Green Mountain HS (Lakewood, CO) (0,2)

Gunnison Valley HS (Gunnison, CO) (0,1)

Haxtun HS (Haxton, CO) (0,1)

Heritage HS (Littleton, CO) (2,18)

Highlands Ranch HS (Highlands Ranch, CO) (2,10)

Holy Family HS (Denver, CO) (0,2)

Idalia HS (Idalia, CO) (0,1)

Ignacio HS (Ignacio, CO) (0,1)

Iver C. Ranum HS (Denver, CO) (0,2)

John F. Kennedy HS (Denver, CO) (1,3)

Kent Denver School (Cherry Hills Village, CO) (0,1)

La Junta HS (La Junta, CO) (2,5)

Lakewood HS (Lakewood, CO) (0,4)

Lamar HS (Lamar, CO) (3,8)

Legacy HS (Broomfield, CO) (1,4)

Legend HS (Parker, CO) (1,11)

Lewis-Palmer HS (Monument, CO) (0,5)

Liberty HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (0,2)

Limon HS (Limon, CO) (0,1)

Littleton HS (Littleton, CO) (0,2)

Longmont HS (Longmont, CO) (1,2)

Louisville HS (Louisville, CO) (1,1)

Loveland HS (Loveland, CO) (1,5)

Lutheran HS (Parker, CO) (0,1)

Manitou Springs HS (Manitou Springs, CO) (0,1)

Manual HS (Denver, CO) (1,2)

Mead HS (Longmont, CO) (0,1)

Moffat County HS (Craig, CO) (1,2)

Monarch HS (Louisville, CO) (0,3)

Montbello HS (Denver, CO) (0,1)

Montezuma-Cortez HS (Cortez, CO) (0,1)

Montrose HS (Montrose, CO) (0,2)

Mountain View HS (Loveland, CO) (0,2)

Mountain Vista HS (Highlands Ranch, CO) (1,9)

Mullen HS (Denver, CO) (4,13)

Niwot HS (Niwot, CO) (0,7)

North HS (Denver, CO) (1,5)

Northglenn HS (Northglenn, CO) (1,8)

Northridge HS (Greeley, CO) (0,1)

Ouray HS (Ouray, CO) (1,1)

Overland HS (Aurora, CO) (1,5)

Palmer Ridge HS (Monument, CO) (0,1)

Pine Creek HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (0,5)

Pomona HS (Arvada, CO) (0,6)

Ponderosa HS (Parker, CO) (2,7)

Poudre HS (Fort Collins, CO) (0,1)

Pueblo County HS (Pueblo, CO) (0,3)

Pueblo East HS (Pueblo, CO) (1,4)

Pueblo HS (Pueblo, CO) (0,2)

Ralston Valley HS (Arvada, CO) (1,8)

Rampart HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (1,2)

Rangeview HS (Aurora, CO) (0,2)

Regis Jesuit HS (Aurora, CO) (2,27)

Resurrection Christian School (Loveland, CO) (0,1)

Roaring Fork HS (Carbondale, CO) (0,1)

Rock Canyon HS (Littleton, CO) (0,5)

Rocky Mountain HS (Fort Collins, CO) (2,11)

Roncalli HS (Pueblo, CO) (0,2)

Roy J. Wasson HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (1,4)

Rye HS (Rye, CO) (0,2)

Salida HS (Salida, CO) (1,2)

Sheridan HS (Denver, CO) (0,1)

Silver Creek HS (Longmont, CO) (0,1)

Skyline HS (Longmont, CO) (0,2)

Skyview HS (Thornton, CO) (0,1)

Smoky Hill HS (Aurora, CO) (0,5)

South HS (Denver, CO) (1,6)

South HS (Pueblo, CO) (0,5)

Standley Lake HS (Westminster, CO) (0,2)

State Preparatory School (Boulder, CO) (1,1)

Sterling HS (Sterling, CO) (0,2)

Thomas B. Doherty HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (0,2)

Thomas Jefferson HS (Denver, CO) (3,11)

ThunderRidge HS (Highlands Ranch, CO) (0,5)

Trinidad HS (Trinidad, CO) (0,1)

Valor Christian HS (Highlands Ranch, CO) (0,8)

Vona HS (Vona, CO) (0,1)

West HS (Denver, CO) (1,1)

Westminster HS (Westminster, CO) (1,1)

Wheat Ridge HS (Wheat Ridge, CO) (0,4)

William C. Hinkley HS (Aurora, CO) (1,7)

William J. Palmer HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (2,2)

William Mitchell HS (Colorado Springs, CO) (1,1)

Windsor HS (Windsor, CO) (0,3)


Albert I. Prince Technical HS (Hartford, CT) (0,1)

Aldershot HS (Burlington, CT) (0,2)

Amity Regional HS (Woodbridge, CT) (0,8)

Ansonia HS (Ansonia, CT) (0,6)

Avon HS (Avon, CT) (0,1)

Avon Old Farms School (Avon, CT) (2,23)

Bacon Academy (Colchester, CT) (1,3)

Bassick HS (Bridgeport, CT) (2,4)

Berlin HS (Berlin, CT) (4,11)

Bethel HS (Bethel, CT) (1,6)

Branford HS (Branford, CT) (1,5)

Bridgeport HS (Bridgeport, CT) (2,3)

Brien McMahon HS (Norwalk, CT) (1,5)

Bristol Central HS (Bristol, CT) (0,3)

Bristol Eastern HS (Bristol, CT) (1,6)

Brunswick HS (Riverside, CT) (0,6)

Bulkeley HS (Hartford, CT) (1,9)

Canterbury School (New Milford, CT) (0,3)

Canton HS (Canton, CT) (0,1)

Central Catholic HS (Norwalk, CT) (0,1)

Central HS (Bridgeport, CT) (2,8)

Chapman Technical HS (New London, CT) (1,5)

Cheshire Academy (Cheshire, CT) (1,8)

Cheshire HS (Cheshire, CT) (1,4)

Choate Rosemary Hall (Wallingford, CT) (2,8)

Clarence Fulton HS (Vernon, CT) (0,1)

Coginchaug Regional HS (Durham, CT) (0,2)

Conard HS (West Hartford, CT) (1,2)

Connery HS (Cheshire, CT) (1,1)

Coventry HS (Coventry, CT) (0,1)

CREC Civic Leadership HS (Enfield, CT) (0,1)

Crosby HS (Waterbury, CT) (0,4)

Danbury HS (Danbury, CT) (0,3)

Daniel Hand HS (Madison, CT) (0,2)

Darien HS (Darien, CT) (1,5)

Derby HS (Derby, CT) (0,1)

East Catholic HS (Manchester, CT) (0,3)

East Granby HS (East Granby, CT) (0,1)

East Hampton HS (East Hampton, CT) (0,1)

East Hartford HS (East Hartford, CT) (0,3)

East Haven HS (East Haven, CT) (0,3)

East Lyme HS (East Lyme, CT) (2,6)

Edgewood HS (Greenwich, CT) (0,1)

Edwin O. Smith HS (Storrs, CT) (0,1)

Ellington HS (Ellington, CT) (0,1)

Enfield HS (Enfield, CT) (1,8)

Enrico Fermi HS (Enfield, CT) (0,2)

Fairfield College Preparatory School (Fairfield, CT) (1,4)

Fairfield HS (Fairfield, CT) (0,3)

Fairfield Ludlowe HS (Fairfield, CT) (0,2)

Fairfield Warde HS (Fairfield, CT) (0,2)

Farmington HS (Farmington, CT) (1,3)

Francis T. Maloney HS (Meriden, CT) (0,2)

Frank Scott Bunnell HS (Stratford, CT) (0,3)

George Penney HS (East Hartford, CT) (0,2)

Glastonbury HS (Glastonbury, CT) (0,1)

Granby Memorial HS (Granby, CT) (0,1)

Greens Farms Academy (Westport, CT) (0,1)

Greenwich HS (Greenwich, CT) (2,17)

Griswold HS (Lisbon, CT) (1,1)

Guilford HS (Guilford, CT) (1,5)

Gunnery HS (Cheshire, CT) (2,4)

Haddam-Killingworth HS (Higganum, CT) (0,1)

Hamden Hall Country Day School (Hamden, CT) (1,4)

Hamden HS (Hamden, CT) (0,8)

Hartford Public HS (Hartford, CT) (3,12)

Hillhouse HS (New Haven, CT) (0,7)

Holy Cross HS (Waterbury, CT) (0,1)

Hopkins School (New Haven, CT) (0,2)

Housatonic Valley Regional HS (Falls Village, CT) (2,4)

Howell Cheney Technical HS (Manchester, CT) (0,2)

J. M. Wright Technical HS (Stamford, CT) (1,2)

Joel Barlow HS (Redding, CT) (1,2)

John Fitch HS (Windsor, CT) (0,1)

Jonathan Law HS (Milford, CT) (0,2)

Joseph A. Foran HS (Milford, CT) (0,3)

Kent School (Kent, CT) (0,1)

Killingly HS (Danielson, CT) (1,2)

King School (Stamford, CT) (0,2)

Kingswood Oxford School (West Hartford, CT) (0,1)

LaSalle Academy HS (Hartford, CT) (0,1)

Leavenworth HS (Waterbury, CT) (1,3)

Ledyard HS (Ledyard, CT) (0,2)

Litchfield HS (Litchfield, CT) (0,1)

Lyman Hall HS (Wallingford, CT) (1,3)

Lyme-Old Lyme HS (Old Lyme, CT) (0,2)

Manchester HS (Manchester, CT) (1,3)

Marianapolis Preparatory School (Thompson, CT) (0,1)

Mark T. Sheehan HS (Wallingford, CT) (0,1)

Masuk HS (Monroe, CT) (0,2)

Meriden HS (Meriden, CT) (1,4)

Middletown HS (Middletown, CT) (1,2)

Milford Academy (Glastonbury, CT) (0,3)

Milford HS (Milford, CT) (0,1)

Montville HS (Oakdale, CT) (0,5)

Nathan Hale-Ray HS (Moodus, CT) (0,1)

Naugatuck HS (Naugatuck, CT) (2,5)

New Britain HS (New Britain, CT) (0,7)

New Canaan HS (New Canaan, CT) (1,3)

New Fairfield HS (New Fairfield, CT) (0,1)

New Haven HS (New Haven, CT) (2,3)

New London HS (New London, CT) (2,9)

New Milford HS (New Milford, CT) (0,2)

Newington HS (Newington, CT) (0,4)

Newtown HS (Newtown, CT) (0,1)

North Branford HS (North Branford, CT) (0,1)

North Haven HS (North Haven, CT) (1,4)

Northwest Catholic HS (West Hartford, CT) (0,3)

Northwestern Regional HS (Winsted, CT) (0,2)

Norwalk HS (Norwalk, CT) (1,8)

Norwich Free Academy (Norwich, CT) (5,9)

Notre Dame Catholic HS (Fairfield, CT) (0,1)

Notre Dame HS (Bridgeport, CT) (0,9)

Notre Dame HS (West Haven, CT) (0,5)

Plainfield HS (Central Village, CT) (1,3)

Plainville HS (Plainville, CT) (1,7)

Platt Technical HS (Meriden, CT) (0,2)

Portland HS (Portland, CT) (0,2)

Pulaski HS (New Britain, CT) (0,1)

Putnam HS (Putnam, CT) (0,2)

Raymond HS (Raymond, CT) (0,1)

RHAM HS (Hebron, CT) (1,2)

Ridgefield HS (Ridgefield, CT) (0,1)

Rippowam HS (Stamford, CT) (1,2)

River Glen HS (Red Deer County, CT) (0,1)

Robert E. Fitch HS (Groton, CT) (2,8)

Rockville HS (Vernon, CT) (0,5)

Rocky Hill HS (Rocky Hill, CT) (0,2)

Sacred Heart HS (Waterbury, CT) (2,6)

Salisbury School (Salisbury, CT) (2,15)

Seymour HS (Seymour, CT) (0,3)

Sheenan HS (Wellingford, CT) (0,1)

Shelton HS (Huntington, CT) (0,5)

Shepaug Valley HS (Washington, CT) (2,4)

Simsbury HS (Simsbury, CT) (0,7)

Smith HS (Mansfield, CT) (0,1)

South Catholic HS (Hartford, CT) (1,1)

South Windsor HS (South Windsor, CT) (0,4)

Southington HS (Southington, CT) (6,17)

St. Basil's Preparatory School (Stamford, CT) (0,1)

St. Bernard School (Montville, CT) (1,8)

St. Joseph's HS (Thompson, CT) (0,1)

St. Joseph's HS (Trumbull, CT) (0,4)

St. Luke's School (New Canaan, CT) (0,2)

St. Mary's HS (Greenwich, CT) (1,1)

St. Paul HS (Bristol, CT) (0,1)

St. Thomas More School (Oakdale, CT) (1,3)

Stamford Catholic HS (Stamford, CT) (0,6)

Stamford HS (Stamford, CT) (1,14)

Staples HS (Westport, CT) (0,7)

Stratford HS (Stratford, CT) (1,6)

Suffield Academy (Suffield, CT) (0,9)

Suffield HS (West Suffeld, CT) (0,4)

Taft HS (Watertown, CT) (1,2)

The Gilbert School (Winsted, CT) (0,3)

The Hotchkiss School (Lakeville, CT) (1,4)

The Loomis Chaffee School (Windsor, CT) (5,10)

The Morgan School (Clinton, CT) (1,2)

Thomas S. Weaver HS (Hartford, CT) (0,1)

Thomaston HS (Thomaston, CT) (0,1)

Tilbury District HS (Tilbury, CT) (0,1)

Tolland HS (Tolland, CT) (0,1)

Torrington HS (Torrington, CT) (1,9)

Tourtellotte Memorial HS (North Grosvenordale, CT) (0,4)

Trumbull HS (Trumbull, CT) (2,7)

Valley Regional HS (Deep River, CT) (1,1)

Vinal Technical HS (Middletown, CT) (0,1)

Wamogo Regional HS (Litchfield, CT) (0,1)

Warren Harding HS (Bridgeport, CT) (2,6)

Washington HS (Washington, CT) (0,1)

Waterford HS (Waterford, CT) (0,6)

Watertown HS (Watertown, CT) (1,2)

West Haven HS (West Haven, CT) (1,6)

Westhill HS (Stamford, CT) (0,4)

Westminster School (Simsbury, CT) (0,1)

Wethersfield HS (Wethersfield, CT) (0,2)

Wheeler HS (North Stonington, CT) (0,1)

Wilbur Cross HS (New Haven, CT) (0,3)

Wilby HS (Waterbury, CT) (0,2)

William Hall HS (West Hartford, CT) (0,3)

Wilson HS (Middletown, CT) (2,4)

Wilton HS (Wilton, CT) (0,2)

Windham HS (Willimantic, CT) (0,5)

Windsor HS (Windsor, CT) (1,2)

Windsor Locks HS (Windsor Locks, CT) (0,2)

Wolcott HS (Wolcott, CT) (0,3)

Wooster School (Danbury, CT) (0,1)

Xavier HS (Middletown, CT) (1,4)


Appoquinimink HS (Middletown, DE) (0,1)

Archmere Academy (Claymont, DE) (0,3)

Brandywine HS (Wilmington, DE) (0,2)

Brown Vocational HS (Wilmington, DE) (0,1)

Caesar Rodney HS (Camden, DE) (2,5)

Cape Henlopen HS (Lewes, DE) (1,6)

Caravel Academy (Bear, DE) (1,6)

Claymont HS (Claymont, DE) (0,2)

Concord HS (Wilmington, DE) (0,2)

Delaware City HS (Delaware City, DE) (0,1)

Delaware Military Academy (Wilmington, DE) (0,2)

Delcastle Technical HS (Wilmington, DE) (1,3)

Delmar HS (Delmar, DE) (0,2)

Dickinson HS (Wilmington, DE) (1,4)

Dover HS (Dover, DE) (0,7)

Dupont HS (Wilmington, DE) (0,6)

Georgetown HS (Georgetown, DE) (1,1)

Glasgow HS (Newark, DE) (0,3)

Henry C. Conrad HS (Wilmington, DE) (1,5)

Howard HS (Wilmington, DE) (2,3)

Indian River HS (Frankford, DE) (0,1)

John Bassett Moore HS (Smyrna, DE) (0,1)

John M. Clayton HS (Dagsboro, DE) (0,1)

Laurel HS (Laurel, DE) (0,2)

Middletown HS (Middletown, DE) (2,9)

Milford HS (Milford, DE) (0,6)

Mount Pleasant HS (Wilmington, DE) (0,1)

Newark Academy (Newark, DE) (1,1)

Newark HS (Newark, DE) (4,10)

Red Lion Christian Academy (Bear, DE) (0,1)

Rehoboth Beach HS (Rehoboth Beach, DE) (0,1)

Salesianum HS (Wilmington, DE) (1,18)

Seaford HS (Seaford, DE) (2,5)

Smyrna HS (Smyrna, DE) (0,1)

St. Elizabeth HS (New Castle, DE) (0,1)

St. Mark's HS (Wilmington, DE) (2,13)

Sussex Central HS (Georgetown, DE) (0,1)

The Tatnall School (Wilmington, DE) (0,2)

Thomas McKean HS (Wilmington, DE) (0,2)

Townsend HS (Townsend, DE) (1,1)

Wesley Collegiate Academy (Dover, DE) (1,1)

William Penn HS (New Castle, DE) (3,9)

Wilmington HS (Wilmington, DE) (1,4)

Woodbridge HS (Bridgeville, DE) (0,1)

District of Columbia

Anacostia HS (Washington, DC) (0,1)

Archbishop Carroll HS (Washington, DC) (0,1)

Armstrong Technical HS (Washington, DC) (2,2)

Calvin Coolidge HS (Washington, DC) (0,3)

Cardozo HS (Washington, DC) (1,1)

Central HS (Washington, DC) (1,3)

Eastern HS (Washington, DC) (1,3)

Gonzaga College HS (Washington, DC) (1,8)

Howard D. Woodson HS (Washington, DC) (0,1)

Maret HS (Washington, DC) (0,1)

McKinley Tech HS (Washington, DC) (2,5)

Monroe HS (Washington, DC) (1,1)

Phelps Vocational HS (Washington, DC) (1,2)

Roosevelt HS (Washington, DC) (1,2)

Spingarn HS (Washington, DC) (1,3)

St. Albans School (Washington, DC) (2,4)

St. John's College HS (Washington, DC) (1,20)

Washington HS (Washington, DC) (2,2)

Western HS (Washington, DC) (1,3)

Woodrow Wilson HS (Washington, DC) (1,4)

Woodward Prep (Washington, DC) (0,1)


A. Crawford Mosley HS (Lynn Haven, FL) (6,25)

A. P. Leto HS (Tampa, FL) (1,9)

A3 Academy (Tampa, FL) (0,2)

All Saints Academy (Lakeland, FL) (0,1)

All Saints Academy (Winter Haven, FL) (2,3)

Allen D. Nease HS (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) (2,7)

American Heritage HS (Delray Beach, FL) (3,17)

American Heritage HS (Plantation, FL) (9,44)

American HS (Miami, FL) (1,23)

American Senior HS (Hialeah, FL) (3,7)

Amos P. Godby HS (Tallahassee, FL) (2,6)

Andrew Jackson HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,7)

Apopka HS (Apopka, FL) (3,27)

Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll HS (The Hammocks, FL) (0,3)

Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame HS (Miami, FL) (0,4)

Archbishop McCarthy HS (Southwest Ranches, FL) (4,26)

Arlington Country Day School (Jacksonville, FL) (2,10)

Armwood HS (Seffner, FL) (2,14)

Arnold HS (Arnold, FL) (0,1)

Astronaut HS (Titusville, FL) (0,6)

Atlantic Coast HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,2)

Atlantic Community HS (Delray Beach, FL) (2,15)

Atlantic HS (Boynton Beach, FL) (1,1)

Auburndale HS (Auburndale, FL) (1,11)

Aucilla Christian HS (Monticello, FL) (0,1)

Avant Garde Academy (Hollywood, FL) (0,2)

Avon Park HS (Avon Park, FL) (2,9)

Baker County HS (Glen St. Mary, FL) (0,4)

Baker HS (Baker, FL) (0,2)

Baldwin HS (Baldwin, FL) (0,1)

Barbara Goleman HS (Miami, FL) (0,3)

Barron Collier HS (Naples, FL) (1,16)

Bartow HS (Bartow, FL) (0,11)

Bartram Trail HS (St. Johns, FL) (1,9)

Bay HS (Panama City, FL) (1,16)

Bayside HS (Palm Bay, FL) (1,2)

Belen Jesuit Preparatory (Miami, FL) (2,12)

Belleview HS (Belleview, FL) (0,2)

Berkeley Preparatory School (Tampa, FL) (0,9)

Bishop Barry HS (St. Petersburg, FL) (2,4)

Bishop Kenny HS (Jacksonville, FL) (7,19)

Bishop McLaughlin Catholic HS (Spring Hill, FL) (2,4)

Bishop Moore HS (Orlando, FL) (2,28)

Bishop Snyder HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,2)

Bishop Verot HS (Fort Myers, FL) (4,14)

Blanche Ely HS (Pompano Beach, FL) (1,3)

Bloomingdale HS (Valrico, FL) (1,15)

Blountstown HS (Blountstown, FL) (0,1)

Boca Ciega HS (Gulfport, FL) (1,7)

Boca Raton Community HS (Boca Raton, FL) (3,10)

Booker HS (Sarasota, FL) (0,5)

Booker T. Washington HS (Miami, FL) (0,2)

Booker T. Washington HS (Pensacola, FL) (3,7)

Bozeman HS (Panama City, FL) (0,1)

Braden River HS (Bradenton, FL) (0,3)

Bradenton HS (Bradenton, FL) (1,3)

Bradford County HS (Starke, FL) (0,3)

Brandon HS (Brandon, FL) (6,35)

Braulio Alonso HS (Tampa, FL) (3,15)

Brito Miami Private School (Miami, FL) (2,21)

Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate HS (Tampa, FL) (0,5)

Brooksville Central HS (Brooksville, FL) (0,1)

C. Leon King HS (Tampa, FL) (4,36)

Calusa Preparatory School (Miami, FL) (0,6)

Calvary Christian Academy (Ormond Beach, FL) (1,1)

Calvary Christian HS (Clearwater, FL) (0,16)

Calvary Christian HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (2,18)

Cambridge Christian HS (Tampa, FL) (0,2)

Campbell HS (Daytona Beach, FL) (0,2)

Canterbury School (Fort Myers, FL) (0,9)

Cape Coral HS (Cape Coral, FL) (1,6)

Cardinal Gibbons HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (2,21)

Cardinal Mooney Catholic HS (Sarasota, FL) (2,14)

Cardinal Newman HS (West Palm Beach, FL) (2,12)

Carol City HS (Miami Gardens, FL) (3,13)

Celebration HS (Celebration, FL) (0,1)

Central Catholic HS (Melbourne, FL) (0,7)

Central Florida Christian Academy (Ocoee, FL) (1,1)

Central Florida Christian Academy (Orlando, FL) (1,1)

Central HS (Port Pierce, FL) (0,1)

Central Pointe Christian Academy (Kissimmee, FL) (0,3)

Century HS (Century, FL) (0,2)

Chamberlain HS (Tampa, FL) (3,17)

Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School (Hollywood, FL) (0,12)

Champagnat Catholic HS (Hialeah, FL) (1,8)

Charles W. Flanagan HS (Pembroke Pines, FL) (2,16)

Charlotte HS (Punta Gorda, FL) (4,11)

Chattahoochee HS (Chattahoochee, FL) (1,2)

Chiefland HS (Chiefland, FL) (1,1)

Chipley HS (Chipley, FL) (0,3)

Choctawhatchee HS (Fort Walton Beach, FL) (1,8)

Christian HS (Jacksonville, FL) (1,1)

Christian HS (Panama City, FL) (0,1)

Christopher Columbus HS (Miami, FL) (11,60)

Citrus HS (Inverness, FL) (0,2)

City of Life Christian Academy (Kissimmee, FL) (0,1)

Clay HS (Green Cove Springs, FL) (3,9)

Clearwater Central Catholic HS (Clearwater, FL) (2,19)

Clearwater HS (Clearwater, FL) (3,28)

Clermont HS (Clermont, FL) (0,2)

Clewiston HS (Clewiston, FL) (0,1)

Cocoa Beach HS (Cocoa Beach, FL) (1,3)

Cocoa HS (Cocoa, FL) (0,8)

Coconut Creek HS (Coconut Creek, FL) (2,7)

Colonial HS (Orlando, FL) (2,12)

Columbia HS (Lake City, FL) (1,5)

Community School of Naples (Naples, FL) (0,1)

Continental Academy (Coral Gables, FL) (0,1)

Cookman Institute (Jacksonville, FL) (1,1)

Cooper City HS (Cooper City, FL) (1,17)

Coral Gables HS (Coral Gables, FL) (11,23)

Coral Glades HS (Coral Springs, FL) (0,2)

Coral Park HS (Miami, FL) (7,31)

Coral Reef HS (Miami, FL) (0,2)

Coral Shores HS (Islamorada, FL) (0,3)

Coral Springs Charter School (Coral Springs, FL) (1,3)

Coral Springs Christian Academy (Coral Springs, FL) (1,4)

Coral Springs HS (Coral Springs, FL) (2,10)

Countryside HS (Clearwater, FL) (1,12)

Creekside HS (St. Johns, FL) (0,1)

Crescent City HS (Crescent City, FL) (0,2)

Crestview HS (Crestview, FL) (2,6)

Crooms Academy (Sanford, FL) (0,1)

Crystal River HS (Crystal River, FL) (1,6)

Cypress Bay HS (Weston, FL) (0,7)

Cypress Creek HS (Orlando, FL) (0,6)

Cypress Lake HS (Fort Myers, FL) (0,4)

Cypress Lodes HS (Cape Coral, FL) (0,1)

Dade Christian HS (Miami, FL) (0,6)

Deerfield Beach HS (Deerfield Beach, FL) (2,6)

DeFuniak Springs HS (DeFuniak Springs, FL) (1,1)

DeLand HS (DeLand, FL) (4,22)

Delray Beach HS (Delray Beach, FL) (0,1)

Deltona HS (Deltona, FL) (3,9)

DeSoto County HS (Arcadia, FL) (0,2)

Dillard HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (0,1)

Dixie Hollins HS (St. Petersburg, FL) (3,11)

Doral Academy Preparatory School (Doral, FL) (0,13)

Dr. Michael M. Krop HS (Miami, FL) (0,2)

Dr. Phillips HS (Orlando, FL) (4,34)

Duncan U. Fletcher HS (Neptune Beach, FL) (2,8)

Dunedin HS (Dunedin, FL) (2,39)

Dunnellon HS (Dunnellon, FL) (0,6)

Durant HS (Plant City, FL) (2,9)

E. O. Douglas HS (Sebring, FL) (1,1)

Eagle's View Academy (Jacksonville, FL) (1,4)

East Bay HS (Gibsonton, FL) (0,5)

East Lake HS (Tarpon Springs, FL) (3,20)

East Ridge HS (Clermont, FL) (0,5)

Eastside HS (Gainesville, FL) (0,2)

Eau Gallie HS (Melbourne, FL) (3,19)

Edgewater HS (Orlando, FL) (1,22)

Edward H. White HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,1)

Elev8 Sports Academy (Delray Beach, FL) (0,3)

Elite Squad Baseball Academy (Pembroke Pines, FL) (0,2)

Englewood HS (Jacksonville, FL) (3,17)

Episcopal HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,11)

Ernest Ward HS (Walnut Hill, FL) (0,1)

ESB Academy (Pembroke Pines, FL) (0,3)

Escambia HS (Pensacola, FL) (5,23)

Estero HS (Estero, FL) (1,6)

Euclid HS (Volusia County, FL) (1,1)

Eustis HS (Eustis, FL) (2,12)

Evangelical Christian School (Fort Myers, FL) (0,1)

F. W. Buchholz HS (Gainesville, FL) (2,18)

F. W. Springstead HS (Spring Hill, FL) (0,3)

Faith Baptist Christian School (Brandon, FL) (0,5)

Father Lopez HS (Deltona, FL) (0,1)

Felix Varela HS (Miami, FL) (1,3)

Fernandina Beach HS (Fernandina Beach, FL) (1,16)

First Coast HS (Jacksonville, FL) (1,7)

Fivay HS (Hudson, FL) (0,1)

Flagler Palm Coast HS (Palm Coast, FL) (0,4)

Fleming Island HS (Orange Park, FL) (0,5)

Florida Air Academy HS (Melbourne, FL) (2,12)

Florida Bible Christian HS (Sunrise, FL) (0,2)

Florida Christian School (Miami, FL) (1,26)

Florida HS (Tallahassee, FL) (2,11)

Florida State University School (Tallahassee, FL) (0,2)

Florida Virtual School (Orlando, FL) (0,8)

Forest Hill HS (West Palm Beach, FL) (2,21)

Forest HS (Ocala, FL) (3,17)

Fort Lauderdale HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (1,7)

Fort Meade HS (Fort Meade, FL) (1,5)

Fort Myers HS (Fort Myers, FL) (2,11)

Fort Pierce Central HS (Fort Pierce, FL) (2,7)

Fort Pierce Westwood HS (Fort Pierce, FL) (1,1)

Fort Walton Beach HS (Fort Walton Beach, FL) (1,7)

Fort White HS (Fort White, FL) (0,2)

Foundation Academy (Winter Garden, FL) (0,1)

Freedom HS (Orlando, FL) (0,3)

Freedom HS (Tampa, FL) (0,2)

Frostproof HS (Frostproof, FL) (0,3)

G. Holmes Braddock HS (Miami, FL) (3,15)

Gainesville HS (Gainesville, FL) (2,8)

Gateway HS (Kissimmee, FL) (1,4)

George Jenkins HS (Lakeland, FL) (2,14)

George M. Steinbrenner HS (Lutz, FL) (0,6)

Gibbs HS (St. Petersburg, FL) (3,8)

Glades Central HS (Belle Glade, FL) (0,1)

Glades Day School (Belle Glade, FL) (0,2)

Gonzalez Tate HS (Pensacola, FL) (6,29)

Graceville HS (Graceville, FL) (0,2)

Grand Ridge HS (Cypress, FL) (0,1)

Grandview Preparatory School (Boca Raton, FL) (2,2)

Greensboro HS (Quincy, FL) (0,1)

Groveland HS (Groveland, FL) (1,1)

Gulf Breeze HS (Gulf Breeze, FL) (1,5)

Gulf Coast HS (Naples, FL) (0,9)

Gulf HS (New Port Richey, FL) (0,2)

Gulliver Preparatory School (Pinecrest, FL) (4,29)

H. B. Plant HS (Tampa, FL) (10,38)

Haines City HS (Haines City, FL) (2,8)

Hallandale HS (Hallandale Beach, FL) (0,1)

Hardee HS (Wauchula, FL) (0,1)

Harmony HS (Harmony, FL) (0,2)

Heritage Christian HS (Kissimmee, FL) (0,1)

Hernando HS (Brooksville, FL) (3,12)

Hialeah Gardens HS (Hialeah Gardens, FL) (0,1)

Hialeah HS (Hialeah, FL) (8,38)

Hialeah-Miami Lakes HS (Hialeah, FL) (3,13)

High Springs HS (High Springs, FL) (1,1)

Highlands Christian HS (Pompano Beach, FL) (0,4)

Hillsborough HS (Tampa, FL) (11,49)

Hollywood Christian HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (0,1)

Hollywood Hills HS (Hollywood, FL) (2,5)

Hollywood HS (Hollywood, FL) (0,1)

Holmes County HS (Bonifay, FL) (0,1)

Holy Name HS (Lake Worth, FL) (3,3)

Holy Trinity HS (Melbourne, FL) (0,1)

Home School (Orlando, FL) (0,1)

Homestead HS (Homestead, FL) (0,1)

Hudson HS (Hudson, FL) (0,2)

Ida Baker HS (Cape Coral, FL) (0,2)

IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) (6,92)

Immaculata-LaSalle HS (Miami, FL) (0,7)

Inspiration Academy (Bradenton, FL) (0,5)

Island Coast HS (Cape Coral, FL) (0,3)

J. M. Tate HS (Cantonment, FL) (0,8)

J. W. Mitchell HS (New Port Richey, FL) (3,10)

Jacksonville HS (Jacksonville, FL) (1,1)

James S. Rickards HS (Tallahassee, FL) (1,2)

Jay HS (Jay, FL) (0,1)

Jean Ribault HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,5)

Jensen Beach HS (Jensen Beach, FL) (1,7)

Jesuit HS (Tampa, FL) (13,61)

John A. Ferguson HS (Miami, FL) (1,4)

John Carroll Catholic HS (Fort Pierce, FL) (1,17)

John I. Leonard HS (Greenacres, FL) (6,18)

John Kennedy HS (Riviera Beach, FL) (0,1)

Jones HS (Orlando, FL) (1,4)

Jupiter Christian HS (Jupiter, FL) (0,2)

Jupiter Community HS (Jupiter, FL) (4,29)

Justice HS (Justice, FL) (1,1)

Kathleen HS (Lakeland, FL) (0,4)

Keller HS (Keller, FL) (0,1)

Key West HS (Key West, FL) (5,33)

Keystone Heights HS (Keystone Heights, FL) (0,3)

La Progresiva HS (Miami, FL) (0,1)

LaBelle HS (LaBelle, FL) (1,5)

Lafayette HS (Mayo, FL) (2,4)

Lake Brantley HS (Altamonte Springs, FL) (9,49)

Lake Gibson HS (Lakeland, FL) (2,8)

Lake Highland Preparatory School (Orlando, FL) (0,8)

Lake Howell HS (Winter Park, FL) (2,16)

Lake Mary HS (Lake Mary, FL) (1,30)

Lake Minneola HS (Minneola, FL) (0,3)

Lake Nona HS (Orlando, FL) (0,1)

Lake Region HS (Eagle Lake, FL) (1,3)

Lake Wales HS (Lake Wales, FL) (4,22)

Lake Weir HS (Ocala, FL) (1,3)

Lake Worth Christian HS (Boynton Beach, FL) (1,1)

Lake Worth Community HS (Lake Worth, FL) (2,16)

Lakeland Christian School (Lakeland, FL) (0,9)

Lakeland HS (Lakeland, FL) (6,27)

Lakeview HS (Winter Garden, FL) (0,1)

Lakewood HS (St. Petersburg, FL) (1,11)

Lakewood Ranch HS (Bradenton, FL) (3,14)

Land O'Lakes HS (Land O'Lakes, FL) (4,14)

Landon HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,1)

Largo HS (Largo, FL) (1,7)

Laurel Hill HS (Laurel Hill, FL) (0,1)

Lawton Chiles HS (Tallahassee, FL) (0,6)

Leesburg HS (Leesburg, FL) (0,6)

Lehigh HS (Lehigh Acres, FL) (1,4)

Lely HS (Naples, FL) (0,2)

Lemon Bay HS (Englewood, FL) (0,1)

Lennard HS (Ruskin, FL) (0,1)

Leon HS (Tallahassee, FL) (1,15)

Liberty County HS (Bristol, FL) (2,5)

Liberty HS (Kissimmee, FL) (0,1)

Lincoln HS (Tallahassee, FL) (3,16)

Lincoln Park Academy (Fort Pierce, FL) (0,7)

Live Oak HS (Live Oak, FL) (1,2)

Loxahatchee HS (Loxahatchee, FL) (0,1)

Lyman HS (Longwood, FL) (2,15)

Maclay HS (Tallahassee, FL) (0,6)

Madison County HS (Madison, FL) (1,9)

Mainland HS (Daytona Beach, FL) (0,9)

Manatee HS (Bradenton, FL) (3,21)

Mandarin HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,6)

Marathon HS (Marathon, FL) (0,1)

Marianna HS (Marianna, FL) (1,7)

Mariner HS (Cape Coral, FL) (2,7)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS (Parkland, FL) (5,39)

Martin County HS (Stuart, FL) (2,23)

Mater Academy Charter School (Hialeah, FL) (1,9)

Mater Lakes Academy (Hialeah, FL) (0,1)

Maynard Evans HS (Orlando, FL) (0,4)

McArthur HS (Hollywood, FL) (0,7)

McCarthy HS (Fort Pierce, FL) (0,2)

McKeel Academy of Technology (Lakeland, FL) (0,4)

Melbourne HS (Melbourne, FL) (1,9)

Merritt Island HS (Merritt Island, FL) (3,20)

Miami Beach HS (Miami Beach, FL) (0,8)

Miami Central HS (Miami, FL) (1,5)

Miami Christian School (Miami, FL) (0,16)

Miami Edison HS (Miami, FL) (2,10)

Miami Jackson HS (Miami, FL) (5,20)

Miami Killian HS (Miami, FL) (4,29)

Miami Norland HS (Miami, FL) (1,9)

Miami Northwestern HS (Miami, FL) (1,5)

Miami Palmetto HS (Pinecrest, FL) (4,24)

Miami Senior HS (Miami, FL) (8,42)

Miami Southridge HS (Miami, FL) (7,47)

Miami Springs HS (Miami Springs, FL) (1,22)

Miami Sunset HS (Miami, FL) (1,8)

Miami Technical HS (Miami, FL) (0,1)

Mickens HS (Dade City, FL) (0,1)

Middleburg HS (Middleburg, FL) (1,8)

Middleton HS (Tampa, FL) (1,8)

Milton HS (Milton, FL) (0,7)

Miramar HS (Miramar, FL) (0,5)

Monroe HS (Cocoa, FL) (0,1)

Monroe HS (Quincy, FL) (0,1)

Monsignor Edward Pace HS (Miami Gardens, FL) (9,46)

Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL) (2,15)

Moore Academy (Dade City, FL) (1,1)

Moore Haven HS (Moore Haven, FL) (0,1)

Mount Dora HS (Mount Dora, FL) (0,6)

Naples HS (Naples, FL) (2,10)

Nathan B. Forrest HS (Jacksonville, FL) (1,6)

Nature Coast Technical HS (Brooksville, FL) (0,2)

Navarre HS (Navarre, FL) (0,1)

Neptune Beach HS (Neptune Beach, FL) (1,1)

New Smyrna Beach HS (New Smyrna Beach, FL) (0,6)

Newberry HS (Newberry, FL) (0,4)

Newsome HS (Lithia, FL) (0,9)

Niceville HS (Niceville, FL) (1,17)

North Broward Preparatory School (Coconut Creek, FL) (1,16)

North Florida Christian HS (Tallahassee, FL) (3,16)

North Fort Myers HS (North Fort Myers, FL) (4,9)

North Marion HS (Citra, FL) (0,6)

North Miami Beach HS (North Miami Beach, FL) (1,3)

North Miami HS (North Miami, FL) (2,11)

North Port HS (North Port, FL) (0,2)

North Shore HS (West Palm Beach, FL) (0,2)

Northeast HS (Oakland Park, FL) (1,6)

Northeast HS (St. Petersburg, FL) (4,21)

Northside Christian School (St. Petersburg, FL) (1,6)

Northview HS (Century, FL) (0,2)

Northwest Christian HS (North Miami Beach, FL) (0,4)

Nova HS (Davie, FL) (5,18)

Oak Hall School (Gainesville, FL) (1,6)

Oak Ridge HS (Orlando, FL) (0,5)

Oakleaf HS (Orange Park, FL) (0,1)

Ocala HS (Ocala, FL) (0,2)

Ocoee HS (Ocoee, FL) (0,6)

Okeechobee HS (Okeechobee, FL) (1,5)

Olympia HS (Orlando, FL) (3,21)

Olympic Heights Community HS (Boca Raton, FL) (0,2)

Orange Park HS (Orange Park, FL) (0,5)

Orangewood Christian HS (Maitland, FL) (2,14)

Orlando HS (Orlando, FL) (0,1)

Osceola HS (Kissimmee, FL) (2,17)

Osceola HS (Seminole, FL) (0,5)

Out-of-Door Academy (Sarasota, FL) (0,3)

Oviedo HS (Oviedo, FL) (3,30)

Oxbridge Academy (West Palm Beach, FL) (0,1)

P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School (Gainesville, FL) (1,4)

Pace HS (Pace, FL) (3,25)

Palatka HS (Palatka, FL) (1,16)

Palatka South HS (Palatka, FL) (1,1)

Palm Bay HS (Melbourne, FL) (0,5)

Palm Beach Central HS (Wellington, FL) (3,14)

Palm Beach Gardens HS (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) (5,30)

Palm Beach HS (Palm Beach, FL) (1,5)

Palm Beach HS (West Palm Beach, FL) (4,8)

Palm Beach Lakes HS (West Palm Beach, FL) (0,10)

Palm Harbor University HS (Palm Harbor, FL) (0,9)

Palmer Trinity School (Palmetto Bay, FL) (0,2)

Palmetto HS (Palmetto, FL) (0,3)

Palmetto Ridge HS (Naples, FL) (0,2)

Panama City HS (Panama City, FL) (1,1)

Paolo Prep Academy (Hypoluxo, FL) (0,2)

Park Vista Community HS (Lake Worth, FL) (3,13)

Pasco HS (Dade City, FL) (1,15)

Paul J. Hagerty HS (Oviedo, FL) (4,17)

Paul R. Wharton HS (Tampa, FL) (0,9)

Paxon HS (Jacksonville, FL) (1,8)

Paxton HS (Paxton, FL) (0,1)

Pedro Menendez HS (St. Augustine, FL) (0,2)

Pembroke Pines Charter HS (Pembroke Pines, FL) (1,5)

Pensacola Catholic HS (Pensacola, FL) (3,19)

Pensacola HS (Pensacola, FL) (4,16)

Perry HS (Perry, FL) (1,1)

Pierson HS (Pierson, FL) (0,1)

Pine Castle Christian Academy (Pine Castle, FL) (0,1)

Pine Crest HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (1,5)

Pine Forest HS (Pensacola, FL) (1,11)

Pine Ridge HS (Deltona, FL) (0,1)

Pinellas HS (Clearwater, FL) (0,1)

Pinellas Park HS (Largo, FL) (1,3)

Piper HS (Sunrise, FL) (0,1)

Plant City HS (Plant City, FL) (1,16)

Plantation HS (Plantation, FL) (3,13)

Poinciana HS (Kissimmee, FL) (0,3)

Pompano Beach HS (Pompano Beach, FL) (1,4)

Ponce de Leon HS (Miami, FL) (1,1)

Ponte Vedra HS (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) (0,2)

Port Charlotte HS (Port Charlotte, FL) (2,4)

Port St. Joe HS (Port St. Joe, FL) (1,6)

Port St. Lucie HS (Port St. Lucie, FL) (3,15)

Providence School of Jacksonville (Jacksonville, FL) (1,7)

Ransom Everglades HS (Miami, FL) (1,3)

Reborn Christian Academy (Kissimmee, FL) (0,1)

Ridge Community HS (Davenport, FL) (0,5)

Ridgewood HS (New Port Richey, FL) (1,5)

River Ridge HS (New Port Richey, FL) (1,5)

Riverdale HS (Fort Myers, FL) (3,9)

Riverview HS (Riverview, FL) (2,13)

Riverview HS (Sarasota, FL) (6,37)

Riviera Beach HS (Riviera Beach, FL) (0,3)

Riviera Preparatory School (Miami, FL) (0,1)

Robert E. Lee HS (Jacksonville, FL) (1,10)

Rockledge HS (Rockledge, FL) (1,12)

Ronald Reagan HS (Hialeah, FL) (0,1)

Rosenwald HS (Panama City, FL) (0,1)

Royal Palm Beach Community HS (Royal Palm Beach, FL) (3,10)

Rutherford HS (Panama City, FL) (2,7)

Sagemont HS (Weston, FL) (0,3)

Sandalwood HS (Jacksonville, FL) (7,20)

Santa Fe Catholic HS (Lakeland, FL) (2,5)

Santa Fe HS (Alachua, FL) (2,9)

Santaluces Community HS (Lantana, FL) (4,15)

Sarasota HS (Sarasota, FL) (17,79)

Satellite HS (Satellite Beach, FL) (1,10)

Seabreeze HS (Daytona Beach, FL) (1,15)

Seacrest HS (Naples, FL) (0,1)

Sebastian River HS (Sebastian, FL) (1,5)

Sebring HS (Sebring, FL) (3,16)

Seffner Christian Academy (Seffner, FL) (0,1)

Seminole HS (Sanford, FL) (3,16)

Seminole HS (Seminole, FL) (7,40)

Seminole Ridge HS (Loxahatchee, FL) (0,3)

Seven Rivers Christian School (Lecanto, FL) (0,1)

Shanks HS (Quincy, FL) (0,5)

Shorecrest Preparatory School (St. Petersburg, FL) (0,2)

Somerset Academy (Pembroke Pines, FL) (0,4)

South Broward HS (Hollywood, FL) (6,13)

South Dade HS (Homestead, FL) (1,11)

South Fork HS (Stuart, FL) (0,7)

South Fort Myers HS (Fort Myers, FL) (0,1)

South Lake HS (Groveland, FL) (1,6)

South Miami HS (Miami, FL) (2,11)

South Plantation HS (Plantation, FL) (1,5)

South Sumter HS (Bushnell, FL) (0,2)

South Walton HS (Santa Rosa Beach, FL) (0,1)

Southeast HS (Bradenton, FL) (1,2)

Southwest Florida Christian Academy (Fort Myers, FL) (0,1)

Southwest Miami HS (Miami, FL) (8,32)

Southwestern HS (DeLeon Springs, FL) (0,1)

Spanish River Community HS (Boca Raton, FL) (1,7)

Spoto HS (Riverview, FL) (0,1)

Spring Hill HS (Spring Hill, FL) (1,1)

Spruce Creek HS (Port Orange, FL) (2,13)

St. Anthony Catholic School (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (0,1)

St. Augustine HS (St. Augustine, FL) (0,5)

St. Brendan HS (Miami, FL) (0,3)

St. Cloud HS (St. Cloud, FL) (0,6)

St. James HS (Lake City, FL) (0,1)

St. John Neumann HS (Naples, FL) (0,1)

St. John Paul II Academy (Boca Raton, FL) (1,9)

St. Johns Country Day School (Orange Park, FL) (0,3)

St. Joseph Academy (Jacksonville, FL) (0,1)

St. Petersburg Catholic HS (St. Petersburg, FL) (0,5)

St. Petersburg Christian HS (St. Petersburg, FL) (0,1)

St. Petersburg HS (St. Petersburg, FL) (4,18)

St. Stephen's Episcopal School (Bradenton, FL) (0,1)

St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (9,44)

Stanton College Preparatory School (Jacksonville, FL) (1,2)

Stranahan HS (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (1,7)

Strawberry Crest HS (Dover, FL) (0,4)

Summerlin Institute (Bartow, FL) (0,1)

Summit Christian HS (Fort Myers, FL) (0,1)

Summit Christian HS (Wellington, FL) (1,1)

Summit Christian School (West Palm Beach, FL) (0,2)

Suncoast Community HS (Riviera Beach, FL) (0,1)

Sunlake HS (Land O'Lakes, FL) (0,3)

Sunshine State Elite Academy (Kissimmee, FL) (0,2)

Suwannee HS (Live Oak, FL) (0,11)

T. DeWitt Taylor HS (Pierson, FL) (0,3)

T. R. Robinson HS (Tampa, FL) (1,13)

Tallahassee HS (Tallahassee, FL) (0,1)

Tampa Bay Technical HS (Tampa, FL) (0,6)

Tampa Catholic HS (Tampa, FL) (9,26)

Tampa Preparatory School (Tampa, FL) (0,3)

Taravella HS (Coral Springs, FL) (1,19)

Tarpon Springs HS (Tarpon Springs, FL) (1,7)

Tate HS (Molino, FL) (0,1)

Tavares HS (Tavares, FL) (1,10)

Taylor County HS (Perry, FL) (1,2)

Temple Christian HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,3)

Temple Heights Christian HS (Tampa, FL) (0,3)

Temple Terrace HS (Temple Terrace, FL) (1,1)

TERRA Environmental Research Institute (Miami, FL) (0,2)

Terry Parker HS (Jacksonville, FL) (1,10)

The Benjamin School (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) (1,8)

The Bolles School (Jacksonville, FL) (4,22)

The First Academy (Orlando, FL) (3,13)

The King's Academy (West Palm Beach, FL) (1,9)

The Master's Academy (Oviedo, FL) (0,1)

The Villages Charter HS (The Villages, FL) (0,5)

Thomas Jefferson HS (Tampa, FL) (9,37)

Timber Creek HS (Orlando, FL) (0,10)

Titusville HS (Titusville, FL) (1,6)

TNXL Academy (Altamonte Springs, FL) (0,32)

Tohopekaliga HS (Kissimmee, FL) (0,1)

Treasure Coast HS (Port St. Lucie, FL) (0,4)

Trenton HS (Trenton, FL) (1,2)

Trinity Catholic HS (Ocala, FL) (0,7)

Trinity Christian Academy (Deltona, FL) (1,7)

Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, FL) (1,12)

Trinity Christian Academy (Lake Worth, FL) (0,13)

Trinity Preparatory School (Winter Park, FL) (2,5)

Turkey Creek HS (Plant City, FL) (0,1)

Twin Lakes HS (West Palm Beach, FL) (1,4)

Umatilla HS (Umatilla, FL) (1,3)

United International College (Miramar, FL) (0,1)

University Christian HS (Jacksonville, FL) (2,8)

University HS (Davie, FL) (0,1)

University HS (Orange City, FL) (1,4)

University HS (Orlando, FL) (3,11)

Vanguard HS (Ocala, FL) (0,9)

Venice HS (Venice, FL) (5,20)

Vernon HS (Vernon, FL) (0,1)

Vero Beach HS (Vero Beach, FL) (1,16)

Victory Charter School (Kissimmee, FL) (0,3)

Viera HS (Melbourne, FL) (1,7)

Vivian Gaither HS (Tampa, FL) (3,22)

W. J. Woodham HS (Pensacola, FL) (0,8)

Wakulla HS (Crawfordville, FL) (0,3)

Walter L. Sickles HS (Tampa, FL) (0,11)

Walton HS (DeFuniak Springs, FL) (0,2)

Washington HS (Tampa, FL) (2,2)

Wekiva HS (Apopka, FL) (1,4)

Wellington Christian HS (Wellington, FL) (0,1)

Wellington HS (Wellington, FL) (4,27)

Wesley Chapel HS (Wesley Chapel, FL) (0,5)

West Boca Raton Community HS (Boca Raton, FL) (1,5)

West Broward HS (Hollywood, FL) (0,5)

West Florida HS of Advanced Technology (Pensacola, FL) (0,3)

West Nassau HS (Callahan, FL) (1,2)

West Orange HS (Winter Garden, FL) (3,31)

Western HS (Davie, FL) (1,6)

Westland HS (Hialeah, FL) (1,4)

Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (4,17)

Westminster Christian School (Miami, FL) (6,39)

Westminster HS (Palmetto Bay, FL) (1,3)

Westwood Christian HS (Miami, FL) (0,2)

Westwood HS (Fort Pierce, FL) (2,11)

Wewahitchka HS (Wewahitchka, FL) (1,1)

White HS (Jacksonville, FL) (0,1)

William M. Raines HS (Jacksonville, FL) (1,4)

William R. Boone HS (Orlando, FL) (7,35)

William T. Dwyer HS (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) (3,11)

Williston HS (Williston, FL) (2,10)

Windermere HS (Windermere, FL) (0,10)

Windermere Preparatory School (Windermere, FL) (0,5)

Winter Haven HS (Winter Haven, FL) (3,28)

Winter Park HS (Winter Park, FL) (1,16)

Winter Springs HS (Winter Springs, FL) (0,15)

Wiregrass Ranch HS (Wesley Chapel, FL) (1,3)

Wolfson HS (Jacksonville, FL) (3,9)

Yulee HS (Yulee, FL) (0,1)

Zephyrhills HS (Zephyrhills, FL) (1,7)


Adairsville HS (Adairsville, GA) (0,3)

Albany HS (Albany, GA) (3,7)

Alexander HS (Douglasville, GA) (1,2)

Allatoona HS (Acworth, GA) (1,8)

Alpharetta HS (Alpharetta, GA) (0,5)

Americus HS (Americus, GA) (0,5)

Apalachee HS (Winder, GA) (0,3)

Appling County HS (Baxley, GA) (1,2)

Appling HS (Macon, GA) (0,2)

Aquinas HS (Augusta, GA) (0,1)

Arabia Mountain HS (Lithonia, GA) (0,1)

Archer HS (Lawrenceville, GA) (1,2)

Armstrong HS (Savannah, GA) (0,1)

Armuchee HS (Rome, GA) (0,2)

Ashworth HS (Norcross, GA) (0,1)

Athens Academy (Athens, GA) (0,1)

Athens Christian HS (Athens, GA) (1,4)

Atkinson County HS (Pearson, GA) (0,1)

Augusta Christian School (Martinez, GA) (0,4)

Austin HS (Decatur, GA) (0,1)

Avondale HS (Avondale Estates, GA) (1,8)

Bainbridge HS (Bainbridge, GA) (2,4)

Baker HS (Columbus, GA) (0,3)

Baldwin HS (Milledgeville, GA) (0,1)

Ballard Hudson HS (Macon, GA) (1,2)

Banneker HS (College Park, GA) (1,1)

Bass HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,2)

Benedictine HS (Savannah, GA) (1,5)

Benedictine Military School (Savannah, GA) (0,1)

Berkmar HS (Lilburn, GA) (0,6)

Berrien County HS (Nashville, GA) (0,5)

Bethel HS (Colquitt, GA) (0,1)

Bible Baptist Christian (Hampton, GA) (0,1)

Blanchard HS (Augusta, GA) (0,1)

Bleckley County HS (Cochran, GA) (0,3)

Blessed Trinity Catholic HS (Roswell, GA) (3,15)

Booker T. Washington HS (Atlanta, GA) (4,5)

Bowden HS (Bowden, GA) (0,1)

Boys HS (Atlanta, GA) (2,2)

Bradwell Institute (Hinesville, GA) (0,1)

Bremen HS (Bremen, GA) (0,1)

Brockwood HS (Snellville, GA) (0,1)

Brooks County HS (Quitman, GA) (0,1)

Brookstone HS (Columbus, GA) (0,2)

Brookwood HS (Snellville, GA) (3,16)

Brookwood Prep HS (Thomasville, GA) (0,1)

Brown HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,2)

Brunswick HS (Brunswick, GA) (0,4)

Bryan County HS (Pembroke, GA) (0,1)

Buena Vista HS (Buena Vista, GA) (0,1)

Buford HS (Buford, GA) (3,23)

Burke County HS (Waynesboro, GA) (1,3)

Butler HS (Augusta, GA) (0,1)

Cadwell HS (Cadwell, GA) (0,1)

Cairo HS (Cairo, GA) (2,6)

Calhoun County HS (Edison, GA) (0,1)

Calhoun HS (Calhoun, GA) (2,12)

Callaway HS (Hogansville, GA) (0,1)

Calloway HS (Lagrange, GA) (0,1)

Calvary Day Baptist (Savannah, GA) (1,5)

Cambridge HS (Milton, GA) (0,3)

Camden County HS (Kingsland, GA) (0,2)

Camden HS (St. Mary's, GA) (0,1)

Camilla HS (Camilla, GA) (0,1)

Campbell HS (Smyrna, GA) (0,9)

Carnesville HS (Carnesville, GA) (1,1)

Carrollton HS (Carrollton, GA) (0,4)

Cartersville HS (Cartersville, GA) (2,17)

Carver HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

Carver HS (Columbus, GA) (0,1)

Cass HS (Cartersville, GA) (0,2)

Cedar Grove HS (Ellenwood, GA) (1,1)

Cedartown HS (Cedartown, GA) (1,6)

Centennial HS (Roswell, GA) (1,7)

Center HS (Waycross, GA) (0,1)

Central Gwinnett HS (Lawrenceville, GA) (0,5)

Central HS (Macon, GA) (0,1)

Central HS (Thomasville, GA) (1,1)

Chamblee HS (Chamblee, GA) (0,5)

Chapel Hill HS (Douglasville, GA) (0,4)

Charles R. Drew HS (Riverdale, GA) (0,1)

Charlton County HS (Folkston, GA) (0,3)

Chattahoochee HS (Johns Creek, GA) (0,7)

Chattanooga Valley HS (Flintstone, GA) (0,2)

Chattooga HS (Summerville, GA) (0,1)

Cherokee HS (Canton, GA) (1,7)

Chestatee HS (Chestatee, GA) (0,2)

Clarke Central HS (Athens, GA) (0,4)

Clermont HS (Clermont, GA) (0,1)

Clinch County HS (Homerville, GA) (0,1)

Coffee HS (Douglas, GA) (2,11)

Collins Hill HS (Suwanee, GA) (0,5)

Colquitt County HS (Moultrie, GA) (1,6)

Columbia HS (Decatur, GA) (0,4)

Columbus HS (Columbus, GA) (5,32)

Commerce HS (Commerce, GA) (0,2)

Commercial HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

Commercial HS (Savannah, GA) (0,1)

Cook HS (Adel, GA) (1,7)

Coosa HS (Rome, GA) (0,1)

Counterpane School (Fayetteville, GA) (0,1)

Creekside HS (Fairburn, GA) (0,4)

Creekview HS (Canton, GA) (0,2)

Crisp County HS (Cordele, GA) (0,3)

Cross Creek HS (Cross Creek, GA) (1,6)

Dacula HS (Dacula, GA) (0,6)

Dade County HS (Trenton, GA) (0,2)

Dalton HS (Dalton, GA) (1,4)

Darlington School (Rome, GA) (0,5)

David T. Howard HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,1)

Dawson County HS (Dawsonvile, GA) (0,2)

Dawson HS (Dawsonville, GA) (0,2)

Decatur HS (Decatur, GA) (2,9)

Deerfield-Windsor School (Albany, GA) (0,3)

DeKalb HS (Decatur, GA) (0,1)

Denmark HS (Alpharetta, GA) (0,5)

Dexter HS (Dexter, GA) (0,2)

Dodge County HS (Milan, GA) (0,3)

Dougherty HS (Albany, GA) (2,5)

Douglas County HS (Douglasville, GA) (3,6)

Douglas HS (Dillard, GA) (0,1)

Druid Hills HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,4)

Dublin HS (Dublin, GA) (1,5)

Duluth HS (Duluth, GA) (2,6)

Dunwoody HS (Dunwoody, GA) (1,7)

Dutchtown HS (Hampton, GA) (0,4)

Dykes HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,3)

Eagle's Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, GA) (1,4)

Eagle's Landing HS (McDonough, GA) (1,6)

Early County HS (Blakely, GA) (0,1)

East Cobb Academy (Marietta, GA) (0,1)

East Coweta HS (Sharpsburg, GA) (2,17)

East HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,2)

East Laurens HS (Dublin, GA) (0,1)

East Paulding HS (Dallas, GA) (1,10)

East Rome HS (East Rome, GA) (0,4)

Edison HS (Edison, GA) (0,1)

Effingham County HS (Springfield, GA) (0,4)

Elbert County HS (Elberton, GA) (1,4)

Emanuel County Institute (Twin City, GA) (0,1)

Etowah HS (Woodstock, GA) (1,9)

Evans HS (Evans, GA) (1,11)

Fairmont HS (Griffin, GA) (1,2)

Faith Baptist Christian Academy (Ludowici, GA) (0,1)

Fayette County HS (Fayetteville, GA) (3,6)

Fellowship Christian School (Roswell, GA) (0,1)

First Presbyterian Day School (Macon, GA) (1,4)

Fitzgerald HS (Fitzgerald, GA) (0,2)

Flowery Branch HS (Flowery Branch, GA) (1,3)

Forest Park HS (Forest Park, GA) (1,4)

Forsyth Central HS (Gainesville, GA) (1,6)

Forsyth County HS (Cumming, GA) (1,1)

Fourth District A&M School (Carrollton, GA) (0,1)

Franklin County HS (Royston, GA) (2,5)

Frederick Douglas HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

Fulton HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,2)

Gainesville HS (Gainesville, GA) (3,23)

Georgia Cyber Academy (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

Georgia Home Education Association (Snellville, GA) (0,1)

Georgia Military Academy (Milledgeville, GA) (0,3)

Georgia Premier Academy (Statesboro, GA) (0,16)

Glascock County HS (Gibson, GA) (0,1)

Glynn Academy HS (Brunswick, GA) (2,13)

Gordon Central HS (Calhoun, GA) (0,1)

Gordon HS (Douglasville, GA) (0,1)

Gordon Lee HS (Chickamauga, GA) (0,1)

Gordon Military College HS (Barnesville, GA) (0,1)

Grady HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,6)

Grantville HS (Grantville, GA) (0,1)

Grayson HS (Loganville, GA) (2,8)

Greater Atlanta Christian School (Norcross, GA) (1,7)

Greater Gwinnett Christian HS (Gwinnett, GA) (0,1)

Greenbrier HS (Evans, GA) (1,15)

Griffin HS (Griffin, GA) (1,6)

Groves HS (Garden City, GA) (1,2)

Habersham Central HS (Cornelia, GA) (0,2)

Hahira HS (Hahira, GA) (1,1)

Hancock Central HS (Sparta, GA) (0,1)

Hardaway HS (Columbus, GA) (0,6)

Harlem HS (Harlem, GA) (0,9)

Harper HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,4)

Harris County HS (Hamilton, GA) (0,6)

Harrison HS (Kennesaw, GA) (4,19)

Hart County HS (Hartwell, GA) (0,3)

Hawkinsville HS (Hawkinsville, GA) (0,2)

Headland HS (East Point, GA) (0,3)

Hebron Christian Academy (Dacula, GA) (0,3)

Henderson HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,2)

Henry County HS (McDonough, GA) (1,8)

Henry McNeal Turner HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,1)

Hephzibah HS (Hephzibah, GA) (0,2)

Heritage HS (Conyers, GA) (1,5)

Heritage HS (Heritage, GA) (0,1)

Heritage HS (Ringgold, GA) (0,4)

Hillgrove HS (Powder Springs, GA) (0,8)

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School (Atlanta, GA) (1,6)

Houston County HS (Warner Robins, GA) (0,11)

Irwin County HS (Ocilla, GA) (1,4)

Jackson County HS (Hoschton, GA) (0,1)

Jackson HS (Jackson, GA) (0,2)

Jeff Davis HS (Hazlehurst, GA) (0,1)

Jefferson HS (Jefferson, GA) (1,2)

Jenkins HS (Savannah, GA) (0,1)

Jessup HS (Odum, GA) (0,1)

Jesup HS (Jesup, GA) (1,2)

Johns Creek HS (Johns Creek, GA) (0,8)

Johnson Ferry Christian Academy (Marietta, GA) (0,1)

Johnson HS (Savannah, GA) (0,3)

Jones County HS (Gray, GA) (4,18)

Jonesboro HS (Jonesboro, GA) (1,8)

Jordan HS (Columbus, GA) (1,10)

Kell HS (Marietta, GA) (3,12)

Kendrick HS (Columbus, GA) (0,1)

Kennesaw Mountain HS (Kennesaw, GA) (1,10)

King's Ridge Christian School (Alpharetta, GA) (0,4)

LaGrange HS (LaGrange, GA) (2,9)

Lakeshore HS (College Park, GA) (1,2)

Lakeshore HS (Red Oak, GA) (0,1)

Lakeside HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,12)

Lakeside HS (Evans, GA) (0,1)

Lakeview Academy (Cornelia, GA) (0,1)

Lakeview HS (Fort Oglethorpe, GA) (1,3)

Lambert HS (Suwanee, GA) (1,10)

Landmark Christian School (Peachtree City, GA) (0,2)

Langston Hughes HS (Fairburn, GA) (0,2)

Lanier County HS (Lakeland, GA) (0,1)

Lanier HS (Buford, GA) (0,2)

Lanier HS (Macon, GA) (1,10)

Lassiter HS (Marietta, GA) (0,23)

Lawrenceville HS (Lawrenceville, GA) (0,1)

Lee County HS (Leesburg, GA) (2,10)

Leesburg HS (Leesburg, GA) (0,1)

Liberty HS (Hinesville, GA) (0,1)

Lithia Springs HS (Lithia Springs, GA) (0,1)

Lithis Springs HS (Douglasville, GA) (0,1)

Lithonia HS (Lithonia, GA) (1,1)

Locust Grove HS (Locust Grove, GA) (0,3)

Loganville HS (Loganville, GA) (2,11)

Long County HS (Ludowici, GA) (1,1)

Lovejoy HS (Hampton, GA) (0,4)

Lovett School (Atlanta, GA) (2,7)

Lowndes HS (Valdosta, GA) (4,16)

Luella HS (Locust Grove, GA) (0,3)

Lumpkin County (Dahlonega, GA) (0,1)

Lyons HS (Lyons, GA) (1,1)

Mableton Christian Academy (Mableton, GA) (1,1)

Macon County HS (Montezuma, GA) (0,1)

Madison County HS (Danielsville, GA) (1,7)

Manchester HS (Manchester, GA) (0,1)

Marietta HS (Marietta, GA) (1,10)

Marin Catholic HS (Hamilton, GA) (0,1)

Marist School (Atlanta, GA) (6,22)

Mark Smith HS (Macon, GA) (0,1)

Martin Luther King HS (Lithonia, GA) (1,2)

Mary Persons HS (Forsyth, GA) (1,2)

Maynard H. Jackson HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

Mays HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,4)

Mays HS (Fairburn, GA) (0,1)

McCaysville HS (McCaysville, GA) (1,1)

McEachern HS (Powder Springs, GA) (1,13)

McHenry HS (Rome, GA) (1,1)

McIntosh Academy HS (Darien, GA) (0,2)

McIntosh HS (Peachtree City, GA) (1,10)

McNair HS (Decatur, GA) (0,9)

Memorial Day School (Savannah, GA) (0,1)

Metter HS (Metter, GA) (0,2)

Mill Creek HS (Hoschton, GA) (0,6)

Milledge Academy HS (Milledgeville, GA) (0,2)

Miller County HS (Colquitt, GA) (1,1)

Miller Grove HS (Lithonia, GA) (0,1)

Milton HS (Milton, GA) (4,28)

Mitchell-Baker HS (Camilla, GA) (0,1)

Model HS (Rome, GA) (0,6)

Monroe Area HS (Monroe, GA) (0,4)

Morgan County HS (Madison, GA) (0,2)

Morrow HS (Morrow, GA) (0,1)

Moultrie HS (Moultrie, GA) (1,3)

Moultrie School for Negro Youth (Moultrie, GA) (1,1)

Mount de Sales HS (Macon, GA) (0,3)

Mount Paran Christian School (Kennesaw, GA) (1,11)

Mount Pisgah Christian School (Johns Creek, GA) (0,1)

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (Atlanta, GA) (0,2)

Mountain Education Charter HS (Cleveland, GA) (0,1)

Mountain View HS (Lawrenceville, GA) (0,4)

Mundy's Mill HS (Clayton, GA) (0,2)

Murphy HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,3)

Newnan HS (Newnan, GA) (1,7)

Newton County HS (Newton County, GA) (1,1)

Newton HS (Covington, GA) (3,14)

Nicholls HS (Nicholls, GA) (0,1)

Nichols HS (Nichols, GA) (0,2)

Norcross HS (Norcross, GA) (1,10)

North Atlanta HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,13)

North Augusta HS (North Augusta, GA) (0,2)

North Clayton HS (Riverdale, GA) (0,1)

North Cobb Christian School (Kennesaw, GA) (0,5)

North Cobb HS (Kennesaw, GA) (0,8)

North Forsyth HS (Cumming, GA) (0,7)

North Gwinnett HS (Suwanee, GA) (2,17)

North Hall HS (Gainesville, GA) (2,4)

North Oconee HS (Bogart, GA) (0,8)

North Paulding HS (Dallas, GA) (0,6)

North Springs HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,7)

Northeast HS (Macon, GA) (0,3)

Northgate HS (Newnan, GA) (0,1)

Northgate HS (Newnan, GA) (1,5)

Northpoint Academy (Augusta, GA) (0,1)

Northside HS (Columbus, GA) (0,3)

Northside HS (Warner Robins, GA) (1,2)

Northview HS (Duluth, GA) (2,7)

Northwest Whitfield HS (Tunnel Hill, GA) (0,5)

Oconee County HS (Watkinsville, GA) (1,7)

Ola HS (McDonough, GA) (0,3)

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic HS (Fayetteville, GA) (0,2)

Pace Academy (Atlanta, GA) (1,9)

Pacelli HS (Columbus, GA) (0,5)

Parkview HS (Lilburn, GA) (4,37)

Parrott HS (Parrott, GA) (0,1)

Paulding County HS (Dallas, GA) (0,1)

Peach County HS (Fort Valley, GA) (0,1)

Peachtree HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

Peachtree Ridge HS (Suwanee, GA) (2,10)

Pelham HS (Pelham, GA) (0,1)

Pepperell HS (Lindale, GA) (0,5)

Perry HS (Perry, GA) (0,2)

Pickens County HS (Jasper, GA) (0,2)

Pickens HS (Jasper, GA) (0,1)

Pierce County HS (Blackshear, GA) (0,3)

Pike County HS (Zebulon, GA) (1,7)

Pinecrest Academy (Cumming, GA) (0,2)

Pinewood Christian Academy (Bellville, GA) (0,1)

Pope HS (Marietta, GA) (5,21)

Portal HS (Portal, GA) (1,1)

Prince Avenue Christian (Bogart, GA) (1,4)

Providence Christian Academy (Lilburn, GA) (2,2)

Putnam County HS (Eatonton, GA) (0,2)

R.L. Osborne HS (Marietta, GA) (1,5)

Rebecca HS (Rebecca, GA) (0,1)

Redan HS (Stone Mountain, GA) (7,37)

Rhine HS (Rhine, GA) (0,1)

Richmond Academy HS (Augusta, GA) (1,8)

Richmond Hill HS (Richmond Hill, GA) (0,8)

Ridgeview HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

Ringgold HS (Ringgold, GA) (0,11)

River North Academy HS (Macon, GA) (0,1)

River Ridge HS (Woodstock, GA) (0,8)

Riverdale HS (Riverdale, GA) (1,4)

Riverside Military Academy HS (Gainesville, GA) (1,2)

Riverview Academy HS (Albany, GA) (0,1)

Riverwood International Charter School (Sandy Springs, GA) (1,11)

Robert E. Lee HS (Thomaston, GA) (0,2)

Rockdale County HS (Conyers, GA) (1,4)

Rockmart HS (Rockmart, GA) (0,3)

Rome HS (Rome, GA) (0,4)

Roosevelt HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,3)

Rossville HS (Rossville, GA) (0,5)

Roswell HS (Roswell, GA) (5,22)

Russell HS (East Point, GA) (1,2)

Rutland HS (Macon, GA) (0,1)

Salem HS (Conyers, GA) (2,3)

Sandy Creek HS (Tyrone, GA) (1,10)

Sandy Springs HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,2)

Savannah Christian Preparatory (Savannah, GA) (1,2)

Savannah HS (Savannah, GA) (1,4)

Schuvkill HS (Bernville, GA) (0,1)

Screven County HS (Sylvania, GA) (1,2)

Seminole HS (Donaldsonville, GA) (0,2)

Senoia HS (Senoia, GA) (0,1)

Sequoia HS (Chamblee, GA) (1,1)

Sequoyah HS (Hickory Flat, GA) (0,5)

Shamrock HS (Decatur, GA) (0,1)

Shaw HS (Columbus, GA) (2,7)

Sherwood Christian Academy (Albany, GA) (0,1)

Shiloh HS (Snellville, GA) (1,6)

Smyrna HS (Smyrna, GA) (0,1)

South Cobb HS (Austell, GA) (1,4)

South DeKalb HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

South Effingham HS (Guyton, GA) (2,4)

South Forsyth HS (Cumming, GA) (1,9)

South Fulton HS (East Point, GA) (1,1)

South Gwinnett HS (Snellville, GA) (0,10)

Southeast Bulloch HS (Brooklet, GA) (0,2)

Southland Academy HS (Americus, GA) (0,4)

Southwest DeKalb HS (Decatur, GA) (0,4)

Southwest HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,1)

Southwest HS (Macon, GA) (1,4)

Spalding HS (Spalding, GA) (0,1)

Spencer HS (Columbus, GA) (0,1)

Sprayberry HS (Marietta, GA) (4,17)

St. Francis HS (Alpharetta, GA) (0,3)

St. Pius X HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,9)

Starr's Mill HS (Fayetteville, GA) (1,10)

Statesboro HS (Statesboro, GA) (1,6)

Stephens County School (Toccoa, GA) (1,7)

Stephenson HS (Stephenson, GA) (0,6)

Stockbridge HS (Stockbridge, GA) (2,7)

Stone Mountain HS (Stone Mountain, GA) (2,2)

Stratford Academy (Macon, GA) (1,3)

Strong Rock Christian HS (Locust Grove, GA) (0,2)

Summerville HS (Summerville, GA) (0,2)

Sumter County HS (Plains, GA) (0,1)

Swainsboro HS (Swainsboro, GA) (0,2)

Sylvan Hills HS (Atlanta, GA) (0,2)

Tattnall Square Academy (Macon, GA) (0,6)

Tech HS (Atlanta, GA) (3,7)

Telfair County HS (McRae, GA) (0,2)

The Galloway School (Atlanta, GA) (0,1)

The Heritage School (Newnan, GA) (0,2)

The Walker School (Marietta, GA) (1,7)

The Westfield School (Perry, GA) (0,3)

The Wilson Academy (Conyers, GA) (0,1)

Therrell HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,1)

Thomas County Central HS (Thomasville, GA) (0,4)

Thomasville HS (Thomasville, GA) (1,11)

Thomson HS (Thomson, GA) (0,1)

Tift County HS (Tifton, GA) (0,6)

Tiftarea Academy (Tifton, GA) (0,1)

Tifton HS (Tifton, GA) (0,1)

Tompkins HS (Savannah, GA) (0,2)

Toombs County HS (Lyons, GA) (0,1)

Towers HS (Decatur, GA) (1,3)

Towns County HS (Hiawassee, GA) (0,2)

Treutlen County HS (Soperton, GA) (0,1)

Tri Cities HS (Hapeville, GA) (0,2)

Trinity Christian School (Dublin, GA) (1,1)

Trinity Christian School (Sharpsburg, GA) (0,3)

Trion HS (Trion, GA) (1,2)

Troup County HS (LaGrange, GA) (2,9)

Tucker HS (Tucker, GA) (0,8)

Union County HS (Blairsville, GA) (0,1)

Union Grove HS (McDonough, GA) (0,3)

Union HS (DeSoto, GA) (0,1)

University School for Boys (Atlanta, GA) (1,1)

Valdosta HS (Valdosta, GA) (2,13)

Veterans HS (Kathleen, GA) (0,1)

Vidalia HS (Vidalia, GA) (1,5)

Villa Rica HS (Villa Rica, GA) (0,1)

Walker HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,4)

Walker School (Augusta, GA) (0,1)

Walnut Grove HS (Loganville, GA) (0,1)

Walton HS (Marietta, GA) (7,38)

Ware County HS (Waycross, GA) (0,4)

Warner Robins HS (Warner Robins, GA) (1,4)

Washington County HS (Sandersville, GA) (0,1)

Washington HS (Cairo, GA) (0,1)

Water of Life Christian HS (Douglasville, GA) (0,1)

Watkinsville HS (Watkinsville, GA) (0,1)

Waycross HS (Waycross, GA) (0,1)

Wayne County HS (Jesup, GA) (1,13)

Wesleyan School (Peachtree Corners, GA) (1,14)

West Albany HS (Albany, GA) (0,1)

West Crisp HS (Cordele, GA) (0,1)

West Forsyth HS (Cumming, GA) (0,5)

West Fulton HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,1)

West Hall HS (Flowery Branch, GA) (0,1)

West Laurens HS (Dexter, GA) (1,4)

West Rome HS (West Rome, GA) (0,1)

Westlake HS (Atlanta, GA) (1,9)

Westminster HS (Atlanta, GA) (3,11)

Westover HS (Albany, GA) (0,1)

Westside HS (Augusta, GA) (2,7)

Wheeler HS (Marietta, GA) (2,17)

White County HS (Cleveland, GA) (0,2)

Whitefield Academy (Mableton, GA) (0,4)

Whitewater HS (Fayetteville, GA) (0,9)

Wilcox County HS (Rochelle, GA) (0,1)

Wilkinson HS (Irwinton, GA) (1,1)

William Bryant HS (Moultrie, GA) (0,1)

William James HS (Statesboro, GA) (1,1)

Willingham HS (Macon, GA) (0,1)

Wilson HS (Tifton, GA) (0,1)

Winder-Barrow HS (Winder, GA) (1,17)

Windsor Academy HS (Macon, GA) (0,1)

Windsor Forest HS (Savannah, GA) (2,6)

Woodland HS (Cartersville, GA) (0,2)

Woodstock HS (Woodstock, GA) (2,12)

Woodward Academy (College Park, GA) (2,9)

Worth County HS (Sylvester, GA) (0,2)

Young Harris Academy (Young Harris, GA) (0,1)


Aiea HS (Aiea, HI) (0,4)

Campbell HS (Ewa Beach, HI) (0,6)

Castle HS (Kaneohe, HI) (1,4)

Damien HS (Honolulu, HI) (2,4)

Farrington HS (Honolulu, HI) (2,3)

Henry Perrine Baldwin HS (Wailuku, HI) (1,10)

Hilo HS (Hilo, HI) (1,9)

Honolulu HS (Honolulu, HI) (0,1)

Iolani HS (Honolulu, HI) (2,17)

Kailua HS (Kailua, HI) (0,9)

Kaimuki HS (Honolulu, HI) (0,2)

Kaiser HS (Honolulu, HI) (1,4)

Kalaheo HS (Kalaheo, HI) (0,2)

Kalani HS (Honolulu, HI) (2,4)

Kamehameha HS (Honolulu, HI) (3,20)

Kamehameha HS (Kea'au, HI) (1,3)

Kauai HS (Lihue, HI) (2,3)

King Kekaulike HS (Makawao, HI) (0,1)

Lahainaluna HS (Lahaina, HI) (0,1)

Lana'i HS (Lanai City, HI) (0,1)

Leilehua HS (Wahiawa, HI) (1,1)

Maryknoll HS (Honolulu, HI) (0,1)

Maui HS (Kahului, HI) (0,1)

McKinley HS (Honolulu, HI) (0,1)

Mid Pacific Institute HS (Honolulu, HI) (1,11)

Mililani HS (Mililani, HI) (1,3)

Moahalua HS (Honolulu, HI) (0,1)

Moloka'i HS (Ho'olehua, HI) (1,4)

Molokai (Kaunakakai, HI) (0,1)

Pearl City HS (Pearl City, HI) (0,4)

Phillips Andover Prep HS (Honolulu, HI) (0,2)

Punahou HS (Honolulu, HI) (2,21)

Radford HS (Honolulu, HI) (0,1)

Roosevelt HS (Honolulu, HI) (1,3)

Southwestern HS (Brighton, HI) (0,1)

St. Anthony HS (Wailuku, HI) (1,2)

St. Francis School (Honolulu, HI) (0,1)

St. Louis School (Honolulu, HI) (8,23)

Waiakea HS (Waiakea, HI) (2,9)

Waialua HS (Waialua, HI) (0,1)

Waianae HS (Waianae, HI) (0,6)

Waimea HS (Waimea, HI) (0,2)

Waipahu HS (Waipahu, HI) (1,4)


American Falls HS (American Falls, ID) (0,1)

Bishop Kelly HS (Boise, ID) (1,2)

Boise HS (Boise, ID) (2,7)

Bonneville HS (Idaho Falls, ID) (0,2)

Borah HS (Boise, ID) (1,6)

Buhl HS (Buhl, ID) (0,1)

Burley HS (Burley, ID) (0,1)

Caldwell HS (Caldwell, ID) (1,5)

Capital HS (Boise, ID) (0,4)

Centennial HS (Boise, ID) (1,5)

Coeur d'Alene HS (Coeur d'Alene, ID) (1,14)

Eagle HS (Eagle, ID) (0,4)

Emmett HS (Emmett, ID) (0,1)

Filer HS (Filer, ID) (0,1)

Firth HS (Firth, ID) (0,1)

Fruitland HS (Fruitland, ID) (1,4)

Glenns Ferry HS (Glenns Ferry, ID) (0,2)

Grangeville HS (Grangeville, ID) (1,2)

Greencreek HS (Greencreek, ID) (0,1)

Highland HS (Pocatello, ID) (0,1)

Idaho Falls HS (Idaho Falls, ID) (0,6)

IHM Academy (Coeur d'Alene, ID) (0,1)

Jerome HS (Jerome, ID) (0,1)

Kuna HS (Kuna, ID) (0,2)

Lake City HS (Coeur d'Alene, ID) (0,4)

Lakeland HS (Rathdrum, ID) (1,2)

Lewiston HS (Lewiston, ID) (0,16)

Madison HS (Rexburg, ID) (2,3)

Meridian HS (Meridian, ID) (2,7)

Middleton HS (Middleton, ID) (0,1)

Minico HS (Rupert, ID) (0,3)

Minidoka HS (Heyburn, ID) (0,1)

Moscow HS (Moscow, ID) (0,1)

Mountain Home HS (Mountain Home, ID) (0,4)

Mountain View HS (Meridian, ID) (0,1)

Nampa HS (Nampa, ID) (0,5)

Paul HS (Paul, ID) (0,1)

Payette HS (Payette, ID) (1,1)

Pocatello HS (Pocatello, ID) (2,6)

Post Falls HS (Post Falls, ID) (0,1)

Preston HS (Preston, ID) (0,2)

Ridgevue HS (Nampa, ID) (0,1)

Rigby HS (Rigby, ID) (0,1)

Rocky Mountain HS (Meridian, ID) (0,5)

Rose Lake HS (Rose Lake, ID) (0,1)

Sandpoint HS (Sandpoint, ID) (1,6)

Shelley HS (Shelley, ID) (0,1)

Skyline HS (Idaho Falls, ID) (0,2)

Skyview HS (Nampa, ID) (0,1)

Timberline HS (Boise, ID) (0,4)

Twin Falls HS (Twin Falls, ID) (4,12)

Ucon HS (Idaho Falls, ID) (0,1)

Vallivue HS (Caldwell, ID) (0,4)

Wilder HS (Wilder, ID) (0,1)

Wood River HS (Hailey, ID) (0,1)


Adlai E. Stevenson HS (Lincolnshire, IL) (1,8)

Alan B. Shepard HS (Palos Heights, IL) (1,3)

Alleman Catholic HS (Rock Island, IL) (3,4)

Altamont HS (Altamont, IL) (0,2)

Althoff Catholic HS (Belleville, IL) (1,4)

Alton HS (Alton, IL) (1,8)

Alvin HS (Alvin, IL) (0,1)

Amos Alonzo Stagg HS (Palos Hills, IL) (1,5)

Amundsen HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Andrew HS (Orland Hills, IL) (0,1)

Anna-Jonesboro HS (Anna, IL) (0,4)

Antioch Community HS (Antioch, IL) (3,4)

Archbishop Quigley Preparatory Seminary (Chicago, IL) (0,2)

Archbishop Weber HS (Chicago, IL) (1,4)

Argenta-Oreana HS (Argenta, IL) (0,1)

Argo Community HS (Argo, IL) (2,4)

Arlington HS (Arlington Heights, IL) (4,4)

Armstrong HS (Armstrong, IL) (0,2)

Arthur Lovington Atwood Hammond HS (Arthur, IL) (0,1)

Assumption HS (East St. Louis, IL) (0,4)

Atlanta HS (Atlanta, IL) (0,1)

Atwood Township HS (Atwood, IL) (0,1)

Auburn HS (Rockford, IL) (0,1)

Augusta HS (Augusta, IL) (0,2)

Aurora Central Catholic HS (Aurora, IL) (1,2)

Austin HS (Chicago, IL) (2,5)

Aviston HS (Breese, IL) (1,2)

Balyki HS (Bath, IL) (1,1)

Barrington Community HS (Barrington, IL) (2,15)

Bartlett HS (Bartlett, IL) (0,1)

Batavia HS (Batavia, IL) (2,5)

Beardstown HS (Beardstown, IL) (0,1)

Belleville HS (Belleville, IL) (3,7)

Belleville HS East (Belleville, IL) (1,7)

Belleville Township HS (Belleville, IL) (3,10)

Belleville Township HS West (Belleville, IL) (1,5)

Belvidere HS (Belvidere, IL) (0,2)

Bement HS (Bement, IL) (0,1)

Benet Academy (Lisle, IL) (0,4)

Benld HS (Benld, IL) (0,2)

Benton Consolidated HS (Benton, IL) (0,1)

Bergan HS (Peoria, IL) (1,1)

Berwyn HS (Berwyn, IL) (1,1)

Bishop McNamara HS (Kankakee, IL) (0,2)

Bloom HS (Chicago Heights, IL) (1,7)

Bloomington HS (Bloomington, IL) (2,6)

Blue Island HS (Blue Island, IL) (1,6)

Bluffs HS (Bluffs, IL) (0,1)

Bolingbrook HS (Bolingbrook, IL) (1,1)

Boylan Catholic HS (Rockford, IL) (1,7)

Bradley Bourbonnais HS (Bradley, IL) (2,9)

Bremen HS (Midlothian, IL) (1,6)

Brother Rice HS (Chicago, IL) (2,20)

Brownstown HS (Brownstown, IL) (0,1)

Buckley HS (Buckley, IL) (1,1)

Buckley Loda HS (Buckley, IL) (1,2)

Buffalo Grove HS (Buffalo Grove, IL) (3,9)

Cahokia HS (Cahokia, IL) (1,4)

Cairo HS (Cairo, IL) (0,1)

Calumet HS (Chicago, IL) (1,4)

Camp Point Central HS (Camp Point, IL) (2,2)

Campbell Hill Community HS (Campbell Hill, IL) (0,2)

Canton HS (Canton, IL) (1,1)

Carl Sandburg HS (Orland Park, IL) (1,8)

Carlyle HS (Carlyle, IL) (2,2)

Carmel Catholic HS (Mundelein, IL) (2,7)

Carmi-White County HS (Carmi, IL) (0,2)

Carrollton HS (Carrollton, IL) (1,1)

Carter Henry Harrison Technical HS (Chicago, IL) (5,8)

Carterville HS (Carterville, IL) (0,1)

Carthage HS (Carthage, IL) (0,1)

Cary-Grove HS (Cary, IL) (1,4)

Cathedral HS (Belleville, IL) (0,3)

Catlin HS (Catlin, IL) (0,2)

Centennial HS (Champaign, IL) (1,2)

Central Catholic HS (Bloomington, IL) (0,1)

Central Catholic HS (East St. Louis, IL) (1,3)

Central Community HS (Breese, IL) (0,1)

Central HS (Burlington, IL) (0,3)

Central HS (East St. Louis, IL) (2,2)

Centralia HS (Centralia, IL) (2,5)

Chadwick HS (Chadwick, IL) (0,1)

Chambersburg HS (Chambersburg, IL) (0,1)

Champaign Central HS (Champaign, IL) (1,1)

Charleston HS (Charleston, IL) (1,2)

Chester HS (Chester, IL) (0,1)

Chicago Christian HS (Chicago, IL) (1,2)

Christian Brothers HS (Quincy, IL) (0,1)

Cicero HS (Cicero, IL) (0,1)

Civic Memorial HS (Bethalto, IL) (0,2)

Clark HS (Chicago, IL) (1,1)

Coal City HS (Coal City, IL) (1,1)

Cobden HS (Cobden, IL) (0,1)

Collinsville HS (Collinsville, IL) (4,6)

Columbia HS (Columbia, IL) (3,6)

Community HS (Marengo, IL) (1,3)

Community HS (West Chicago, IL) (0,2)

Converse HS (Springfield, IL) (0,1)

Cornell HS (Cornell, IL) (0,1)

Crab Orchard HS (Marion, IL) (1,1)

Crane Technical HS (Chicago, IL) (4,7)

Creiger HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Crescent City HS (Milford, IL) (0,1)

Crete-Monee HS (Crete, IL) (0,2)

Crossroads Christian HS (Big Rock, IL) (0,1)

Crossville HS (Crossville, IL) (0,1)

Crystal Lake Central HS (Crystal Lake, IL) (2,5)

Crystal Lake South HS (Crystal Lake, IL) (1,5)

Cumberland HS (Toledo, IL) (1,1)

Danville HS (Danville, IL) (3,13)

De La Salle Insitute (Chicago, IL) (4,10)

Decatur HS (Decatur, IL) (1,5)

Deerfield HS (Deerfield, IL) (0,2)

Deerfield Shields HS (Highland Park, IL) (0,1)

DeKalb HS (DeKalb, IL) (2,3)

DePaul College Prep (Chicago, IL) (1,2)

Dixon HS (Dixon, IL) (0,1)

Donovan HS (Donovan, IL) (0,1)

Douglas MacArthur HS (Decatur, IL) (0,3)

Downers Grove HS (Downers Grove, IL) (0,4)

Downers Grove North HS (Downers Grove, IL) (0,12)

Downers Grove South HS (Downers Grove, IL) (2,7)

Driscoll Catholic HS (Addison, IL) (0,4)

Du Quoin HS (Du Quoin, IL) (0,4)

Du Sable HS (Chicago, IL) (0,2)

Dundee-Crown HS (Carpentersville, IL) (3,8)

Dunlap HS (Dunlap, IL) (0,3)

Dupo HS (Dupo, IL) (1,1)

Dwight D. Eisenhower HS (Blue Island, IL) (0,4)

East Aurora HS (Aurora, IL) (0,5)

East Dubuque HS (East Dubuque, IL) (0,1)

East HS (Joliet, IL) (1,1)

East HS (Rockford, IL) (1,4)

East HS (Waukegon, IL) (1,1)

East Leyden HS (Franklin Park, IL) (0,3)

East Moline HS (East Moline, IL) (1,1)

East Peoria Community HS (East Peoria, IL) (0,3)

East Richland HS (Olney, IL) (0,1)

East Side HS (East St. Louis, IL) (0,1)

East St. Louis HS (East St. Louis, IL) (4,16)

Eastridge HS (Kankakee, IL) (0,3)

Edwards County HS (Albion, IL) (1,1)

Edwardsville HS (Edwardsville, IL) (3,14)

Edwin G. Foreman HS (Chicago, IL) (1,1)

Effingham HS (Effingham, IL) (3,8)

Egyptian HS (Tamms, IL) (0,1)

Eisenhower HS (Decatur, IL) (4,6)

El Paso-Gridley HS (El Paso, IL) (0,1)

Eldorado HS (Eldorado, IL) (0,1)

Elgin HS (Elgin, IL) (0,5)

Elk Grove HS (Elk Grove Village, IL) (1,4)

Elkville HS (Elkville, IL) (0,1)

Elmwood Park HS (Elmwood Park, IL) (0,2)

Emil G. Hirsch Metropolitan HS (Chicago, IL) (1,3)

Eureka HS (Eureka, IL) (1,3)

Evanston Township HS (Evanston, IL) (2,13)

Evergreen Park Community HS (Evergreen Park, IL) (2,3)

Fairfield Community HS (Fairfield, IL) (0,1)

Farragut HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Feitshans HS (Springfield, IL) (0,1)

Fenger HS (Chicago, IL) (3,12)

Fenwick HS (Oak Park, IL) (2,8)

Forest View HS (Arlington Heights, IL) (1,2)

Freeburg HS (Freeburg, IL) (0,2)

Freeport HS (Freeport, IL) (1,3)

Fulton HS (Fulton, IL) (0,1)

Galesburg HS (Galesburg, IL) (1,16)

Geneseo HS (Geneseo, IL) (1,1)

Geneva Community HS (Geneva, IL) (0,3)

Genoa-Kingston HS (Genoa, IL) (0,1)

George Washington HS (Chicago, IL) (0,4)

Georgetown HS (Georgetown, IL) (0,1)

Georgetown-Ridge Farm HS (Georgetown, IL) (0,1)

Gibault HS (Waterloo, IL) (1,2)

Gillespie HS (Gillespie, IL) (0,3)

Glenbard East HS (Lombard, IL) (0,2)

Glenbard HS (Glen Ellyn, IL) (1,2)

Glenbard North HS (Carol Stream, IL) (0,3)

Glenbard South HS (Glen Ellyn, IL) (1,2)

Glenbard West HS (Glen Ellyn, IL) (0,6)

Glenbrook North HS (Northbrook, IL) (4,10)

Glenbrook South HS (Glenview, IL) (0,4)

Glenwood HS (Chatham, IL) (4,10)

Gordon Technical HS (Chicago, IL) (1,6)

Goreville HS (Goreville, IL) (0,3)

Gorham HS (Gorham, IL) (0,4)

Grand Chain HS (Grand Chain, IL) (0,1)

Granite City HS (Granite City, IL) (3,13)

Grant Community HS (Fox Lake, IL) (2,5)

Grayslake HS (Grayslake, IL) (1,1)

Greenville HS (Greenville, IL) (0,1)

Griffin HS (Springfield, IL) (3,6)

Griggsville-Perry HS (Griggsville, IL) (0,1)

Guilford HS (Rockford, IL) (0,3)

Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy (Chicago, IL) (0,3)

Hales Franciscan HS (Chicago, IL) (0,3)

Hall HS (Spring Valley, IL) (0,2)

Hampshire HS (Hampshire, IL) (1,2)

Harlan Community Academy HS (Chicago, IL) (2,18)

Harlem HS (Machesney Park, IL) (0,4)

Harold L. Richards HS (Oak Lawn, IL) (0,4)

Harper HS (Chicago, IL) (1,1)

Harris HS (Petersburg, IL) (0,1)

Harrisburg HS (Harrisburg, IL) (1,9)

Harry D. Jacobs HS (Algonquin, IL) (0,1)

Hartsburg-Emden HS (Hartsburg, IL) (1,2)

Harvard Community HS (Harvard, IL) (0,1)

Harvey HS (Harvey, IL) (1,1)

Havana HS (Havana, IL) (0,1)

Hebron HS (Hebron, IL) (1,1)

Henry-Senachwine HS (Henry, IL) (1,1)

Herrin HS (Herrin, IL) (0,1)

Hiawatha HS (Kirkland, IL) (1,2)

Highland HS (Highland, IL) (2,6)

Highland Park HS (Highland Park, IL) (1,4)

Hillcrest HS (Country Club Hills, IL) (0,2)

Hillsboro HS (Hillsboro, IL) (0,1)

Hinsdale Central HS (Hinsdale, IL) (0,7)

Hinsdale South HS (Darien, IL) (0,1)

Hoffman Estates HS (Hoffman Estates, IL) (2,2)

Holeytown HS (Holeytown, IL) (0,1)

Holy Cross HS (River Grove, IL) (1,4)

Holy Trinity HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Homewood-Flossmoor Community HS (Flossmoor, IL) (2,12)

Hononegah Community HS (Rockton, IL) (0,3)

Hubbard HS (Chicago, IL) (0,2)

Hull House HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Huntley HS (Huntley, IL) (0,4)

Hyde Park HS (Chicago, IL) (4,8)

Illiana Christian HS (Lansing, IL) (0,4)

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (Aurora, IL) (0,1)

Illinois School for the Deaf (Jacksonville, IL) (1,1)

Illinois Valley Central HS (Chillicothe, IL) (1,5)

Illiopolis HS (Illiopolis, IL) (1,1)

Immaculate Conception HS (Elmhurst, IL) (1,1)

Itasca HS (Itasca, IL) (0,1)

J. B. Conant HS (Hoffman Estates, IL) (0,1)

J. S. Morton HS (Cicero, IL) (0,1)

J. S. Morton HS East (Cicero, IL) (2,7)

J. S. Morton HS West (Berwyn, IL) (4,7)

Jacksonville HS (Jacksonville, IL) (0,6)

James H. Bowen HS (Chicago, IL) (7,19)

James Medill HS (Chicago, IL) (1,1)

John Hersey HS (Arlington Heights, IL) (0,9)

John Marshall Metropolitan HS (Chicago, IL) (0,5)

Johnsburg HS (Johnsburg, IL) (0,1)

Johnston City HS (Johnston City, IL) (0,2)

Joliet Catholic Academy (Joliet, IL) (8,28)

Joliet Central HS (Joliet, IL) (1,5)

Joliet Township HS (Joliet, IL) (3,15)

Joliet Township HS West (Joliet, IL) (2,6)

Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Kaneland HS (Maple Park, IL) (1,2)

Kankakee HS (Kankakee, IL) (1,3)

Kansas HS (Kansas, IL) (0,1)

Kennedy HS (Chicago, IL) (1,4)

Kentwood Academy (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Kenwood HS (Chicago, IL) (0,3)

Kewanee HS (Kewanee, IL) (1,2)

Kirkland HS (Kirkland, IL) (0,1)

La Grange HS (La Grange, IL) (1,2)

La Salle-Peru Township HS (La Salle, IL) (0,8)

Lake Forest Academy (Lake Forest, IL) (1,1)

Lake Forest HS (Lake Forest, IL) (1,7)

Lake Park HS (Roselle, IL) (1,4)

Lake View HS (Chicago, IL) (1,7)

Lake Zurich HS (Lake Zurich, IL) (0,4)

Lakes Community HS (Lake Villa, IL) (1,2)

Lane Tech College Prep HS (Chicago, IL) (13,28)

Lanphier HS (Springfield, IL) (5,8)

Larkin HS (Elgin, IL) (0,5)

LaSalle HS (Chicago, IL) (1,1)

Latin School of Chicago (Chicago, IL) (1,2)

Lawrenceville HS (Lawrenceville, IL) (0,1)

Lebanon HS (Lebanon, IL) (1,3)

Lemont Township HS (Lemont, IL) (4,5)

Leo Catholic HS (Chicago, IL) (1,9)

Lewistown HS (Lewistown, IL) (1,2)

Leyden HS (Franklin Park, IL) (1,2)

Liberty HS (Liberty, IL) (0,1)

Libertyville HS (Libertyville, IL) (1,8)

Limestone Community HS (Bartonville, IL) (2,6)

Lincoln Community HS (Lincoln, IL) (1,3)

Lincoln HS (East St. Louis, IL) (2,2)

Lincoln Park HS (Chicago, IL) (0,2)

Lincoln School (Peoria, IL) (1,1)

Lincoln-Way Central HS (New Lenox, IL) (1,6)

Lincoln-Way East HS (Frankfort, IL) (2,4)

Lincoln-Way HS (Mokena, IL) (0,2)

Lincoln-Way North HS (Frankfort, IL) (0,4)

Litchfield HS (Litchfield, IL) (1,1)

Lockport Township HS (Lockport, IL) (2,11)

Logan HS (Dolton, IL) (0,1)

Louisville HS (Louisville, IL) (0,1)

Loyola Academy (Wilmette, IL) (3,11)

Loyola HS (Chicago, IL) (1,1)

Luther Institute (Chicago, IL) (2,3)

Lyons Township HS (Lyons, IL) (0,2)

Lyons Township HS North (La Grange, IL) (0,12)

Madison HS (Madison, IL) (1,1)

Mahomet-Seymour HS (Mahomet, IL) (0,2)

Maine HS (Park Ridge, IL) (0,1)

Maine Township HS East (Park Ridge, IL) (0,7)

Maine Township HS South (Park Ridge, IL) (5,10)

Maine Township HS West (Des Plaines, IL) (1,4)

Manteno HS (Manteno, IL) (0,1)

Manual HS (Peoria, IL) (0,9)

Marian Catholic HS (Chicago Heights, IL) (0,12)

Marian Central Catholic HS (Woodstock, IL) (0,1)

Marion HS (Marion, IL) (2,9)

Marissa HS (Marissa, IL) (0,3)

Marist HS (Chicago, IL) (2,16)

Marmion Academy HS (Aurora, IL) (0,5)

Maroa-Forsyth HS (Maroa, IL) (1,1)

Marquette Academy (Ottawa, IL) (1,2)

Marquette Catholic HS (Alton, IL) (0,2)

Marshall Community HS (Marshall, IL) (0,1)

Mascoutah HS (Mascoutah, IL) (0,2)

Mater Dei HS (Breese, IL) (1,6)

Mattoon HS (Mattoon, IL) (1,3)

McHenry HS (McHenry, IL) (2,3)

McKinley HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

McLeansboro HS (McLeansboro, IL) (0,1)

Mendel Catholic HS (Chicago, IL) (2,3)

Mendota HS (Mendota, IL) (0,1)

Meridian HS (Mounds, IL) (0,1)

Metamora Township HS (Metamora, IL) (0,2)

Metea Valley HS (Aurora, IL) (0,1)

Metropolis Community HS (Metropolis, IL) (1,2)

Minooka Community HS (Minooka, IL) (2,10)

Moline HS (Moline, IL) (1,6)

Monmouth HS (Monmouth, IL) (0,1)

Montini Catholic HS (Lombard, IL) (1,4)

Morgan Park HS (Chicago, IL) (2,18)

Morris Community HS (Morris, IL) (3,4)

Morrison Community HS (Morrison, IL) (0,1)

Morton HS (Morton, IL) (0,2)

Mound City HS (Mound City, IL) (1,2)

Mount Carmel HS (Chicago, IL) (4,31)

Mount Carmel HS (Mount Carmel, IL) (0,2)

Mount Morris HS (Mount Morris, IL) (1,2)

Mount Olive HS (Mount Olive, IL) (1,5)

Mount Vernon Township HS (Mount Vernon, IL) (0,3)

Mount Zion HS (Mount Zion, IL) (0,4)

Moweaqua HS (Moweaqua, IL) (0,1)

Mundelein HS (Mundelein, IL) (1,8)

Murphysboro HS (Murphysboro, IL) (0,1)

Naperville Central HS (Naperville, IL) (1,11)

Naperville North HS (Naperville, IL) (2,8)

Nashville HS (Nashville, IL) (1,2)

Nazareth Academy (La Grange Park, IL) (0,6)

Neuqua Valley HS (Naperville, IL) (2,7)

New Athens HS (New Athens, IL) (2,6)

New Holland-Middletown HS (New Holland, IL) (0,1)

New Trier East HS (Winnetka, IL) (0,1)

New Trier HS (Winnetka, IL) (6,23)

New Trier West HS (Northfield, IL) (0,1)

Newark Community HS (Newark, IL) (1,1)

Newton Community HS (Newton, IL) (1,1)

Niantic-Harristown HS (Niantic, IL) (0,1)

Niles North HS (Skokie, IL) (0,7)

Niles West HS (Skokie, IL) (1,8)

Nokomis HS (Nokomis, IL) (1,2)

Normal Community HS (Normal, IL) (0,4)

Normal Community West HS (Normal, IL) (1,6)

North Boone HS (Poplar Grove, IL) (0,2)

North Chicago Community HS (North Chicago, IL) (0,1)

North Clay Community HS (Louisville, IL) (0,1)

North Henderson HS (North Henderson, IL) (1,1)

North Newton HS (Morocco, IL) (0,1)

North Rockland HS (Thiells, IL) (0,4)

Notre Dame College Prep (Niles, IL) (1,4)

O'Fallon Township HS (O'Fallon, IL) (0,7)

Oak Forest HS (Oak Forest, IL) (4,8)

Oak Lawn Community HS (Oak Lawn, IL) (0,2)

Oak Park HS (Oak Park, IL) (2,5)

Oak Park-River Forest HS (Oak Park, IL) (3,17)

Oakwood HS (Fithian, IL) (2,3)

Odell Community HS (Odell, IL) (0,1)

Okawville HS (Okawville, IL) (0,1)

Olney HS (Olney, IL) (0,1)

Orangeville HS (Orangeville, IL) (0,1)

Oregon HS (Oregon, IL) (0,1)

Orr HS (Chicago, IL) (0,2)

Oswego East HS (Oswego, IL) (0,3)

Oswego HS (Oswego, IL) (0,4)

Ottawa Township HS (Ottawa, IL) (1,2)

Palatine HS (Palatine, IL) (0,4)

Palestine HS (Palestine, IL) (0,1)

Pana HS (Pana, IL) (0,1)

Paris HS (Paris, IL) (1,1)

Patoka HS (Patoka, IL) (0,1)

Paul Robeson HS (Chicago, IL) (1,1)

Pekin Community HS (Pekin, IL) (0,7)

Peoria HS (Peoria, IL) (3,5)

Peoria Notre Dame HS (Peoria, IL) (0,2)

Peotone HS (Peotone, IL) (0,2)

Percy Lavon Julian HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Pinckneyville Community HS (Pinckneyville, IL) (0,2)

Plainfield East HS (Plainfield, IL) (0,1)

Plainfield HS (Plainfield, IL) (0,5)

Plainfield North HS (Plainfield, IL) (0,2)

Plainfield South HS (Plainfield, IL) (0,5)

Pleasant Plains HS (Pleasant Plains, IL) (0,1)

Point Park HS (Burbank, IL) (1,1)

Pontiac Township HS (Pontiac, IL) (0,1)

Pope County HS (Golconda, IL) (1,1)

Prairie Ridge HS (Crystal Lake, IL) (2,6)

Princeton HS (Princeton, IL) (0,1)

Princeville HS (Princeville, IL) (0,1)

Prospect HS (Mount Prospect, IL) (2,8)

Prosser HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Providence Catholic HS (New Lenox, IL) (3,23)

Proviso East HS (Maywood, IL) (2,8)

Proviso West HS (Hillside, IL) (0,8)

Pullman Technical HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Putnam County HS (Granville, IL) (0,2)

Quigley Preparatory Seminary South (Chicago, IL) (0,2)

Quincy HS (Quincy, IL) (2,13)

Quincy Notre Dame HS (Quincy, IL) (0,4)

Rantoul Township HS (Rantoul, IL) (0,1)

Raymond HS (Raymond, IL) (0,1)

Reavis HS (Burbank, IL) (1,3)

Red Hill HS (Bridgeport, IL) (0,1)

Reed-Custer HS (Braidwood, IL) (1,1)

Rich Central HS (Olympia Fields, IL) (0,3)

Rich East HS (Park Forest, IL) (2,5)

Rich South HS (Richton Park, IL) (1,1)

Rich Township HS (Park Forest, IL) (0,1)

Richmond-Burton Community HS (Richmond, IL) (1,2)

Richwoods HS (Peoria, IL) (0,1)

Ridgewood HS (Norridge, IL) (0,1)

Ridgway HS (Ridgway, IL) (0,1)

River Forest HS (Oak Park, IL) (0,1)

Riverside-Brookfield HS (Riverside, IL) (0,5)

Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy (Chicago, IL) (0,3)

Roberto Clemente Community Academy (Chicago, IL) (1,5)

Robinson HS (Robinson, IL) (0,1)

Rochelle Township HS (Rochelle, IL) (0,2)

Rochester HS (Rochester, IL) (1,5)

Rock Falls Township HS (Rock Falls, IL) (2,4)

Rock Island HS (Rock Island, IL) (1,3)

Rockford Lutheran HS (Rockford, IL) (0,1)

Rockford West HS (Rockford, IL) (0,4)

Rockridge HS (Taylor Ridge, IL) (0,2)

Roger Sullivan HS (Chicago, IL) (0,3)

Rolling Meadows HS (Rolling Meadows, IL) (1,7)

Roncalli HS (Aurora, IL) (0,1)

Roosevelt HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Round Lake HS (Round Lake, IL) (1,2)

Routt Catholic HS (Jacksonville, IL) (0,1)

Rowva HS (Oneida, IL) (0,1)

Roxana HS (Roxana, IL) (0,2)

Sacred Heart Catholic HS (Du Quoin, IL) (1,1)

Sacred Heart-Griffin HS (Springfield, IL) (1,4)

Salem Community HS (Salem, IL) (1,3)

Sandwich Community HS (Sandwich, IL) (0,1)

Scales Mound HS (Scales Mound, IL) (0,1)

Schaumburg HS (Schaumburg, IL) (0,9)

Schlarman HS (Danville, IL) (0,1)

Schurz HS (Chicago, IL) (2,7)

Seneca HS (Seneca, IL) (0,1)

Senn HS (Chicago, IL) (2,3)

Serena HS (Serena, IL) (0,2)

Sesser-Valier HS (Sesser, IL) (0,1)

Seymour HS (Payson, IL) (0,1)

Shabbona HS (Shabbona, IL) (0,1)

Shawnee HS (Wolf Lake, IL) (0,1)

Shepard HS (Crestwood, IL) (0,1)

Simeon HS (Chicago, IL) (2,28)

South Central HS (Farina, IL) (1,3)

South HS (Elgin, IL) (1,2)

South HS (Springfield, IL) (0,1)

South Shore HS (Chicago, IL) (2,3)

Southwestern HS (Piasa, IL) (1,1)

Spalding Catholic HS (Peoria, IL) (1,3)

Sparta HS (Sparta, IL) (0,2)

Springfield HS (Springfield, IL) (3,10)

St. Anthony HS (Effingham, IL) (1,5)

St. Bede Academy (Peru, IL) (2,5)

St. Benedict Preparatory School (Chicago, IL) (0,2)

St. Charles East HS (St. Charles, IL) (2,6)

St. Charles HS (St. Charles, IL) (0,4)

St. Charles North HS (St. Charles, IL) (0,4)

St. Edward Central Catholic HS (Elgin, IL) (0,1)

St. Elmo HS (St. Elmo, IL) (0,1)

St. Francis de Sales HS (Chicago, IL) (0,3)

St. Francis HS (Wheaton, IL) (1,2)

St. George HS (Evanston, IL) (0,1)

St. Ignatius College Prep (Chicago, IL) (1,6)

St. Joseph HS (Westchester, IL) (0,1)

St. Joseph-Ogden HS (St. Joseph, IL) (0,1)

St. Laurence HS (Burbank, IL) (2,8)

St. Mary's HS (Carlyle, IL) (0,1)

St. Mel HS (Chicago, IL) (1,3)

St. Patrick HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

St. Phillip HS (Chicago, IL) (1,4)

St. Rita of Cascia HS (Chicago, IL) (5,24)

St. Teresa HS (Decatur, IL) (0,1)

St. Thomas Catholic HS (Rockford, IL) (0,2)

St. Viator HS (Arlington Heights, IL) (0,7)

St. Willibrord Catholic HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Steeleville HS (Steeleville, IL) (0,2)

Steinmetz HS (Chicago, IL) (2,2)

Stephen Tyng Mather HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Sterling HS (Sterling, IL) (0,2)

Stewardson-Strasburg HS (Strasburg, IL) (0,1)

Streamwood HS (Streamwood, IL) (0,2)

Streator Township HS (Streator, IL) (3,8)

Taylorville HS (Taylorville, IL) (1,1)

Teutopolis HS (Teutopolis, IL) (0,3)

The Todd School (Woodstock, IL) (0,1)

Thomas Kelly HS (Chicago, IL) (2,5)

Thornridge HS (Dolton, IL) (0,7)

Thornton Fractional North HS (Calumet City, IL) (1,1)

Thornton Fractional South HS (Lansing, IL) (1,6)

Thornton Fractional Township HS (Lansing, IL) (0,3)

Thornton Township HS (Harvey, IL) (3,10)

Thornwood HS (South Holland, IL) (4,9)

Tilden Tech HS (Chicago, IL) (4,6)

Timothy Christian HS (Wood Dale, IL) (0,1)

Tower Hill HS (Tower Hill, IL) (0,1)

Triad HS (Troy, IL) (0,1)

Troy HS (Troy, IL) (1,1)

Tuley HS (Chicago, IL) (0,3)

Union Academy (Anna, IL) (0,1)

United Township HS (East Moline, IL) (2,4)

Unity HS (Mendon, IL) (1,1)

University HS (Normal, IL) (0,4)

Urban Prep West (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Urbana HS (Urbana, IL) (0,2)

Valmeyer HS (Valmeyer, IL) (1,3)

Vandalia Community HS (Vandalia, IL) (0,2)

Vernon Hills HS (Vernon Hills, IL) (0,2)

Victor J. Andrew HS (Tinley Park, IL) (2,10)

Villa Grove HS (Villa Grove, IL) (0,1)

Virginia HS (Virginia, IL) (1,1)

Vocational HS (Chicago, IL) (2,9)

Von Steuben HS (Chicago, IL) (2,2)

Walnut HS (Walnut, IL) (1,1)

Walther Lutheran HS (Melrose Park, IL) (0,2)

Warren Township HS (Gurnee, IL) (0,3)

Washburn HS (Washburn, IL) (1,1)

Washington Community HS (Washington, IL) (2,3)

Waterloo HS (Waterloo, IL) (0,5)

Waubonsie Valley HS (Aurora, IL) (1,5)

Wauconda HS (Wauconda, IL) (0,3)

Waukegan East HS (Waukegan, IL) (2,7)

Waukegan HS (Waukegan, IL) (2,9)

Waukegan West HS (Waukegan, IL) (2,7)

Wellington HS (Wellington, IL) (0,1)

Wendell Phillips HS (Chicago, IL) (6,11)

Wesclin HS (Trenton, IL) (2,3)

West Aurora HS (Aurora, IL) (1,8)

West Frankfort HS (West Frankfort, IL) (0,2)

West Leyden HS (Northlake, IL) (0,3)

Western HS (Macomb, IL) (0,1)

Westinghouse HS (Chicago, IL) (0,1)

Westmont HS (Westmont, IL) (0,3)

Westview HS (Kankakee, IL) (1,1)

Westville HS (Westville, IL) (0,3)

Wheaton Central HS (Wheaton, IL) (0,1)

Wheaton North HS (Wheaton, IL) (0,6)

Wheaton Warrenville South HS (Wheaton, IL) (0,4)

Wheeling HS (Wheeling, IL) (0,3)

Whitney M. Young HS (Chicago, IL) (0,7)

William Fremd HS (Palatine, IL) (2,8)

William H. Taft HS (Chicago, IL) (1,4)

Willowbrook HS (Villa Park, IL) (4,5)

Wilmington HS (Wilmington, IL) (1,2)

Winchester HS (Winchester, IL) (0,1)

Windsor HS (Windsor, IL) (0,1)

Winslow HS (Winslow, IL) (0,1)

Witt HS (Witt, IL) (2,2)

Wolf Lake HS (Wolf Lake, IL) (0,1)

Wood River HS (Wood River, IL) (1,3)

Woodlawn Community HS (Woodlawn, IL) (0,1)

Woodruff HS (Peoria, IL) (0,1)

Woodstock HS (Hebron, IL) (0,1)

Woodstock North HS (Woodstock, IL) (0,1)

York Community HS (Elmhurst, IL) (1,4)

Zion-Benton Township HS (Zion, IL) (0,4)


Alexandria Monroe HS (Alexandria, IN) (1,4)

Anderson HS (Anderson, IN) (1,9)

Andrean HS (Merrillville, IN) (1,7)

Angola HS (Angola, IN) (0,2)

Argos HS (Argos, IN) (1,1)

Arlington HS (Indianapolis, IN) (1,1)

Arsenal Technical HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,6)

Avon HS (Avon, IN) (0,4)

Batesville HS (Batesville, IN) (1,2)

Bedford-North Lawrence HS (Bedford, IN) (1,1)

Beech Grove HS (Beech Grove, IN) (0,1)

Bellmont HS (Decatur, IN) (0,2)

Ben Davis HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,2)

Benjamin Bosse HS (Evansville, IN) (2,4)

Benton Central HS (Oxford, IN) (1,2)

Bicknell HS (Bicknell, IN) (0,1)

Bishop Dwenger HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (0,2)

Bishop Luers HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (2,3)

Bishop Noll Institute (Hammond, IN) (1,8)

Blackford HS (Hartford City, IN) (1,2)

Bloomfield HS (Bloomfield, IN) (0,2)

Bloomington HS North (Bloomington, IN) (0,1)

Bloomington HS South (Bloomington, IN) (0,3)

Bluffton HS (Bluffton, IN) (1,1)

Boone Grove HS (Valparaiso, IN) (0,1)

Boonville HS (Boonville, IN) (0,1)

Brazil HS (Brazil, IN) (0,1)

Brebeuf Jesuit HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,1)

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School (Indianapolis, IN) (0,2)

Bremen HS (Bremen, IN) (0,1)

Broad Ripple HS (Indianapolis, IN) (1,1)

Brookston HS (Brookston, IN) (0,1)

Brookville HS (Brookville, IN) (0,1)

Brown County HS (Nashville, IN) (0,1)

Brownsburg HS (Brownsburg, IN) (3,6)

Cannelton HS (Cannelton, IN) (0,1)

Canterbury School (Fort Wayne, IN) (0,1)

Carmel HS (Carmel, IN) (0,10)

Carroll HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (0,3)

Castle HS (Newburgh, IN) (1,6)

Cathedral HS (Indianapolis, IN) (4,10)

Catholic Central HS (Hammond, IN) (0,3)

Center Grove HS (Greenwood, IN) (0,9)

Centerville HS (Centerville, IN) (1,2)

Central HS (Columbus, IN) (1,1)

Central HS (Evansville, IN) (3,8)

Central HS (South Bend, IN) (1,3)

Charlestown HS (Charlestown, IN) (1,2)

Chatard HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,3)

Chesterton HS (Chesterton, IN) (0,7)

Churubusco HS (Churubusco, IN) (1,1)

Clarke HS (Hammond, IN) (0,3)

Clay HS (South Bend, IN) (0,5)

Clinton HS (Clinton, IN) (1,5)

Coal Creek HS (Wingate, IN) (0,1)

Columbia City HS (Columbia City, IN) (0,1)

Columbus East HS (Columbus, IN) (0,1)

Columbus North HS (Columbus, IN) (0,5)

Concordia Lutheran HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (1,2)

Connersville HS (Connersville, IN) (0,2)

Corydon HS (Corydon, IN) (0,1)

Covington Community HS (Covington, IN) (0,2)

Cowan HS (Muncie, IN) (0,4)

Crawfordsville HS (Crawfordsville, IN) (0,2)

Crispus Attucks HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,1)

Crown Point HS (Crown Point, IN) (1,8)

Culver Community HS (Culver, IN) (0,1)

Culver Military Academy (Culver, IN) (0,4)

D. E. Gavit HS (Hammond, IN) (0,1)

Danville Community HS (Danville, IN) (0,1)

Decatur Central HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,2)

DeKalb HS (Waterloo, IN) (1,6)

Delphi Community HS (Delphi, IN) (0,1)

Delta HS (Muncie, IN) (0,1)

East Central HS (Brookville, IN) (0,1)

East Chicago Central HS (East Chicago, IN) (0,1)

East Gary HS (Lake Station, IN) (0,1)

East Noble HS (Kendaliville, IN) (1,3)

Eastside HS (Butler, IN) (0,1)

Edgewood HS (Ellettsville, IN) (0,3)

Edwardsport HS (Edwardsport, IN) (0,1)

Elkhart Central HS (Elkhart, IN) (0,1)

Elkhart HS (Elkhart, IN) (0,3)

Elkhart Memorial HS (Elkhart, IN) (1,5)

Elmhurst HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (0,1)

Elston HS (Michigan City, IN) (0,2)

Emerson HS (Gary, IN) (0,1)

Fayette HS (New Goshen, IN) (1,1)

Fishers HS (Fishers, IN) (0,4)

Floyd Central HS (Floyds Knobs, IN) (0,4)

Fort Wayne HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (1,3)

Fountain Central HS (Veedersburg, IN) (0,1)

Fowler HS (Fowler, IN) (0,1)

Francis Joseph Reitz HS (Evansville, IN) (1,14)

Frankfort HS (Frankfort, IN) (0,1)

Franklin Central HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,2)

Franklin Community HS (Franklin, IN) (1,2)

Frankton HS (Frankton, IN) (0,1)

Fremont HS (Fremont, IN) (0,1)

Froebel HS (Gary, IN) (0,2)

Garfield HS (Terre Haute, IN) (0,5)

Garrett HS (Garrett, IN) (0,2)

George Rogers Clark HS (Whiting, IN) (0,1)

George Washington HS (South Bend, IN) (2,4)

Gerstmeyer HS (Terre Haute, IN) (1,3)

Gibson Southern HS (Fort Branch, IN) (0,1)

Goshen HS (Goshen, IN) (1,1)

Greenfield Central HS (Greenfield, IN) (1,1)

Greenfield HS (Greenfield, IN) (0,3)

Greensburg Community HS (Greensburg, IN) (1,5)

Greenwood Community HS (Greenwood, IN) (0,1)

Griffin HS (Griffin, IN) (0,1)

Griffith HS (Griffith, IN) (0,2)

Hagerstown HS (Hagerstown, IN) (0,1)

Hamilton Southeastern HS (Fishers, IN) (0,8)

Hammond HS (Hammond, IN) (1,4)

Hammond Tech HS (Hammond, IN) (0,3)

Hanover Central HS (Cedar Lake, IN) (0,1)

Harrison HS (Evansville, IN) (0,8)

Harrison HS (West Lafayette, IN) (4,8)

Hartford City HS (Hartford City, IN) (0,2)

Haubstadt HS (Haubstadt, IN) (0,1)

Haworth HS (Kokomo, IN) (0,2)

Heritage Christian School (Indianapolis, IN) (0,5)

Heritage Hills HS (Lincoln City, IN) (0,1)

Highland HS (Anderson, IN) (1,1)

Highland HS (Highland, IN) (0,2)

Hoagland HS (Hoagland, IN) (1,1)

Hobart HS (Hobart, IN) (1,4)

Homestead HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (1,7)

Hope HS (Hope, IN) (0,1)

Horace Mann HS (Gary, IN) (2,5)

Howe HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,1)

Huntington North HS (Huntington, IN) (0,2)

Jac-Cen-Del HS (Osgood, IN) (0,1)

James W. Riley HS (South Bend, IN) (1,2)

Jasper HS (Jasper, IN) (1,8)

Jay County HS (Portland, IN) (0,2)

Jefferson HS (Lafayette, IN) (0,10)

Jeffersonville HS (Jeffersonville, IN) (3,8)

John Adams HS (South Bend, IN) (0,3)

John Glenn HS (Walkerton, IN) (0,1)

John Marshall HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,1)

Kokomo HS (Kokomo, IN) (5,16)

La Porte HS (La Porte, IN) (2,12)

Lake Central HS (St. John, IN) (1,5)

Lapel HS (Lapel, IN) (0,3)

LaSalle HS (South Bend, IN) (0,1)

Lawrence Central HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,6)

Lawrence North HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,6)

Lawrenceburg HS (Lawrenceburg, IN) (1,3)

Lebanon HS (Lebanon, IN) (2,5)

Lew Wallace HS (Gary, IN) (0,2)

Lincoln HS (Vincennes, IN) (2,6)

Linton-Stockton HS (Linton, IN) (0,4)

Lizton HS (Lizton, IN) (0,1)

Logansport HS (Logansport, IN) (2,7)

Losantville HS (Losantville, IN) (0,1)

Lutheran HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,1)

Lynn HS (Lynn, IN) (0,1)

Madison Consolidated HS (Madison, IN) (1,3)

Madison Heights HS (Anderson, IN) (1,3)

Manchester HS (North Manchester, IN) (0,1)

Manual HS (Indianapolis, IN) (3,6)

Marian HS (Mishawaka, IN) (0,3)

Marion HS (Marion, IN) (0,3)

Martinsville HS (Martinsville, IN) (0,4)

Mater Dei HS (Evansville, IN) (3,7)

McCutcheon HS (Lafayette, IN) (2,6)

Memorial HS (Newburgh, IN) (0,1)

Merrillville HS (Merrillville, IN) (0,1)

Michigan City HS (Michigan City, IN) (0,1)

Midvale HS (Mesa, IN) (0,1)

Mishawaka HS (Mishawaka, IN) (1,5)

Mississinewa HS (Gas City, IN) (0,1)

Mitchell HS (Mitchell, IN) (0,1)

Morton HS (Hammond, IN) (2,6)

Morton HS (Richmond, IN) (0,1)

Morton Memorial HS (Knightstown, IN) (0,1)

Mount Vernon HS (Fortville, IN) (0,2)

Mount Vernon HS (Mount Vernon, IN) (0,3)

Muncie Central HS (Muncie, IN) (0,3)

Muncie Northside HS (Muncie, IN) (0,1)

Munster HS (Munster, IN) (1,7)

Nappanee HS (Nappanee, IN) (0,1)

New Albany HS (New Albany, IN) (3,6)

New Castle Chrysler HS (New Castle, IN) (0,3)

New Castle HS (New Castle, IN) (0,1)

New Haven HS (New Haven, IN) (1,4)

New Palestine HS (New Palestine, IN) (0,4)

New Point HS (New Point, IN) (1,2)

Noblesville HS (Noblesville, IN) (1,9)

North Central HS (Indianapolis, IN) (1,5)

North Dearborn HS (Logan, IN) (1,1)

North HS (Evansville, IN) (0,3)

North Knox HS (Bicknell, IN) (1,1)

North Montgomery HS (Crawfordsville, IN) (0,1)

North Posey HS (Poseyville, IN) (0,3)

North Side HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (1,2)

Northfield HS (Wabash, IN) (0,1)

Northrop HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (0,3)

Northview HS (Brazil, IN) (0,2)

Northwestern HS (Kokomo, IN) (1,1)

Norwell HS (Ossian, IN) (3,5)

Notre Dame Prep (South Bend, IN) (2,2)

Nyesville HS (Nyesville, IN) (1,1)

Oakland City HS (Oakland City, IN) (1,1)

Our Lady of Providence HS (Clarksville, IN) (0,1)

Park Tudor HS (Indianapolis, IN) (1,1)

Pendleton Heights HS (Pendleton, IN) (0,6)

Penn HS (Mishawaka, IN) (1,6)

Perry Meridian HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,2)

Peru HS (Peru, IN) (0,1)

Petersburg HS (Petersburg, IN) (1,2)

Pike Central HS (Petersburg, IN) (1,1)

Pike HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,3)

Pine Township HS (Pine, IN) (1,1)

Plainfield HS (Plainfield, IN) (0,1)

Plymouth HS (Plymouth, IN) (0,3)

Portage HS (Portage, IN) (0,2)

Princeton Community HS (Princeton, IN) (0,7)

R. Nelson Snider HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (1,3)

Randolph Southern HS (Lynn, IN) (0,1)

Reitz Memorial HS (Evansville, IN) (1,5)

Rhode Island Country School (Iroquois County, IN) (1,1)

Richmond HS (Richmond, IN) (0,3)

Rogers HS (Michigan City, IN) (0,1)

Roncalli HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,3)

Roosevelt HS (East Chicago, IN) (1,5)

Rossville HS (Rossville, IN) (0,1)

Royerton HS (Muncie, IN) (0,1)

Rushville Consolidated HS (Rushville, IN) (0,2)

Salem HS (Salem, IN) (0,2)

Scecina Memorial HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,1)

Seeger Memorial HS (West Lebanon, IN) (0,1)

Seymour HS (Seymour, IN) (0,2)

Shawswick HS (Shawswick, IN) (0,1)

Shenandoah HS (Middletown, IN) (0,1)

Shortridge HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,2)

Solsberry HS (Solsberry, IN) (0,1)

South Bend HS (South Bend, IN) (0,1)

South Central HS (Union Mills, IN) (0,1)

South Ripley HS (Versailles, IN) (0,2)

South Side HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (1,4)

South Spencer HS (Rockport, IN) (0,3)

Southport HS (Indianapolis, IN) (2,5)

Southridge HS (Huntingburg, IN) (2,5)

Southside HS (Muncie, IN) (1,2)

Southwood HS (Wabash, IN) (0,1)

Springs Valley HS (French Lick, IN) (0,1)

St. Dominic's HS (Notre Dame, IN) (0,1)

St. Joseph's HS (South Bend, IN) (0,4)

Sullivan HS (Sullivan, IN) (0,1)

Switzerland County HS (Vevay, IN) (1,1)

Taylor HS (Kokomo, IN) (0,4)

Tech HS (Terre Haute, IN) (0,1)

Terre Haute HS (Terre Haute, IN) (2,2)

Terre Haute North Vigo HS (Terre Haute, IN) (2,6)

Terre Haute South Vigo HS (Terre Haute, IN) (1,3)

Theodore Roosevelt HS (Gary, IN) (3,4)

Thomas A. Edison HS (Lake Station, IN) (0,1)

Tipton HS (Tipton, IN) (0,1)

Trinity Springs HS (Trinity Springs, IN) (1,1)

Triton Central HS (Fairland, IN) (0,2)

Union City Community HS (Union City, IN) (0,1)

Union Mills HS (Union Mills, IN) (0,1)

University HS (Carmel, IN) (0,2)

Valparaiso HS (Valparaiso, IN) (2,5)

Vincennes HS (Vincennes, IN) (0,1)

Wabash HS (Wabash, IN) (1,3)

Wapahani HS (Selma, IN) (2,2)

Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, IN) (0,3)

Washington HS (East Chicago, IN) (4,6)

Washington HS (Indianapolis, IN) (2,5)

Washington HS (Washington, IN) (1,3)

Washington Township HS (Valparaiso, IN) (0,1)

Wayne HS (Fort Wayne, IN) (0,2)

West Lafayette HS (West Lafayette, IN) (1,1)

West Side HS (Gary, IN) (1,3)

West Vigo HS (West Terre Haute, IN) (0,5)

Western HS (Russiaville, IN) (0,3)

Westfield HS (Westfield, IN) (1,4)

Wheeler HS (Valparaiso, IN) (0,1)

Whiteland Community HS (Whiteland, IN) (0,2)

Whiting HS (Whiting, IN) (3,7)

Wiley HS (Terre Haute, IN) (1,1)

William A. Wirt HS (Gary, IN) (1,2)

Williamsport HS (Williamsport, IN) (0,1)

Winamac Community HS (Winamac, IN) (0,1)

Yorktown HS (Yorktown, IN) (0,3)

Zionsville Community HS (Zionsville, IN) (1,8)


Abraham Lincoln HS (Council Bluffs, IA) (2,2)

Adel DeSoto Minburn HS (Adel, IA) (0,1)

Akron HS (Akron, IA) (0,1)

Amana HS (Amana, IA) (0,2)

Ames HS (Ames, IA) (2,2)

Anamosa HS (Anamosa, IA) (0,1)

Ankeny HS (Ankeny, IA) (2,6)

Aplington HS (Aplington, IA) (0,1)

Assumption HS (Davenport, IA) (0,4)

Atlantic HS (Atlantic, IA) (0,1)

Audubon HS (Audubon, IA) (0,1)

Ballard HS (Huxley, IA) (0,1)

Bayard HS (Bayard, IA) (0,1)

Benton Community HS (Van Horne, IA) (0,1)

Bettendorf HS (Bettendorf, IA) (0,1)

Bishop Garrigan HS (Algona, IA) (1,2)

Bishop Heelan HS (Sioux City, IA) (2,6)

Boone HS (Boone, IA) (0,1)

Burlington HS (Burlington, IA) (1,5)

Calamus HS (Calamus, IA) (0,2)

Cascade HS (Cascade, IA) (1,2)

Catholic HS (Pocahontas, IA) (1,1)

Cedar Falls HS (Cedar Falls, IA) (1,3)

Cedar Rapids Prairie HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (1,3)

Center Point HS (Center Point, IA) (0,1)

Center Point-Urbana (Center Pointe, IA) (0,1)

Centerville HS (Centerville, IA) (0,2)

Central DeWitt HS (DeWitt, IA) (0,1)

Central HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (0,1)

Central HS (Davenport, IA) (0,6)

Central HS (Sioux City, IA) (1,2)

Charles City HS (Charles City, IA) (1,1)

Christian HS (Pella, IA) (1,1)

Clarence HS (Clarence, IA) (0,1)

Clarinda HS (Clarinda, IA) (0,1)

Clemons HS (Clemons, IA) (0,1)

Clinton HS (Clinton, IA) (0,4)

Colesburg HS (Colesburg, IA) (0,1)

Collins HS (Collins, IA) (0,1)

Columbus HS (Waterloo, IA) (0,1)

Corwith HS (Corwith, IA) (0,1)

Crawfordsville HS (Crawfordsville, IA) (0,1)

Creston HS (Creston, IA) (0,2)

Dallas Center Grimes HS (Grimes, IA) (1,3)

Davenport HS (Davenport, IA) (1,7)

Davis County HS (Bloomfield, IA) (0,1)

Denison HS (Denison, IA) (0,1)

Des Moines Abraham Lincoln HS (Des Moines, IA) (0,1)

Dowling Catholic HS (West Des Moines, IA) (2,15)

Dubuque HS (Dubuque, IA) (1,6)

Dumont HS (Dumont, IA) (0,1)

Dyersville-Beckman HS (Dyersville, IA) (0,1)

Eagle Grove HS (Eagle Grove, IA) (0,1)

Early Consolidated HS (Early, IA) (0,1)

East HS (Des Moines, IA) (0,3)

Eddyville HS (Eddyville, IA) (0,1)

Elkader HS (Elkader, IA) (1,1)

Elvader HS (St. Olaf, IA) (0,1)

Everly HS (Everly, IA) (1,1)

Fairfax HS (Fairfax, IA) (0,1)

Fairview HS (Alta, IA) (0,1)

Fayette HS (Fayette, IA) (0,1)

Floyd HS (Floyd, IA) (0,1)

Fort Madison HS (Fort Madison, IA) (0,2)

George HS (George, IA) (1,2)

Gilbert HS (Gilbert, IA) (1,2)

Glidden HS (Glidden, IA) (1,1)

Hamburg HS (Hamburg, IA) (0,1)

Harlan HS (Harlan, IA) (0,2)

Hayes Consolidated HS (Storm Lake, IA) (0,1)

Hempstead HS (Dubuque, IA) (1,5)

Highland HS (Riverside, IA) (0,1)

Hoover HS (Des Moines, IA) (1,3)

Immaculate Conception HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (1,1)

Indian Hills HS (Centerville, IA) (0,1)

Indianola HS (Indianola, IA) (2,6)

Interstate 35 HS (Truro, IA) (0,1)

Iowa City HS (Iowa City, IA) (2,8)

Jefferson HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (0,10)

Johnston HS (Johnston, IA) (0,3)

Kennedy HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (1,2)

Keokuk HS (Keokuk, IA) (0,1)

Knoxville HS (Knoxville, IA) (0,2)

Kuemper HS (Carroll, IA) (0,1)

Larchwood HS (Larchwood, IA) (0,1)

Lawton HS (Lawton, IA) (0,1)

Lewis Central HS (Council Bluffs, IA) (0,2)

Liberty HS (North Liberty, IA) (0,2)

Lincoln HS (Des Moines, IA) (0,5)

Linn-Mar HS (Marion, IA) (0,3)

Lisbon HS (Lisbon, IA) (0,1)

Little Rock HS (Little Rock, IA) (0,1)

Loras Academy (Dubuque, IA) (0,3)

Lost Nation HS (Lost Nation, IA) (1,1)

Lowden HS (Lowden, IA) (0,1)

Madrid HS (Madrid, IA) (0,1)

Mallard Community HS (Mallard, IA) (1,1)

Malvern HS (Malvern, IA) (1,2)

Mar-Mack HS (McGregor, IA) (0,1)

Marion HS (Marion, IA) (0,2)

Marquette HS (Bellevue, IA) (0,1)

Marshalltown HS (Marshalltown, IA) (2,4)

Martensdale-St. Mary's HS (Martensdale, IA) (0,1)

Mason City HS (Mason City, IA) (1,5)

Miles HS (Miles, IA) (0,1)

Moneta HS (Moneta, IA) (1,1)

Montezuma HS (Montezuma, IA) (0,1)

Morning Sun HS (Morning Sun, IA) (1,2)

Mount Pleasant HS (Mount Pleasant, IA) (0,1)

Moville HS (Moville, IA) (0,2)

Muscatine HS (Muscatine, IA) (0,2)

New Hampton Community HS (New Hampton, IA) (1,1)

Newburg HS (Newburg, IA) (1,1)

Newell HS (Newell, IA) (0,1)

Newman Catholic HS (Mason City, IA) (0,3)

North English HS (North English, IA) (1,1)

North HS (Davenport, IA) (0,2)

North HS (Des Moines, IA) (0,4)

North Scott HS (Eldridge, IA) (1,3)

Northeast Hamilton HS (Blairsburg, IA) (0,1)

Norwalk HS (Norwalk, IA) (2,3)

Norway HS (Norway, IA) (3,7)

Notre Dame HS (Burlington, IA) (0,1)

Oskaloosa HS (Oskaloosa, IA) (0,1)

Ottumwa HS (Ottumwa, IA) (0,3)

Palmer HS (Palmer, IA) (0,1)

Parkersburg HS (Parkersburg, IA) (0,1)

Paton-Churdan HS (Churdan, IA) (1,1)

Paullina HS (Paullina, IA) (0,1)

Pella Christian HS (Pella, IA) (0,1)

Perry Senior HS (Perry, IA) (0,1)

Pomeroy HS (Pomeroy, IA) (0,1)

Randolph HS (Randolph, IA) (1,1)

Regina HS (Iowa City, IA) (0,2)

Regis HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (0,1)

Rippey HS (Rippey, IA) (0,1)

Roberts HS (Decorah, IA) (0,1)

Rock Valley HS (Rock Valley, IA) (0,1)

Rockwell City HS (Rockwell City, IA) (0,1)

Rockwell-Swaledale HS (Rockwell, IA) (1,1)

Roosevelt HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (0,2)

Roosevelt HS (Des Moines, IA) (1,6)

Schleswig HS (Schleswig, IA) (1,1)

Sheldon HS (Sheldon, IA) (0,1)

Sibley HS (Sibley, IA) (0,1)

Sioux Center HS (Sioux Center, IA) (0,2)

Sioux City North HS (Sioux City, IA) (0,2)

Sioux Rapids HS (Sioux Rapids, IA) (0,1)

Slater HS (Slater, IA) (0,1)

Sloan HS (Sloan, IA) (0,1)

Solon HS (Solon, IA) (0,2)

Southeast Warren HS (Liberty Center, IA) (0,1)

Spalding HS (Granville, IA) (0,1)

Sperry HS (Sperry, IA) (0,2)

Springville HS (Springville, IA) (0,1)

St. Albert HS (Bludes, IA) (0,1)

St. Ambrose Academy (Davenport, IA) (0,3)

St. Edmond HS (Fort Dodge, IA) (0,2)

St. John's HS (Bancroft, IA) (2,3)

St. Joseph's Academy (Dubuque, IA) (1,1)

St. Joseph's Catholic HS (Mason City, IA) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Clinton, IA) (1,2)

St. Mary's HS (Larchwood, IA) (0,2)

St. Mary's HS (Remsen, IA) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Storm Lake, IA) (0,1)

St. Marys HS (St. Marys, IA) (0,1)

St. Patrick's HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (1,1)

St. Patrick's HS (Perry, IA) (0,1)

Stanton HS (Stanton, IA) (0,1)

Stockport HS (Stockport, IA) (0,1)

Tama HS (Tama, IA) (0,1)

Thomas Jefferson HS (Council Bluffs, IA) (1,6)

Tracy HS (Tracy, IA) (0,1)

Tri-Center HS (Neola, IA) (0,1)

Trinity HS (Sioux City, IA) (0,1)

Urbana Community HS (Center Point, IA) (1,1)

Urbandale HS (Urbandale, IA) (2,8)

Valley HS (West Des Moines, IA) (1,6)

Van Buren HS (Keosauqua, IA) (0,1)

Van Meter HS (Van Meter, IA) (1,1)

Ventura HS (Ventura, IA) (0,1)

Vinton-Shellsburg HS (Vinton, IA) (0,1)

Volga HS (Volga, IA) (0,1)

Wahlert Catholic HS (Dubuque, IA) (1,4)

Wapsie Valley HS (Fairbank, IA) (0,1)

Washington HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (3,8)

Washington HS (Cherokee, IA) (2,3)

Washington HS (Washington, IA) (0,1)

Waterloo East HS (Waterloo, IA) (1,3)

Waukee HS (Waukee, IA) (0,1)

Waukon HS (Waukon, IA) (0,1)

Webster City HS (Webster City, IA) (0,3)

West Delaware HS (Manchester, IA) (0,1)

West Des Moines HS (Des Moines, IA) (1,1)

West HS (Davenport, IA) (0,3)

West Lyon Jr Sr HS (Alvord, IA) (0,1)

West Waterloo HS (Waterloo, IA) (0,3)

Western Dubuque HS (Epworth, IA) (0,2)

What Cheer HS (What Cheer, IA) (0,1)

Wilton HS (Wilton, IA) (0,5)

Winterset HS (Winterset, IA) (0,2)

Woodside HS (Des Moines, IA) (0,1)

Xavier HS (Cedar Rapids, IA) (2,6)


Admire HS (Admire, KS) (0,1)

Andale HS (Andale, KS) (0,3)

Arcadia HS (Arcadia, KS) (0,1)

Arkansas City HS (Arkansas City, KS) (2,6)

Atwood HS (Atwood, KS) (0,1)

Augusta HS (Augusta, KS) (0,1)

Baxter Springs HS (Baxter Springs, KS) (0,3)

Belleville HS (Belleville, KS) (0,1)

Benton HS (Benton, KS) (1,1)

Berryton HS (Berryton, KS) (0,1)

Bishop Carroll Catholic HS (Wichita, KS) (0,11)

Bishop Miege HS (Roeland Park, KS) (1,5)

Blue Valley HS (Stilwell, KS) (1,12)

Blue Valley North HS (Overland Park, KS) (0,4)

Blue Valley Northwest HS (Overland Park, KS) (1,4)

Blue Valley Southwest HS (Overland Park, KS) (0,3)

Blue Valley West HS (Stilwell, KS) (2,7)

Brownell HS (Brownell, KS) (1,1)

Buhler HS (Buhler, KS) (0,1)

Burlingame HS (Burlingame, KS) (0,1)

Campus HS (Wichita, KS) (0,1)

Canton-Galva HS (Canton, KS) (0,1)

Carbondale HS (Carbondale, KS) (0,1)

Cathedral HS (Wichita, KS) (0,1)

Centralia HS (Centralia, KS) (0,1)

Chanute HS (Chanute, KS) (1,2)

Chase County HS (Cottonwood Falls, KS) (1,1)

Cherokee County Community HS (Columbus, KS) (0,2)

Claflin HS (Claflin, KS) (0,1)

Colgan HS (Pittsburg, KS) (0,4)

Concordia HS (Concordia, KS) (0,2)

De Soto HS (De Soto, KS) (0,1)

Denison HS (Denison, KS) (0,1)

Derby HS (Derby, KS) (1,2)

Dodge City HS (Dodge City, KS) (0,3)

Douglass HS (Douglass, KS) (0,1)

East HS (Mission Hills, KS) (0,1)

East HS (Wichita, KS) (3,12)

Eisenhower HS (Goddard, KS) (0,1)

Forman HS (Topeka, KS) (0,1)

Fort Scott HS (Fort Scott, KS) (2,2)

Free State HS (Lawrence, KS) (0,4)

Frontenac HS (Frontenac, KS) (0,1)

Garden City HS (Garden City, KS) (0,2)

Gardner-Edgerton HS (Gardner, KS) (2,3)

Girard HS (Girard, KS) (1,3)

Goddard HS (Goddard, KS) (3,7)

Gove HS (Gove, KS) (1,2)

Haskell Indian School (Lawrence, KS) (2,2)

Haven HS (Haven, KS) (1,1)

Hayden HS (Topeka, KS) (1,5)

Hayes HS (Catherine, KS) (1,1)

Hays HS (Hays, KS) (1,5)

Healy HS (Healy, KS) (0,1)

Herington HS (Herington, KS) (1,1)

Heritage Christian Academy (Olathe, KS) (0,1)

Hesston HS (Hesston, KS) (0,1)

Hutchinson HS (Hutchinson, KS) (1,5)

Independence HS (Independence, KS) (0,1)

Iola HS (Iola, KS) (0,2)

Jennings HS (Jennings, KS) (0,1)

Jetmore HS (Jetmore, KS) (0,1)

Junction City HS (Junction City, KS) (1,3)

Ka Paun Memorial HS (Wichita, KS) (0,1)

Kansas HS (Ottawa, KS) (0,1)

Kansas School for the Deaf (Olathe, KS) (1,1)

Kapaun-Mount Carmel HS (Wichita, KS) (0,3)

Kaupau HS (Wichita, KS) (0,1)

Kingman HS (Kingman, KS) (1,1)

Lansing HS (Lansing, KS) (0,1)

Larned HS (Larned, KS) (1,1)

Lawrence HS (Lawrence, KS) (6,11)

Le Roy HS (Le Roy, KS) (0,1)

Leavenworth HS (Leavenworth, KS) (2,3)

Lyndon HS (Lyndon, KS) (0,1)

Lyons HS (Lyons, KS) (0,1)

Maize HS (Maize, KS) (1,9)

Maize South HS (Wichita, KS) (0,2)

Manhattan HS (Manhattan, KS) (1,5)

Marriam HS (Marriam, KS) (0,1)

Marysville HS (Marysville, KS) (1,1)

Maur Hill Prep School (Atchison, KS) (0,1)

McPherson HS (McPherson, KS) (0,2)

Medicine Lodge HS (Medicine Lodge, KS) (0,1)

Mill Valley HS (Shawnee, KS) (0,3)

Mineral HS (Mineral, KS) (1,1)

Mission HS (Mission, KS) (0,1)

Mulberry HS (Mulberry, KS) (0,1)

Mulvane HS (Mulvane, KS) (0,1)

Neodesha HS (Neodesha, KS) (0,1)

Newton HS (Newton, KS) (1,3)

Nickerson HS (Nickerson, KS) (0,2)

Norcatur HS (Norcatur, KS) (1,1)

North HS (Olathe, KS) (1,2)

Northwest HS (Wichita, KS) (2,4)

Odin HS (Odin, KS) (0,1)

Olathe East HS (Olathe, KS) (1,3)

Olathe Northwest HS (Olathe, KS) (0,6)

Osage City HS (Osage City, KS) (1,1)

Paola HS (Paola, KS) (0,2)

Parsons HS (Parsons, KS) (0,2)

Paxico HS (Paxico, KS) (0,1)

Pem Day HS (Overland Park, KS) (0,1)

Pfeifer HS (Pfeifer, KS) (1,1)

Piper HS (Piper, KS) (0,1)

Pittsburg HS (Pittsburg, KS) (2,6)

Plains HS (Plains, KS) (0,1)

Riverton HS (Galena, KS) (0,1)

Riverton HS (Riverton, KS) (0,1)

Rockhurst HS (Olathe, KS) (0,1)

Rose Hill HS (Rose Hill, KS) (0,1)

Russell HS (Russell, KS) (0,1)

Salina HS (Salina, KS) (0,2)

Santa Fe Trail HS (Carbondale, KS) (0,2)

Schlagel HS (Kansas City, KS) (1,1)

Seaman HS (Topeka, KS) (1,6)

Sedgwick HS (Sedgwick, KS) (0,1)

Shawnee Heights HS (Tecumseh, KS) (0,6)

Shawnee Mission East HS (Prairie Village, KS) (1,10)

Shawnee Mission HS (Overland Park, KS) (0,5)

Shawnee Mission North HS (Merriam, KS) (0,7)

Shawnee Mission Northwest HS (Shawnee Mission, KS) (0,2)

Shawnee Mission South HS (Overland Park, KS) (1,6)

Shawnee Mission West HS (Overland Park, KS) (0,4)

Silver Lake HS (Silver Lake, KS) (1,4)

South HS (Olathe, KS) (1,3)

Southeast HS (Wichita, KS) (0,4)

Spring Hill HS (Spring Hill, KS) (0,4)

St. James Academy (Lenexa, KS) (0,3)

St. Mary's Colgan HS (Pittsburg, KS) (1,2)

St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Overland Park, KS) (1,8)

Sumner HS (Kansas City, KS) (1,1)

Thomas More Prep (Hays, KS) (0,1)

Tmp HS (Tmp, KS) (0,1)

Tonganoxie HS (Tonganoxie, KS) (0,1)

Tonovay HS (Neal, KS) (0,1)

Topeka HS (Topeka, KS) (0,12)

Topeka West HS (Topeka, KS) (0,3)

Turner HS (Kansas City, KS) (0,1)

Uniontown HS (Uniontown, KS) (1,1)

Valley Center HS (Valley Center, KS) (0,4)

Wamego HS (Wamego, KS) (1,1)

Ward HS (Kansas City, KS) (3,10)

Washburn Rural HS (Topeka, KS) (2,6)

Washington HS (Kansas City, KS) (1,4)

Wellington HS (Wellington, KS) (1,5)

Wheaton HS (Wheaton, KS) (1,1)

Wichita Heights HS (Wichita, KS) (2,5)

Wichita HS (Wichita, KS) (0,3)

Wichita HS South (Wichita, KS) (0,2)

Wichita North HS (Wichita, KS) (4,12)

Wichita West HS (Wichita, KS) (1,5)

Wilson HS (Wilson, KS) (0,1)

Winfield HS (Winfield, KS) (0,2)

Word of Life School (Wichita, KS) (0,1)

Wyandotte HS (Kansas City, KS) (1,10)


Adair County HS (Columbia, KY) (0,1)

Apollo HS (Owensboro, KY) (1,5)

Ashland HS (Ashland, KY) (1,1)

Ballard HS (Louisville, KY) (3,8)

Bardstown HS (Bardstown, KY) (0,1)

Barren County HS (Glasgow, KY) (0,1)

Beechwood HS (Fort Mitchell, KY) (1,4)

Belfry HS (Belfry, KY) (0,1)

Bell County HS (Pineville, KY) (0,1)

Betsy Layne HS (Stanville, KY) (0,1)

Bishop Brossart HS (Alexandria, KY) (0,1)

Blessed Martin HS (Waverly, KY) (0,1)

Boone County HS (Florence, KY) (0,6)

Bourbon County HS (Paris, KY) (0,1)

Bowling Green HS (Bowling Green, KY) (1,5)

Boyd County HS (Ashland, KY) (0,4)

Boyle County HS (Danville, KY) (0,2)

Bracken County HS (Brooksville, KY) (1,1)

Breckenridge Training School (Morehead, KY) (0,1)

Breckinridge County HS (Harned, KY) (0,1)

Brooksville HS (Brooksville, KY) (0,1)

Bryan Station HS (Lexington, KY) (0,9)

Burke HS (Montgomery, KY) (1,1)

Butler County HS (Morgantown, KY) (1,1)

Caverna HS (Horse Cave, KY) (3,5)

Central City HS (Central City, KY) (1,1)

Central Hardin HS (Cecilia, KY) (1,3)

Central HS (Louisville, KY) (0,1)

Christian Academy of Louisville (Louisville, KY) (0,2)

Christian County HS (Hopkinsville, KY) (0,3)

College HS (Bowling Green, KY) (0,1)

Conner HS (Hebron, KY) (1,1)

Corbin HS (Corbin, KY) (0,1)

Covington Catholic HS (Park Hills, KY) (1,10)

Covington HS (Covington, KY) (1,1)

Cumberland County HS (Burkesville, KY) (0,2)

Cynthiana HS (Cynthiana, KY) (1,2)

Danville HS (Danville, KY) (0,1)

Daviess County HS (Owensboro, KY) (0,6)

Dayton HS (Dayton, KY) (1,1)

DeSales HS (Louisville, KY) (0,2)

Dixie Heights HS (Fort Mitchell, KY) (1,2)

DuPont Manual HS (Louisville, KY) (11,23)

Durrett HS (Louisville, KY) (0,1)

Eastern HS (Louisville, KY) (1,7)

Edmonson County HS (Brownsville, KY) (0,2)

Elizabethtown HS (Elizabethtown, KY) (1,6)

Estill County HS (Irvine, KY) (0,1)

Falmouth HS (Falmouth, KY) (0,1)

Flaget HS (Louisville, KY) (0,3)

Fleming County HS (Flemingsburg, KY) (1,1)

Fort Knox HS (Fort Knox, KY) (1,1)

Frankfort HS (Frankfort, KY) (0,1)

Franklin County HS (Frankfort, KY) (0,1)

Franklin-Simpson HS (Franklin, KY) (1,4)

Frederick Douglass HS (Lexington, KY) (0,2)

Fulton City HS (Fulton, KY) (0,1)

Gallatin County HS (Warsaw, KY) (0,5)

George Rogers Clark HS (Winchester, KY) (1,3)

Glasgow HS (Glasgow, KY) (1,2)

Glencoe HS (Glencoe, KY) (0,1)

Graves County HS (Mayfield, KY) (0,1)

Great Crossing HS (Georgetown, KY) (0,1)

Greenup County HS (Greenup, KY) (0,1)

Greenville HS (Greenville, KY) (0,1)

Greenwood HS (Bowling Green, KY) (1,2)

Hancock County HS (Lewisport, KY) (0,2)

Harlan HS (Harlan, KY) (0,1)

Harrison County HS (Cynthiana, KY) (1,5)

Harry Doss HS (Louisville, KY) (0,1)

Hartford HS (Hartford, KY) (0,2)

Heath HS (West Paducah, KY) (1,2)

Henderson County HS (Henderson, KY) (0,2)

Henry Clay HS (Lexington, KY) (3,16)

Highlands HS (Fort Thomas, KY) (1,4)

Holmes HS (Covington, KY) (2,4)

Holy Cross HS (Covington, KY) (0,1)

Home School HS (Bowling Green, KY) (0,1)

Hopkinsville HS (Hopkinsville, KY) (1,2)

Hughes-Kirk HS (Beechmont, KY) (0,1)

J. M. Atherton HS (Louisville, KY) (0,1)

Johnson Central HS (Paintsville, KY) (1,2)

Kentucky HS (Paducah, KY) (0,1)

Lacy HS (Hopkinsville, KY) (0,1)

Lafayette HS (Lexington, KY) (2,12)

Larry Ryle HS (Union, KY) (0,1)

Larue County HS (Hodgenville, KY) (0,5)

Latin HS (Covington, KY) (1,3)

Lawrence County HS (Louisa, KY) (1,1)

Leitchfield HS (Leitchfield, KY) (0,2)

Lexington Catholic HS (Lexington, KY) (3,8)

Lexington Christian Academy (Lexington, KY) (2,7)

Lincoln County HS (Stanford, KY) (0,1)

Livingston Central HS (Smithland, KY) (1,2)

Lloyd Memorial HS (Erlanger, KY) (2,5)

Logan County HS (Russellville, KY) (1,2)

Lone Oak HS (Paducah, KY) (0,1)

Louisville HS (Louisville, KY) (1,1)

Louisville Male Traditional HS (Louisville, KY) (4,22)

Lyon County HS (Eddyville, KY) (0,1)

Madison Central HS (Richmond, KY) (1,5)

Madison Southern HS (Berea, KY) (0,1)

Madisonville HS (Madisonville, KY) (0,1)

Marion C. Moore School (Louisville, KY) (0,1)

Marion HS (Marion, KY) (0,1)

Marshall County HS (Benton, KY) (0,2)

Mason County HS (Maysville, KY) (0,1)

Mayfield HS (Mayfield, KY) (1,1)

McCracken County HS (Paducah, KY) (0,1)

McKell HS (South Shore, KY) (1,2)

McLean County HS (Calhoun, KY) (0,1)

Meade County HS (Brandenburg, KY) (2,3)

Mercer County HS (Harrodsburg, KY) (0,1)

Middlesboro HS (Middlesboro, KY) (1,1)

Millersburg Military Institute (Millersburg, KY) (0,1)

Montgomery County HS (Mount Sterling, KY) (0,1)

Muhlenberg Central HS (Greenville, KY) (0,1)

Newport Central Catholic HS (Newport, KY) (2,6)

Newport HS (Newport, KY) (0,2)

Niagara HS (Niagara, KY) (0,1)

North Bullitt HS (Shepherdsville, KY) (0,2)

North Hardin HS (Radcliff, KY) (1,1)

North Laurel HS (London, KY) (0,1)

North Oldham HS (Goshen, KY) (1,2)

Oddville HS (Oddville, KY) (0,1)

Ohio County HS (Hartford, KY) (0,1)

Oil Springs HS (Oil Springs, KY) (0,1)

Oldham County HS (Buckner, KY) (2,4)

Owen County HS (Owenton, KY) (0,2)

Owensboro Catholic HS (Owensboro, KY) (1,6)

Owensboro HS (Owensboro, KY) (1,7)

Paducah Tilghman HS (Paducah, KY) (2,7)

Paintsville HS (Paintsville, KY) (1,5)

Paris HS (Paris, KY) (0,1)

Paul G. Blazer HS (Ashland, KY) (1,6)

Paul Laurence Dunbar HS (Lexington, KY) (1,4)

Pendleton County HS (Falmouth, KY) (1,1)

Perry Central HS (Hazard, KY) (0,5)

Pleasure Ridge Park HS (Louisville, KY) (1,9)

Prestonburg HS (Prestonburg, KY) (0,1)

Pulaski County HS (Somerset, KY) (1,2)

Reidland HS (Paducah, KY) (0,1)

Rowan County HS (Morehead, KY) (1,3)

Russell HS (Russell, KY) (0,2)

Science Hill HS (Science Hill, KY) (0,1)

Scott County HS (Georgetown, KY) (1,3)

Scott HS (Covington, KY) (1,1)

Shelby County HS (Shelbyville, KY) (1,5)

Sheldon Clark HS (Inez, KY) (0,1)

Simon Kenton HS (Independence, KY) (0,2)

Simpsonvile HS (Simpsonville, KY) (0,1)

Somerset HS (Somerset, KY) (0,2)

South HS (Portsmouth, KY) (1,1)

South Laurel HS (London, KY) (0,3)

South Oldham HS (Crestwood, KY) (0,2)

Springfield HS (Springfield, KY) (1,1)

St. Camillus Academy HS (Corbin, KY) (0,1)

St. Henry HS (Erlanger, KY) (1,2)

St. Johns HS (Paducah, KY) (1,3)

St. Mary's HS (Paducah, KY) (3,7)

St. Xavier HS (Louisville, KY) (3,15)

Suda E. Butler Traditional HS (Louisville, KY) (3,6)

Tates Creek HS (Lexington, KY) (3,14)

Trinity HS (Louisville, KY) (3,13)

Valley Traditional HS (Louisville, KY) (0,3)

Van Lear HS (Van Lear, KY) (0,1)

Versailles HS (Versailles, KY) (1,1)

Walton-Verona HS (Walton, KY) (0,2)

Warren East HS (Bowling Green, KY) (0,3)

Webster County HS (Dixon, KY) (0,1)

West Carter HS (Olive Hill, KY) (0,1)

West Point HS (West Point, KY) (0,1)

Western Hills HS (Frankfort, KY) (1,1)

Westport HS (Louisville, KY) (0,1)

Williamsburg HS (Williamsburg, KY) (0,1)

Woodford County HS (Versailles, KY) (0,1)


Abbeville HS (Abbeville, LA) (0,2)

Acadiana HS (Lafayette, LA) (4,11)

Airline HS (Bossier City, LA) (2,9)

Alcee Fortier HS (New Orleans, LA) (3,8)

Alexandria HS (Alexandria, LA) (2,9)

Alfred M. Barbe HS (Lake Charles, LA) (5,31)

Alfred T. Bonnabel HS (Kenner, LA) (1,2)

Alfred Wettermark HS (Boyce, LA) (0,1)

Archbishop Hannan HS (Covington, LA) (1,4)

Archbishop Rummel HS (Metairie, LA) (3,19)

Archbishop Shaw HS (Marrero, LA) (1,5)

Assumption HS (Napoleonville, LA) (0,1)

Baker HS (Baker, LA) (1,4)

Bastrop HS (Bastrop, LA) (0,2)

Baton Rouge HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (1,3)

Belaire HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (1,6)

Belcher HS (Belcher, LA) (0,1)

Belle Chasse HS (Belle Chasse, LA) (0,4)

Benton HS (Benton, LA) (0,3)

Bernice HS (Bernice, LA) (0,2)

Berwick HS (Berwick, LA) (0,5)

Bethune HS (Shreveport, LA) (1,2)

Bogalusa HS (Bogalusa, LA) (0,3)

Bolton HS (Alexandria, LA) (2,4)

Booker T. Washington HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,1)

Bossier HS (Bossier City, LA) (1,7)

Boyce HS (Boyce, LA) (0,1)

Breaux Bridge HS (Breaux Bridge, LA) (0,1)

Broadmoor HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (1,8)

Brother Martin HS (New Orleans, LA) (2,9)

Brusly HS (Brusly, LA) (0,2)

Buckeye HS (Deville, LA) (0,1)

Buras HS (Buras, LA) (0,1)

C. E. Byrd HS (Shreveport, LA) (2,12)

Caldwell Parish HS (Columbia, LA) (1,1)

Calvary Baptist Academy (Shreveport, LA) (0,3)

Captain Shreve HS (Shreveport, LA) (2,8)

Carencro HS (Lafayette, LA) (0,3)

Castor HS (Castor, LA) (1,1)

Cathedral HS (Lafayette, LA) (0,1)

Catholic HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (6,19)

Catholic HS of Pointe Coupee (New Roads, LA) (1,3)

Central Catholic HS (Morgan City, LA) (0,1)

Central HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (1,8)

Central HS (Shreveport, LA) (1,1)

Central Lafourche HS (Mathews, LA) (0,2)

Central Memorial HS (Bogalusa, LA) (1,2)

Central Private School (Baker, LA) (1,2)

Chalmette HS (Chalmette, LA) (1,4)

Chatham HS (Chatham, LA) (0,1)

Cheneyville HS (Cheneyville, LA) (0,1)

Christian Life Academy (Baton Rouge, LA) (0,2)

Claiborne Christian HS (West Monroe, LA) (0,1)

Cohn HS (Port Allen, LA) (0,1)

Colfax HS (Colfax, LA) (0,1)

Coushatta HS (Coushatta, LA) (1,1)

Covington HS (Covington, LA) (1,4)

Crescent City Baptist HS (Harahan, LA) (1,1)

Crescent City Christian HS (Metairie, LA) (1,1)

Crowley HS (Crowley, LA) (0,1)

Crowville HS (Winnsboro, LA) (0,1)

Dawson HS (Baines, LA) (0,1)

De La Salle HS (New Orleans, LA) (2,13)

De Soto HS (Mansfield, LA) (2,2)

Denham Springs HS (Denham Springs, LA) (3,13)

DeQuincy HS (DeQuincy, LA) (1,2)

DeRidder HS (DeRidder, LA) (0,1)

Destrehan HS (Destrehan, LA) (0,2)

Donaldsonville HS (Donaldsonville, LA) (1,1)

Downsville HS (Downsville, LA) (1,2)

Doyline HS (Doyline, LA) (0,2)

Dutchtown HS (Geismar, LA) (1,4)

East Ascension HS (Gonzales, LA) (1,5)

East Jefferson HS (Metairie, LA) (2,4)

East Point HS (East Point, LA) (1,1)

East St. John HS (Reserve, LA) (1,13)

Edna Karr HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,1)

Edward Douglas White Catholic HS (Thibodaux, LA) (0,5)

Episcopal HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (0,1)

Eunice HS (Eunice, LA) (1,1)

Evangel Christian Academy (Shreveport, LA) (2,7)

Fair Park HS (Shreveport, LA) (0,8)

Farmerville HS (Farmerville, LA) (0,1)

Ferriday HS (Ferriday, LA) (0,1)

Fifth Ward HS (Reserve, LA) (0,1)

Fontainebleau HS (Mandeville, LA) (0,1)

Francis T. Nicholls HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,6)

Franklin HS (Franklin, LA) (0,1)

Franklinton HS (Franklinton, LA) (0,1)

G. W. Carver HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,1)

Gibsland-Coleman HS (Gibsland, LA) (0,1)

Glen Oaks HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (1,4)

Grace King HS (Metairie, LA) (1,3)

Grambling HS (Grambling, LA) (2,3)

Grant HS (Dry Prong, LA) (1,1)

Greenville Park HS (Hammond, LA) (1,2)

Gretna HS (Gretna, LA) (1,1)

H. L. Bourgeois HS (Gray, LA) (0,1)

Hahnville HS (Boutte, LA) (1,6)

Hall Summit HS (Hall Summit, LA) (1,1)

Hamilton Christian School (Lake Charles, LA) (1,1)

Hammond HS (Hammond, LA) (1,4)

Haughton HS (Haughton, LA) (0,3)

Haynesville HS (Haynesville, LA) (0,1)

Holy Cross School (New Orleans, LA) (1,9)

Holy Savior Menard Central HS (Alexandria, LA) (1,5)

Hosston HS (Hosston, LA) (1,1)

Houma Christian HS (Houma, LA) (0,1)

Huntington HS (Shreveport, LA) (1,2)

Independence HS (Independence, LA) (0,3)

Iota HS (Iota, LA) (0,1)

Iowa HS (Iowa, LA) (0,1)

Isidore Newman School (New Orleans, LA) (0,3)

Istrouma HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (0,3)

Jackson HS (Jackson, LA) (1,1)

Jamestown HS (Jamestown, LA) (0,1)

Jeanerette HS (Jeanerette, LA) (0,2)

Jennings HS (Jennings, LA) (0,2)

Jesuit HS (New Orleans, LA) (12,37)

Jewel M. Sumner HS (Kentwood, LA) (0,1)

John Curtis Christian School (River Ridge, LA) (0,5)

John Ehret HS (Marrero, LA) (1,1)

John McDonogh HS (New Orleans, LA) (1,2)

Jonesboro-Hodge HS (Jonesboro, LA) (0,1)

Kinder HS (Kinder, LA) (0,1)

L. B. Landry HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,3)

Lafayette HS (Lafayette, LA) (2,11)

LaGrange HS (Lake Charles, LA) (1,7)

Lake Charles HS (Lake Charles, LA) (2,6)

Lamar HS (Lamar, LA) (0,1)

Lecompte HS (Lecompte, LA) (1,1)

Leesville HS (Leesville, LA) (0,1)

Leon Godchaux HS (Reserve, LA) (1,3)

Lincoln HS (Marrero, LA) (0,1)

Lincoln HS (Ruston, LA) (3,3)

Live Oak HS (Watson, LA) (0,5)

Livonia HS (Livonia, LA) (0,1)

Loranger HS (Loranger, LA) (1,3)

Loreauville HS (Loreauville, LA) (0,2)

Loyola College Prep (Shreveport, LA) (0,1)

Lutcher HS (Lutcher, LA) (1,4)

Mamou HS (Mamou, LA) (1,2)

Mandeville HS (Mandeville, LA) (1,10)

Mangham HS (Mangham, LA) (0,1)

Mansfield HS (Mansfield, LA) (0,1)

Marion Abramson HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,1)

Marion HS (Marion, LA) (0,2)

Marksville HS (Marksville, LA) (0,1)

Marrero HS (Marrero, LA) (0,1)

Maurepas HS (Maurepas, LA) (0,1)

McDonogh 35 HS (New Orleans, LA) (1,1)

McKinley HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (1,3)

McMain HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,1)

Minden HS (Minden, LA) (0,6)

Morehouse HS (Bastrop, LA) (0,1)

Morgan City HS (Morgan City, LA) (1,1)

Natchitoches Central HS (Natchitoches, LA) (1,4)

Neville HS (Monroe, LA) (2,13)

New Iberia HS (New Iberia, LA) (1,4)

North Caddo HS (Vivian, LA) (1,1)

North DeSoto HS (Stonewall, LA) (0,1)

North Iberville HS (Rosedale, LA) (0,1)

North Vermilion HS (Maurice, LA) (0,2)

Northshore HS (Slidell, LA) (2,6)

Northside Christian HS (Crowley, LA) (0,1)

Northside HS (Lafayette, LA) (0,2)

Northwood HS (Shreveport, LA) (1,1)

Notre Dame HS (Crowley, LA) (1,3)

Oak Forest Academy (Amite City, LA) (0,1)

Oak Hill HS (Hineston, LA) (0,1)

Oakdale HS (Oakdale, LA) (0,1)

Ouachita Christian School (Monroe, LA) (1,8)

Ouachita Parish HS (Monroe, LA) (0,9)

Ovey Comeaux HS (Lafayette, LA) (0,4)

Parkview Baptist School (Baton Rouge, LA) (0,8)

Parkway HS (Bossier City, LA) (1,10)

Patterson HS (Patterson, LA) (0,2)

Peabody HS (Alexandria, LA) (0,1)

Pearl River HS (Pearl River, LA) (0,2)

Plaquemine HS (Plaquemine, LA) (0,2)

Ponchatoula HS (Ponchatoula, LA) (0,1)

Port Barre HS (Port Barre, LA) (0,1)

Quitman HS (Quitman, LA) (1,1)

Rapides School (Alexandria, LA) (0,1)

Rayne HS (Rayne, LA) (0,3)

Redemptorist HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (0,1)

Redemptorist HS (New Orleans, LA) (1,5)

Reserve Christian HS (Laplace, LA) (0,1)

Ridgewood HS (Kenner, LA) (0,1)

Ringgold HS (Ringgold, LA) (0,1)

Riverdale HS (Jefferson, LA) (0,1)

Riverside Academy (Reserve, LA) (0,2)

Robert E. Lee HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (0,1)

Rosenwald HS (New Roads, LA) (0,1)

Rosepine HS (Rosepine, LA) (0,1)

Ruston HS (Ruston, LA) (2,11)

Sacred Heart HS (Ville Platte, LA) (1,2)

Salmen HS (Slidell, LA) (1,3)

Sam Houston HS (Moss Bluff, LA) (0,4)

Samuel J. Peters HS (New Orleans, LA) (5,11)

Scotlandville HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (0,4)

Scott HS (Scott, LA) (1,4)

Shady Grove HS (Maringouin, LA) (0,1)

Shreveport HS (Shreveport, LA) (0,2)

Sibley HS (Sibley, LA) (0,3)

Silliman Institute (Clinton, LA) (1,2)

Simpson HS (Simpson, LA) (0,1)

Slidell HS (Slidell, LA) (2,4)

South Beauregard HS (Longville, LA) (0,1)

South Terrebonne HS (Bourg, LA) (0,1)

Southern University Lab School (Baton Rouge, LA) (1,6)

Southwood HS (Shreveport, LA) (2,8)

Spearsville HS (Spearsville, LA) (0,1)

Springfield HS (Springfield, LA) (0,1)

Springhill HS (Springhill, LA) (0,3)

St. Aloysius HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,6)

St. Amant HS (St. Amant, LA) (4,9)

St. Augustine HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,11)

St. Edmund Catholic School (Eunice, LA) (1,2)

St. Helena Central HS (Greensburg, LA) (0,1)

St. John HS (Garyville, LA) (0,2)

St. John the Evangelist HS (Plaquemine, LA) (0,1)

St. Louis Catholic HS (Lake Charles, LA) (1,1)

St. Martin's Episcopal School (Metairie, LA) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Natchitoches, LA) (0,2)

St. Paul's Episcopal School (New Orleans, LA) (1,1)

St. Paul's School (Covington, LA) (2,6)

St. Thomas More Catholic HS (Lafayette, LA) (5,16)

Sterlington HS (Monroe, LA) (0,4)

Sulphur HS (Sulphur, LA) (4,14)

Sunset HS (Sunset, LA) (0,1)

Terrebonne HS (Houma, LA) (1,4)

Terzia HS (Monroe, LA) (0,1)

Teurlings Catholic HS (Lafayette, LA) (0,4)

The Dunham School (Baton Rouge, LA) (0,1)

Thibodaux HS (Thibodaux, LA) (1,5)

Tioga HS (Tioga, LA) (1,6)

Union HS (Mer Rouge, LA) (1,1)

Vandebilt Catholic HS (Houma, LA) (1,3)

Vermilion Catholic HS (Abbeville, LA) (0,1)

Vidalia HS (Vidalia, LA) (1,4)

Vinton HS (Vinton, LA) (1,1)

Violet HS (Violet, LA) (0,1)

Vivian HS (Vivian, LA) (0,1)

Walker HS (Walker, LA) (1,1)

Walter E. Cohen HS (New Orleans, LA) (0,1)

Warren Easton HS (New Orleans, LA) (2,10)

Webster HS (Minden, LA) (0,2)

West Jefferson HS (Harvey, LA) (0,2)

West Monroe HS (West Monroe, LA) (1,8)

West Ouachita HS (West Monroe, LA) (0,5)

West St. Mary HS (Baldwin, LA) (0,1)

Westgate HS (New Iberia, LA) (0,2)

Westlake HS (Westlake, LA) (0,1)

Westminster Christian Academy (Opelousas, LA) (0,1)

Winnfield HS (Winnfield, LA) (0,1)

Woodlawn HS (Baton Rouge, LA) (1,5)

Woodlawn HS (Shreveport, LA) (1,6)

Zachary HS (Zachary, LA) (1,9)

Zwolle HS (Zwolle, LA) (0,1)


Bangor HS (Bangor, ME) (1,4)

Belgrade HS (Belgrade, ME) (0,1)

Bonny Eagle HS (Cornish, ME) (0,1)

Brewer HS (Brewer, ME) (1,1)

Bridgton Academy HS (North Bridgton, ME) (3,8)

Brunswick HS (Brunswick, ME) (0,1)

Cape Elizabeth HS (Cape Elizabeth, ME) (0,5)

Cherryfield HS (Cherryfield, ME) (1,2)

Cheverus HS (Portland, ME) (1,2)

Colburn HS (Waterville, ME) (2,2)

Cony HS (Augusta, ME) (0,1)

Cornish HS (Cornish, ME) (0,1)

Deering HS (Portland, ME) (3,16)

Edward Little HS (Auburn, ME) (2,5)

Ellsworth HS (Ellsworth, ME) (1,2)

Fairmont Heights HS (Cheverly, ME) (0,1)

Fryeburg Academy (Fryeburg, ME) (0,1)

Fryeburg HS (Fryeburg, ME) (0,1)

Gorham HS (Gorham, ME) (0,1)

Gould Academy (Bethel, ME) (0,1)

Greely HS (Yarmouth, ME) (0,1)

Greenville HS (Greenville, ME) (0,1)

Guilford HS (Guilford, ME) (1,1)

Hampden Academy (Hampden, ME) (1,2)

Hartland Academy (Hartland, ME) (0,1)

Hebron Academy (Hebron, ME) (0,1)

Higgins Classical Institute (Charleston, ME) (0,1)

John Baptist HS (Brewer, ME) (0,1)

Kennebunk HS (Kennebunk, ME) (0,1)

Lee Academy (Lee, ME) (0,1)

Lewiston HS (Lewiston, ME) (1,4)

Lincoln Academy (Newcastle, ME) (0,1)

Lisbon Falls HS (Lisbon Falls, ME) (0,1)

Lisbon HS (Lisbon, ME) (0,2)

Lubec HS (Lubec, ME) (0,1)

Maine Central Institute HS (Lewiston, ME) (0,1)

Marshwood HS (South Berwick, ME) (0,1)

Monmouth Academy (Monmouth, ME) (0,1)

Morse HS (Bath, ME) (0,1)

Mount Ararat School (Topsham, ME) (1,1)

Nichols Latin School (Lewiston, ME) (0,1)

Pennell Institute (Gray, ME) (0,1)

Portland HS (Portland, ME) (0,5)

Robert W. Traip Academy (Kittery, ME) (1,1)

Scarborough HS (Scarborough, ME) (0,1)

Shead HS (Eastport, ME) (0,1)

South Portland HS (South Portland, ME) (4,9)

Springfield HS (Skowhegan, ME) (0,1)

St. Ignatius HS (Sanford, ME) (0,1)

St. Louis HS (Biddeford, ME) (0,1)

Standish HS (Standish, ME) (0,1)

Telestar HS (Bethel, ME) (0,1)

Thornton Academy (Saco, ME) (0,1)

Waterville HS (Waterville, ME) (0,2)

Westbrook HS (Westbrook, ME) (1,1)

Westbrook Seminary (Portland, ME) (1,1)

Windham HS (Windham, ME) (0,1)

Winslow HS (Winslow, ME) (0,1)

Winthrop HS (Winthrop, ME) (1,1)


Aberdeen HS (Aberdeen, MD) (2,3)

Albert Einstein HS (Kensington, MD) (0,3)

Allegany HS (Cumberland, MD) (1,7)

Anchor Bay HS (New Baltimore, MD) (0,1)

Andover HS (Linthicum, MD) (1,3)

Annapolis HS (Annapolis, MD) (1,2)

Archbishop Curley HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,12)

Archbishop Spalding HS (Severn, MD) (0,9)

Arundel HS (Gambrills, MD) (1,9)

Atholton HS (Columbia, MD) (1,4)

Baltimore City College (Baltimore, MD) (2,15)

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Baltimore, MD) (4,13)

Bates HS (Annapolis, MD) (1,2)

Beall HS (Frostburg, MD) (0,1)

Bel Air HS (Bel Air, MD) (0,4)

Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS (Bethesda, MD) (0,3)

Bishop McNamara HS (Forestville, MD) (0,1)

Bishop Walsh School (Cumberland, MD) (0,2)

Bladensburg HS (Bladensburg, MD) (0,3)

Blair HS (Blair, MD) (2,2)

Blessed Sacrament HS (Baltimore, MD) (1,1)

Bohemia Manor HS (Chesapeake City, MD) (1,1)

Boonsboro HS (Boonsboro, MD) (1,4)

Bowie HS (Bowie, MD) (0,3)

Boys HS (Frederick, MD) (0,1)

Boys' Latin School of Maryland (Baltimore, MD) (1,4)

Briarley Hall Military Academy (Poolesville, MD) (1,1)

Broadneck HS (Annapolis, MD) (0,3)

Brooklyn HS (Brooklyn, MD) (0,1)

Brooklyn Park HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,4)

Bruce HS (Westernport, MD) (0,1)

Brunswick HS (Brunswick, MD) (1,4)

C. Milton Wright HS (Bel Air, MD) (1,3)

Calvert Hall College HS (Towson, MD) (3,33)

Calvert HS (Prince Frederick, MD) (0,1)

Cambridge-South Dorchester HS (Cambridge, MD) (1,13)

Catoctin HS (Thurmont, MD) (0,3)

Catonsville HS (Catonsville, MD) (3,5)

Centennial HS (Ellicott City, MD) (0,2)

Central HS (Lonaconing, MD) (1,1)

Centreville HS (Centreville, MD) (0,2)

Century HS (Eldersburg, MD) (0,1)

Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (Bethesda, MD) (0,1)

Charles Herbert Flowers HS (Springdale, MD) (0,1)

Charlotte Hall Military Academy (Charlotte Hall, MD) (0,1)

Chesapeake HS (Pasadena, MD) (0,4)

Chestertown HS (Chestertown, MD) (1,1)

Chopticon HS (Morganza, MD) (1,4)

Clear Spring HS (Clear Spring, MD) (0,3)

Colonel Richardson HS (Federalsburg, MD) (0,4)

Colonel Zadok Magruder HS (Rockville, MD) (2,3)

Crisfield HS (Crisfield, MD) (0,1)

Crossland HS (Temple Hills, MD) (0,2)

Damascus HS (Damascus, MD) (0,1)

DeMatha Catholic HS (Hyattsville, MD) (2,17)

Dulaney HS (Timonium, MD) (0,4)

Dundalk HS (Baltimore, MD) (1,3)

Duval HS (Lanham, MD) (0,5)

Easton HS (Easton, MD) (0,4)

Edgewood HS (Edgewood, MD) (1,3)

Edmondson Westside HS (Baltimore, MD) (1,3)

Eleanor Roosevelt HS (Greenbelt, MD) (0,2)

Elkridge HS (Elkridge, MD) (1,2)

Elkton HS (Elkton, MD) (2,7)

Elmer Wolfe HS (Union Bridge, MD) (0,1)

Emmitsburg HS (Emmitsburg, MD) (0,1)

Fairmont Heights HS (Capitol Heights, MD) (0,2)

Fallston HS (Fallston, MD) (0,2)

Federalsburg HS (Federalsburg, MD) (0,1)

Forest Park HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,3)

Fort Hill HS (Cumberland, MD) (0,3)

Francis Scott Key HS (Union Bridge, MD) (0,1)

Franklin HS (Reisterstown, MD) (0,3)

Frederick Douglass HS (Baltimore, MD) (1,3)

Frederick Douglass HS (Upper Marlboro, MD) (1,2)

Frederick HS (Frederick, MD) (2,10)

Frederick Sasscer HS (Upper Marlboro, MD) (1,1)

Friendly HS (Fort Washington, MD) (0,1)

Frostburg HS (Frostburg, MD) (0,1)

Gaithersburg HS (Gaithersburg, MD) (0,4)

Georgetown Prepatory School (North Bethesda, MD) (3,8)

Gerstell Academy (Finksburg, MD) (0,1)

Gilman School (Baltimore, MD) (1,6)

Glen Burnie HS (Glen Burnie, MD) (2,6)

Glenelg HS (Glenelg, MD) (1,3)

Governor Thomas Johnson HS (Frederick, MD) (1,6)

Grace Academy (Maugansville, MD) (0,1)

Gwynn Park HS (Brandywine, MD) (0,1)

Hagerstown HS (Hagerstown, MD) (1,8)

Hall Military School (Blairly, MD) (1,1)

Hammond HS (Columbia, MD) (0,2)

Hancock HS (Hancock, MD) (0,2)

Havre de Grace HS (Havre de Grace, MD) (0,3)

Hebron HS (Hebron, MD) (0,1)

High Point HS (Beltsville, MD) (0,4)

Howard HS (Ellicott City, MD) (0,2)

Huntingtown HS (Huntingtown, MD) (0,3)

Hyattsville HS (Hyattsville, MD) (0,1)

Indian Creek HS (Crownsville, MD) (0,2)

James Hubert Blake HS (Silver Spring, MD) (0,1)

James M. Bennett HS (Salisbury, MD) (0,4)

John F. Kennedy HS (Silver Spring, MD) (1,1)

Johnson HS (Thurmond, MD) (0,1)

Kent County HS (Worton, MD) (1,2)

Kenwood HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,5)

La Plata HS (La Plata, MD) (2,4)

Lackey HS (Indian Head, MD) (0,1)

Landon School (Bethesda, MD) (0,3)

Lansdowne HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,3)

Laudon HS (Chevy Chase, MD) (0,1)

Leonardtown HS (Leonardtown, MD) (0,1)

Liberty HS (Eldersburg, MD) (0,1)

Liberty Road HS (Cockeysville, MD) (0,1)

Linganore HS (Frederick, MD) (0,2)

Loch Raven HS (Towson, MD) (0,2)

Loyola Blakefield (Towson, MD) (0,9)

Mardela HS (Mardela Springs, MD) (0,1)

Maryland Park HS (Seat Pleasant, MD) (0,2)

McDonogh School (Owings Mills, MD) (1,8)

McKinley HS (Berwyn, MD) (1,1)

Middletown HS (Middletown, MD) (1,5)

Milford Mill Academy (Baltimore, MD) (1,3)

Montgomery Blair HS (Silver Spring, MD) (2,3)

Mount Airy Christian Academy (Mount Airy, MD) (0,1)

Mount Hebron HS (Ellicott City, MD) (0,1)

Mount St. Joseph HS (Baltimore, MD) (8,28)

North Caroline HS (Denton, MD) (0,2)

North Carroll HS (Hampstead, MD) (0,1)

North County HS (Glen Burnie, MD) (0,2)

North East HS (North East, MD) (1,1)

North Hagerstown HS (Hagerstown, MD) (1,6)

North Harford HS (Pylesville, MD) (0,5)

North Thurston Johnson HS (Frederick, MD) (0,1)

Northeast HS (Pasadena, MD) (0,5)

Northern HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,6)

Northern HS (Owings, MD) (1,3)

Northwest HS (Germantown, MD) (0,2)

Northwestern HS (Hyattsville, MD) (0,2)

Oakland Mills HS (Columbia, MD) (0,2)

Old Mill HS (Millersville, MD) (1,8)

Our Lady of Good Counsel HS (Olney, MD) (0,3)

Overlea HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,6)

Oxon Hill HS (Oxon Hill, MD) (0,2)

Paint Branch HS (Burtonsville, MD) (0,2)

Park School of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD) (0,2)

Parkside HS (Salisbury, MD) (0,2)

Parkville HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,3)

Patapsco HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,6)

Patterson HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,6)

Patterson Mill HS (Bel Air, MD) (0,1)

Patuxent HS (Lusby, MD) (0,1)

Paul L. Dunbar HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,2)

Perry Hall Christian School (Perry Hall, MD) (0,1)

Perry Hall HS (Baltimore, MD) (1,3)

Pittsville HS (Pittsville, MD) (0,1)

Plato HS (Plato, MD) (1,1)

Pocomoke HS (Pokomoke City, MD) (0,1)

Potomac HS (Oxon Hill, MD) (0,1)

Queen Annes County HS (Centreville, MD) (0,1)

Quince Orchard HS (Gaithersburg, MD) (0,2)

Randallstown HS (Randallstown, MD) (1,1)

Reservoir HS (Fulton, MD) (1,1)

Richard Montgomery HS (Rockville, MD) (0,2)

Rising Sun HS (North East, MD) (0,3)

River Hill HS (Clarksville, MD) (0,3)

Riverdale Baptist School (Upper Marlboro, MD) (0,12)

Robert E. Peary HS (Rockville, MD) (0,2)

Rock Hall HS (Rock Hall, MD) (1,1)

Rockville Colored HS (Rockville, MD) (1,1)

Rockville HS (Rockville, MD) (0,1)

Salisbury Christian School (Salisbury, MD) (0,1)

Seneca Valley HS (Germantown, MD) (0,1)

Severn School (Severna Park, MD) (0,1)

Severna Park HS (Severna Park, MD) (2,5)

Sharptown HS (Sharptown, MD) (0,1)

Sherwood HS (Sandy Spring, MD) (3,5)

Smithsburg HS (Smithsburg, MD) (0,3)

Snow Hill HS (Snow Hill, MD) (1,3)

Sollers Point HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,1)

South Carroll HS (Sykesville, MD) (0,4)

South Hagerstown HS (Hagerstown, MD) (0,6)

South River HS (Edgewater, MD) (0,2)

Southern Garrett HS (Oakland, MD) (1,1)

Southern HS (Baltimore, MD) (2,9)

Southern HS (Harwood, MD) (0,1)

Southwestern HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,1)

Sparrows Point HS (Baltimore, MD) (2,4)

Springbrook HS (Silver Spring, MD) (1,4)

St. James HS (Hagerstown, MD) (0,1)

St. John's HS (Davidsonville, MD) (0,1)

St. Joseph's HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,1)

St. Maria Goretti HS (Hagerstown, MD) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Baltimore, MD) (1,4)

St. Michaels HS (St. Michaels, MD) (2,3)

St. Paul's HS (Lutherville, MD) (0,1)

St. Paul's School (Brooklandville, MD) (2,3)

Stephen Decatur HS (Berlin, MD) (0,1)

Sudlersville HS (Sudlersville, MD) (1,1)

Suitland HS (Forestville, MD) (0,5)

Surrattsville HS (Clinton, MD) (0,1)

Sussex HS (Georgetown, MD) (0,1)

The Cardinal Gibbons School (Baltimore, MD) (0,3)

The Heights School (Potomac, MD) (0,1)

The John Carroll School (Bel Air, MD) (0,2)

The Salisbury School (Salisbury, MD) (0,1)

Thomas Sprigg Wooten HS (Rockville, MD) (0,1)

Thomas Stone HS (Waldorf, MD) (1,4)

Thurmont HS (Thurmont, MD) (0,1)

Towson Catholic HS (Towson, MD) (0,1)

Towson HS (Towson, MD) (1,5)

Trappe HS (Trappe, MD) (1,1)

Urbana HS (Ijamsville, MD) (0,1)

Walbrook HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,1)

Walkersville HS (Walkersville, MD) (1,5)

Walt Whitman HS (Bethesda, MD) (0,5)

Walter Johnson HS (Bethesda, MD) (1,5)

Washington HS (Princess Anne, MD) (1,2)

Watkins Mill HS (Gaithersburg, MD) (0,3)

Westlake HS (Waldorf, MD) (0,1)

Westminster HS (Westminster, MD) (1,4)

Wheaton HS (Wheaton, MD) (0,3)

Wicomico HS (Salisbury, MD) (1,6)

Wilde Lake HS (Columbia, MD) (1,2)

Williamsport HS (Williamsport, MD) (3,4)

Winston Churchill HS (Potomac, MD) (0,1)

Winters Mill HS (Westminster, MD) (0,1)

Woodlawn HS (Baltimore, MD) (0,1)


Acton-Boxborough Regional HS (Acton, MA) (1,4)

Adams HS (Adams, MA) (1,2)

Agawam HS (Agawam, MA) (1,5)

Algonquin Regional HS (Northborough, MA) (1,3)

Amesbury HS (Amesbury, MA) (0,3)

Amherst Regional HS (Amherst, MA) (1,5)

Andover HS (Andover, MA) (1,5)

Archbishop Williams HS (Braintree, MA) (0,2)

Arlington Catholic HS (Arlington, MA) (0,1)

Arlington HS (Arlington, MA) (4,13)

Arms Academy (Shelburne Falls, MA) (0,2)

Ashland HS (Ashland, MA) (0,1)

Athol HS (Athol, MA) (0,4)

Attleboro HS (Attleboro, MA) (0,1)

Auburn HS (Auburn, MA) (0,4)

Austin Preparatory School (Reading, MA) (0,3)

B. M. C. Durfee HS (Fall River, MA) (5,15)

Barnstable HS (Hyannis, MA) (0,4)

Bartlett HS (Webster, MA) (0,4)

Bedford HS (Bedford, MA) (1,2)

Belmont Hill School (Belmont, MA) (0,5)

Belmont HS (Belmont, MA) (2,6)

Berkshire School (Sheffield, MA) (0,2)

Beverly HS (Beverly, MA) (1,4)

Billerica HS (Billerica, MA) (2,5)

Bishop Feehan HS (Attleboro, MA) (0,1)

Bishop Stang HS (Dartmouth, MA) (0,1)

Boston College HS (Boston, MA) (3,13)

Boston College Prep (Dorchester, MA) (0,1)

Boston Community Leadership Academy (Boston, MA) (0,1)

Boston HS (Boston, MA) (1,1)

Boston Latin School (Boston, MA) (0,2)

Boston Tech HS (Boston, MA) (0,1)

Boston Trade School (Boston, MA) (0,2)

Bourne HS (Bourne, MA) (0,2)

Braintree HS (Braintree, MA) (1,10)

Bridgeton Academy HS (Swampscott, MA) (0,1)

Bridgewater HS (Bridgewater, MA) (1,5)

Bridgewater-Raynham HS (Bridgewater, MA) (0,7)

Brighton HS (Brighton, MA) (3,5)

Brockton HS (Brockton, MA) (5,16)

Bromfield School (Harvard, MA) (0,1)

Brookline HS (Brookline, MA) (3,9)

Brooks School (North Andover, MA) (0,1)

Buckingham Browne & Nichols HS (Cambridge, MA) (0,4)

Burlington HS (Burlington, MA) (1,3)

Burncoat HS (Worcester, MA) (0,1)

Cambridge High and Latin School (Cambridge, MA) (2,4)

Cambridge HS (Cambridge, MA) (2,3)

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (Cambridge, MA) (0,4)

Canton HS (Canton, MA) (2,2)

Cardinal Cushing Central HS (Boston, MA) (1,1)

Cardinal Spellman HS (Brockton, MA) (0,1)

Cassidy HS (Raynham, MA) (0,2)

Cathedral HS (Boston, MA) (0,1)

Catholic HS (Malden, MA) (1,5)

Catholic Memorial HS (West Roxbury, MA) (1,6)

Central Catholic HS (Lawrence, MA) (0,5)

Central Catholic HS (Salem, MA) (0,1)

Charlestown HS (Charlestown, MA) (1,1)

Chelmsford HS (North Chelmsford, MA) (0,2)

Chelsea HS (Chelsea, MA) (0,1)

Chicopee Comprehensive HS (Chicopee, MA) (1,6)

Classical HS (Springfield, MA) (0,2)

Classical HS (Worcester, MA) (0,2)

Clinton HS (Clinton, MA) (0,4)

Columbus HS (Boston, MA) (0,2)

Columbus HS (Dorchester, MA) (0,1)

Commerce HS (Worcester, MA) (0,5)

Concord HS (Concord, MA) (1,2)

Coyle & Cassidy HS (Taunton, MA) (0,5)

Cushing Academy (Ashburnham, MA) (1,6)

Dalton HS (Dalton, MA) (0,2)

Danvers HS (Danvers, MA) (0,4)

Dartmouth HS (Dartmouth, MA) (1,3)

Dean Academy (Franklin, MA) (3,5)

Dedham HS (Dedham, MA) (0,4)

Deerfield Academy (Deerfield, MA) (2,6)

Dennis-Yarmouth Regional HS (South Yarmouth, MA) (0,1)

Dexter School (Brookline, MA) (0,6)

Dexter Southfield School (Brookline, MA) (0,1)

Dighton-Rehoboth HS (North Dighton, MA) (1,4)

Diman Regional Vocational Technical HS (Fall River, MA) (0,3)

Doherty Memorial HS (Worcester, MA) (1,2)

Dorchester HS (Dorchester, MA) (1,2)

Dover HS (Dover, MA) (0,2)

Dover-Sherborn HS (Dover, MA) (0,2)

Dracut HS (Dracut, MA) (0,2)

Drury HS (North Adams, MA) (0,1)

Duxbury HS (Duxbury, MA) (0,1)

East Boston HS (East Boston, MA) (0,4)

East Bridgewater HS (East Bridgewater, MA) (0,2)

East Longmeadow HS (East Longmeadow, MA) (1,8)

Easthampton HS (Easthampton, MA) (0,1)

English HS (Jamaica Plain, MA) (3,12)

Everett HS (Everett, MA) (1,4)

Fairhaven HS (Fairhaven, MA) (0,1)

Falmouth HS (Falmouth, MA) (1,1)

Fitchburg HS (Fitchburg, MA) (0,2)

Foxborough HS (Foxborough, MA) (0,2)

Framingham HS (Framingham, MA) (0,5)

Framingham South HS (Framingham, MA) (1,2)

Franklin HS (Franklin, MA) (0,3)

Frontier Regional HS (Sunderland, MA) (0,1)

Gardner HS (Gardner, MA) (0,3)

Gloucester HS (Gloucester, MA) (2,5)

Governor Dummer Academy (Byfield, MA) (0,1)

Grafton HS (Grafton, MA) (1,2)

Granby HS (Granby, MA) (0,1)

Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational-Technical HS (New Bedford, MA) (0,2)

Greenfield HS (Greenfield, MA) (1,4)

Groton HS (Groton, MA) (0,2)

Groton School (Groton, MA) (0,3)

Hamilton-Wenham Regional HS (South Hamilton, MA) (0,2)

Hanover HS (Hanover, MA) (0,1)

Harwich HS (Harwich, MA) (0,2)

Haverhill HS (Haverhill, MA) (1,4)

Haverhill Trade School (Haverhill, MA) (0,1)

Hingham HS (Hingham, MA) (0,4)

Holbrook HS (Holbrook, MA) (1,3)

Holliston HS (Holliston, MA) (1,2)

Holy Cross Prep (Worcester, MA) (1,1)

Holy Name Central Catholic HS (Worcester, MA) (2,7)

Holyoke HS (Holyoke, MA) (3,7)

Hopedale HS (Hopedale, MA) (0,3)

Hopkins Academy (Hadley, MA) (0,1)

Hopkinton HS (Hopkinton, MA) (0,1)

Howe HS (Billerica, MA) (0,2)

HS of Commerce (Springfield, MA) (0,2)

Hudson HS (Hudson, MA) (0,3)

Huntington HS (Huntington, MA) (1,1)

Hyde Park HS (Hyde Park, MA) (1,4)

Ipswich HS (Ipswich, MA) (0,3)

John Simpkins HS (South Yarmouth, MA) (0,1)

Johnson HS (Johnson, MA) (1,1)

Joseph Case HS (Swansea, MA) (0,3)

Keith Academy (Lowell, MA) (0,3)

King Philip Regional HS (Wrentham, MA) (2,4)

Lakemont Academy HS (Quincy, MA) (0,1)

Landmark School (Beverly, MA) (0,1)

Lawrence Academy (Groton, MA) (2,7)

Lawrence HS (Falmouth, MA) (1,3)

Lawrence HS (Lawrence, MA) (0,6)

Lee HS (Lee, MA) (0,1)

Lenox Memorial HS (Lenox, MA) (0,1)

Lexington Christian Academy (Lexington, MA) (0,1)

Lexington HS (Lexington, MA) (3,7)

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS (Sudbury, MA) (0,4)

Lowell HS (Lowell, MA) (0,10)

Ludlow HS (Ludlow, MA) (0,2)

Lynn Classical HS (Lynn, MA) (3,6)

Lynn English HS (Lynn, MA) (4,10)

Lynn Vocational and Technical Institute (Lynn, MA) (0,2)

Lynnfield HS (Lynnfield, MA) (1,2)

Malden HS (Malden, MA) (2,5)

Manchester Essex Regional HS (Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA) (0,1)

Mansfield HS (Mansfield, MA) (0,1)

Marblehead HS (Marblehead, MA) (0,3)

Marian HS (Framingham, MA) (1,2)

Marlborough HS (Marlborough, MA) (1,5)

Martha's Vineyard Regional HS (Oak Bluffs, MA) (0,1)

Mary E. Wells HS (Southbridge, MA) (0,1)

Masconomet Regional HS (Topsfield, MA) (0,1)

Maynard HS (Maynard, MA) (0,2)

Mechanic Arts HS (Boston, MA) (1,1)

Medfield HS (Medfield, MA) (0,2)

Medford HS (Medford, MA) (2,13)

Melrose HS (Melrose, MA) (0,2)

Melvindale HS (Melvindale, MA) (0,1)

Mendon HS (Mendon, MA) (0,1)

Methuen HS (Methuen, MA) (1,4)

Middleborough HS (Middleborough, MA) (2,2)

Milford HS (Milford, MA) (2,15)

Millbury HS (Millbury, MA) (0,3)

Millis HS (Millis, MA) (0,1)

Milton Academy (Milton, MA) (0,5)

Milton HS (Milton, MA) (3,7)

Minnechaug Regional HS (Wilbraham, MA) (1,2)

Mission Church HS (Boston, MA) (0,1)

Monson HS (Monson, MA) (0,3)

Mount Everett HS (Sheffield, MA) (0,1)

Mount Greylock Regional HS (Williamstown, MA) (0,2)

Mount Hermon HS (Gill, MA) (2,3)

Nashoba Regional HS (Bolton, MA) (0,1)

Natick HS (Natick, MA) (3,8)

Nauset Regional HS (North Eastham, MA) (0,1)

Needham HS (Needham, MA) (0,4)

New Bedford HS (New Bedford, MA) (0,8)

Newburyport HS (Newburyport, MA) (1,4)

Newton HS (Newton, MA) (1,9)

Newton North HS (Newtonville, MA) (0,2)

Newton South HS (Newton, MA) (0,2)

Nipmuc Regional HS (Upton, MA) (1,2)

Noble and Greenough School (Dedham, MA) (0,1)

North Andover HS (North Andover, MA) (0,6)

North Attleborough HS (North Attleborough, MA) (1,4)

North HS (Worcester, MA) (0,3)

North Quincy HS (North Quincy, MA) (1,4)

North Reading HS (North Reading, MA) (0,3)

Northampton HS (Northampton, MA) (0,4)

Northbridge HS (Whitinsville, MA) (0,3)

Northfield Mount Hermon School (Gill, MA) (1,2)

Norton HS (Norton, MA) (0,1)

Norwell HS (Norwell, MA) (0,1)

Norwood HS (Norwood, MA) (3,10)

Notre Dame Preparatory School (Fitchburg, MA) (0,1)

Oakmont Regional HS (Ashburnham, MA) (0,1)

Oliver Ames HS (North Easton, MA) (0,1)

Orange HS (Orange, MA) (0,2)

Orleans HS (Orleans, MA) (0,1)

Our Lady of Hope Cathedral HS (Springfield, MA) (3,9)

Our Lady's HS (Newton, MA) (0,1)

Palmer HS (Palmer, MA) (0,4)

Peabody Veterans Memorial HS (Peabody, MA) (2,15)

Pentucket Regional HS (West Newbury, MA) (0,5)

Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA) (1,11)

Pioneer Valley Regional School (Northfield, MA) (0,1)

Pittsfield HS (Pittsfield, MA) (7,19)

Plymouth Carver HS (Plymouth, MA) (2,2)

Plymouth North HS (Plymouth, MA) (0,3)

Plymouth South HS (Plymouth, MA) (0,1)

Pope Francis Preparatory School (Springfield, MA) (0,1)

Quabbin Regional HS (Barre, MA) (0,2)

Quaboag Regional HS (Warren, MA) (0,1)

Quincy HS (Quincy, MA) (0,4)

Quincy Vocational Technical HS (Quincy, MA) (0,1)

Ralph C. Mahar Regional HS (Orange, MA) (0,1)

Reading HS (Reading, MA) (1,6)

Reading Memorial HS (Reading, MA) (0,2)

Revere HS (Revere, MA) (0,7)

Rindge Tech HS (Cambridge, MA) (3,7)

Rockland HS (Rockland, MA) (0,2)

Rockmeadow Academy (Uxbridge, MA) (0,1)

Rosary HS (Holyoke, MA) (1,3)

Roslindale HS (Boston, MA) (0,4)

Roxbury Latin HS (West Roxbury, MA) (0,5)

Roxbury Memorial HS (Roxbury, MA) (1,1)

Sacred Heart HS (Holyoke, MA) (0,1)

Salem HS (Salem, MA) (1,4)

Sandwich HS (East Sandwich, MA) (0,3)

Saugus HS (Saugus, MA) (0,2)

Scituate HS (Scituate, MA) (0,2)

Seekonk HS (Seekonk, MA) (1,4)

Sharon HS (Sharon, MA) (1,1)

Shawsheen Valley Vocational Technical HS (Billerca, MA) (0,1)

Shrewsbury HS (Shrewsbury, MA) (0,5)

Snowden International School (Boston, MA) (0,1)

Somerset HS (Somerset, MA) (2,8)

Somerville HS (Somerville, MA) (6,14)

South Boston HS (Boston, MA) (1,3)

South Hadley HS (South Hadley, MA) (0,5)

South HS (Worcester, MA) (0,3)

South Weymouth HS (Weymouth, MA) (0,4)

Southbridge HS (Southbridge, MA) (0,1)

Southwick Regional School (Southwick, MA) (0,1)

Springfield Central HS (Springfield, MA) (1,2)

Springfield HS (Springfield, MA) (2,2)

Springfield HS of Science and Technology (Springfield, MA) (3,19)

Springfield Trade HS (Springfield, MA) (0,6)

St. Bernard's HS (Fitchburg, MA) (0,2)

St. Charles HS (Waltham, MA) (0,1)

St. Clement HS (Medford, MA) (0,1)

St. Columbkille HS (Boston, MA) (1,1)

St. James HS (Haverhill, MA) (1,1)

St. John's HS (Cambridge, MA) (0,1)

St. John's HS (Shrewsbury, MA) (5,17)

St. John's Preparatory School (Danvers, MA) (5,21)

St. Joseph's HS (Pittsfield, MA) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Brookline, MA) (2,3)

St. Mary's HS (Lynn, MA) (3,9)

St. Mary's HS (Milford, MA) (0,2)

St. Mary's HS (Waltham, MA) (0,2)

St. Mary's HS (Westfield, MA) (0,1)

St. Patrick's HS (Brockton, MA) (1,1)

St. Patrick's HS (Watertown, MA) (0,1)

St. Peter's HS (Worcester, MA) (0,6)

St. Peter-Marian HS (Worcester, MA) (2,3)

St. Sebastian's School (Needham, MA) (2,8)

St. Stanislaus School (Fall River, MA) (1,1)

St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Cambridge, MA) (1,1)

Stoneham HS (Stoneham, MA) (1,4)

Stoughton HS (Stoughton, MA) (0,1)

Sumner HS (Holbrook, MA) (0,1)

Swampscott HS (Swampscott, MA) (1,6)

Tabor Academy (Marion, MA) (0,4)

Taconic HS (Pittsfield, MA) (0,2)

Tantasqua Regional HS (Fiskdale, MA) (0,1)

Taunton HS (Taunton, MA) (0,3)

Tenney HS (Methuen, MA) (0,2)

Tewksbury Memorial HS (Tewksbury, MA) (1,1)

Thayer Academy (Braintree, MA) (1,7)

The Governor's Academy (Byfield, MA) (0,2)

The MacDuffie School (Granby, MA) (0,3)

The Newman School (Melrose, MA) (0,1)

The Rivers School (Weston, MA) (0,1)

The Volkmann School (Boston, MA) (1,1)

The Winchendon School (Winchendon, MA) (0,3)

Triton Regional HS (Byfield, MA) (0,1)

Turners Falls HS (Montague, MA) (1,4)

Uxbridge HS (Uxbridge, MA) (1,2)

Wachusett Regional HS (Holden, MA) (0,2)

Wahconah Regional HS (Dalton, MA) (2,4)

Wakefield HS (Wakefield, MA) (0,5)

Walpole HS (Walpole, MA) (1,6)

Waltham HS (Waltham, MA) (2,9)

Ware HS (Ware, MA) (1,1)

Watertown HS (Watertown, MA) (0,8)

Wayland HS (Wayland, MA) (0,3)

Webster School (Cambridge, MA) (1,1)

Wellesley HS (Wellesley, MA) (2,6)

West Roxbury HS (West Roxbury, MA) (1,2)

West Springfield HS (West Springfield, MA) (0,2)

Westborough HS (Westborough, MA) (0,2)

Westfield HS (Westfield, MA) (0,4)

Westfield Technical HS (Westfield, MA) (0,1)

Weston HS (Weston, MA) (0,1)

Westport HS (Westport, MA) (1,3)

Westwood HS (Westwood, MA) (0,2)

Weymouth HS (Weymouth, MA) (0,2)

Whitman-Hanson Regional HS (Whitman, MA) (0,1)

Wilbraham & Monson Academy (Wilbraham, MA) (0,1)

Williamstown HS (Williamstown, MA) (0,1)

Williston Norhampton School (Easthampton, MA) (0,2)

Wilmington HS (Wilmington, MA) (1,5)

Winchester HS (Winchester, MA) (1,3)

Winthrop HS (Winthrop, MA) (1,5)

Woburn Memorial HS (Woburn, MA) (2,5)

Worcester Academy (Worcester, MA) (4,12)

Worcester Technical HS (Worcester, MA) (2,3)

Xaverian Brothers HS (Westwood, MA) (0,5)

Yarmouth HS (Yarmouth, MA) (0,1)


A. D. Johnston HS (Bessemer, MI) (0,1)

A. E. Smith HS (Riverview, MI) (0,1)

Adrian HS (Adrian, MI) (1,3)

Ainsworth HS (Flint, MI) (0,1)

Airport HS (New Boston, MI) (0,1)

Albion HS (Albion, MI) (1,1)

Algonac HS (Algonac, MI) (0,2)

Allen Park HS (Allen Park, MI) (2,7)

Alma HS (Alma, MI) (0,2)

Almont HS (Almont, MI) (0,1)

Alpena HS (Alpena, MI) (2,5)

Anchor Bay HS (Fair Haven, MI) (1,2)

Ann Arbor HS (Ann Arbor, MI) (0,2)

Annapolis HS (Annapolis, MI) (0,1)

Aquinas HS (Southgate, MI) (2,2)

Armada HS (Armada, MI) (0,1)

Arthur Hill HS (Saginaw, MI) (1,9)

Athens HS (Athens, MI) (0,1)

Austin Catholic HS (Detroit, MI) (1,2)

Bad Axe HS (Bad Axe, MI) (0,1)

Battle Creek HS (Battle Creek, MI) (0,1)

Bay City All Saints HS (Bay City, MI) (1,1)

Beaverton HS (Beaverton, MI) (0,1)

Bedford HS (Temperance, MI) (1,6)

Bellaire HS (Bellaire, MI) (1,1)

Belleville HS (Belleville, MI) (1,4)

Bentley HS (Flint, MI) (0,1)

Benton Harbor HS (Benton Harbor, MI) (3,10)

Berkley HS (Berkley, MI) (1,2)

Berrien Springs HS (Berrien Springs, MI) (0,2)

Birch Run HS (Birch Run, MI) (0,1)

Bishop Foley HS (Madison Heights, MI) (0,7)

Bishop Gallagher HS (Detroit, MI) (2,6)

Blissfield HS (Blissfield, MI) (1,5)

Bloomfield Hills HS (Bloomfield Township, MI) (0,1)

Brandywine HS (Niles, MI) (0,1)

Bridgeport HS (Bridgeport, MI) (1,1)

Bridgeport HS (Saginaw, MI) (0,1)

Brighton HS (Brighton, MI) (1,4)

Britton-Macon HS (Britton, MI) (1,1)

Bronson HS (Bronson, MI) (0,1)

Brother Rice HS (Bloomfield Hills, MI) (3,17)

Brown City HS (Brown City, MI) (0,1)

Buchanan HS (Buchanan, MI) (0,1)

Bullock Creek HS (Midland, MI) (2,4)

Busch HS (Center Line, MI) (0,1)

Byron Center HS (Byron Center, MI) (0,1)

Cabrini HS (Allen Park, MI) (0,1)

Caledonia HS (Caledonia, MI) (0,5)

Calumet HS (Calumet, MI) (1,2)

Canton HS (Canton, MI) (0,1)

Canton HS (Plymouth, MI) (0,1)

Cardinal Mooney Catholic HS (Marine City, MI) (0,1)

Carmen HS (Flint, MI) (1,2)

Caseville HS (Caseville, MI) (0,1)

Cass Tech (Detroit, MI) (1,3)

Catholic Central HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (1,4)

Catholic Central HS (Monroe, MI) (0,2)

Center Line HS (Center Line, MI) (0,1)

Central HS (Battle Creek, MI) (0,6)

Central HS (Bay City, MI) (0,4)

Central HS (Central, MI) (1,1)

Central HS (Flint, MI) (2,13)

Central HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (1,1)

Central HS (Kalamazoo, MI) (4,9)

Central HS (Traverse City, MI) (0,1)

Central Montcalm HS (Stanton, MI) (1,1)

Centreville HS (Centreville, MI) (1,1)

Chadsey HS (Detroit, MI) (2,10)

Charlotte HS (Charlotte, MI) (0,2)

Cheboygan HS (Cheboygan, MI) (0,1)

Cherry Hill HS (Inkster, MI) (0,2)

Chippewa Hills HS (Remus, MI) (0,2)

Chippewa Valley HS (Mount Clemens, MI) (0,3)

Churchill HS (Livonia, MI) (0,4)

Clare HS (Clare, MI) (0,1)

Clarkston HS (Clarkston, MI) (1,3)

Clawson HS (Clawson, MI) (1,4)

Climax-Scott HS (Battle Creek, MI) (0,2)

Clinton HS (Clinton, MI) (0,1)

Clintondale HS (Clinton Township, MI) (0,3)

Clio HS (Clio, MI) (0,1)

Cody HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

Coldwater HS (Coldwater, MI) (0,1)

Coleman HS (Coleman, MI) (1,3)

Columbia Central HS (Columbia, MI) (0,1)

Cooley HS (Detroit, MI) (5,12)

Coopersville HS (Coopersville, MI) (1,1)

Country Day HS (Pontiac, MI) (0,1)

Cousino HS (Warren, MI) (0,1)

Cranbrook Kingswood School (Bloomfield, MI) (0,2)

Crestwood HS (Dearborn Heights, MI) (1,1)

Croswell-Lexington HS (Croswell, MI) (0,2)

Dakota HS (Macomb, MI) (0,4)

Davison HS (Davison, MI) (0,2)

De La Salle Collegiate HS (Warren, MI) (1,8)

De La Salle HS (Detroit, MI) (0,4)

De La Salle HS (New Baltimore, MI) (0,1)

Dearborn HS (Dearborn, MI) (1,4)

Denby HS (Detroit, MI) (1,6)

Detroit Catholic Central HS (Novi, MI) (8,22)

Detroit Central HS (Detroit, MI) (3,6)

Detroit Country Day School (Beverly Hills, MI) (0,9)

Detroit County Day HS (Royal Oak, MI) (0,2)

Detroit Edison HS (Detroit, MI) (0,2)

DeWitt HS (DeWitt, MI) (0,2)

Dickson HS (Dickson, MI) (0,1)

Divine Child HS (Dearborn, MI) (3,14)

Dondero HS (Royal Oak, MI) (2,2)

Dow HS (Midland, MI) (1,1)

Dowagiac Union HS (Dowagiac, MI) (0,6)

East Detroit HS (Eastpointe, MI) (0,3)

East Kentwood HS (Kentwood, MI) (0,1)

East Lansing HS (East Lansing, MI) (0,4)

East Tawas HS (East Tawas, MI) (0,1)

Eastern HS (Detroit, MI) (4,5)

Eastern HS (Saginaw, MI) (1,1)

Ecorse HS (Ecorse, MI) (0,3)

Edsel Ford HS (Dearborn, MI) (1,1)

Eisenhower HS (Saginaw, MI) (0,3)

Eisenhower HS (Shelby Township, MI) (0,3)

Elisabeth Ann Johnson HS (Mount Morris, MI) (0,1)

Elsie HS (Ovid, MI) (0,1)

Erie-Mason HS (Erie, MI) (0,1)

Escanaba HS (Escanaba, MI) (2,3)

Evart HS (Evart, MI) (0,1)

Everett HS (Lansing, MI) (3,5)

Farmington-Harrington HS (Farmington, MI) (0,3)

Farwell HS (Farwell, MI) (0,1)

Fennville HS (Fennville, MI) (0,2)

Fenton HS (Fenton, MI) (0,3)

Ferndale HS (Ferndale, MI) (0,1)

Finney HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

Flat Rock HS (Flat Rock, MI) (1,2)

Flint Carman HS (Davison, MI) (1,1)

Flint Technical HS (Flint, MI) (1,1)

Flushing HS (Flushing, MI) (0,1)

Fordson HS (Dearborn, MI) (1,4)

Forest Hills Central HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (0,4)

Fortune HS (Dearborn, MI) (0,1)

Fowler HS (Fowler, MI) (0,1)

Fowlerville HS (Fowlerville, MI) (1,1)

Frankenmuth HS (Frankenmuth, MI) (0,1)

Franklin HS (Livonia, MI) (0,3)

Fraser HS (Fraser, MI) (1,2)

Freeland HS (Freeland, MI) (0,2)

Gabriel Richard Catholic HS (Riverview, MI) (0,2)

Garber HS (Essexville, MI) (0,3)

Garden City East HS (Garden City, MI) (0,1)

Garden City HS (Garden City, MI) (0,1)

Gaylord HS (Gaylord, MI) (0,2)

Genesee HS (Genesee, MI) (0,1)

George Sclafer HS (Southgate, MI) (0,1)

Gladstone HS (Gladstone, MI) (0,1)

Gladwin HS (Gladwin, MI) (0,1)

Grand Blanc HS (Grand Blanc, MI) (0,3)

Grand Haven HS (Grand Haven, MI) (1,3)

Grand Ledge HS (Grand Ledge, MI) (0,7)

Grand Rapids Christian HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (0,3)

Grand Rapids Creston HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (1,3)

Grandville HS (Grandville, MI) (2,2)

Grass Lake HS (Grass Lake, MI) (2,3)

Graveraet HS (Marquette, MI) (0,1)

Greenville HS (Greenville, MI) (0,1)

Grosse Ile HS (Grosse Ile, MI) (0,1)

Grosse Pointe HS (Grosse Pointe, MI) (0,2)

Grosse Pointe North HS (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI) (0,6)

Grosse Pointe South HS (Grosse Pointe Farms, MI) (1,6)

Groves HS (Birmingham, MI) (0,1)

Gull Lake HS (Richland, MI) (0,2)

Hamilton HS (Hamilton, MI) (0,2)

Hamtramck HS (Hamtramck, MI) (4,6)

Handy HS (Bay City, MI) (0,1)

Hartford HS (Hartford, MI) (0,1)

Hartland HS (Hartland, MI) (1,2)

Haslett HS (Haslett, MI) (0,1)

Hastings HS (Hastings, MI) (0,3)

Hazel Park HS (Hazel Park, MI) (2,6)

Hemlock HS (Hemlock, MI) (0,3)

Henry Ford II HS (Sterling Heights, MI) (0,7)

Heritage HS (Saginaw, MI) (0,2)

Highland Park HS (Highland Park, MI) (4,7)

Hill McCloy HS (Montrose, MI) (1,1)

Hillsdale HS (Hillsdale, MI) (0,2)

Holland Christian HS (Holland, MI) (0,1)

Holland HS (Holland, MI) (2,2)

Holly HS (Holly, MI) (0,2)

Holt HS (Holt, MI) (0,2)

Homer HS (Homer, MI) (1,3)

Howell HS (Howell, MI) (0,5)

Hudsonville HS (Hudsonville, MI) (1,2)

Huron HS (Ann Arbor, MI) (1,3)

Huron HS (New Boston, MI) (0,1)

Imbay HS (Imbay, MI) (0,1)

Ionia HS (Ionia, MI) (0,2)

Iron Mountain HS (Iron Mountain, MI) (0,1)

Ithaca HS (Ithaca, MI) (0,1)

Jackson HS (Jackson, MI) (1,5)

Jackson Lumen Christ HS (Jackson, MI) (1,2)

Jenison HS (Jenison, MI) (1,6)

John F. Kennedy HS (Taylor, MI) (1,4)

John Glenn HS (Westland, MI) (1,1)

Juniata Christian HS (Vassar, MI) (0,1)

Kalamazoo HS (Kalamazoo, MI) (0,1)

Kearsley HS (Flint, MI) (0,1)

Kenmore East HS (Sterling Heights, MI) (0,1)

Kettering HS (Drayton, MI) (0,1)

Kimball HS (Royal Oak, MI) (2,6)

King HS (Detroit, MI) (1,6)

L'Anse Creuse HS (Mount Clemens, MI) (1,2)

L'anse Creuse North HS (Chesterfield, MI) (0,1)

Lahser HS (Bloomfield, MI) (0,2)

Lake Fenton HS (Linden, MI) (1,1)

Lake Orion HS (Lake Orion, MI) (0,5)

Lakeland HS (White Lake, MI) (0,1)

Lakeshore HS (St. Clair Shores, MI) (1,3)

Lakeshore HS (Stevensville, MI) (0,2)

Lakeview HS (Battle Creek, MI) (0,2)

Lakeview HS (St. Clair Shores, MI) (0,3)

Lambertville HS (Lambertville, MI) (0,1)

Lamphhere HS (Madison Heights, MI) (0,2)

Lansing Eastern HS (Lansing, MI) (0,1)

Lansing Sexton HS (Lansing, MI) (2,7)

Lapeer West HS (Lapeer, MI) (0,2)

Lawrence HS (Lawrence, MI) (0,1)

Lawton HS (Lawton, MI) (1,1)

Lee HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (1,1)

Lee HS (Lee, MI) (1,1)

Lincoln HS (Ypsilanti, MI) (0,2)

Lincoln Park HS (Lincoln Park, MI) (0,5)

Linden HS (Gaines, MI) (0,1)

Livonia HS (Livonia, MI) (1,1)

Lowell HS (Lowell, MI) (0,3)

Lutheran HS North (Macomb, MI) (0,2)

Lutheran Northwest HS (Rochester Hills, MI) (0,1)

Lutheran West HS (Allen Park, MI) (1,1)

Lutheran West HS (Detroit, MI) (1,3)

MacArthur HS (Saginaw, MI) (0,1)

Mackenzie HS (Detroit, MI) (0,5)

Madison HS (Madison Heights, MI) (0,1)

Marlette HS (Marlette, MI) (0,1)

Marshall HS (Marshall, MI) (0,2)

Marysville HS (Marysville, MI) (0,2)

Mason HS (Mason, MI) (0,1)

Mattawan HS (Mattawan, MI) (0,3)

Melvindale HS (Melvindale, MI) (1,2)

Memorial HS (Wayne, MI) (0,1)

Meredian HS (Sanford, MI) (0,1)

Meridian HS (Sanford, MI) (0,1)

Midland HS (Midland, MI) (1,9)

Milan HS (Milan, MI) (0,1)

Milford HS (Highland, MI) (1,4)

Millington HS (Millington, MI) (1,1)

Millington HS (Vassar, MI) (0,1)

Mona Shores HS (Muskegon, MI) (0,3)

Monominee HS (Monominee, MI) (0,1)

Monroe Catholic Central HS (Erie, MI) (0,1)

Monroe HS (Monroe, MI) (0,4)

Montrose HS (Montrose, MI) (0,1)

Morrice HS (Morrice, MI) (0,2)

Mount Carmel HS (Wyandotte, MI) (0,1)

Mount Clemens HS (Mount Clemens, MI) (0,1)

Mount Pleasant HS (Mount Pleasant, MI) (0,8)

Mumford HS (Detroit, MI) (0,5)

Murray Wright HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

Muskegon Catholic Central HS (Muskegon, MI) (0,1)

Muskegon Heights HS (Muskegon Heights, MI) (0,1)

Muskegon HS (Muskegon, MI) (1,9)

Napoleon HS (Jackson, MI) (0,1)

Nashville HS (Nashville, MI) (0,2)

Negaunee HS (Negaunee, MI) (0,1)

Niles HS (Niles, MI) (0,6)

North Adams HS (North Adams, MI) (0,1)

North Farmington HS (North Farmington, MI) (1,4)

North HS (Detroit, MI) (1,1)

Northeastern HS (Detroit, MI) (1,2)

Northern HS (Detroit, MI) (2,4)

Northern HS (Flint, MI) (2,8)

Northern HS (Pontiac, MI) (0,6)

Northern HS (Port Huron, MI) (0,1)

Northfield HS (Northfield, MI) (1,1)

NorthPointe Christian School (Grand Rapids, MI) (0,1)

Northville HS (Northville, MI) (1,6)

Northwest HS (Jackson, MI) (0,1)

Northwestern HS (Detroit, MI) (7,12)

Notre Dame HS (Harper Woods, MI) (0,1)

Notre Dame HS (Pontiac, MI) (0,2)

Nouvel Catholic HS (Saginaw, MI) (0,2)

Novi HS (Novi, MI) (1,4)

O'Rafferty HS (Lansing, MI) (0,1)

Oak Park HS (Oak Park, MI) (0,4)

Ogemaw Heights HS (West Branch, MI) (0,1)

Okemos HS (Okemos, MI) (1,3)

Ontonagon HS (Ontonagon, MI) (1,1)

Orchard View HS (Muskegon, MI) (0,1)

Osborn HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

Oscar A. Carlson HS (Gibraltar, MI) (1,2)

Otsego HS (Otsego, MI) (0,1)

Ottawa Hills HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (3,7)

Our Lady of Lourdes HS (River Rouge, MI) (1,1)

Owosso HS (Owosso, MI) (0,3)

Oxford HS (Oxford, MI) (0,2)

Palmer HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (1,1)

Paw Paw HS (Paw Paw, MI) (3,5)

Pennfield HS (Battle Creek, MI) (0,1)

Pershing HS (Detroit, MI) (3,7)

Petoskey HS (Petoskey, MI) (0,2)

Pickford HS (Pickford, MI) (0,1)

Pinconning HS (Bentley, MI) (0,1)

Pinconning HS (Pinconning, MI) (0,2)

Pine River HS (Tustin, MI) (0,1)

Pioneer HS (Ann Arbor, MI) (1,5)

Plainwell HS (Plainwell, MI) (0,2)

Plymouth Christian Academy (Canton, MI) (0,1)

Plymouth HS (Plymouth, MI) (0,1)

Plymouth Salem HS (Canton, MI) (1,2)

Plymouth-Canton HS (Canton, MI) (0,2)

Pontiac HS (Pontiac, MI) (2,4)

Port Huron HS (Port Huron, MI) (0,1)

Portage Central HS (Portage, MI) (2,9)

Portage Northern HS (Portage, MI) (2,6)

Potterville HS (Dimondale, MI) (0,1)

Powers HS (Flint, MI) (0,2)

Quincy HS (Quincy, MI) (1,2)

Reading HS (Reading, MI) (0,1)

Redford HS (Detroit, MI) (2,6)

Redford Union HS (Redford, MI) (2,5)

Reese HS (Reese, MI) (0,1)

Renaissance HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

Resurrection HS (Lansing, MI) (0,1)

Richmond HS (Richmond, MI) (0,1)

River Rouge HS (River Rouge, MI) (0,1)

River Valley HS (Three Oaks, MI) (1,1)

Riverview HS (Riverview, MI) (0,2)

Rochester Adams HS (Rochester Hills, MI) (1,9)

Rochester HS (Rochester Hills, MI) (2,6)

Rockford HS (Rockford, MI) (0,3)

Rodney B. Wilson HS (Saint Johns, MI) (0,1)

Romeo HS (Romeo, MI) (0,3)

Romulus HS (Romulus, MI) (1,4)

Roosevelt HS (Wyandotte, MI) (1,7)

Roseville HS (Roseville, MI) (1,2)

Royal Oak HS (Royal Oak, MI) (0,3)

Sacred Heart Academy HS (Winn, MI) (0,1)

Saginaw HS (Saginaw, MI) (1,5)

Saline HS (Saline, MI) (1,8)

Schafer HS (Schafer, MI) (0,1)

Schoolcraft HS (Schoolcraft, MI) (0,1)

Seaholm HS (Birmingham, MI) (0,4)

Servite HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

Shawnee HS (Warren, MI) (0,1)

Shelby HS (Shelby, MI) (0,1)

Shrine Catholic HS (Royal Oak, MI) (0,2)

Sidney Miller HS (Detroit, MI) (1,2)

Skyline HS (Ann Arbor, MI) (0,1)

South Christian HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (0,1)

South Haven HS (South Haven, MI) (1,1)

South Lake HS (St. Clair Shores, MI) (0,3)

South Lyon HS (South Lyon, MI) (0,1)

Southeastern HS (Detroit, MI) (2,10)

Southfield HS (Southfield, MI) (1,2)

Southfield-Lathrup HS (Southfield, MI) (0,3)

Southgate Anderson HS (Southgate, MI) (0,1)

Southgate HS (Southgate, MI) (1,2)

Southwestern HS (Detroit, MI) (3,3)

Southwestern HS (Flint, MI) (2,3)

Spring Harbor HS (Spring Harbor, MI) (0,1)

Spring Lake HS (Spring Lake, MI) (0,1)

Springfield HS (Battle Creek, MI) (0,1)

Springfield HS (Springfield, MI) (0,1)

St. Agatha HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

St. Agnes HS (Flint, MI) (0,1)

St. Alphonsus HS (Dearborn, MI) (0,2)

St. Ambrose HS (Detroit, MI) (0,2)

St. Andrew HS (Saginaw, MI) (1,2)

St. Andrews HS (Detroit, MI) (0,2)

St. Charles HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

St. Clair HS (St. Clair, MI) (1,4)

St. Clement HS (Center Line, MI) (0,2)

St. Francis Cabrini HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

St. Francis HS (Traverse City, MI) (0,1)

St. Hedwige HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

St. Johns HS (St. Johns, MI) (0,1)

St. Joseph HS (Detroit, MI) (1,1)

St. Joseph HS (St. Joseph, MI) (1,3)

St. Ladislaus HS (Hamtramck, MI) (5,7)

St. Louis HS (St. Louis, MI) (1,1)

St. Martin De Porres HS (Detroit, MI) (0,3)

St. Mary Catholic Central HS (Monroe, MI) (0,2)

St. Mary's HS (Detroit, MI) (2,3)

St. Mary's HS (Flint, MI) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Gaylord, MI) (0,2)

St. Mary's HS (Jackson, MI) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Lansing, MI) (2,2)

St. Mary's of Redford HS (Detroit, MI) (0,3)

St. Mary's Prep HS (Ann Arbor, MI) (0,1)

St. Mary's Preparatory School (Orchard Lake Village, MI) (3,23)

St. Matthew's HS (Flint, MI) (0,1)

St. Michael HS (Flint, MI) (0,2)

St. Michael HS (Pontiac, MI) (0,1)

St. Michael's HS (Royal Oak, MI) (0,1)

St. Patrick Catholic School (Portland, MI) (0,1)

St. Patrick's HS (Wyandotte, MI) (0,1)

St. Philip Catholic Central HS (Battle Creek, MI) (0,1)

St. Philip Neri HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

St. Stephen HS (Port Huron, MI) (1,1)

Standish-Sterling Central HS (Standish, MI) (0,2)

State HS (Kalamazoo, MI) (0,1)

Sterling Heights HS (Sterling Heights, MI) (1,1)

Stevenson HS (Livonia, MI) (0,3)

Stevenson HS (Sterling Heights, MI) (1,1)

Stoney Creek HS (Rochester Hills, MI) (0,3)

Sturgis HS (Sturgis, MI) (0,2)

Summerfield HS (Petersburg, MI) (0,1)

Swan Valley HS (Saginaw, MI) (0,3)

Swartz Creek HS (Gaines, MI) (0,1)

Taylor Center HS (Taylor, MI) (0,1)

Tecumseh HS (Tecumseh, MI) (0,2)

Thurston HS (Redford Township, MI) (0,2)

Traverse City HS (Traverse City, MI) (1,2)

Traverse City West HS (Traverse City, MI) (0,1)

Trenton HS (Trenton, MI) (3,4)

Trout Creek HS (Ewen, MI) (1,1)

Troy HS (Troy, MI) (2,4)

Union HS (Grand Rapids, MI) (1,3)

University HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

University HS (Southfield, MI) (0,1)

University Liggett School (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI) (0,3)

University of Detroit Jesuit HS (Detroit, MI) (3,11)

Utica HS (Utica, MI) (2,4)

Vassar HS (Vassar, MI) (0,3)

Vestaburg HS (Vestaburg, MI) (0,1)

Visitation HS (Detroit, MI) (0,1)

Walled Lake Central HS (Walled Lake, MI) (0,1)

Walled Lake Western HS (Walled Lake, MI) (1,1)

Waseca HS (Waseca, MI) (0,2)

Waterford Mott HS (Waterford, MI) (1,2)

Waterford-Kettering HS (Waterford, MI) (2,4)

Watervliet HS (Watervliet, MI) (0,1)

Waverly HS (Lansing, MI) (1,2)

Wayland HS (Wayland, MI) (1,1)

Wayne Memorial HS (Wayne, MI) (2,7)

Weidman HS (Weidman, MI) (1,1)

West Bloomfield HS (Orchard Lake, MI) (0,3)

West HS (Garden City, MI) (0,1)

West Lutheran HS (Minnetonka, MI) (0,1)

West Ottawa HS (Holland, MI) (0,2)

Western HS (Auburn, MI) (1,2)

Western HS (Detroit, MI) (3,8)

Western HS (Walled Lake, MI) (0,1)

Western International HS (Detroit, MI) (0,2)

Whitehall HS (Whitehall, MI) (1,1)

Wilbur Wright HS (Detroit, MI) (1,2)

Willow Run HS (Ypsilanti, MI) (1,2)

Woodhaven HS (Flat Rock, MI) (0,2)

Wyandotte HS (Detroit, MI) (1,1)

Wylie E. Groves HS (Beverly Hills, MI) (0,5)

Yale HS (Yale, MI) (0,1)

Ypsilanti HS (Ypsilanti, MI) (2,10)

Zeeland East HS (Zeeland, MI) (0,1)

Zeeland HS (Zeeland, MI) (1,3)

Zeeland West HS (Zeeland, MI) (0,1)


Academy of the Holy Angels HS (Richfield, MN) (0,7)

Albany HS (Albany, MN) (1,3)

Albert Lea HS (Albert Lea, MN) (0,1)

Alexandria HS (Alexandria, MN) (1,2)

Andover HS (Andover, MN) (0,1)

Anoka HS (Anoka, MN) (1,10)

Apple Valley HS (Apple Valley, MN) (2,4)

Appleton HS (Appleton, MN) (0,1)

Atwater HS (Atwater, MN) (1,1)

Audubon HS (Audubon, MN) (0,1)

Austin HS (Austin, MN) (1,6)

Barnesville HS (Barnesville, MN) (0,1)

Becker HS (Becker, MN) (0,3)

Belle Plaine HS (Belle Plaine, MN) (0,2)

Bemidji HS (Bemidji, MN) (1,5)

Benilde-St. Margaret's HS (St. Louis Park, MN) (1,5)

Bethany Lutheran HS (Mankato, MN) (0,1)

Blackduck HS (Blackduck, MN) (0,1)

Blaine HS (Blaine, MN) (1,3)

Bloomington HS (Bloomington, MN) (1,2)

Brainerd HS (Brainerd, MN) (3,4)

Breckenridge HS (Breckenridge, MN) (0,2)

Brooklyn Center HS (Brooklyn Center, MN) (0,1)

Browerville HS (Browerville, MN) (0,1)

Burnsville HS (Burnsville, MN) (0,4)

Byron HS (Byron, MN) (0,1)

Caledonia HS (Caledonia, MN) (0,1)

Cannon Falls HS (Cannon Falls, MN) (0,1)

Cathedral HS (New Ulm, MN) (0,1)

Cathedral HS (St. Cloud, MN) (1,1)

Centennial HS (Circle Pines, MN) (0,3)

Central HS (Minneapolis, MN) (2,3)

Century HS (Rochester, MN) (0,3)

Champlin Park HS (Brooklyn Center, MN) (0,3)

Chanhassen HS (Chanhassen, MN) (0,2)

Chaska HS (Chaska, MN) (2,4)

Clearbrook-Gonvick HS (Clearbrook, MN) (1,1)

Cloquet HS (Cloquet, MN) (0,1)

Columbia Heights HS (Columbia Heights, MN) (0,1)

Como Park HS (St. Paul, MN) (0,3)

Concordia Academy (St. Paul, MN) (1,1)

Coon Rapids HS (Coon Rapids, MN) (0,5)

Cooper HS (Crystal, MN) (0,1)

Cotter HS (Winona, MN) (0,2)

Cottonwood HS (Cottonwood, MN) (0,1)

Cretin HS (St. Paul, MN) (3,20)

Cretin-Derham Hall HS (St. Paul, MN) (2,8)

Crystal HS (Crystal, MN) (1,1)

De LaSalle HS (Minneapolis, MN) (1,3)

Delavan HS (Delavan, MN) (0,1)

Denfeld HS (Duluth, MN) (1,6)

Duluth Cathedral HS (Duluth, MN) (0,1)

Duluth Central HS (Duluth, MN) (0,4)

Eagan HS (Eagan, MN) (0,5)

East Ridge HS (Woodbury, MN) (0,1)

Eastview HS (Apple Valley, MN) (0,2)

Eden Prairie HS (Eden Prairie, MN) (2,6)

Edina HS (Edina, MN) (3,7)

Edina-Morningside HS (Edina, MN) (1,1)

Edison HS (Minneapolis, MN) (1,6)

Eisenhower HS (Hopkins, MN) (0,1)

Ely Memorial HS (Ely, MN) (0,1)

Fairmont HS (Fairmont, MN) (0,1)

Falls HS (International Falls, MN) (0,2)

Fargo Central HS (Fargo, MN) (0,1)

Faribault HS (Faribault, MN) (3,6)

Fergus Falls HS (Fergus Falls, MN) (0,4)

Fertile-Beltrami HS (Fertile, MN) (1,1)

Forest Lake HS (Forest Lake, MN) (1,3)

Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop HS (Winthrop, MN) (1,1)

Glencoe-Silver Lake HS (Glencoe, MN) (0,1)

Gustavus Adolphus HS (St. Peter, MN) (0,1)

Hancock HS (Hancock, MN) (0,1)

Harding HS (St. Paul, MN) (1,6)

Harrison HS (Minneapolis, MN) (0,1)

Hastings HS (Hastings, MN) (0,3)

Healy HS (Pierz, MN) (0,1)

Heritage Christian Academy (Maple Grove, MN) (0,1)

Hermantown HS (Hermantown, MN) (1,1)

Heron Lake-Okabena HS (Okabena, MN) (0,1)

Hibbing HS (Hibbing, MN) (0,6)

Highland Park HS (St. Paul, MN) (1,3)

Hill-Murray HS (Maplewood, MN) (2,7)

Hinckley HS (Hinckley, MN) (0,2)

Holdingford HS (Holdingford, MN) (0,1)

Holy Family Catholic HS (Victoria, MN) (0,1)

Hopkins HS (Minnetonka, MN) (1,7)

Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted HS (Howard Lake, MN) (0,1)

Humboldt HS (St. Paul, MN) (1,6)

Hutchinson HS (Hutchinson, MN) (0,2)

Irondale HS (New Brighton, MN) (0,1)

Jackson HS (Jackson, MN) (0,2)

Jasper HS (Jasper, MN) (0,1)

John Marshall HS (Rochester, MN) (0,1)

Johnson HS (St. Paul, MN) (0,1)

Jordan HS (Jordan, MN) (0,2)

Kasson-Mantorville HS (Mantorville, MN) (0,1)

Kennedy HS (Bloomington, MN) (1,3)

Kerkhoven HS (Kerkhoven, MN) (0,1)

Knox County HS (Edina, MN) (0,1)

La Crescent HS (La Crescent, MN) (0,1)

La Crescent-Hokah HS (La Crescent, MN) (0,1)

Lake City HS (Lake City, MN) (0,1)

Lakeville HS (Lakeville, MN) (0,2)

Lakeville North HS (Lakeville, MN) (0,6)

Lakeville South HS (Lakeville South, MN) (0,1)

Lamberton HS (Lamberton, MN) (1,1)

Le Sueur-Henderson HS (Le Sueur, MN) (0,1)

Leeds HS (Red Wing, MN) (0,1)

Little Falls HS (Fort Ripley, MN) (0,1)

Mabel HS (Mabel, MN) (0,1)

Mahtomedi HS (Mahtomedi, MN) (2,4)

Mankato East HS (Mankato, MN) (0,1)

Mankato West HS (Mankato, MN) (1,4)

Maple Grove HS (Maple Grove, MN) (0,4)

Marshall HS (Marshall, MN) (0,1)

Marshall HS (St. Paul, MN) (0,1)

Martin County West HS (Sherburn, MN) (1,1)

Mayo HS (Rochester, MN) (1,9)

McLeod West HS (Brownton, MN) (0,1)

Menahga HS (Menahga, MN) (0,1)

Mendota HS (Mendota, MN) (1,1)

Milaca HS (Milaca, MN) (0,1)

Minnehaha Academy (Minneapolis, MN) (0,1)

Minnesota Lake HS (Minnesota Lake, MN) (0,1)

Minnetonka HS (Minnetonka, MN) (2,12)

Monroe HS (St. Paul, MN) (0,2)

Montgomery HS (Lonsdale, MN) (0,1)

Monticello HS (Monticello, MN) (0,1)

Moorhead HS (Moorhead, MN) (0,1)

Mora HS (Mora, MN) (0,1)

Mound HS (Mound, MN) (0,2)

Mounds Park Academy (St. Paul, MN) (0,1)

Mounds View HS (Arden Hills, MN) (3,9)

Murray HS (St. Paul, MN) (1,1)

New London-Spicer HS (New London, MN) (0,2)

New Prague HS (New Prague, MN) (0,1)

New Ulm HS (New Ulm, MN) (4,5)

Norman County West HS (Halstad, MN) (0,1)

North Branch HS (North Branch, MN) (0,1)

North HS (Minneapolis, MN) (1,5)

North Woods School (Cook, MN) (0,1)

Northfield HS (Northfield, MN) (0,2)

Olivia HS (Olivia, MN) (1,1)

Orono HS (Loretto, MN) (0,2)

Osseo HS (Osseo, MN) (0,2)

Owatonna HS (Owatonna, MN) (0,4)

Pacelli HS (Austin, MN) (0,1)

Park Center HS (Brooklyn Park, MN) (2,2)

Park Cottage Grove HS (Park Cottage Grove, MN) (1,1)

Park HS (Cottage Grove, MN) (0,2)

Park Rapids HS (Park Rapids, MN) (0,1)

Patrick Henry HS (Minneapolis, MN) (0,2)

Pierz HS (Pierz, MN) (1,1)

Plainview-Elgin-Millville HS (Plainview, MN) (0,1)

Prior Lake Christian HS (Prior Lake, MN) (0,2)

Prior Lake HS (Savage, MN) (0,5)

Proctor HS (Proctor, MN) (0,1)

Raleigh HS (Raleigh, MN) (0,1)

Randolph HS (Randolph, MN) (1,2)

Red Wing HS (Red Wing, MN) (0,3)

Redwood Valley HS (Redwood Falls, MN) (0,1)

Richfield HS (Richfield, MN) (4,8)

Robbinsdale Armstrong HS (Plymouth, MN) (0,3)

Robbinsdale Cooper HS (New Hope, MN) (0,2)

Rocori HS (Cold Spring, MN) (0,2)

Roseau HS (Roseau, MN) (1,1)

Rosemount HS (Rosemount, MN) (0,2)

Roseville HS (Roseville, MN) (0,1)

Rothsay HS (Rothsay, MN) (1,1)

Royalton HS (Royalton, MN) (0,2)

Rush City HS (Rush City, MN) (0,2)

Sanborn HS (Sanborn, MN) (0,1)

Sauk Rapids-Rice HS (Sauk Rapids, MN) (3,5)

Sebeka HS (Sebeka, MN) (1,1)

Shakopee HS (Shakopee, MN) (0,3)

Sibley East HS (Arlington, MN) (0,1)

Sibley HS (West St. Paul, MN) (0,2)

Simley HS (Inver Grove Heights, MN) (0,1)

Sleepy Eye HS (Sleepy Eye, MN) (0,2)

South HS (Minneapolis, MN) (2,7)

South St. Paul HS (South St. Paul, MN) (1,4)

Southwest HS (Minneapolis, MN) (0,2)

Spring Grove HS (Spring Grove, MN) (0,1)

Spring Lake Park HS (Spring Lake Park, MN) (0,1)

Springfield HS (Springfield, MN) (1,3)

St. Agnes HS (St. Paul, MN) (1,1)

St. Cloud Tech HS (St. Cloud, MN) (2,8)

St. James HS (St. James, MN) (0,1)

St. Louis Park HS (St. Louis Park, MN) (1,7)

St. Mary's HS (Sleepy Eye, MN) (1,1)

St. Michael HS (St. Michael, MN) (0,2)

St. Paul Academy Summit (Inner Grove Heights, MN) (0,1)

St. Paul Central HS (St. Paul, MN) (3,10)

St. Paul North HS (St. Paul, MN) (1,6)

St. Paul Park HS (St. Paul Park, MN) (0,1)

St. Thomas Academy HS (Mendota Heights, MN) (1,3)

St. Thomas Military HS (St. Paul, MN) (1,2)

Stillwater HS (Stillwater, MN) (1,6)

Tartan HS (Oakdale, MN) (0,4)

The Blake School (Hopkins, MN) (0,1)

The Marshall School (Duluth, MN) (0,2)

Thomas Jefferson HS (Bloomington, MN) (3,4)

Totino-Grace HS (Fridley, MN) (1,3)

United South Central HS (Wells, MN) (0,1)

Wabasso HS (Wabasso, MN) (0,2)

Waconia HS (Waconia, MN) (0,1)

Waseca HS (Waseca, MN) (0,2)

Washburn HS (Minneapolis, MN) (2,6)

Washington HS (St. Paul, MN) (1,6)

Watertown HS (Watertown, MN) (1,1)

Waterville HS (Waterville, MN) (1,2)

Wayzata HS (Plymouth, MN) (1,5)

West Brady HS (St. Paul, MN) (0,1)

West Central School of Agriculture (Morris, MN) (1,1)

West HS (Minneapolis, MN) (1,2)

West HS (Rogers, MN) (0,1)

Westonka HS (Mound, MN) (0,1)

White Bear Lake HS (White Bear Lake, MN) (0,4)

Willmar HS (Willmar, MN) (0,1)

Win-E-Mac School (Erskine, MN) (0,1)

Windom HS (Windom, MN) (0,1)

Winona HS (Winona, MN) (2,6)

Woodbury HS (Woodbury, MN) (1,3)


Alcorn Central HS (Glen, MS) (0,2)

Amory HS (Amory, MS) (1,4)

Anguilla HS (Anguilla, MS) (0,2)

Bassfield HS (Bassfield, MS) (0,1)

Batesville HS (Batesville, MS) (1,1)

Bayou Academy (Cleveland, MS) (0,1)

Belmont HS (Belmont, MS) (0,1)

Benton HS (Benton, MS) (1,2)

Biloxi HS (Biloxi, MS) (1,14)

Blair HS (Hattiesburg, MS) (1,4)

Booneville HS (Booneville, MS) (0,1)

Brandon HS (Brandon, MS) (2,9)

Broad Street HS (Shelby, MS) (0,1)

Brookhaven Academy (Brookhaven, MS) (1,2)

Brookhaven HS (Brookhaven, MS) (0,1)

Byram HS (Jackson, MS) (1,1)

Caldwell HS (Columbus, MS) (0,2)

Caledonia HS (Caledonia, MS) (0,1)

Calhoun City HS (Calhoun City, MS) (0,1)

Canton Academy (Canton, MS) (0,2)

Catholic HS (Centreville, MS) (0,1)

Center Hill HS (Olive Branch, MS) (0,1)

Central HS (Harrison, MS) (1,1)

Central HS (Jackson, MS) (0,5)

Centreville Academy (Centreville, MS) (0,1)

Centreville HS (Centreville, MS) (1,1)

Chamberlain-Hunt Academy (Port Gibson, MS) (1,1)

Charleston HS (Charleston, MS) (0,1)

Christian Brothers HS (Southaven, MS) (0,1)

Clarksdale HS (Meridian, MS) (0,1)

Cleveland HS (Cleveland, MS) (0,4)

Clinton HS (Clinton, MS) (0,6)

Coahoma County HS (Clarksdale, MS) (0,1)

Coldwater HS (Coldwater, MS) (1,1)

Coleman HS (Greenville, MS) (1,1)

Collierville HS (Olive Branch, MS) (0,1)

Columbia Academy (Columbia, MS) (0,1)

Columbia HS (Columbia, MS) (0,5)

Columbus HS (Columbus, MS) (2,2)

Cooper Institute (Daleville, MS) (1,1)

Copiah Academy (Gallman, MS) (1,1)

Corinth HS (Corinth, MS) (1,2)

D'Iberville HS (D'Iberville, MS) (0,1)

Dean Attendance Center HS (Leland, MS) (0,1)

DeSoto Central HS (Southaven, MS) (1,11)

Donithan HS (Donithan, MS) (0,2)

Drew HS (Drew, MS) (0,2)

East Central HS (Moss Point, MS) (1,2)

East Marion HS (Columbia, MS) (0,1)

East Union HS (Blue Springs, MS) (0,1)

East Webster HS (Maben, MS) (0,1)

Eupora HS (Eupora, MS) (0,3)

Forest Hill HS (Jackson, MS) (2,5)

Forrest County Agricultural HS (Brooklyn, MS) (1,1)

Franklin County HS (Meadville, MS) (0,3)

G. H. Jones Industrial School (Highlandale, MS) (1,1)

Gautier HS (Gautier, MS) (0,1)

Gentry HS (Indianola, MS) (0,1)

George County HS (Lucedale, MS) (1,9)

Germantown HS (Madison, MS) (0,3)

Greene County HS (Leakesville, MS) (0,2)

Greenville Christian School (Greenville, MS) (0,1)

Greenville-Weston HS (Greenville, MS) (0,2)

Greenwood HS (Greenwood, MS) (0,1)

Greenwood-Leflore HS (Greenwood, MS) (0,1)

Grenada HS (Grenada, MS) (1,3)

Gulf Coast Military Academy (Gulfport, MS) (3,3)

Gulfport HS (Gulfport, MS) (1,6)

Harris HS (Meridian, MS) (1,1)

Harrison Central HS (Gulfport, MS) (4,8)

Hattiesburg HS (Hattiesburg, MS) (5,20)

Hazlehurst HS (Hazlehurst, MS) (0,2)

Heritage Academy (Columbus, MS) (0,2)

Hernando HS (Hernando, MS) (0,1)

Hickory HS (Hickory, MS) (1,2)

Hillcrest Christian HS (Jackson, MS) (2,6)

Horn Lake HS (Horn Lake, MS) (3,4)

Houston HS (Houston, MS) (0,4)

Humphreys Academy (Belzoni, MS) (0,1)

Humphreys County HS (Belzoni, MS) (0,1)

Independence HS (Coldwater, MS) (0,1)

Indianola Academy (Indianola, MS) (0,1)

Ingomar Attendance Center (New Albany, MS) (0,1)

Itawamba County Agricultural HS (Fulton, MS) (1,2)

Iuka HS (Iuka, MS) (1,2)

Jackson Academy HS (Jackson, MS) (0,3)

Jackson HS (Jackson, MS) (0,1)

Jackson Preparatory School (Flowood, MS) (0,7)

Kirk Academy (Grenada, MS) (0,1)

Kosciusko HS (Kosciusko, MS) (0,4)

Lafayette HS (Ellisville, MS) (0,1)

Lafayette HS (Oxford, MS) (0,1)

Lamar School (Meridian, MS) (0,1)

Lanier HS (Jackson, MS) (0,1)

Laurel HS (Laurel, MS) (0,2)

Lawrence County HS (Monticello, MS) (0,1)

Leaksville HS (Leaksville, MS) (1,1)

Lee Academy (Clarksdale, MS) (1,1)

Lee HS (Columbus, MS) (0,3)

Leland HS (Leland, MS) (1,5)

Lewisburg HS (Olive Branch, MS) (0,4)

Live Oak Academy (Moss Point, MS) (1,1)

Long Beach HS (Long Beach, MS) (1,5)

Loyd Star HS (Brookhaven, MS) (0,1)

Lucedale HS (Lucedale, MS) (0,1)

Lumberton HS (Lumberton, MS) (0,3)

Maben HS (Maben, MS) (0,1)

Macon HS (Macon, MS) (1,1)

Madison Central HS (Madison, MS) (2,15)

Madison-Ridgeland Academy (Madison, MS) (0,3)

Magee HS (Magee, MS) (0,1)

Magnolia Heights HS (Senatobia, MS) (0,4)

Manchester Academy (Yazoo City, MS) (0,2)

Manhattan HS (Jackson, MS) (0,3)

McCluer Academy (Jackson, MS) (0,1)

McComb HS (McComb, MS) (3,6)

McComb-Gibson HS (Summit, MS) (1,2)

McLaurin HS (Florence, MS) (0,3)

Mercy Cross HS (Ocean Springs, MS) (1,1)

Meridian HS (Meridian, MS) (3,18)

Mexico HS (Mexico, MS) (0,1)

Mooreville HS (Mooreville, MS) (0,1)

Morgan City HS (Laurel, MS) (0,1)

Moss Point HS (Moss Point, MS) (2,4)

Mount Olive HS (Mount Olive, MS) (0,1)

Mount Pleasant HS (Mount Pleasant, MS) (1,1)

Murrah HS (Jackson, MS) (1,6)

Natchez HS (Natchez, MS) (1,3)

Neshoba Central HS (Philadelphia, MS) (1,3)

Nettleton HS (Nettleton, MS) (1,4)

New Albany HS (New Albany, MS) (1,1)

New Hope HS (Columbus, MS) (0,2)

Newton County HS (Decatur, MS) (0,2)

Nichols HS (Biloxi, MS) (0,1)

North Forrest HS (Hattiesburg, MS) (0,1)

North Pike HS (Summit, MS) (0,1)

Northeast Jones HS (Laurel, MS) (0,1)

Northeast Lauderdale HS (Meridian, MS) (0,2)

Northwest Rankin HS (Flowood, MS) (2,5)

Notre Dame HS (Biloxi, MS) (0,3)

Oak Grove HS (Hattiesburg, MS) (2,12)

Oak Park HS (Laurel, MS) (0,1)

Ocean Springs HS (Ocean Springs, MS) (1,8)

Olive Branch HS (Olive Branch, MS) (1,5)

Oscar H. Wingfield HS (Jackson, MS) (0,3)

Oxford HS (Oxford, MS) (1,5)

Paden HS (Paden, MS) (0,1)

Parklane Academy (McComb, MS) (1,4)

Pascagoula HS (Pascagoula, MS) (1,11)

Pearl HS (Pearl, MS) (0,1)

Pearl River Central HS (Carriere, MS) (0,3)

Petal HS (Petal, MS) (3,13)

Philadelphia HS (Philadelphia, MS) (0,1)

Picayune Memorial HS (Picayune, MS) (2,4)

Pillow Academy (Greenwood, MS) (1,2)

Pontotoc HS (Pontotoc, MS) (1,2)

Poplarville HS (Poplarville, MS) (0,2)

Port Gibson HS (Port Gibson, MS) (0,2)

Provine HS (Jackson, MS) (0,4)

Purvis HS (Purvis, MS) (1,4)

Puxico HS (Puxico, MS) (0,1)

Quitman HS (Quitman, MS) (0,2)

Raymond HS (Raymond, MS) (0,1)

Richland HS (Richland, MS) (0,1)

Richton HS (Richton, MS) (1,1)

Ridgeland HS (Ridgeland, MS) (0,1)

Ripley HS (Ripley, MS) (0,1)

Robert M. Callaway HS (Jackson, MS) (0,9)

Rosa Fort HS (Tunica, MS) (0,2)

Ruleville Central HS (Ruleville, MS) (0,1)

Sacred Heart HS (Biloxi, MS) (0,1)

Saltillo HS (Saltillo, MS) (2,2)

Senatobia HS (Senatobia, MS) (0,1)

Shannon HS (Shannon, MS) (1,4)

Shaw HS (Shaw, MS) (1,3)

Simmons HS (Hollandale, MS) (0,3)

Smithville HS (Smithville, MS) (0,1)

South Jones HS (Ellisville, MS) (0,3)

South Leake HS (Walnut Grove, MS) (1,3)

South Natchez HS (South Natchez, MS) (0,1)

South Panola HS (Batesville, MS) (0,2)

South Pontotoc HS (Pontotoc, MS) (0,1)

Southaven HS (Southaven, MS) (0,5)

Southeast Lauderdale HS (Meridian, MS) (0,3)

St. Joseph HS (Greenville, MS) (0,1)

St. Joseph HS (Jackson, MS) (0,3)

St. Martin HS (Ocean Springs, MS) (0,2)

St. Stanislaus HS (Bay St. Louis, MS) (2,4)

Starkville Academy (Starkville, MS) (0,1)

Starkville HS (Starkville, MS) (1,6)

Stone HS (Wiggins, MS) (1,4)

Stringer HS (Stringer, MS) (0,2)

Summit HS (Summit, MS) (0,1)

Sumrall HS (Sumrall, MS) (0,5)

Taylorsville HS (Taylorsville, MS) (1,3)

Temple HS (Vicksburg, MS) (0,1)

Terry HS (Terry, MS) (0,2)

Threadgill HS (Greenwood, MS) (0,1)

Tishomingo County HS (Iuka, MS) (0,1)

Trinity Episcopal Day School (Natchez, MS) (0,1)

Tupelo HS (Tupelo, MS) (1,11)

University Christian School (Brandon, MS) (1,2)

Vancleave HS (Vancleave, MS) (0,3)

Velma Jackson HS (Camden, MS) (0,3)

Vicksburg HS (Vicksburg, MS) (1,6)

W. P. Daniel HS (New Albany, MS) (1,1)

W. T. Sims HS (Holly Springs, MS) (0,1)

Warren Central HS (Vicksburg, MS) (1,8)

Washington Academy (Greenville, MS) (0,3)

Watkins HS (Laurel, MS) (1,6)

Wayne Academy (Waynesboro, MS) (0,1)

Wayne County HS (Waynesboro, MS) (0,1)

Waynesboro HS (Waynesboro, MS) (1,1)

Weir HS (Weir, MS) (1,1)

West Jones HS (Laurel, MS) (0,3)

West Lauderdale HS (Collinsville, MS) (3,8)

West Lowndes HS (Columbus, MS) (0,2)

West Marion HS (Foxworth, MS) (0,1)

West Point HS (West Point, MS) (0,4)

Wheeler HS (Wheeler, MS) (1,1)

Woodland Hills Academy (Jackson, MS) (0,1)

Yazoo City HS (Yazoo City, MS) (1,2)


Advance HS (Advance, MO) (0,2)

Affton HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,2)

Alba HS (Alba, MO) (3,6)

Anderson HS (Anderson, MO) (0,1)

Aquinas-Mercy HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Arcadia Valley HS (Ironton, MO) (0,1)

Archbishop O'Hara HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,1)

Ashland HS (Ashland, MO) (0,1)

Assumption HS (O'Fallon, MO) (0,1)

Augustinian Academy HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Aurora HS (Aurora, MO) (0,2)

Ava HS (Ava, MO) (0,1)

Bayless HS (Bayless, MO) (1,1)

Beaumont HS (St. Louis, MO) (13,21)

Belleville HS (Highridge, MO) (0,1)

Belton HS (Belton, MO) (0,3)

Benton HS (St. Joseph, MO) (1,7)

Bevier HS (Bevier, MO) (0,1)

Bishop LeBlond HS (St. Joseph, MO) (0,1)

Bismarck HS (Bismarck, MO) (0,1)

Blair Oaks HS (Jefferson City, MO) (1,3)

Blees Military Academy (Macon, MO) (1,1)

Blewett HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Blue Springs HS (Blue Springs, MO) (4,11)

Blue Springs South HS (Blue Springs, MO) (0,5)

Bolivar HS (Bolivar, MO) (0,2)

Bonne Terre HS (Bonne Terre, MO) (0,1)

Boonville HS (Boonville, MO) (0,2)

Bowling Green HS (Bowling Green, MO) (0,1)

Branson HS (Branson, MO) (0,4)

Brunswick HS (Brunswick, MO) (1,1)

Buffalo HS (Buffalo, MO) (0,2)

California HS (California, MO) (0,1)

Camdenton HS (Camdenton, MO) (0,1)

Cameron HS (Cameron, MO) (1,1)

Campbell HS (Campbell, MO) (1,1)

Cardinal Glennon HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,1)

Carl Junction HS (Carl Junction, MO) (0,2)

Carrollton HS (Carrollton, MO) (0,1)

Carthage HS (Carthage, MO) (0,5)

Caruthersville HS (Caruthersville, MO) (1,4)

Central HS (Cape Girardeau, MO) (0,8)

Central HS (Kansas City, MO) (1,4)

Central HS (Park Hills, MO) (0,1)

Central HS (Springfield, MO) (0,8)

Central HS (St. Joseph, MO) (1,5)

Centralia HS (Centralia, MO) (0,1)

Chaminade College Preparatory School (Creve Coeur, MO) (1,7)

Charles H. Sumner HS (St. Louis, MO) (4,5)

Chillicothe HS (Chillicothe, MO) (1,1)

Christian Brothers College HS (St. Louis, MO) (4,17)

Christian Brothers HS (St. Joseph, MO) (0,2)

Clarence HS (Clarence, MO) (1,1)

Clayton HS (Clayton, MO) (0,3)

Clearwater HS (Piedmont, MO) (0,2)

Cleveland HS (St. Louis, MO) (2,8)

Cooter HS (Cooter, MO) (0,1)

County Central HS (New Madrid, MO) (0,1)

Crystal City HS (Crystal City, MO) (0,2)

De Andreis HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

De La Salle HS (Kansas City, MO) (1,2)

De Smet Jesuit HS (Creve Coeur, MO) (3,12)

De Soto HS (De Soto, MO) (0,1)

Desloge HS (Desloge, MO) (1,1)

Dexter HS (Dexter, MO) (0,1)

Dixon HS (Dixon, MO) (1,2)

Doniphan HS (Doniphan, MO) (0,2)

Douglas HS (Webster Groves, MO) (1,1)

Duchesne HS (St. Charles, MO) (0,1)

East Prairie HS (East Prairie, MO) (0,1)

Easton HS (Easton, MO) (0,1)

El Dorado Springs HS (El Dorado Springs, MO) (0,4)

Ellisville HS (Ellisville, MO) (0,1)

Elmo HS (Elmo, MO) (0,1)

Elsberry HS (Elsberry, MO) (1,1)

Eureka HS (Eureka, MO) (1,4)

Excelsior Springs HS (Excelsior Springs, MO) (1,1)

Fair Grove HS (Fair Grove, MO) (1,1)

Fairview HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Farmers HS (Mayview, MO) (0,2)

Farmington HS (Farmington, MO) (0,1)

Fatima HS (Westphalia, MO) (1,5)

Ferguson HS (Ferguson, MO) (0,1)

Festus HS (Festus, MO) (2,4)

Flat River HS (Esther, MO) (0,1)

Fort Osage HS (Independence, MO) (1,3)

Fort Zumwalt North HS (Wentzville, MO) (0,2)

Fort Zumwalt South HS (St. Peters, MO) (2,6)

Fort Zumwalt West HS (O'Fallon, MO) (1,6)

Fox HS (Imperial, MO) (0,1)

Francis Howell Central HS (St. Charles, MO) (0,4)

Francis Howell HS (St. Charles, MO) (1,9)

Francis Howell North HS (St. Charles, MO) (1,4)

Frankford HS (Frankford, MO) (0,1)

Fredericktown HS (Fredericktown, MO) (0,1)

Freed Hardeman HS (Cape Giardeau, MO) (0,1)

Fulton HS (Fulton, MO) (0,1)

Galena HS (Galena, MO) (0,1)

Gideon HS (Cape Girardeau, MO) (1,1)

Gideon HS (Gideon, MO) (1,3)

Glendale HS (Springfield, MO) (2,7)

Grain Valley HS (Grain Valley, MO) (0,2)

Grand View HS (Grand View, MO) (0,1)

Grandview HS (Grandview, MO) (0,1)

Grandville HS (Grandville, MO) (0,1)

Green City HS (Winigan, MO) (0,1)

Greenfield HS (Greenfield, MO) (0,1)

Grove HS (Joplin, MO) (0,1)

Hancock HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Hannibal HS (Hannibal, MO) (1,4)

Hazelwood Central HS (Florissant, MO) (0,3)

Hazelwood East HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,1)

Hazelwood HS (Florissant, MO) (2,5)

Hazelwood West HS (Hazelwood, MO) (5,9)

Helias HS (Jefferson City, MO) (1,2)

Herculaum HS (Pevely, MO) (0,1)

Heritage Acdemy (Columbia, MO) (0,1)

Hermann HS (Hermann, MO) (0,1)

Hickman HS (Columbia, MO) (1,10)

Hickman Mills HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,1)

Higginsville HS (Higginsville, MO) (0,1)

Highland HS (Lewistown, MO) (0,1)

Hillcrest HS (Springfield, MO) (3,17)

Hillsboro HS (Hillsboro, MO) (0,2)

Hollister HS (Hollister, MO) (0,2)

Humansville HS (Humansville, MO) (0,1)

Hurley HS (Crane, MO) (0,1)

Iberia Academy (Iberia, MO) (1,1)

Iberia HS (Iberia, MO) (0,1)

Ilasco HS (Ilasco, MO) (0,1)

Jackson HS (Jackson, MO) (0,3)

Jefferson City HS (Jefferson City, MO) (1,8)

Jennings HS (Jennings, MO) (1,1)

John Burroughs HS (Ladue, MO) (1,1)

John F. Kennedy HS (Ballwin, MO) (0,1)

John F. Kennedy HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,1)

Joplin HS (Joplin, MO) (1,10)

Kearney HS (Kearney, MO) (0,1)

Kemper Military School (Booneville, MO) (0,2)

Kennedy HS (Manchester, MO) (0,1)

Kennett HS (Kennett, MO) (0,3)

Keytesville HS (Keytesville, MO) (0,1)

Kickapoo HS (Springfield, MO) (0,5)

Kirkwood HS (Kirkwood, MO) (2,6)

Knob Noster HS (Knob Noster, MO) (0,1)

Knox City HS (Novelity, MO) (0,1)

Ladue Horton Watkins HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,4)

Ladue HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,2)

Lafayette HS (St. Joseph, MO) (0,2)

Lafayette HS (Wildwood, MO) (6,22)

Lathrop HS (Lathrop, MO) (0,1)

Leadwood HS (Leadwood, MO) (0,2)

Lebanon HS (Lebanon, MO) (1,5)

Lee's Summit HS (Lee's Summit, MO) (0,8)

Lee's Summit North HS (Lee's Summit, MO) (0,4)

Lee's Summit West HS (Lee's Summit, MO) (4,11)

Liberty HS (Liberty, MO) (1,11)

Liberty North HS (Liberty, MO) (0,3)

Lincoln Academy HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,2)

Lincoln HS (Elsberry, MO) (1,1)

Lincoln HS (Kansas City, MO) (4,4)

Lindbergh HS (Sappington, MO) (2,8)

Linn HS (Linn, MO) (0,1)

Livonia HS (Livonia, MO) (0,1)

Logan-Rogersville HS (Rogersville, MO) (1,6)

Longview HS (Lee's Summit, MO) (0,1)

Lutesville HS (Lutesville, MO) (0,1)

Lutheran HS of St. Charles County (St. Peters, MO) (0,1)

Lutheran HS South (St. Louis, MO) (0,2)

Lutheran North HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Macon HS (Macon, MO) (0,1)

Malden HS (Malden, MO) (0,1)

Mansfield HS (Mansfield, MO) (1,1)

Manual HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,1)

Manual Training HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,1)

Maple Woods HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,1)

Maplewood HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Maplewood-Richmond Heights HS (Maplewood, MO) (0,1)

Marion C. Early HS (Morrisville, MO) (0,1)

Mark Twain HS (New London, MO) (0,1)

Marquette HS (Chesterfield, MO) (0,3)

Marshfield HS (Marshfield, MO) (0,2)

Martinsburg HS (Martinsburg, MO) (0,1)

McBride HS (St. Louis, MO) (2,4)

McCluer HS (Florissant, MO) (2,9)

McCluer North HS (Florissant, MO) (0,4)

McKinley HS (St. Louis, MO) (2,7)

Mehlville Senior HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,6)

Memorial HS (Joplin, MO) (0,2)

Mendon HS (Mendon, MO) (0,1)

Mercy HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,3)

Mexico HS (Mexico, MO) (0,2)

Missouri Military Academy (Mexico, MO) (0,1)

Moberly Area Community College (Moberly, MO) (0,5)

Moberly HS (Moberly, MO) (0,2)

Monett HS (Monett, MO) (0,2)

Mount Moriah HS (Mount Moriah, MO) (1,1)

Mountain View HS (Mountain View, MO) (0,1)

Neosho HS (Neosho, MO) (0,1)

New Bloomfield HS (New Bloomfield, MO) (0,2)

Nixa HS (Nixa, MO) (0,3)

Normandy HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,5)

North County HS (Bonne Terre, MO) (0,2)

North County Tech HS (Deslage, MO) (0,1)

North Kansas City HS (Kansas City, MO) (2,8)

North Pemiscot HS (Wardell, MO) (1,1)

Northeast HS (Kansas City, MO) (1,7)

Northwest HS (Cedar Hill, MO) (0,3)

Northwest HS (House Springs, MO) (1,1)

O'Bannon HS (New Madrid, MO) (0,1)

O'Fallon Tech (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Oak Park HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,8)

Oakville HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,7)

Odessa HS (Odessa, MO) (1,2)

Owensville HS (Owensville, MO) (0,1)

Ozark HS (Ozark, MO) (1,4)

Pacific HS (Pacific, MO) (0,2)

Palmyra HS (Palmyra, MO) (1,3)

Park Hill HS (Kansas City, MO) (1,7)

Park Hill South HS (Riverside, MO) (1,2)

Parkview HS (Springfield, MO) (1,8)

Parkway Central HS (Chesterfield, MO) (2,8)

Parkway North HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Parkway South HS (Manchester, MO) (1,7)

Parkway West HS (Ballwin, MO) (1,8)

Parkwood HS (Joplin, MO) (1,2)

Paseo HS (Kansas City, MO) (1,3)

Pattonville HS (Maryland Heights, MO) (2,5)

Pembroke Hill School (Kansas City, MO) (0,2)

Pembroke HS (Kansas City, MO) (1,1)

Perryville HS (Perryville, MO) (0,1)

Platte County HS (Platte City, MO) (0,3)

Pleasant Hill HS (Pleasant Hill, MO) (2,3)

Poindexter Legion HS (Springfield, MO) (0,1)

Poplar Bluff HS (Poplar Bluff, MO) (0,1)

Potosi HS (Potosi, MO) (1,4)

Princeton HS (Princeton, MO) (1,1)

Raymore Peculiar HS (Raymore, MO) (0,5)

Raytown HS (Raytown, MO) (1,4)

Raytown South HS (Raytown, MO) (2,7)

Republic HS (Republic, MO) (0,2)

Risco HS (Risco, MO) (0,1)

Ritenour HS (St. Louis, MO) (7,15)

Riverview Gardens HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,1)

Riverview HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

Rock Bridge HS (Columbia, MO) (0,2)

Rockhurst HS (Kansas City, MO) (4,19)

Rockwood Summit HS (Fenton, MO) (1,2)

Rolla HS (Rolla, MO) (0,4)

Roosevelt HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,6)

Ruskin HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,1)

Salem HS (Salem, MO) (0,1)

Savannah HS (Savannah, MO) (0,2)

Scotland County HS (Memphis, MO) (0,1)

Scott City HS (Scott City, MO) (1,2)

Seckman HS (Imperial, MO) (0,1)

Sedalia HS (Sedalia, MO) (0,1)

Senath-Hornersville HS (Senath, MO) (0,1)

Seneca HS (Seneca, MO) (1,2)

Sikeston HS (Sikeston, MO) (1,4)

Smith Academy (St. Louis, MO) (2,2)

Smith Cotton HS (Sedalia, MO) (1,7)

Smithville HS (Smithville, MO) (0,2)

Soldan HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,2)

South Harrison HS (Bethany, MO) (0,1)

South HS (Fargo, MO) (0,1)

South Pemiscot HS (Steele, MO) (0,2)

Southeast HS (Kansas City, MO) (1,1)

Southland HS (Cardwell, MO) (0,1)

Southside Catholic HS (St. Louis, MO) (0,2)

Southwest HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,3)

Southwest HS (St. Louis, MO) (3,10)

Springfield Catholic HS (Springfield, MO) (0,4)

Springfield HS (Springfield, MO) (4,6)

St. Agnes Regional HS (Springfield, MO) (0,1)

St. Charles HS (St. Charles, MO) (2,5)

St. Dominic HS (O'Fallon, MO) (1,4)

St. Francis Borgia HS (Washington, MO) (0,5)

St. Genevieve HS (St. Genevieve, MO) (1,1)

St. John Vianney HS (Kirkwood, MO) (4,18)

St. Louis Central HS (St. Louis, MO) (3,8)

St. Louis Country Day School (St. Louis, MO) (0,1)

St. Louis HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,3)

St. Louis Priory School (Creve Coeur, MO) (0,1)

St. Louis University HS (St. Louis, MO) (2,13)

St. Mark's HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,1)

St. Mary's HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,9)

St. Peter HS (St. Charles, MO) (0,1)

St. Pius X HS (Festus, MO) (1,2)

St. Pius X HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,1)

St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,1)

St. Vincent's Seminary (Cape Girardeau, MO) (0,1)

Staley HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,4)

Sturgeon HS (Sturgeon, MO) (0,1)

Sullivan HS (Sullivan, MO) (0,5)

Summit Christian Academy (Lee's Summit, MO) (0,1)

Thomasville HS (Thomasville, MO) (0,1)

Timberland HS (Wentzville, MO) (0,3)

Tipton HS (Tipton, MO) (0,1)

Trenton HS (Trenton, MO) (0,2)

Tri-City Christian HS (Blue Springs, MO) (0,2)

Troy Buchanan HS (Troy, MO) (0,2)

Truman HS (Independence, MO) (1,9)

Union HS (Union, MO) (1,1)

University City HS (University City, MO) (6,8)

Valle Catholic HS (Ste. Genevieve, MO) (0,2)

Valley Park HS (Valley Park, MO) (0,2)

Van Horn HS (Independence, MO) (1,5)

Vashon HS (St. Louis, MO) (4,6)

Warsaw HS (Warsaw, MO) (1,4)

Washington HS (Washington, MO) (1,2)

Waynesville HS (Waynesville, MO) (0,1)

Webb City HS (Jasper, MO) (0,2)

Webster Groves HS (Webster Groves, MO) (4,8)

Wellston HS (St. Louis, MO) (1,2)

Wentzville Holt HS (Wentzville, MO) (2,7)

Wentzville HS (Wentzville, MO) (0,1)

Wentzville Liberty HS (Lake St. Louis, MO) (0,2)

West Plains HS (West Plains, MO) (1,2)

Westminster Christian Academy (Town and Country, MO) (1,15)

Westport HS (Kansas City, MO) (0,2)

Wheaton HS (Wheaton, MO) (1,1)

Whitfield School (Creve Coeur, MO) (0,1)

William Chrisman HS (Independence, MO) (3,8)

Windsor HS (Windsor, MO) (0,1)

Winfield HS (Winfield, MO) (0,3)

Winnetonka HS (Kansas City, MO) (1,3)


Bigfork HS (Bigfork, MT) (0,2)

Billings HS (Billings, MT) (1,10)

Billings West HS (Billings, MT) (2,10)

Bozeman HS (Bozeman, MT) (1,5)

Broadwater HS (Townsend, MT) (0,1)

Butte HS (Butte, MT) (0,3)

Capital HS (Helena, MT) (0,4)

Central Catholic HS (Billings, MT) (1,2)

Central HS (Billings, MT) (0,1)

Central HS (Butte, MT) (1,4)

Charles M. Russell HS (Great Falls, MT) (2,2)

Columbia Falls HS (Columbia Falls, MT) (0,3)

Custer County HS (Miles City, MT) (2,4)

Dillon HS (Dillon, MT) (0,1)

Fairfield HS (Fairfield, MT) (0,2)

Flathead HS (Kalispell, MT) (1,6)

Great Falls HS (Great Falls, MT) (0,4)

Havre HS (Havre, MT) (0,2)

Helena HS (Helena, MT) (1,3)

Huntley Project HS (Worden, MT) (0,1)

Kalispell HS (Kalispell, MT) (0,1)

Libby HS (Libby, MT) (0,2)

Loyola Sacred Heart HS (Missoula, MT) (0,2)

Missoula County HS (Missoula, MT) (0,1)

Power HS (Power, MT) (0,1)

Red Lodge HS (Red Lodge, MT) (0,1)

Sentinel HS (Missoula, MT) (0,5)

Sheridan HS (Sheridan, MT) (0,1)

Skyview HS (Billings, MT) (0,3)

St. Regis HS (St. Regis, MT) (0,1)

Three Forks HS (Three Forks, MT) (0,1)


Arapahoe HS (Arapahoe, NE) (0,1)

Archbishop Bergan HS (Fremont, NE) (0,1)

Archbishop Ryan HS (Omaha, NE) (0,4)

Arlington HS (Arlington, NE) (0,1)

Aurora HS (Aurora, NE) (0,1)

Beatrice HS (Beatrice, NE) (1,5)

Bellevue East HS (Bellevue, NE) (2,3)

Bellevue HS (Bellevue, NE) (1,2)

Bellevue West HS (Bellevue, NE) (0,5)

Bennington HS (Bennington, NE) (0,1)

Benson HS (Omaha, NE) (1,4)

Blair HS (Blair, NE) (0,3)

Bondurant-Farrar HS (Bondurant, NE) (0,1)

Bridgeport HS (Omaha, NE) (0,1)

Cairo HS (Cairo, NE) (0,1)

Cathedral HS (Omaha, NE) (2,2)

Central Catholic HS (Grand Island, NE) (0,1)

Central HS (Omaha, NE) (2,6)

Columbus HS (Columbus, NE) (0,1)

Creighton Preparatory School (Omaha, NE) (4,14)

Crofton HS (Crofton, NE) (0,1)

Daniel J. Gross Catholic HS (Bellevue, NE) (1,2)

Eagle HS (Eagle, NE) (0,1)

Elkhorn HS (Elkhorn, NE) (1,5)

Elkhorn North HS (Omaha, NE) (0,2)

Elkhorn South HS (Elkhorn, NE) (0,5)

Elwood HS (Elwood, NE) (1,1)

Emerson-Hubbard HS (Emerson, NE) (0,1)

Fairbury HS (Fairbury, NE) (0,1)

Franklin HS (Franklin, NE) (1,1)

Fremont HS (Fremont, NE) (0,2)

Friend HS (Friend, NE) (1,1)

Gering HS (Gering, NE) (0,2)

Grand Island HS (Grand Island, NE) (2,11)

Gretna HS (Gretna, NE) (0,4)

Hardy HS (Hardy, NE) (1,1)

Harry A. Burke HS (Omaha, NE) (0,9)

Harvard HS (Harvard, NE) (1,1)

Hastings HS (Hastings, NE) (2,5)

Holy Name School (Omaha, NE) (0,1)

Hooper HS (Hooper, NE) (0,1)

Johnson Brock HS (Johnson, NE) (0,1)

Kearney Catholic HS (Kearney, NE) (0,1)

Kearney HS (Kearney, NE) (1,8)

Kennard HS (Kennard, NE) (0,1)

Lexington HS (Lexington, NE) (0,1)

Lincoln East HS (Lincoln, NE) (0,3)

Lincoln HS (Lincoln, NE) (2,6)

Lincoln Northeast HS (Lincoln, NE) (1,4)

Lincoln Southeast HS (Lincoln, NE) (1,13)

Lincoln Southwest HS (Lincoln, NE) (0,5)

Lyons HS (Lyons, NE) (0,2)

Madrid HS (Madrid, NE) (0,1)

Marietta HS (Bellwood, NE) (0,1)

Maskell HS (Maskell, NE) (0,1)

McCook HS (McCook, NE) (0,1)

Milford HS (Milford, NE) (1,1)

Millard HS (Omaha, NE) (0,2)

Millard North HS (Omaha, NE) (2,15)

Millard South HS (Omaha, NE) (2,9)

Millard West HS (Omaha, NE) (1,10)

Minarare HS (Minatare, NE) (0,1)

Nebraska City HS (Nebraska City, NE) (0,2)

Neligh-Oakdale HS (Neligh, NE) (0,1)

Newman Grove HS (Newman Grove, NE) (0,1)

Norfolk HS (Norfolk, NE) (0,1)

Norris HS (Firth, NE) (1,4)

North Bend Central HS (North Bend, NE) (0,1)

North HS (Omaha, NE) (1,8)

North Platte HS (North Platte, NE) (1,1)

North Star HS (Lincoln, NE) (0,1)

Northwest HS (Omaha, NE) (1,7)

Papillion-La Vista HS (Papillion, NE) (0,3)

Papillion-La Vista South HS (Papillion, NE) (0,2)

Pius X HS (Lincoln, NE) (0,2)

Plainview HS (Plainview, NE) (0,1)

Platteview HS (Springfield, NE) (0,3)

Plattsmouth HS (Plattsmouth, NE) (0,1)

Ralston HS (Ralston, NE) (0,3)

Roncalli Catholic HS (Omaha, NE) (1,2)

Rummell HS (Omaha, NE) (0,1)

Scottsbluff HS (Scottsbluff, NE) (1,4)

Seward HS (Seward, NE) (0,1)

South HS (Omaha, NE) (1,6)

Southern HS (Wymore, NE) (1,1)

St. Joseph HS (Omaha, NE) (0,1)

St. Ludger HS (Creighton, NE) (1,1)

St. Patrick HS (North Platte, NE) (1,1)

St. Paul HS (St. Paul, NE) (1,1)

Tech HS (Omaha, NE) (3,7)

Tilden HS (Tilden, NE) (1,1)

Uehling HS (Uehling, NE) (0,1)

V. J. and Angela Skutt Catholic HS (Omaha, NE) (0,4)

Wahoo HS (Wahoo, NE) (0,1)

Waverly HS (Waverly, NE) (0,1)

Wayne HS (Wayne, NE) (0,1)

West Point-Beemer HS (West Point, NE) (0,1)

Weston HS (Weston, NE) (1,1)

Westside HS (Omaha, NE) (2,7)

William Jennings Bryan HS (Omaha, NE) (0,3)

York HS (York, NE) (1,1)

Yutan HS (Yutan, NE) (1,3)


Arbor View HS (Las Vegas, NV) (1,11)

Basic HS (Henderson, NV) (4,24)

Bishop Gorman HS (Las Vegas, NV) (11,44)

Bishop Manogue HS (Reno, NV) (2,10)

Bonanza HS (Las Vegas, NV) (3,12)

Boulder City HS (Boulder City, NV) (0,1)

Canyon Springs HS (North Las Vegas, NV) (0,1)

Carson HS (Carson City, NV) (8,13)

Centennial HS (Las Vegas, NV) (0,5)

Chaparral HS (Las Vegas, NV) (1,16)

Cheyenne HS (North Las Vegas, NV) (1,4)

Cimarron-Memorial HS (Las Vegas, NV) (4,14)

Coronado HS (Henderson, NV) (0,4)

Damonte Ranch HS (Reno, NV) (0,4)

Desert Oasis HS (Enterprise, NV) (0,9)

Douglas HS (Minden, NV) (1,3)

Durango HS (Las Vegas, NV) (2,21)

Earl Wooster HS (Reno, NV) (0,8)

Edward C. Reed HS (Sparks, NV) (1,9)

Edward W. Clark HS (Las Vegas, NV) (1,2)

Eldorado HS (Las Vegas, NV) (1,6)

Faith Lutheran HS (Las Vegas, NV) (1,7)

Fallon HS (Fallon, NV) (0,1)

Fernley HS (Fernley, NV) (0,1)

Foothill HS (Henderson, NV) (0,5)

Galena HS (Reno, NV) (2,12)

Green Valley HS (Henderson, NV) (2,32)

Henderson International School (Henderson, NV) (1,1)

Incline HS (Incline Village, NV) (0,2)

Las Vegas HS (Las Vegas, NV) (3,13)

Legacy HS (North Las Vegas, NV) (0,1)

Liberty HS (Henderson, NV) (0,4)

Lowly HS (Winnemucca, NV) (0,1)

Mineral County HS (Hawthorne, NV) (0,2)

North Valleys HS (Reno, NV) (1,1)

Palo Verde HS (Las Vegas, NV) (1,12)

Pershing County HS (Lovelock, NV) (0,1)

Procter R. Hug HS (Reno, NV) (1,4)

Rancho HS (North Las Vegas, NV) (1,10)

Reno HS (Reno, NV) (2,14)

Robert McQueen HS (Reno, NV) (1,4)

Shadow Ridge HS (Las Vegas, NV) (0,4)

Sierra Vista HS (Las Vegas, NV) (3,7)

Silverado HS (Las Vegas, NV) (2,17)

Spanish Springs HS (Sparks, NV) (1,6)

Sparks HS (Sparks, NV) (1,4)

Spring Valley HS (Las Vegas, NV) (2,5)

Valley HS (Las Vegas, NV) (7,15)

West Las Vegas HS (Las Vegas, NV) (0,1)

Western HS (Las Vegas, NV) (0,12)

White Pine HS (Ely, NV) (0,2)

Yerington HS (Yerington, NV) (0,1)

New Hampshire

A. Crosby Kennett HS (Conway, NH) (1,2)

Alton HS (Alton, NH) (0,1)

Alvirne HS (Hudson, NH) (0,4)

Austin-Cate Preparatory School (Stratford, NH) (0,1)

Bedford HS (Bedford, NH) (0,3)

Berlin HS (Berlin, NH) (0,1)

Bishop Bradley HS (Manchester, NH) (0,1)

Bishop Guertin HS (Nashua, NH) (0,3)

Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, NH) (0,2)

Campbell HS (Litchfield, NH) (0,1)

Central HS (Manchester, NH) (0,6)

Charlestown HS (Charlestown, NH) (1,1)

Colby Academy (New London, NH) (2,2)

Concord HS (Concord, NH) (2,6)

Dover HS (Dover, NH) (0,2)

Dow Academy (Franconia, NH) (1,1)

Franklin HS (Franklin, NH) (0,1)

Gilford HS (Gilford, NH) (0,2)

Goffstown HS (Goffstown, NH) (0,2)

Hillsboro-Deering HS (Hillsborough, NH) (0,1)

Holderness HS (Plymouth, NH) (1,1)

Keene HS (Keene, NH) (0,6)

Kimball Union Academy (Meriden, NH) (1,1)

Laconia HS (Laconia, NH) (0,1)

Lebanon HS (Lebanon, NH) (1,3)

Littleton HS (Littleton, NH) (1,1)

Londonderry HS (Londonderry, NH) (1,1)

McGaw Institute (Merrimack, NH) (0,1)

Memorial HS (Manchester, NH) (4,8)

Merrimack Valley HS (Penacook, NH) (1,1)

Milford HS (Milford, NH) (0,2)

Monadnock Regional HS (Troy, NH) (0,1)

Nashua HS (Nashua, NH) (4,11)

Nashua North HS (Nashua, NH) (1,2)

New Hampton HS (New Hampton, NH) (1,1)

Newfound Regional HS (Bristol, NH) (0,1)

Newmarket HS (Newmarket, NH) (0,1)

North Woodstock HS (North Woodstock, NH) (0,1)

Oyster River HS (Durham, NH) (0,3)

Pelham HS (Pelham, NH) (0,1)

Pembroke Academy (Pembroke, NH) (0,1)

Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter, NH) (5,10)

Pinkerton Academy (Derry, NH) (1,4)

Pittsfield HS (Pittsfield, NH) (0,1)

Portsmouth HS (Portsmouth, NH) (0,5)

Salem HS (Salem, NH) (0,3)

Sanborn Seminary (Kingston, NH) (1,2)

Souhegan HS (Amherst, NH) (0,1)

Spaulding HS (Rochester, NH) (0,4)

St. Joseph's HS (Manchester, NH) (0,2)

St. Marie HS (Manchester, NH) (0,1)

St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Dover, NH) (1,1)

Stevens HS (Claremont, NH) (0,1)

Tilton HS (Tilton, NH) (0,1)

Tilton School (Tilton, NH) (0,3)

Tilton-Northfield HS (Tilton, NH) (0,1)

Towle HS (Newport, NH) (0,2)

Trinity HS (Manchester, NH) (3,6)

West HS (Manchester, NH) (1,2)

Winnacunnet HS (Hampton, NH) (0,2)

Winnisquam Regional HS (Northfield, NH) (0,2)

Woodsville HS (Woodsville, NH) (2,5)

New Jersey

Admiral Farragut Academy (Pine Beach, NJ) (0,1)

Allentown HS (Allentown, NJ) (0,7)

Arthur L. Johnson HS (Clark, NJ) (0,1)

Asbury Park HS (Asbury Park, NJ) (0,2)

Atlantic City HS (Atlantic City, NJ) (4,7)

Audubon HS (Audubon, NJ) (2,5)

Augusta HS (Augusta, NJ) (1,1)

Barnegat HS (Barnegat, NJ) (0,2)

Barringer HS (Newark, NJ) (2,7)

Barrington HS (Barrington, NJ) (1,1)

Bayley-Ellard HS (Madison, NJ) (0,1)

Bayonne HS (Bayonne, NJ) (2,15)

Bayonne Tech HS (Bayonne, NJ) (0,2)

Belleville HS (Belleville, NJ) (0,1)

Belmar HS (Spring Lake, NJ) (0,1)

Bergen Catholic HS (Oradell, NJ) (1,10)

Bergenfield HS (Bergenfield, NJ) (0,6)

Berkeley Heights HS (Berkeley Heights, NJ) (0,1)

Bernards HS (Bernardsville, NJ) (1,2)

Bishop Ahr HS (Edison, NJ) (2,4)

Bishop Eustace Preparatory School (Pennsauken, NJ) (3,13)

Blair Academy (Blairstown, NJ) (0,2)

Bloomfield HS (Bloomfield, NJ) (4,8)

Bloomfield Vocational-Technical HS (Bloomfield, NJ) (2,4)

Bogota HS (Bogota, NJ) (0,3)

Boonton HS (Boonton, NJ) (0,3)

Bordentown Military Institute (Bordentown, NJ) (0,5)

Bordentown Regional HS (Bordentown, NJ) (1,2)

Bound Brook HS (Bound Brook, NJ) (2,7)

Brick Township HS (Brick, NJ) (0,3)

Bridgeton HS (Bridgeton, NJ) (1,3)

Bridgewater-Raritan East HS (Bridgewater, NJ) (0,2)

Bridgewater-Raritan HS (Bridgewater, NJ) (0,4)

Buena Regional HS (Buena, NJ) (0,5)

Burlington City HS (Burlington, NJ) (3,7)

Burlington HS (Burlington, NJ) (0,1)

Butler HS (Butler, NJ) (0,1)

Caldwell HS (Caldwell, NJ) (0,1)

Camden Catholic HS (Cherry Hill, NJ) (0,2)

Camden HS (Camden, NJ) (1,12)

Carteret HS (Carteret, NJ) (1,2)

Carteret Prep School (West Orange, NJ) (0,1)

Cathedral HS (Trenton, NJ) (0,1)

Catholic HS (Paramus, NJ) (0,1)

Cedar Creek HS (Egg Harbor City, NJ) (0,1)

Central HS (Newark, NJ) (0,3)

Central HS (Paterson, NJ) (0,1)

Central Regional HS (Bayville, NJ) (2,5)

Chatham HS (Chatham, NJ) (0,5)

Cherokee HS (Marlton, NJ) (0,4)

Cherry Hill East HS (Cherry Hill, NJ) (1,3)

Cherry Hill HS (Cherry Hill, NJ) (2,3)

Cherry Hill West HS (Cherry Hill, NJ) (0,3)

Christian Brothers Academy (Lincroft, NJ) (3,14)

Cinnaminson HS (Cinnaminson, NJ) (0,2)

Clark Regional HS (Clark, NJ) (0,1)

Clearview Regional HS (Mullica Hill, NJ) (0,2)

Clearwater HS (Flemington, NJ) (0,1)

Cliffside Park HS (Cliffside Park, NJ) (0,4)

Clifton HS (Clifton, NJ) (1,11)

Collingswood HS (Collingswood, NJ) (1,3)

Colonia HS (Colonia, NJ) (0,3)

Colts Neck HS (Colts Neck, NJ) (1,1)

Columbia HS (Maplewood, NJ) (1,3)

Columbus HS (Columbus, NJ) (1,1)

Cranford HS (Cranford, NJ) (0,7)

Cresskill HS (Cresskill, NJ) (0,2)

Cumberland Regional HS (Seabrook, NJ) (1,3)

Delaware Valley HS (Milford, NJ) (0,1)

Delbarton School (Morristown, NJ) (1,6)

Delran HS (Delran, NJ) (0,1)

Delsea Regional HS (Franklinville, NJ) (0,4)

Demarest HS (Hoboken, NJ) (0,3)

DePaul HS (Wayne, NJ) (0,1)

Deptford Township HS (Deptford, NJ) (0,3)

Don Bosco Preparatory HS (Ramsey, NJ) (2,23)

Dover HS (Dover, NJ) (1,3)

Dumont HS (Dumont, NJ) (0,2)

Dunellen HS (Dunellen, NJ) (0,1)

Dwight Morrow HS (Englewood, NJ) (1,1)

East Brunswick HS (East Brunswick, NJ) (0,5)

East Orange HS (East Orange, NJ) (0,2)

East Side HS (Newark, NJ) (2,11)

Eastern Christian HS (North Haledon, NJ) (0,1)

Eastern HS (Voorhees, NJ) (1,5)

Eastside HS (Paterson, NJ) (2,3)

Edgewood Regional HS (Berlin, NJ) (0,3)

Edison HS (Edison, NJ) (0,4)

Egg Harbor Township HS (Egg Harbor Township, NJ) (0,4)

Elizabeth HS (Elizabeth, NJ) (2,13)

Emerson HS (Emerson, NJ) (0,1)

Emerson HS (Union City, NJ) (0,3)

Englewood HS (Englewood, NJ) (1,2)

Essex Catholic HS (Newark, NJ) (2,2)

Ewing HS (Ewing, NJ) (2,8)

Fair Lawn HS (Fair Lawn, NJ) (2,5)

Florence Township Memorial HS (Florence, NJ) (0,1)

Fort Lee HS (Fort Lee, NJ) (0,2)

Franklin HS (Franklin, NJ) (3,3)

Franklin HS (Somerset, NJ) (1,3)

Freehold Township HS (Freehold Township, NJ) (2,6)

Frenchtown HS (Frenchtown, NJ) (0,1)

Garfield HS (Garfield, NJ) (0,3)

Glassboro HS (Glassboro, NJ) (0,3)

Glen Ridge HS (Glen Ridge, NJ) (0,3)

Gloucester Catholic HS (Gloucester City, NJ) (4,19)

Governor Livingston HS (Berkeley Heights, NJ) (0,3)

Grover Cleveland HS (Caldwell, NJ) (0,2)

Hackensack HS (Hackensack, NJ) (3,9)

Hackettstown HS (Hackettstown, NJ) (1,3)

Haddon Heights HS (Haddon Heights, NJ) (1,5)

Haddon Township HS (Westmont, NJ) (0,1)

Haddonfield Memorial HS (Haddonfield, NJ) (2,9)

Hamilton HS West (Hamilton, NJ) (1,6)

Hammonton HS (Hammonton, NJ) (1,6)

Hanover Park HS (East Hanover, NJ) (0,2)

Harrison HS (Harrison, NJ) (1,1)

Hazlet HS (Hazlet, NJ) (0,1)

Henry Hudson HS (Highlands, NJ) (2,2)

Henry P. Becton Regional HS (East Rutherford, NJ) (0,1)

Henry Snyder HS (Jersey City, NJ) (0,1)

High Bridge HS (High Bridge, NJ) (0,3)

Highland Park HS (Highland Park, NJ) (1,5)

Highland Regional HS (Blackwood, NJ) (1,5)

Hightstown HS (Hightstown, NJ) (1,5)

Hillside HS (Hillside, NJ) (0,4)

Hoboken HS (Hoboken, NJ) (1,6)

Hoffman HS (South Amboy, NJ) (0,1)

Holy Cross HS (Delran, NJ) (3,10)

Holy Spirit HS (Absecon, NJ) (0,4)

Holy Trinity HS (Hackensack, NJ) (0,1)

Hopewell Valley Central HS (Pennington, NJ) (1,6)

Hunterdon Central Regional HS (Flemington, NJ) (1,7)

Immaculata HS (Somerville, NJ) (3,15)

Indian Hills HS (Oakland, NJ) (0,4)

International HS (Paterson, NJ) (0,1)

Irvington HS (Irvington, NJ) (1,6)

Jackson Liberty HS (Jackson, NJ) (0,2)

Jackson Memorial HS (Jackson, NJ) (1,5)

James Caldwell HS (West Caldwell, NJ) (0,2)

James J. Ferris HS (Jersey City, NJ) (0,6)

Jefferson Township HS (Oak Ridge, NJ) (0,1)

John F. Kennedy HS (Paterson, NJ) (0,2)

John F. Kennedy HS (Willingboro, NJ) (0,1)

John P. Stevens HS (Edison, NJ) (0,4)

Jonathan Dayton Regional HS (Springfield Township, NJ) (1,4)

Kearny HS (Kearny, NJ) (3,11)

Keyport HS (Union Beach, NJ) (0,4)

Kingsway Regional HS (Woolwich Township, NJ) (1,5)

Kinnelon HS (Kinnelon, NJ) (0,2)

Lacey Township HS (Lanoka Harbor, NJ) (0,1)

Lakeland Regional HS (Wanaque, NJ) (0,5)

Lakewood HS (Lakewood, NJ) (1,7)

Lawrence HS (Lawrenceville, NJ) (0,1)

Lenape HS (Medford, NJ) (1,7)

Lenape Valley Regional HS (Stanhope, NJ) (1,2)

Leonardo HS (Middletown, NJ) (0,2)

Leonia HS (Leonia, NJ) (0,3)

Lincoln HS (Jersey City, NJ) (1,1)

Linden HS (Linden, NJ) (2,6)

Livingston HS (Livingston, NJ) (0,5)

Lodi HS (Lodi, NJ) (1,4)

Long Branch HS (Long Branch, NJ) (0,6)

Lower Cape May Regional HS (Cape May, NJ) (1,6)

Lynchburg HS (River Edge, NJ) (0,1)

Lyndhurst HS (Lyndhurst, NJ) (0,5)

Madison HS (Madison, NJ) (0,3)

Madison Township HS (Parlin, NJ) (0,1)

Mahwah HS (Mahwah, NJ) (1,4)

Mainland HS (Northfield, NJ) (0,2)

Mainland Regional HS (Linwood, NJ) (0,3)

Manalapan HS (Englishtown, NJ) (2,7)

Manasquan HS (Manasquan, NJ) (0,5)

Manville HS (Manville, NJ) (0,1)

Maple Shade HS (Maple Shade, NJ) (0,1)

Maplewood HS (Maplewood, NJ) (1,2)

Marist HS (Bayonne, NJ) (1,4)

Marlboro HS (Marlboro, NJ) (1,2)

Matawan Regional HS (Aberdeen, NJ) (0,2)

Mater Dei Preparatory School (New Monmouth, NJ) (0,1)

Memorial HS (West New York, NJ) (0,9)

Merchantville HS (Merchantville, NJ) (0,1)

Metuchen HS (Metuchen, NJ) (0,1)

Middle Township HS (Cape May Court House, NJ) (0,1)

Middlesex HS (Middlesex, NJ) (0,3)

Middletown HS (Red Bank, NJ) (0,1)

Middletown HS North (Middletown, NJ) (1,3)

Middletown HS South (Middletown, NJ) (1,6)

Middletown Township HS (Middletown, NJ) (1,2)

Middletownship HS (Highlands, NJ) (0,1)

Midland Park HS (Midland Park, NJ) (1,3)

Millburn HS (Millburn, NJ) (0,7)

Millville Senior HS (Millville, NJ) (5,7)

Monroe Township HS (Monroe Township, NJ) (1,4)

Monsignor Donovan HS (Forked River, NJ) (0,2)

Montclair HS (Montclair, NJ) (5,12)

Montclair Kimberley Academy (Montclair, NJ) (1,1)

Montgomery HS (Skillman, NJ) (1,2)

Montville Township HS (Montville, NJ) (0,1)

Moorestown HS (Moorestown, NJ) (1,3)

Morris Hills HS (Rockaway, NJ) (0,4)

Morris Knolls HS (Rockaway, NJ) (0,1)

Morristown HS (Morristown, NJ) (1,16)

Morristown Prep HS (Morristown, NJ) (1,2)

Morristown-Beard School (Morristown, NJ) (0,2)

Mount Olive HS (Flanders, NJ) (0,1)

Mountain HS (West Orange, NJ) (0,1)

Mountain Lakes HS (Mountain Lakes, NJ) (0,4)

Neptune HS (Neptune, NJ) (1,3)

New Brunswick HS (New Brunswick, NJ) (1,9)

New Jersey HS (Woodbury, NJ) (0,1)

New Providence HS (New Providence, NJ) (0,4)

Newark Academy (Livingston, NJ) (0,2)

Newton HS (Newton, NJ) (1,4)

North Arlington HS (North Arlington, NJ) (0,1)

North Bergen HS (North Bergen, NJ) (0,8)

North Brunswick Township HS (North Brunswick, NJ) (0,3)

North Hunterdon HS (Annandale, NJ) (0,7)

North Plainfield HS (North Plainfield, NJ) (0,6)

North Warren Regional HS (Blairstown, NJ) (0,1)

Northern Burlington County Regional HS (Columbus, NJ) (0,2)

Northern Highlands Regional HS (Allendale, NJ) (0,2)

Northern Valley Regional HS (Old Tappan, NJ) (1,6)

Notre Dame HS (Lawrenceville, NJ) (1,5)

Nutley HS (Nutley, NJ) (0,5)

Oakcrest HS (Mays Landing, NJ) (1,3)

Ocean City HS (Ocean City, NJ) (0,7)

Ocean Township HS (Ocean, NJ) (0,1)

Old Bridge HS (Matawan, NJ) (0,7)

Old Tappan HS (Old Tappan, NJ) (0,1)

Orange HS (Orange, NJ) (2,2)

Our Lady of Good Counsel HS (Newark, NJ) (0,1)

Our Lady of the Valley HS (Florham Park, NJ) (0,2)

Overbrook Regional HS (Pine Hill, NJ) (0,2)

Palmyra HS (Palmyra, NJ) (0,1)

Paramus HS (Paramus, NJ) (0,2)

Park Ridge HS (Park Ridge, NJ) (1,3)

Parsippany Hills HS (Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ) (1,1)

Parsippany HS (Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ) (3,9)

Pascack Hills HS (Montvale, NJ) (0,1)

Pascack Valley HS (Hillsdale, NJ) (1,5)

Passaic County Technical Institute (Wayne, NJ) (0,3)

Passaic HS (Passaic, NJ) (2,4)

Passaic Valley HS (Little Falls, NJ) (0,2)

Paterson HS (Paterson, NJ) (3,4)

Paul VI HS (Haddonfield, NJ) (1,4)

Paulsboro HS (Paulsboro, NJ) (0,3)

Peddie School (Hightstown, NJ) (4,7)

Pemberton Township HS (Browns Mills, NJ) (0,3)

Penns Grove HS (Carneys Point, NJ) (1,5)

Penns Grove HS (Penns Grove, NJ) (0,1)

Pennsauken HS (Pennsauken, NJ) (1,8)

Pennsville Memorial HS (Pennsville, NJ) (1,6)

Pequannock Township HS (Pompton Plains, NJ) (0,3)

Perth Amboy HS (Perth Amboy, NJ) (3,12)

Phillipsburg HS (Phillipsburg, NJ) (1,8)

Piscataway HS (Piscataway, NJ) (2,10)

Pitman HS (Pitman, NJ) (0,3)

Plainfield HS (Plainfield, NJ) (2,2)

Pleasantville HS (Pleasantville, NJ) (1,3)

Pompton Lakes HS (Pompton Lakes, NJ) (1,3)

Pope John XXIII HS (Sparta, NJ) (0,2)

Pope Pius XII HS (Passaic, NJ) (1,2)

Princeton Day School (Princeton, NJ) (1,1)

Princeton HS (Princeton, NJ) (0,2)

Queen Of Peace HS (North Arlington, NJ) (0,1)

Rahway HS (Rahway, NJ) (0,5)

Ramapo HS (Franklin Lakes, NJ) (0,3)

Ramsey HS (Ramsey, NJ) (1,4)

Rancocas Valley Regional HS (Mount Holly, NJ) (3,8)

Randolph HS (Randolph, NJ) (0,4)

Ranney School (Tinton Falls, NJ) (0,1)

Raritan HS (Hazlet, NJ) (0,2)

Red Bank Catholic HS (Red Bank, NJ) (1,8)

Red Bank Regional HS (Little Silver, NJ) (0,3)

Ridge HS (Basking Ridge, NJ) (0,7)

Ridgefield Park HS (Ridgefield Park, NJ) (1,4)

Ridgewood HS (Ridgewood, NJ) (1,4)

River Dell Regional HS (River Edge, NJ) (0,2)

Riverside HS (Riverside, NJ) (1,3)

Rockaway HS (Rockaway, NJ) (0,1)

Roselle Catholic HS (Roselle, NJ) (0,2)

Roselle Park HS (Roselle Park, NJ) (0,3)

Roxbury HS (Succasunna, NJ) (0,6)

Rumson Fair-Haven HS (Rumson, NJ) (0,3)

Rutherford HS (Rutherford, NJ) (6,10)

Sacred Heart HS (Vineland, NJ) (0,3)

Saddle Brook HS (Saddle Brook, NJ) (0,1)

Saddle River County HS (Upper Saddle River, NJ) (0,1)

Salem HS (Salem, NJ) (2,2)

Sayreville War Memorial HS (Parlin, NJ) (0,8)

Scotch Plains HS (Scotch Plains, NJ) (1,3)

Scotch Plains-Fanwood HS (Scotch Plains, NJ) (1,4)

Secaucus HS (Secaucus, NJ) (2,3)

Seneca HS (Tabernacle, NJ) (0,5)

Seton Hall Preparatory School (West Orange, NJ) (4,30)

Shawnee HS (Medford, NJ) (2,7)

Shore Regional HS (West Long Branch, NJ) (1,2)

Somerville HS (Somerville, NJ) (3,8)

South HS (Bergenfield, NJ) (1,1)

South Hunterdon Regional HS (Lambertville, NJ) (0,1)

South Plainfield HS (South Plainfield, NJ) (0,4)

South River HS (South River, NJ) (2,6)

South Side HS (Newark, NJ) (1,1)

Southern Freehold HS (Freehold, NJ) (1,1)

Southern Regional HS (Manahawakin, NJ) (0,2)

Sparta HS (Sparta, NJ) (0,1)

Springfield HS (Mountainside, NJ) (0,1)

St. Anthony HS (Trenton, NJ) (0,3)

St. Anthony's HS (Jersey City, NJ) (2,3)

St. Augustine College Preparatory School (Richland, NJ) (0,12)

St. Benedict's Preparatory School (Newark, NJ) (2,7)

St. Bonaventure HS (Paterson, NJ) (1,1)

St. Cecilia HS (Englewood, NJ) (1,1)

St. John Vianney HS (Holmdel, NJ) (0,3)

St. Joseph HS (Camden, NJ) (0,1)

St. Joseph HS (Deptford, NJ) (0,1)

St. Joseph Regional HS (Montvale, NJ) (4,19)

St. Joseph's HS (Metuchen, NJ) (2,8)

St. Luke's HS (Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ) (0,1)

St. Mary HS (Secuacus, NJ) (0,1)

St. Mary of the Assumption HS (Elizabeth, NJ) (1,2)

St. Mary's HS (Jersey City, NJ) (0,2)

St. Mary's HS (Kenilworth, NJ) (1,1)

St. Mary's HS (South Amboy, NJ) (4,5)

St. Michael HS (Jersey City, NJ) (0,2)

St. Patrick's HS (Elizabeth, NJ) (1,3)

St. Peter's HS (New Brunswick, NJ) (0,2)

St. Peter's Preparatory School (Jersey City, NJ) (1,9)

St. Rose HS (Belmar, NJ) (2,4)

Steinert HS (Trenton, NJ) (2,15)

Sterling HS (Somerdale, NJ) (0,6)

Summit HS (Summit, NJ) (1,4)

Swedesboro HS (Swedesboro, NJ) (0,2)

Sweeney HS (Bayonne, NJ) (1,2)

Teaneck HS (Teaneck, NJ) (2,10)

Tenafly HS (Tenafly, NJ) (0,1)

The Hudson School (Hoboken, NJ) (0,1)

The Hun School of Princeton (Princeton, NJ) (2,12)

The King's Christian School (Cherry Hill, NJ) (0,1)

The Lawrenceville School (Lawrenceville, NJ) (1,4)

The Pennington School (Pennington, NJ) (1,7)

Thomas A. Edison HS (Elizabeth, NJ) (0,1)

Thomas Jefferson HS (Elizabeth, NJ) (3,7)

Timber Creek Regional HS (Erial, NJ) (0,2)

Timothy Christian School (Piscataway, NJ) (0,1)

Titusville HS (Titusville, NJ) (1,1)

Toms River East HS (Toms River, NJ) (0,2)

Toms River HS (Toms River, NJ) (1,3)

Toms River North HS (Toms River, NJ) (1,6)

Toms River South HS (Toms River, NJ) (2,5)

Trenton Catholic HS (Trenton, NJ) (0,8)

Trenton Central HS (Trenton, NJ) (4,6)

Trenton HS (Trenton, NJ) (3,14)

Tuckerton HS (Tuckerton, NJ) (0,1)

Union Catholic HS (Winfield Park, NJ) (0,2)

Union City HS (Union City, NJ) (0,1)

Union Hill HS (Union City, NJ) (1,3)

Union HS (Union, NJ) (2,17)

Vailsburg HS (Newark, NJ) (0,1)

Vernon Township HS (Vernon, NJ) (0,1)

Verona HS (Verona, NJ) (1,6)

Vineland HS (Vineland, NJ) (3,6)

Voorhees HS (Glen Gardner, NJ) (0,2)

Wall HS (Wall, NJ) (0,4)

Wallington HS (Wallington, NJ) (0,2)

Warren Hills Regional HS (Washington, NJ) (0,1)

Washington HS (Washington, NJ) (0,1)

Washington Township HS (Sewell, NJ) (0,9)

Watchung Hills HS (Warren, NJ) (0,1)

Wayne Hills HS (Wayne, NJ) (0,1)

Wayne HS (Wayne, NJ) (0,2)

Wayne Valley HS (Wayne, NJ) (0,1)

Weehawken HS (Weehawken, NJ) (1,3)

Weequahic HS (Newark, NJ) (1,2)

West Deptford HS (Westville, NJ) (0,3)

West Essex HS (North Caldwell, NJ) (1,2)

West Milford Township HS (West Milford, NJ) (0,1)

West Morris Central HS (Chester, NJ) (0,3)

West Morris Mendham HS (Mendham, NJ) (0,2)

West Orange HS (West Orange, NJ) (0,7)

West Side HS (Newark, NJ) (0,3)

West Windsor HS (Lawrenceville, NJ) (0,2)

West Windsor-North HS (Plainsboro, NJ) (0,1)

West Windsor-Plainsboro HS (Princeton Junction, NJ) (2,4)

Westfield HS (Westfield, NJ) (2,10)

Westwood Regional HS (Washington Township, NJ) (0,2)

Whippany Park HS (Whippany, NJ) (0,1)

Whitehouse HS (Somerville, NJ) (0,1)

Wilbur Watts HS (Burlington, NJ) (0,1)

William L. Dickinson HS (Jersey City, NJ) (2,9)

Williamstown HS (Williamstown, NJ) (0,1)

Willingboro HS (Willingboro, NJ) (0,3)

Winslow Township HS (Atco, NJ) (0,1)

Wood Ridge HS (Wood Ridge, NJ) (0,4)

Woodbridge HS (Woodbridge, NJ) (0,8)

Woodbury HS (Woodbury, NJ) (1,5)

Woodrow Wilson HS (Camden, NJ) (0,4)

Woodstown HS (Woodstown, NJ) (1,2)

New Mexico

Alamogordo HS (Alamogordo, NM) (1,10)

Albuquerque Academy (Albuquerque, NM) (1,5)

Albuquerque HS (Albuquerque, NM) (1,6)

Artesia HS (Artesia, NM) (0,4)

Atrisco Heritage Academy HS (Albuquerque, NM) (0,1)

Aztec HS (Aztec, NM) (1,3)

Belen HS (Belen, NM) (0,2)

Bloomfield HS (Bloomfield, NM) (0,3)

Carlsbad HS (Carlsbad, NM) (5,19)

Centennial HS (Las Cruces, NM) (0,1)

Cibola HS (Albuquerque, NM) (2,5)

Clovis HS (Clovis, NM) (0,2)

Del Norte HS (Albuquerque, NM) (0,2)

Deming HS (Deming, NM) (0,1)

Eldorado HS (Albuquerque, NM) (2,16)

Eunice HS (Eunice, NM) (0,1)

Farmington HS (Farmington, NM) (1,9)

Gadsden HS (Anthony, NM) (0,1)

Goddard HS (Roswell, NM) (1,6)

Grady HS (Grady, NM) (0,1)

Highland HS (Albuquerque, NM) (2,5)

Hobbs HS (Hobbs, NM) (1,4)

Kirtland Central HS (Kirtland, NM) (0,1)

La Cueva HS (Albuquerque, NM) (3,17)

Las Cruces HS (Las Cruces, NM) (1,12)

Los Alamos HS (Los Alamos, NM) (0,1)

Los Lunas HS (Los Lunas, NM) (0,1)

Manzano HS (Albuquerque, NM) (0,5)

Mayfield HS (Las Cruces, NM) (0,2)

Moriarty HS (Moriarty, NM) (2,2)

Piedra Vista HS (Farmington, NM) (1,8)

Portales HS (Portales, NM) (0,1)

Rio Grande HS (Albuquerque, NM) (1,3)

Rio Rancho HS (Rio Rancho, NM) (0,3)

Robertson HS (Las Vegas, NM) (0,1)

Roswell HS (Roswell, NM) (0,5)

Ruidoso HS (Ruidoso, NM) (0,1)

Sandia HS (Albuquerque, NM) (1,10)

Santa Fe HS (Santa Fe, NM) (0,1)

Santa Teresa HS (Santa Teresa, NM) (0,1)

Silver HS (Silver City, NM) (0,2)

St. Mary's HS (Albuquerque, NM) (0,1)

St. Michael's HS (Santa Fe, NM) (0,1)

St. Pius X HS (Albuquerque, NM) (0,3)

V. Sue Cleveland HS (Rio Rancho, NM) (1,3)

Valley HS (Albuquerque, NM) (0,2)

Volcano Vista HS (Albuquerque, NM) (0,3)

Western HS (Silver City, NM) (0,1)

New York

Abraham Lincoln HS (Brooklyn, NY) (4,10)

Addison HS (Addison, NY) (1,2)

Adelphia Academy (Brooklyn, NY) (1,1)

Adirondack Central HS (Boonville, NY) (0,1)

Adlai E. Stevenson HS (Bronx, NY) (0,2)

Albany HS (Albany, NY) (1,1)

Albertus Magnus HS (Bardonia, NY) (0,2)

Albion HS (Albion, NY) (0,2)

Alden HS (Alden, NY) (0,1)

Alexander Hamilton HS (Elmsford, NY) (0,1)

Alexander Hamilton Vocational & Technical HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,2)

Alexander HS (Alexander, NY) (0,1)

Alffred Almond HS (Almond, NY) (0,1)

Alfred G. Berner HS (Massapequa, NY) (0,1)

All Hallows HS (New York, NY) (1,4)

Allegany-Limestone HS (Allegany, NY) (1,1)

Altamont HS (Altamont, NY) (0,1)

Amherst Central HS (Amherst, NY) (1,3)

Amityville Memorial HS (Amityville, NY) (0,1)

Amsterdam HS (Amsterdam, NY) (0,1)

Andrew Jackson HS (Queens, NY) (0,1)

Anthony Henninger HS (Syracuse, NY) (1,3)

Aquinas Institute (Rochester, NY) (1,4)

Arcade HS (Arcade, NY) (1,1)

Archbishop Molloy HS (Queens, NY) (2,14)

Archbishop Stepinac HS (White Plains, NY) (0,3)

Arkport HS (Arkport, NY) (0,1)

Arlington HS (Lagrangeville, NY) (0,4)

Assumption HS (Syracuse, NY) (0,1)

Auburn HS (Auburn, NY) (2,9)

Augustinian Academy (Carthage, NY) (0,1)

Austin Joint HS (Wellsville, NY) (0,1)

Automotive Trades HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,2)

Averill Park HS (Averill Park, NY) (1,2)

Aviation Career & Technical Education HS (Long Island City, NY) (3,5)

Babylon HS (Babylon, NY) (0,4)

Baldwin HS (Baldwin, NY) (1,3)

Baldwinsville HS (Baldwinsville, NY) (0,1)

Ballston Spa HS (Ballston Spa, NY) (0,4)

Batavia HS (Batavia, NY) (0,5)

Bay Shore HS (Bay Shore, NY) (1,4)

Bayport-Blue Point HS (Bayport, NY) (0,2)

Bayside HS (Bayside, NY) (0,4)

Beach Channel HS (Rockaway Park, NY) (1,2)

Beacon HS (Beacon, NY) (0,1)

Beekmantown HS (West Chazy, NY) (0,2)

Bellport HS (Brookhaven, NY) (0,4)

Ben Franklin HS (New York, NY) (1,3)

Benjamin Franklin HS (Rochester, NY) (0,1)

Benjamin N. Cardozo HS (Bayside, NY) (1,4)

Bennett HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,4)

Berlin Central HS (Berlin, NY) (0,1)

Bethlehem Central HS (Delmar, NY) (0,6)

Bethpage HS (Bethpage, NY) (1,1)

Binghamton Catholic Central HS (Binghamton, NY) (0,1)

Binghamton HS (Binghamton, NY) (0,2)

Bishop Dubois HS (New York, NY) (0,1)

Bishop Duffy HS (Niagara Falls, NY) (0,1)

Bishop Fallon HS (Buffalo, NY) (2,4)

Bishop Ford Central Catholic HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,4)

Bishop Gibbons HS (Schenectady, NY) (0,2)

Bishop Kearney HS (Rochester, NY) (0,1)

Bishop Loughlin HS (Brooklyn, NY) (2,6)

Bishop Ludden HS (Syracuse, NY) (1,2)

Bishop Ryan HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,1)

Bishop Timon-St. Jude HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,3)

Bishop Turner HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,3)

Blodgett Vocational HS (Syracuse, NY) (0,1)

Bolton Central HS (Bolton Landing, NY) (0,1)

Boys and Girls HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,1)

Boys HS (Brooklyn, NY) (2,8)

Brasher Falls HS (Brasher Falls, NY) (0,1)

Brentwood HS (Brentwood, NY) (0,3)

Brewster HS (Brewster, NY) (1,4)

Briarcliff HS (Briarcliff Manor, NY) (0,2)

Briarcliffe HS (Bay Shore, NY) (0,1)

Bridgehampton HS (Bridgehampton, NY) (1,1)

Brighton HS (Rochester, NY) (1,1)

Broadalbin-Perth HS (Broadalbin, NY) (1,1)

Brockport HS (Brockport, NY) (1,1)

Bronx HS of Science (Bronx, NY) (0,1)

Brooklyn HS (Brooklyn, NY) (2,2)

Brooklyn Preparatory School (Brooklyn, NY) (0,4)

Brooklyn Technical HS (Brooklyn, NY) (2,9)

Bryant HS (Astoria, NY) (4,10)

Buffalo HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,1)

Burgard Vocational HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,1)

Burke Catholic HS (Goshen, NY) (1,2)

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake HS (Burnt Hills, NY) (0,3)

Bushwick HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,2)

Camden HS (Camden, NY) (1,3)

Canandaigua Academy (Canandaigua, NY) (0,2)

Canarsie HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,4)

Canaseraga HS (Canaseraga, NY) (0,1)

Canastota HS (Canastota, NY) (0,1)

Candor HS (Candor, NY) (0,2)

Canisius HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,6)

Canton HS (Canton, NY) (0,1)

Cardinal Dougherty HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,3)

Cardinal Hayes HS (Bronx, NY) (3,8)

Cardinal McCloskey HS (Albany, NY) (0,1)

Cardinal Mindszenty HS (Dunkirk, NY) (0,2)

Cardinal Mooney HS (Rochester, NY) (0,4)

Cardinal O'Hara HS (Tonawanda, NY) (1,2)

Cardinal Spellman HS (Bronx, NY) (1,4)

Carmel HS (Carmel, NY) (0,3)

Carthage HS (Carthage, NY) (0,2)

Cassadaga Valley Central HS (Sinclairville, NY) (0,1)

Cathedral HS (Syracuse, NY) (0,1)

Catholic Central HS (Troy, NY) (2,6)

Catholic HS (Kingston, NY) (1,1)

Catskill HS (Catskill, NY) (1,2)

Center Moriches HS (Center Moriches, NY) (1,5)

Centereach HS (Centereach, NY) (0,1)

Central Commercial HS (New York, NY) (1,3)

Central HS (Binghamton, NY) (1,2)

Central HS (Ilion, NY) (1,3)

Central HS (Little Falls, NY) (0,1)

Central HS (Smithtown, NY) (1,1)

Central HS (Syracuse, NY) (1,3)

Central Islip HS (Central Islip, NY) (0,3)

Central Square HS (Central Square, NY) (0,2)

Chaminade HS (Mineola, NY) (3,19)

Charles E. Gorton HS (Yonkers, NY) (0,4)

Charles W. Baker HS (Baldwinsville, NY) (2,5)

Chatham HS (Chatham, NY) (0,1)

Chenango Valley HS (Binghamton, NY) (1,2)

Christ the King HS (Queens, NY) (3,6)

Christian Brothers Academy (Albany, NY) (1,7)

Christian Brothers Academy (DeWitt, NY) (1,8)

Christopher Columbus HS (Bronx, NY) (2,7)

Churchville-Chili HS (Churchville, NY) (1,2)

Cicero-North Syracuse HS (Cicero, NY) (2,10)

Citius Prep (Mount Vernon, NY) (0,1)

Clarence HS (Clarence, NY) (0,1)

Clarkston HS (Congers, NY) (0,1)

Clarkstown HS North (New City, NY) (1,2)

Clarkstown HS South (West Nyack, NY) (0,2)

Cleveland Hill HS (Cheektowaga, NY) (0,1)

Clinton HS (Clinton, NY) (0,1)

Cohoes HS (Cohoes, NY) (0,2)

Cold Spring Harbor HS (Cold Spring Harbor, NY) (0,2)

Collegiate School (New York, NY) (0,1)

Colonie Central HS (Colonie, NY) (0,1)

Columbia HS (East Greenbush, NY) (1,1)

Commack HS (Commack, NY) (1,8)

Comsewogue HS (Port Jefferson Station, NY) (0,1)

Concordia HS (White Plains, NY) (1,1)

Concordia Preparatory School (Bronxville, NY) (0,1)

Connetquot HS (Bohemia, NY) (2,8)

Cooperstown Central HS (Cooperstown, NY) (0,1)

Copiague HS (Copiague, NY) (2,6)

Corning Free Academy (Corning, NY) (0,1)

Corning-Painted Post East HS (Corning, NY) (0,6)

Corning-Painted Post West HS (Painted Post, NY) (0,2)

Cornwall Central HS (New Windsor, NY) (1,3)

Cortland HS (Cortland, NY) (0,1)

Coxsackie-Athens HS (Coxsackie, NY) (0,1)

Crown Point Central HS (Crown Point, NY) (0,1)

Curtis HS (Staten Island, NY) (6,11)

Dansville HS (Dansville, NY) (0,1)

Davis HS (Mount Vernon, NY) (1,4)

Deer Park HS (Deer Park, NY) (2,3)

DePew HS (DePew, NY) (0,1)

DeSales Catholic HS (East Amherst, NY) (0,1)

DeSales HS (Geneva, NY) (0,2)

DeWitt Clinton HS (Bronx, NY) (5,20)

Diana Sands School (New York, NY) (0,1)

Division Avenue HS (Levittown, NY) (0,2)

Dobbs Ferry HS (Dobbs Ferry, NY) (0,3)

Dolgeville HS (Dolgeville, NY) (1,1)

Dover HS (Dover Plains, NY) (0,1)

Draper HS (Schenectady, NY) (0,2)

Dunkirk HS (Dunkirk, NY) (1,2)

Dwight School (New York, NY) (0,1)

Earl L. Vandermeulen HS (Port Jefferson, NY) (0,1)

East Chester HS (Tuckahoe, NY) (0,1)

East Hampton HS (East Hampton, NY) (1,1)

East HS (Buffalo, NY) (2,4)

East HS (Rochester, NY) (1,2)

East Islip HS (Islip Terrace, NY) (3,7)

East Meadow HS (East Meadow, NY) (1,3)

East Rochester HS (East Rochester, NY) (0,1)

East Syracuse Minoa Central HS (East Syracuse, NY) (1,1)

Eastchester HS (Eastchester, NY) (1,2)

Eastern District HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,4)

Eastwood HS (Syracuse, NY) (0,1)

EBC High School for Public Service (Brooklyn, NY) (0,1)

Edgemont HS (Scarsdale, NY) (0,1)

Edison HS (Horseheads, NY) (0,2)

Edison Tech HS (Rochester, NY) (0,2)

Elmira Free Academy (Elmira, NY) (1,6)

Elmira HS (Elmira, NY) (0,1)

Emerson HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,3)

Erasmus Hall HS (Brooklyn, NY) (5,11)

Ethical Culture Fieldston School (New York, NY) (0,3)

Evander Childs HS (Bronx, NY) (2,5)

Evans Mills HS (Evans Miills, NY) (0,1)

Fairport HS (Fairport, NY) (0,3)

Falconer Central HS (Falconer, NY) (1,4)

Far Rockaway HS (Far Rockaway, NY) (0,3)

Farmingdale HS (Farmingdale, NY) (1,3)

Father Leo Memorial School (Croghan, NY) (0,1)

Fayetteville-Manlius HS (Manlius, NY) (0,3)

Floral Park Memorial HS (Floral Park, NY) (1,3)

Flushing HS (Flushing, NY) (1,7)

Fordham Preparatory School (Bronx, NY) (6,10)

Forest Hills HS (Forest Hills, NY) (0,1)

Fort Ann HS (Fort Ann, NY) (0,1)

Fort Hamilton HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,5)

Fort Plain HS (Fort Plain, NY) (1,2)

Fosdisck-Masten Park HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,2)

Fowler HS (Syracuse, NY) (1,1)

Fox Lane HS (Bedford, NY) (2,2)

Francis Lewis HS (Fresh Meadows, NY) (2,4)

Franklin Academy (Malone, NY) (1,3)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,7)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt HS (Hyde Park, NY) (2,3)

Franklin K. Lane HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,3)

Frederick Douglass Academy (New York, NY) (0,2)

Fredonia HS (Fredonia, NY) (0,1)

Freeport HS (Freeport, NY) (0,4)

Frewsburg HS (Frewsburg, NY) (0,1)

Frontier Central HS (Hamburg, NY) (1,7)

Fulton HS (Fulton, NY) (1,1)

Fultonville HS (Fultonville, NY) (0,1)

G. Ray Bodley HS (Fulton, NY) (0,1)

Garden City HS (Garden City, NY) (1,2)

General Douglas MacArthur HS (Levittown, NY) (0,5)

Geneva HS (Geneva, NY) (0,5)

George F. Baker Tuxedo HS (Tuxedo Park, NY) (0,1)

George W. Hewlett HS (Woodmere, NY) (0,1)

George W. Wingate HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,1)

George Washington HS (New York, NY) (10,39)

George Westinghouse Vocational Technical HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,3)

Glen Cove HS (Glen Cove, NY) (2,3)

Glens Falls HS (Glens Falls, NY) (2,3)

Gloversville HS (Gloversville, NY) (0,2)

Gorham HS (Gorham, NY) (0,1)

Goshen Central HS (Goshen, NY) (0,3)

Gowanda HS (Gowanda, NY) (0,2)

Grand Island HS (Grand Island, NY) (0,4)

Grand Street Campus (Brooklyn, NY) (3,5)

Great Neck HS (Great Neck, NY) (0,1)

Great Neck South HS (Great Neck, NY) (1,6)

Greece Athena HS (Rochester, NY) (0,3)

Greenwich HS (Greenwich, NY) (0,2)

Gregorio Luperón HS for Math and Science (New York, NY) (0,4)

Grover Cleveland HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,2)

Grover Cleveland HS (Ridgewood, NY) (1,4)

Guilderland Central HS (Guilderland Center, NY) (0,3)

H. Frank Carey HS (Franklin Square, NY) (0,2)

Haaren HS (New York, NY) (1,4)

Hackley School (Tarrytown, NY) (0,4)

Half Hollow Hills East HS (Dix Hills, NY) (0,3)

Half Hollow Hills West HS (Dix Hills, NY) (0,3)

Hamburg HS (Hamburg, NY) (0,2)

Hammondsport Central HS (Hammondsport, NY) (0,1)

Hampton Bays HS (Hampton Bays, NY) (0,1)

Hannibal HS (Hannibal, NY) (0,3)

Harborfields HS (Greenlawn, NY) (0,1)

Harry S Truman HS (Bronx, NY) (1,3)

Hastings HS (Hastings-on-Hudson, NY) (0,2)

Hauppauge HS (Hauppauge, NY) (0,4)

Haverling HS (Bath, NY) (0,1)

Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway (Lawrence, NY) (0,1)

Hempstead HS (Hempstead, NY) (0,2)

Hendrick Hudson HS (Montrose, NY) (0,4)

Herbert H. Lehman HS (Bronx, NY) (2,6)

Herkimer HS (Herkimer, NY) (0,1)

Herricks HS (New Hyde Park, NY) (0,3)

Hicksville HS (Hicksville, NY) (1,6)

Hilton Central HS (Hilton, NY) (0,1)

Holley HS (Holley, NY) (0,1)

Holy Angels Collegiate Institute (Buffalo, NY) (0,1)

Holy Cross HS (Flushing, NY) (1,7)

Holy Trinity Diocesan HS (Hicksville, NY) (0,5)

Homer Academy (Homer, NY) (0,1)

Honeoye HS (Honeoye, NY) (0,1)

Hoosic Valley HS (Schaghticoke, NY) (0,1)

Horace Greeley HS (Chappaqua, NY) (0,2)

Horace Mann School (Bronx, NY) (2,4)

Hornell HS (Hornell, NY) (0,4)

Horseheads HS (Horseheads, NY) (2,7)

Hotchkiss HS (New Windsor, NY) (0,1)

HS for Construction Trades (New York, NY) (0,1)

HS for Enterprise, Business and Technology (New York, NY) (0,2)

HS of Commerce (New York, NY) (2,2)

HS of Music and Art (New York, NY) (0,1)

HS of Telecommunications Arts and Technology (Brooklyn, NY) (2,2)

Hudson HS (Hudson, NY) (0,2)

Huntington HS (Huntington, NY) (0,2)

Hutchinson Central Technical HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,4)

Ichabod Crane HS (Valatie, NY) (0,1)

Ilion HS (Ilion, NY) (0,4)

Inwood Academy (New York, NY) (0,1)

Iona Preparatory School (New Rochelle, NY) (3,10)

Irondequoit HS (Rochester, NY) (0,5)

Irvington HS (Irvington, NY) (0,1)

Islip HS (Islip, NY) (1,5)

Ithaca HS (Ithaca, NY) (1,4)

Jamaica HS (Jamaica, NY) (1,5)

Jamaica Industrial HS (Queens, NY) (1,1)

James Madison HS (Brooklyn, NY) (5,7)

James Madison HS (Rochester, NY) (0,2)

James Monroe HS (New York, NY) (6,31)

Jamestown HS (Jamestown, NY) (0,1)

Jamesville-DeWitt HS (DeWitt, NY) (0,1)

Jericho HS (Jericho, NY) (0,1)

John Adams HS (Ozone Park, NY) (1,7)

John Bowne HS (Flushing, NY) (1,3)

John F. Kennedy Catholic Preparatory School (Somers, NY) (0,4)

John F. Kennedy HS (Bellmore, NY) (0,1)

John F. Kennedy HS (Bronx, NY) (1,4)

John F. Kennedy HS (Cheektowaga, NY) (0,1)

John F. Kennedy HS (Utica, NY) (0,2)

John Glenn HS (Elwood, NY) (0,1)

John Jay HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,1)

John Jay HS (Cross River, NY) (0,5)

John Jay HS (East Fishkill, NY) (1,1)

John Marshall HS (Rochester, NY) (1,2)

Johnson City HS (Johnson City, NY) (1,3)

Johnstown HS (Johnstown, NY) (0,1)

Jordan-Elbridge HS (Jordan, NY) (0,1)

Julia Richman HS (New York, NY) (0,1)

Katonah HS (Katonah, NY) (0,1)

Kellenberg Memorial HS (Uniondale, NY) (2,10)

Kenmore East HS (Tonawanda, NY) (0,1)

Kenmore HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,3)

Kensington HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,4)

Keshequa HS (Nunda, NY) (0,1)

Kings Park HS (Kings Park, NY) (1,4)

Kingston HS (Kingston, NY) (3,13)

La Salle Academy (New York, NY) (1,3)

La Salle Institute (Troy, NY) (1,6)

La Salle Military Academy (Oakdale, NY) (0,3)

Lafayette HS (Brooklyn, NY) (11,22)

Lafayette HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,1)

Lakeland HS (Shrub Oak, NY) (0,6)

Lancaster Central HS (Lancaster, NY) (2,5)

Lansing HS (Lansing, NY) (0,3)

Lansingburgh HS (Troy, NY) (1,3)

LaSalle HS (Niagara Falls, NY) (1,3)

Lawrence HS (Cedarburst, NY) (0,1)

Lawrence Woodmere Academy (Woodmere, NY) (0,1)

LeRoy HS (LeRoy, NY) (0,1)

Levittown Memorial HS (Levittown, NY) (0,1)

Liberty HS (Liberty, NY) (0,1)

Lincoln HS (Yonkers, NY) (0,2)

Lindenhurst HS (Lindenhurst, NY) (0,4)

Linton HS (Schenectady, NY) (2,3)

Liverpool HS (Liverpool, NY) (4,10)

Lockport HS (Lockport, NY) (0,3)

Locust Valley HS (Locust Valley, NY) (0,2)

Long Beach HS (Lido Beach, NY) (1,3)

Long Island City HS (Long Island City, NY) (1,2)

Longwood HS (Middle Island, NY) (0,4)

Louis D. Brandeis HS (New York, NY) (2,5)

Loyola HS (Bayside, NY) (0,1)

Lynch HS (Amsterdam, NY) (2,6)

Lyons HS (Lyons, NY) (0,2)

Mahopac HS (Mahopac, NY) (2,6)

Maine HS (Maine, NY) (1,1)

Maine-Endwell HS (Endwell, NY) (0,2)

Mamaroneck HS (Mamaroneck, NY) (1,6)

Manhasset HS (Manhasset, NY) (1,1)

Manhattan College HS (New York, NY) (0,1)

Manhattan Prep HS (New York, NY) (0,3)

Manhattan Vocational HS (New York, NY) (0,1)

Manlius Military Academy (Manlius, NY) (0,2)

Manual Training HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,1)

Maple Grove HS (Bemus Point, NY) (0,1)

Maple Hill HS (Castleton-on-Hudson, NY) (1,2)

Marcellus Central HS (Marcellus, NY) (0,4)

Marlboro Central HS (Marlboro, NY) (2,2)

Martin Van Buren HS (Kinderhook, NY) (0,1)

Martin Van Buren HS (Queens Village, NY) (0,2)

Maryvale HS (Cheektowaga, NY) (0,2)

Massapequa HS (Massapequa, NY) (0,6)

Massena Central HS (Massena, NY) (1,3)

Masten Park HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,2)

Mater Christi HS (Astoria, NY) (0,1)

McKinley HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,5)

McQuaid Jesuit HS (Rochester, NY) (0,2)

Mechanicville HS (Mechanicville, NY) (0,1)

Medina HS (Medina, NY) (1,1)

Middleport HS (Middleport, NY) (0,1)

Middletown HS (Middletown, NY) (1,2)

Midwood HS at Brooklyn College (Brooklyn, NY) (1,3)

Milford Academy (New Berlin, NY) (1,2)

Milford Central School (Milford, NY) (1,1)

Millbrook HS (Millbrook, NY) (0,2)

Millbrook School (Stanford, NY) (0,1)

Miller Place HS (Miller Place, NY) (0,2)

Mineola HS (Garden City Park, NY) (0,2)

Mineville HS (Witherbee, NY) (1,1)

Minisink Valley HS (Slate Hill, NY) (1,1)

Mohonasen HS (Schenectady, NY) (0,1)

Monroe-Woodbury HS (Central Valley, NY) (0,2)

Monsignor Farrell HS (Staten Island, NY) (0,4)

Monsignor McClancy Memorial HS (East Elmhurst, NY) (1,10)

Mont Pleasant HS (Schenectady, NY) (1,6)

Montgomery HS (Montgomery, NY) (0,1)

Moore Catholic HS (Staten Island, NY) (1,7)

Moravia Central HS (Moravia, NY) (0,1)

Morris HS (Bronx, NY) (3,5)

Most Holy Rosary HS (Syracuse, NY) (0,1)

Most Holy Trinity HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,2)

Mount Assumption Institute (Plattsburgh, NY) (0,1)

Mount Sinai HS (Mount Sinai, NY) (0,4)

Mount St. Michael HS (Bronx, NY) (0,9)

Mount Vernon HS (Mount Vernon, NY) (3,5)

Murry Bergtraum HS (New York, NY) (0,1)

Mynderse Academy (Seneca Falls, NY) (1,1)

Nazareth HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,2)

New Dorp HS (Staten Island, NY) (0,7)

New Hartford HS (New Hartford, NY) (1,6)

New Hyde Park Memorial HS (New Hyde Park, NY) (1,2)

New Rochelle HS (New Rochelle, NY) (2,6)

New Utrecht HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,4)

New York Vocational HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,1)

Newburgh Free Academy (Newburgh, NY) (2,7)

Newburgh HS (Newburgh, NY) (1,2)

Newfane HS (Newfane, NY) (0,1)

Newfield HS (Selden, NY) (1,5)

Newman HS (Checktowaga, NY) (0,1)

Newtown HS (Elmhurst, NY) (1,3)

Niagara Catholic HS (Niagara Falls, NY) (0,1)

Niagara Falls HS (Niagara Falls, NY) (1,8)

Niagara Prep HS (Niagara Falls, NY) (1,1)

Niagara-Wheatfield HS (Sanborn, NY) (0,1)

Nichols School (Buffalo, NY) (2,4)

Niskayuna HS (Niskayuna, NY) (0,2)

Norman Thomas HS (New York, NY) (0,1)

North Babylon HS (North Babylon, NY) (0,2)

North Collins Central HS (North Collins, NY) (0,1)

North HS (Binghamton, NY) (0,2)

North HS (Clarkstown, NY) (1,1)

North HS (Commack, NY) (1,1)

North HS (Syracuse, NY) (0,1)

North Rockland HS (Thiells, NY) (0,1)

North Salem HS (North Salem, NY) (0,2)

North Shore HS (Glen Head, NY) (1,2)

North Tonawanda HS (North Tonawanda, NY) (0,4)

Northport HS (Northport, NY) (1,6)

Norwich HS (Norwich, NY) (0,1)

Notre Dame HS (Elmira, NY) (0,2)

Notre Dame HS (Utica, NY) (2,7)

Nott Terrace HS (Schenectady, NY) (0,1)

Nottingham HS (Syracuse, NY) (0,2)

Nyack HS (Upper Nyack, NY) (0,4)

Oakfield-Alabama HS (Oakfield, NY) (0,1)

Oceanside HS (Oceanside, NY) (3,7)

Oneida HS (Oneida, NY) (0,1)

Oneonta HS (Oneonta, NY) (2,8)

Onondaga Valley Academy (Syracuse, NY) (0,1)

Orchard Park HS (Orchard Park, NY) (1,6)

Oriskany Falls HS (Oriskany Falls, NY) (1,1)

Ossining HS (Ossining, NY) (0,3)

Oswego HS (Oswego, NY) (0,4)

Owego Free Academy (Owego, NY) (0,1)

Oxford HS (Oxford, NY) (0,1)

Panas HS (Cortlandt Manor, NY) (0,1)

Park West HS (New York, NY) (1,1)

Patchogue-Medford HS (Medford, NY) (1,8)

Paul V. Moore HS (Central Square, NY) (1,3)

Pearl River HS (Pearl River, NY) (0,1)

Peekskill HS (Peekskill, NY) (1,3)

Peekskill Military Academy (Peekskill, NY) (0,1)

Pelham Memorial HS (Pelham, NY) (2,3)

Penfield HS (Penfield, NY) (0,6)

Philip Schuyler HS (Albany, NY) (0,1)

Philmont HS (Philmont, NY) (0,1)

Pierson HS (Sag Harbor, NY) (1,1)

Pine Bush Central HS (Pine Bush, NY) (1,4)

Pine Hill HS (Cheektowaga, NY) (0,1)

Pine Plains HS (Pine Plains, NY) (0,3)

Pittsford Mendon HS (Pittsford, NY) (1,2)

Pittsford Sutherland HS (Pittsford, NY) (1,5)

Plainedge HS (North Massapequa, NY) (0,7)

Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy HS (Plainview, NY) (1,5)

Plattsburgh HS (Plattsburgh, NY) (0,2)

Pleasantville HS (Pleasantville, NY) (0,2)

Poly Prep Country Day School (Brooklyn, NY) (0,14)

Port Byron HS (Port Byron, NY) (1,2)

Port Chester HS (Port Chester, NY) (0,4)

Port Henry HS (Port Henry, NY) (0,1)

Port Jervis HS (Port Jervis, NY) (0,1)

Port Richmond HS (Staten Island, NY) (2,14)

Port Washington HS (Port Washington, NY) (1,1)

Portville Central HS (Portville, NY) (0,2)

Potsdam Central HS (Potsdam, NY) (0,1)

Poughkeepsie HS (Poughkeepsie, NY) (1,5)

Power Memorial Academy (New York, NY) (0,7)

PS #2 (Brooklyn, NY) (1,1)

Queensbury HS (Queensbury, NY) (1,2)

Ralph McKee Vocational Technical HS (Staten Island, NY) (3,5)

Ramapo HS (Spring Valley, NY) (0,3)

Regis HS (New York, NY) (0,2)

Rensselaer HS (Rensselaer, NY) (0,2)

Rhinebeck Central HS (Rhinebeck, NY) (0,1)

Rice HS (New York, NY) (0,2)

Richfield Springs Central HS (Richfield Springs, NY) (0,1)

Richmond Hill HS (Richmond Hill, NY) (4,7)

Riverdale Country School (Riverdale, NY) (0,1)

Riverhead HS (Riverhead, NY) (0,1)

Riverside HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,4)

Riverview Military Academy (Poughkeepsie, NY) (0,1)

Rochester Catholic HS (Rochester, NY) (0,1)

Rocky Point HS (Rocky Point, NY) (1,1)

Rome Free Academy (Rome, NY) (1,5)

Rondout Valley HS (Accord, NY) (0,1)

Roslyn HS (Roslyn Heiights, NY) (0,2)

Ross HS (Brentwood, NY) (1,1)

Roy C. Ketcham HS (Wappingers Falls, NY) (1,3)

Royalton-Hartland Central HS (Middleport, NY) (0,2)

Rush-Henrietta HS (Henrietta, NY) (1,1)

Rye Country Day School (Rye, NY) (0,1)

Rye HS (Rye, NY) (4,8)

Rye Neck HS (Mamaroneck, NY) (0,1)

S. S. Seward Institute (Florida, NY) (0,1)

Sachem East HS (Farmingville, NY) (0,4)

Sachem HS (Lake Ronkonkoma, NY) (1,1)

Sachem North HS (Lake Ronkonkoma, NY) (1,1)

Sacred Heart HS (Yonkers, NY) (0,1)

Salamanca Central HS (Salamanca, NY) (0,3)

Salesian HS (Bronx, NY) (0,2)

Salmon River Central HS (Fort Covington, NY) (0,1)

Samuel Gompers HS (Bronx, NY) (1,2)

Samuel J. Tilden HS (Brooklyn, NY) (2,2)

Sanford M. Calhoun HS (Merrick, NY) (0,4)

Saranac Lake HS (Saranac Lake, NY) (0,1)

Saratoga Central Catholic HS (Saratoga Springs, NY) (1,2)

Saratoga Springs HS (Saratoga Springs, NY) (1,1)

Saugerties HS (Saugerties, NY) (0,4)

Saunders Trades and Technical HS (Yonkers, NY) (0,2)

Sauquoit Valley Central HS (Sauquoit, NY) (0,1)

Savannah HS (Savannah, NY) (0,1)

Sayville HS (West Sayville, NY) (0,4)

Scarsdale HS (Scarsdale, NY) (0,1)

Schaghticoke HS (Schaghticoke, NY) (0,1)

Schenectady HS (Schenectady, NY) (2,4)

Schreiber HS (Port Washington, NY) (0,1)

Scotia-Glenville HS (Scotia, NY) (0,3)

Scottsville HS (Scottsville, NY) (0,1)

Seaford HS (Seaford, NY) (3,5)

Seneca HS (Buffalo, NY) (0,2)

Seton Catholic Central School (Binghamton, NY) (1,2)

Sewanhaka HS (Floral Park, NY) (4,8)

Seward Park HS (New York, NY) (1,2)

Shaker HS (Latham, NY) (2,3)

Sheepshead Bay HS (Brooklyn, NY) (2,4)

Shenendehowa HS (Clifton Park, NY) (2,6)

Sherrill Central HS (Sherrill, NY) (0,1)

Shoreham-Wading River HS (Shoreham, NY) (1,7)

Silver Creek HS (Silver Creek, NY) (0,1)

Skaneateles HS (Skaneateles, NY) (0,3)

Sleepy Hollow HS (Sleepy Hollow, NY) (0,1)

Sloan HS (Sloan, NY) (0,1)

Smithtown East HS (St. James, NY) (2,7)

Smithtown HS (Nesconset, NY) (1,2)

Somers HS (Somers, NY) (0,1)

South Bronx HS (Bronx, NY) (1,1)

South Colonie HS (Albany, NY) (1,1)

South Dayton HS (South Dayton, NY) (0,1)

South HS (Commack, NY) (1,3)

South Huntington HS (Huntington Station, NY) (0,1)

South New Berlin HS (South New Berlin, NY) (0,1)

South Park HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,6)

South Shore HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,2)

South Side HS (Rockville Centre, NY) (0,3)

South Street HS (Utica, NY) (1,1)

Southampton HS (Southampton, NY) (0,3)

Southold HS (Southold, NY) (0,1)

Southside HS (Elmira, NY) (0,2)

Southside HS (New York, NY) (1,1)

Southwestern Central HS (Jamestown, NY) (0,1)

Specialty Trades HS (Brooklyn, NY) (1,1)

Spenceport HS (Spenceport, NY) (0,1)

Spring Valley HS (Spring Valley, NY) (0,1)

Springfield Gardens HS (Springfield Gardens, NY) (0,2)

Springville-Griffith Institute (Springville, NY) (0,1)

St. Agnes Boys HS (New York, NY) (1,2)

St. Agnes Cathedral School (Rockville Centre, NY) (1,2)

St. Ann's Academy (Queens, NY) (0,2)

St. Anthony of Padua HS (Utica, NY) (0,1)

St. Anthony's HS (Kings Park, NY) (0,2)

St. Augustine HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,1)

St. Dominic HS (Oyster Bay, NY) (1,7)

St. Dominic's HS (Blauvelt, NY) (1,1)

St. Edmund Preparatory HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,1)

St. Francis de Sales HS (Utica, NY) (0,2)

St. Francis HS (Athol Springs, NY) (1,3)

St. Francis Preparatory School (Queens, NY) (1,4)

St. Helena HS (Bronx, NY) (1,3)

St. Ignatius Loyola HS (New York, NY) (1,1)

St. John the Baptist HS (West Islip, NY) (3,4)

St. John's Military Academy (Syracuse, NY) (1,1)

St. John's Preparatory School (Jamaica, NY) (0,7)

St. Johnsville HS (St. Johnsville, NY) (0,2)

St. Joseph by the Sea HS (Staten Island, NY) (1,4)

St. Joseph HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,1)

St. Joseph's Academy (Albany, NY) (0,1)

St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute (Buffalo, NY) (1,10)

St. Mark's Seminary HS (Auburn, NY) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Katonah, NY) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Manhasset, NY) (1,2)

St. Mary's HS (Ogdensburg, NY) (0,1)

St. Mary's Institute (Amsterdam, NY) (0,5)

St. Michael's Diocesan Boys HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,1)

St. Pascal Baylon HS (Queens, NY) (1,1)

St. Patrick School (Brooklyn, NY) (0,1)

St. Peter's HS (Staten Island, NY) (1,8)

St. Raymond HS (Bronx, NY) (0,8)

Starpoint HS (Lockport, NY) (0,1)

Staten Island Technical HS (Staten Island, NY) (1,1)

Stuyvesant HS (New York, NY) (0,2)

Suffern HS (Suffern, NY) (2,12)

Susan E. Wagner HS (Staten Island, NY) (1,2)

Susquehanna Valley HS (Conklin, NY) (0,1)

Syosset HS (Syosset, NY) (0,2)

Syracuse HS (Syracuse, NY) (1,1)

Tappan Zee HS (Orangeburg, NY) (0,2)

Textile HS (New York, NY) (3,3)

The Albany Academy (Albany, NY) (0,1)

The Beacon School (New York, NY) (0,3)

The Berkeley Carroll School (Brooklyn, NY) (2,2)

The Dalton School (New York, NY) (0,1)

The Harvey School (Katonah, NY) (0,1)

The Stony Brook School (Stony Brook, NY) (0,2)

The Wheatley School (Old Westbury, NY) (0,1)

Theodore Roosevelt HS (Bronx, NY) (3,5)

Theodore Roosevelt HS (Yonkers, NY) (1,4)

Thomas J. Corcoran HS (Syracuse, NY) (0,3)

Thomas Jefferson HS (Brooklyn, NY) (2,6)

Thomas Jefferson HS (Rochester, NY) (1,2)

Thomas R. Proctor HS (Utica, NY) (2,7)

Thousand Islands HS (Clayton, NY) (0,1)

Timon HS (Buffalo, NY) (1,4)

Tonawanda HS (Tonawanda, NY) (3,7)

Tottenville HS (Staten Island, NY) (6,22)

Treadwell HS (Memphis, NY) (0,1)

Trinity-Pawling School (Pawling, NY) (2,9)

Troy HS (Troy, NY) (1,4)

Union-Endicott HS (Endicott, NY) (2,6)

Uniondale HS (Uniondale, NY) (0,1)

Upton Lakes Christian School (Clinton Corners, NY) (0,1)

Utica Catholic Academy (Utica, NY) (0,1)

Utica Free Academy (Utica, NY) (0,2)

Valhalla HS (Valhalla, NY) (1,2)

Valley Central HS (Montgomery, NY) (3,6)

Valley Stream Central HS (Valley Stream, NY) (2,5)

Valley Stream South HS (Valley Stream, NY) (0,2)

Vernon-Verona-Sherrill HS (Verona, NY) (0,3)

Vestal HS (Vestal, NY) (0,3)

Victor Central HS (Victor, NY) (0,1)

Vincentian Institute (Albany, NY) (0,2)

W. Tresper Clarke HS (Westbury, NY) (3,7)

Wading River HS (Wading River, NY) (1,1)

Walt Whitman HS (Huntington Station, NY) (0,3)

Walton HS (Bronx, NY) (0,1)

Wantagh HS (Wantagh, NY) (0,6)

Wappingers Falls HS (Wappingers Falls, NY) (0,3)

Ward Melville HS (East Setauket, NY) (2,7)

Warwick Valley HS (Warwick, NY) (0,1)

Washington Irving HS (New York, NY) (1,2)

Washingtonville HS (Washingtonville, NY) (0,5)

Waterford-Halfmoon HS (Waterford, NY) (0,1)

Waterloo HS (Waterloo, NY) (0,4)

Watertown HS (Watertown, NY) (0,4)

Watervliet HS (Watervliet, NY) (0,1)

Waverly HS (Waverly, NY) (0,2)

Webster Thomas HS (Webster, NY) (0,2)

Weedsport HS (Weedsport, NY) (0,1)

Wellington C. Mepham HS (North Bellmore, NY) (1,1)

West Babylon HS (West Babylon, NY) (1,1)

West Genesee HS (Camillus, NY) (1,6)

West HS (Rochester, NY) (0,2)

West Islip HS (West Islip, NY) (1,7)

West Seneca HS (West Seneca, NY) (0,5)

West Seneca West HS (West Seneca, NY) (0,2)

Westbury HS (Old Westbury, NY) (1,1)

Westhill HS (Geddes, NY) (1,5)

Westlake HS (Thornwood, NY) (0,3)

White Plains HS (White Plains, NY) (4,5)

Whitehall Central HS (Whitehall, NY) (0,3)

Whitesboro HS (Marcy, NY) (0,5)

William E. Grady Vocational Technical HS (Brooklyn, NY) (0,3)

William Floyd HS (Mastic Beach, NY) (0,1)

William H. Taft HS (Bronx, NY) (0,1)

Williamsville East HS (East Amherst, NY) (0,3)

Williamsville HS (Williamsville, NY) (1,1)

Williamsville North HS (Williamsville, NY) (0,2)

Williamsville South HS (Williamsville, NY) (0,3)

Wilson HS (Wilson, NY) (1,2)

Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central HS (Windham, NY) (1,1)

Windsor Central HS (Windsor, NY) (1,2)

Woodmere HS (Woodmere, NY) (1,1)

Xaverian HS (Brooklyn, NY) (4,17)

Xavier HS (New York, NY) (0,2)

Yonkers HS (Yonkers, NY) (2,7)

Yorktown HS (Yorktown Heights, NY) (0,2)

North Carolina

71st HS (Fayetteville, NC) (0,1)

A. C. Reynolds HS (Asheville, NC) (0,6)

A. L. Brown HS (Kannapolis, NC) (0,8)

Ahoskie HS (Ahoskie, NC) (1,1)

Albemarle HS (Albemarle, NC) (0,3)

Alexander Central HS (Taylorsville, NC) (0,3)

Allegheny HS (Sparta, NC) (0,2)

Andrew HS (High Point, NC) (0,1)

Angier HS (Angier, NC) (0,1)

Anson HS (Wadesboro, NC) (0,5)

Apex Friendship HS (Apex, NC) (0,2)

Apex HS (Apex, NC) (4,13)

Ardrey Kell HS (Charlotte, NC) (3,12)

Ashbrook HS (Gastonia, NC) (1,4)

Ashe Central HS (West Jefferson, NC) (0,1)

Asheboro HS (Asheboro, NC) (0,6)

Asheville Christian Academy (Asheville, NC) (0,1)

Asheville HS (Asheville, NC) (3,7)

Athens Drive HS (Raleigh, NC) (1,3)

Aulander HS (Aulander, NC) (0,1)

Aurora HS (Aurora, NC) (0,1)

Ayden HS (Ayden, NC) (0,1)

Bahama HS (Bahama, NC) (0,1)

Bandys HS (Catawba, NC) (1,3)

Bartlett Yancey HS (Yanceyville, NC) (0,1)

Bath HS (Bath, NC) (0,2)

Beaver Creek HS (West Jefferson, NC) (0,1)

Bedingfield HS (Wilson, NC) (1,1)

Belmont Abbey HS (Belmont, NC) (1,1)

Belmont HS (Belmont, NC) (1,3)

Ben L. Smith HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,4)

Benson HS (Benson, NC) (1,1)

Benton Heights HS (Monroe, NC) (1,1)

Bertie HS (Windsor, NC) (0,1)

Bessemer City HS (Bessemer City, NC) (1,2)

Bessemer HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,1)

Bethel Hill HS (Roxboro, NC) (0,1)

Biltmore HS (Asheville, NC) (0,1)

Bishop McGuinness HS (Kernersville, NC) (0,2)

Bladenboro HS (Bladenboro, NC) (0,2)

Blue Ridge School for Boys (Hendersonville, NC) (0,1)

Booker T. Washington HS (Rocky Mount, NC) (1,1)

Boonville HS (Boonville, NC) (0,2)

Boyden HS (Salisbury, NC) (1,2)

Brevard HS (Brevard, NC) (0,2)

Broughton HS (Raleigh, NC) (1,8)

Bunker Hill HS (Claremont, NC) (0,2)

Bunn HS (Bunn, NC) (0,1)

Burns HS (Lawndale, NC) (0,2)

Caldwell Academy (Greensboro, NC) (0,1)

Calvary Baptist Day School (Winston-Salem, NC) (0,1)

Calvary Day School (Winston-Salem, NC) (0,1)

Candler HS (Candler, NC) (0,2)

Cannon HS (Kannapolis, NC) (0,1)

Cape Fear HS (Fayetteville, NC) (1,2)

Cape Fear Technical School (Wilmington, NC) (0,1)

Cardinal Gibbons HS (Raleigh, NC) (1,4)

Carmel Christian School (Matthews, NC) (0,1)

Carson HS (China Grove, NC) (1,2)

Cary HS (Cary, NC) (0,7)

Central Cabarrus HS (Concord, NC) (0,6)

Central Davidson HS (Lexington, NC) (0,1)

Central HS (Charlotte, NC) (1,4)

Central HS (Newton, NC) (1,1)

Chapel Hill HS (Chapel Hill, NC) (1,4)

Charles B. Aycock HS (Pikeville, NC) (1,7)

Charles E. Jordan HS (Durham, NC) (0,3)

Charles L. Coon HS (Wilson, NC) (1,7)

Charles Owen HS (Swannanoa, NC) (0,1)

Charlotte Catholic HS (Charlotte, NC) (0,1)

Charlotte Christian HS (Charlotte, NC) (4,14)

Charlotte Country Day School (Charlotte, NC) (0,2)

Charlotte HS (Charlotte, NC) (1,1)

Charlotte Latin HS (Charlotte, NC) (0,1)

Charlotte University School (Charlotte, NC) (1,1)

Chase HS (Caroleen, NC) (2,2)

Cherryville HS (Cherryville, NC) (1,7)

Christ School (Arden, NC) (0,1)

Claremont HS (Claremont, NC) (0,3)

Clayton HS (Clayton, NC) (3,5)

Cleveland HS (Clayton, NC) (0,1)

Clinton HS (Clinton, NC) (1,1)

Clyde A. Erwin HS (Asheville, NC) (0,2)

Cobb Memorial HS (Yanceyville, NC) (0,1)

Colerain HS (Colerain, NC) (1,2)

Columbus HS (Evergreen, NC) (1,1)

Combine Academy (Lincolnton, NC) (0,6)

Concord HS (Concord, NC) (0,2)

Cool Spring HS (Cleveland, NC) (1,2)

Cool Springs HS (Forest City, NC) (0,1)

Coopers HS (Nashville, NC) (0,1)

Corinth Holders HS (Wendell, NC) (0,1)

Cornelius HS (Cornelius, NC) (1,1)

Courtney HS (Courtney, NC) (0,2)

Covenant Day School (Matthews, NC) (0,1)

Cox Mill HS (Concord, NC) (0,2)

Crest HS (Shelby, NC) (0,9)

Croatan HS (Newport, NC) (0,3)

Crossroads FLEX HS (Cary, NC) (0,4)

Cummings HS (Burlington, NC) (1,3)

Currituck County HS (Barco, NC) (0,4)

Cuthbertson HS (Waxhaw, NC) (0,3)

D. H. Conley HS (Greenville, NC) (2,8)

David W. Butler HS (Matthews, NC) (0,1)

Davie County HS (Mocksville, NC) (1,4)

Dillard HS (Goldsboro, NC) (0,1)

Dixon HS (Holly Ridge, NC) (1,1)

Dudley HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,6)

Dunbar HS (Lexington, NC) (0,1)

Durham HS (Durham, NC) (2,6)

E. M. Holt HS (Burlington, NC) (0,1)

East Bladen HS (Elizabethtown, NC) (1,6)

East Burke HS (Connelly Springs, NC) (0,2)

East Carteret HS (Beaufort, NC) (0,4)

East Chapel Hill HS (Chapel Hill, NC) (0,1)

East Columbus HS (Lake Waccamaw, NC) (0,1)

East Forsyth HS (Kernersville, NC) (2,9)

East Gaston HS (Mount Holly, NC) (1,4)

East Henderson HS (Hendersonville, NC) (0,2)

East Lincoln HS (Denver, NC) (1,6)

East Lincolnton HS (East Lincolnton, NC) (0,1)

East Mecklenburg HS (Charlotte, NC) (1,9)

East Montgomery HS (Biscoe, NC) (0,2)

East Rowan HS (Salisbury, NC) (1,10)

East Rutherford HS (East Rutherford, NC) (0,3)

East Surry HS (Pilot Mountain, NC) (0,3)

East Wake HS (Wendell, NC) (0,2)

East Wilkes HS (Ronda, NC) (0,1)

Eastern Alamance HS (Haw River, NC) (1,3)

Eastern Guilford HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,2)

Eastern Randolph HS (Ramseur, NC) (1,2)

Eastern Wayne HS (Goldsboro, NC) (1,10)

Edwards Military Institute (Salemburg, NC) (0,1)

Eli Whitney HS (Graham, NC) (0,1)

Elm City HS (Elm City, NC) (1,1)

Emsley A. Laney HS (Wilmington, NC) (1,4)

Enka HS (Candler, NC) (1,4)

Erwin HS (Erwin, NC) (0,2)

Eugene Ashley HS (Wilmington, NC) (0,5)

Fairmont HS (Fairmont, NC) (0,2)

Fallston HS (Fallston, NC) (0,1)

Farmington HS (Mocksville, NC) (0,1)

Farmville Central HS (Farmville, NC) (0,1)

Fayetteville HS (Fayetteville, NC) (0,2)

Fike HS (Wilson, NC) (0,4)

Forbush HS (East Bend, NC) (0,2)

Forest City HS (Forest City, NC) (1,1)

Forest Hills HS (Marshville, NC) (0,1)

Forestview HS (Gastonia, NC) (0,2)

Forsyth Country Day School (Lewisville, NC) (0,3)

Frank L. Ashley HS (Gastonia, NC) (0,1)

Franklin HS (Franklin, NC) (0,2)

Franklinton HS (Franklinton, NC) (1,1)

Fred T. Foard HS (Newton, NC) (0,3)

Freedom HS (Morganton, NC) (0,4)

Fuquay-Varina HS (Fuquay-Varina, NC) (0,10)

Galax HS (Galax, NC) (0,1)

Garinger HS (Charlotte, NC) (5,9)

Garner HS (Garner, NC) (1,9)

Gaston Christian School (Gastonia, NC) (0,1)

Gastonia HS (Gastonia, NC) (3,10)

Gibsonville HS (Gibsonville, NC) (0,1)

Goldsboro HS (Goldsboro, NC) (2,7)

Grace Academy (Matthews, NC) (0,2)

Graham HS (Graham, NC) (1,4)

Grainger HS (Kinston, NC) (0,4)

Granite Falls HS (Granite Falls, NC) (1,1)

Granite Quarry HS (Granite Quarry, NC) (2,2)

Granville Central HS (Stern, NC) (0,1)

Green Hope HS (Cary, NC) (2,8)

Greene Central HS (Snow Hill, NC) (1,4)

Greenfield School (Wilson, NC) (0,2)

Greensboro HS (Greensboro, NC) (1,3)

Greenville Christian Academy (Greenville, NC) (0,1)

Greenville HS (Greenville, NC) (0,1)

Grifton HS (Grifton, NC) (0,1)

Grimsley HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,6)

Guilford HS (Guilford, NC) (2,2)

Hallsboro HS (Hallsboro, NC) (0,4)

Hamlet HS (Hamlet, NC) (1,1)

Hanes HS (Winston-Salem, NC) (0,3)

Harding HS (Charlotte, NC) (3,12)

Harmony HS (Harmony, NC) (0,1)

Harnett Central HS (Angier, NC) (0,1)

Harrellsville HS (Harrellsville, NC) (0,1)

Hartsell HS (Concord, NC) (1,3)

Havelock HS (Havelock, NC) (0,4)

Hayesville HS (Hayesville, NC) (0,1)

Heide Trask HS (Rocky Point, NC) (0,1)

Henderson Institute (Henderson, NC) (0,1)

Hendersonville HS (Hendersonville, NC) (0,3)

Heritage HS (Wake Forest, NC) (0,4)

Hertford County HS (Ahoskie, NC) (0,1)

Hibriten HS (Lenoir, NC) (0,1)

Hickory Grove Christian School (Charlotte, NC) (0,2)

Hickory HS (Hickory, NC) (1,6)

Hickory Ridge HS (Harrisburg, NC) (0,2)

High Point Central HS (High Point, NC) (0,1)

High Point Christian HS (High Point, NC) (0,5)

High Point School (High Point, NC) (1,2)

Hillsborough HS (Hillsborough, NC) (0,1)

Hillside HS (Durham, NC) (1,1)

Hoggard HS (Wilmington, NC) (0,11)

Hoke County HS (Raeford, NC) (1,4)

Holbrook HS (Lowell, NC) (1,1)

Holly Springs HS (Holly Springs, NC) (1,8)

Homer Military Academy (Oxford, NC) (1,1)

Hope Mills HS (Hope Mills, NC) (1,3)

Hopewell HS (Huntersville, NC) (0,1)

Hough HS (Cornelius, NC) (0,7)

Hugh Morson HS (Raleigh, NC) (0,1)

Hunt HS (Wilson, NC) (0,2)

Hunter Huss HS (Gastonia, NC) (0,1)

Independence HS (Charlotte, NC) (0,4)

Jack Britt HS (Fayetteville, NC) (0,1)

Jacksonville HS (Jacksonville, NC) (0,2)

James A. Gray HS (Winston-Salem, NC) (1,3)

James Hunt HS (Wilson, NC) (0,2)

Jamestown HS (Jamestown, NC) (0,1)

Jay M. Robinson HS (Concord, NC) (0,1)

John A. Wilkinson HS (Belhaven, NC) (0,1)

Johnson HS (Laurinburg, NC) (0,2)

Jordan-Matthews HS (Siler City, NC) (1,2)

Julius L. Chambers HS (Charlotte, NC) (0,1)

Kannapolis HS (Kannapolis, NC) (0,1)

Kenley HS (Kenley, NC) (0,1)

Kernersville HS (Kernersville, NC) (0,1)

Kerr-Vance Academy (Henderson, NC) (0,2)

Kings Mountain HS (Kings Mountain, NC) (0,3)

Kinston HS (Kinston, NC) (1,3)

Knightdale HS (Knightdale, NC) (0,1)

Lake Norman Charter HS (Huntersville, NC) (0,2)

Lake Norman HS (Mooresville, NC) (0,7)

Landis HS (Landis, NC) (0,1)

Langtree Charter Academy (Mooresville, NC) (0,1)

Laurinburg HS (Laurinburg, NC) (0,2)

Laurinburg Instructional HS (Laurinburg, NC) (0,1)

Ledford HS (Thomasville, NC) (0,4)

Lee County HS (Sanford, NC) (0,6)

Lee Edwards HS (Asheville, NC) (0,2)

Lee Woodward HS (Black Creek, NC) (0,1)

Leesville Road HS (Raleigh, NC) (0,4)

Lenoir HS (Lenoir, NC) (1,7)

Lexington HS (Lexington, NC) (0,4)

Ligon HS (Raleigh, NC) (0,1)

Lillington HS (Lillington, NC) (0,1)

Lincolnton HS (Lincolnton, NC) (1,4)

Littlefield HS (Lumberton, NC) (0,2)

Lowell HS (Lowell, NC) (1,2)

Lumberton HS (Lumberton, NC) (0,1)

Maiden HS (Maiden, NC) (0,1)

Manteo HS (Manteo, NC) (0,1)

Marion HS (Marion, NC) (0,1)

Martin County HS (Robersonville, NC) (0,1)

Marvin Ridge HS (Waxhaw, NC) (0,5)

McDowell HS (Marion, NC) (1,3)

McMichael HS (Mayodan, NC) (1,3)

Middle Creek HS (Apex, NC) (0,3)

Middleburg HS (Middleburg, NC) (0,1)

Midway HS (Newton Grove, NC) (0,1)

Millbrook HS (Raleigh, NC) (2,9)

Mineral Springs HS (Winston-Salem, NC) (0,2)

Monroe HS (Monroe, NC) (1,1)

Mooresboro HS (Mooresboro, NC) (0,1)

Mooresville Senior HS (Mooresville, NC) (0,9)

Morehead HS (Eden, NC) (0,1)

Morganton HS (Morganton, NC) (0,1)

Morven HS (Morven, NC) (0,1)

Mount Pleasant HS (Mount Pleasant, NC) (0,2)

Mount Tabor HS (Winston-Salem, NC) (0,1)

Mount Ulla HS (Mount Ulla, NC) (0,1)

Mount Zion Christian Academy (Durham, NC) (0,1)

Murphy HS (Murphy, NC) (0,1)

Myers Park HS (Charlotte, NC) (1,12)

Nash Central HS (Rocky Mount, NC) (0,1)

New Bern HS (New Bern, NC) (2,5)

New Hanover HS (Wilmington, NC) (1,21)

Newton-Conover HS (Newton, NC) (0,3)

Norlina HS (Norlina, NC) (0,1)

North Brunswick HS (Leland, NC) (1,6)

North Buncombe HS (Weaverville, NC) (0,2)

North Davidson HS (Lexington, NC) (0,11)

North Edgecombe HS (Battleboro, NC) (0,1)

North Forsyth HS (Winston-Salem, NC) (2,4)

North Gaston HS (Gastonia, NC) (1,7)

North Henderson HS (Hendersonville, NC) (0,2)

North Johnston HS (Kenly, NC) (0,1)

North Lenoir HS (LaGrange, NC) (2,6)

North Lincoln HS (Lincolnton, NC) (0,3)

North Mecklenburg HS (Huntersville, NC) (1,9)

North Moore HS (Robbins, NC) (0,1)

North Pitt HS (Bethel, NC) (0,1)

North Rowan HS (Spencer, NC) (0,3)

North Stanly HS (New London, NC) (0,3)

North Surry HS (Mount Airy, NC) (0,2)

North Wilkes HS (Hays, NC) (0,1)

Northampton East HS (Rich Square, NC) (0,1)

Northeast Guilford HS (McLeansville, NC) (1,6)

Northeast HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,1)

Northeastern HS (Elizabeth City, NC) (0,1)

Northern Guilford HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,1)

Northern HS (Durham, NC) (0,4)

Northern Nash HS (Rocky Mount, NC) (1,2)

Northside HS (Belhaven, NC) (0,1)

Northwest Cabarrus HS (Concord, NC) (2,5)

Northwest Guilford HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,8)

Northwood HS (Pittsboro, NC) (1,4)

Oak Grove HS (Winston-Salem, NC) (0,2)

Oak Ridge Military Academy (Oak Ridge, NC) (4,15)

Olympic HS (Charlotte, NC) (0,3)

Orange HS (Hillsborough, NC) (1,6)

Overhills HS (Spring Lake, NC) (0,1)

Owen HS (Black Mountain, NC) (0,3)

Page HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,1)

Pamlico County HS (Bayboro, NC) (0,1)

Pamplico County HS (Bayboro, NC) (0,2)

Panther Creek HS (Cary, NC) (0,3)

Parkland HS (Winston-Salem, NC) (0,1)

Parkton HS (North Red Springs, NC) (0,1)

Parkwood HS (Monroe, NC) (0,1)

Paw Creek HS (Charlotte, NC) (1,6)

Pembroke HS (Pembroke, NC) (2,2)

Pender HS (Currie, NC) (0,1)

Perquimans HS (Perquimans, NC) (1,2)

Person HS (Roxboro, NC) (0,1)

Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology (Charlotte, NC) (0,1)

Piedmont HS (Monroe, NC) (1,5)

Pine Forest HS (Fayetteville, NC) (0,3)

Pinecrest HS (Southern Pines, NC) (3,9)

Pisgah HS (Camton, NC) (0,3)

Pleasant Garden HS (Pleasant Garden, NC) (0,1)

Plymouth HS (Plymouth, NC) (0,1)

Polk Central HS (Tryon, NC) (0,1)

Polk County HS (Columbus, NC) (0,2)

Porter Ridge HS (Indian Trail, NC) (0,3)

Princeton HS (Princeton, NC) (0,4)

Pro5 Baseball Academy (Apex, NC) (0,13)

Providence Day School (Charlotte, NC) (0,1)

Providence Grove HS (Climax, NC) (0,1)

Providence HS (Charlotte, NC) (3,20)

Purnell Swett HS (Pembroke, NC) (0,1)

Ragsdale HS (Jamestown, NC) (0,3)

Ramseur HS (Ramseur, NC) (0,1)

Randleman HS (Randleman, NC) (1,8)

Rankin HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,2)

Red Springs HS (Red Springs, NC) (0,4)

Reid HS (Belmont, NC) (0,1)

Reidsville HS (Reidsville, NC) (1,1)

Richard J. Reynolds HS (Winston-Salem, NC) (1,4)

Richfield HS (Rockwell, NC) (0,1)

Richlands HS (Richlands, NC) (0,1)

Richmond County HS (Rockingham, NC) (1,8)

Richmond HS (Hamlet, NC) (0,3)

Riverside HS (Durham, NC) (0,4)

Roanoke HS (Robersonville, NC) (0,1)

Roanoke Rapids HS (Roanoke Rapids, NC) (1,2)

Robersonville HS (Robersonville, NC) (0,1)

Robert B. Glenn HS (Kernersville, NC) (0,11)

Robert L. Patton HS (Morganton, NC) (0,1)

Rock Springs HS (Denver, NC) (1,2)

Rockingham County HS (Reidsville, NC) (1,3)

Rockwell HS (Rockwell, NC) (0,1)

Rocky Mount Academy (Rocky Mount, NC) (0,1)

Rocky Mount HS (Rocky Mount, NC) (1,10)

Rolesville HS (Rolesville, NC) (0,5)

Ronald Wilson Reagan HS (Pfafftown, NC) (0,4)

Rose HS (Greenville, NC) (2,16)

Roxboro HS (Roxboro, NC) (1,3)

Rutherfordton-Spindale Central HS (Rutherfordton, NC) (0,5)

Salem HS (Morganton, NC) (0,1)

Salisbury HS (Salisbury, NC) (0,5)

Sanderson HS (Raleigh, NC) (0,3)

Scotland HS (Laurinburg, NC) (2,5)

Scotland Neck HS (Scotland Neck, NC) (0,1)

Shady Grove HS (Advance, NC) (0,1)

Shelby HS (Shelby, NC) (3,8)

Smithfield-Selma HS (Smithfield, NC) (2,3)

Smoky Mountain HS (Sylva, NC) (1,4)

South Brunswick HS (Southport, NC) (1,6)

South Caldwell HS (Hudson, NC) (1,5)

South Central HS (Winterville, NC) (0,1)

South French Broad HS (Asheville, NC) (0,2)

South Granville HS (Creedmoor, NC) (2,6)

South Greene HS (Snow Hill, NC) (0,1)

South HS (Richmond, NC) (1,1)

South Iredell HS (Statesville, NC) (0,1)

South Irondale HS (Statesville, NC) (0,1)

South Johnson HS (Four Oaks, NC) (1,2)

South Johnston HS (Four Oaks, NC) (0,1)

South Lenoir HS (Deep Run, NC) (0,1)

South Mecklenburg HS (Charlotte, NC) (2,13)

South Point HS (Belmont, NC) (2,9)

South Rowan HS (China Grove, NC) (1,4)

South Stanly HS (Norwood, NC) (0,3)

South Stokes HS (Walnut Cove, NC) (0,1)

South View HS (Hope Mills, NC) (0,2)

Southeast Guilford HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,7)

Southern Alamance HS (Graham, NC) (1,13)

Southern Durham HS (Durham, NC) (0,4)

Southern Guilford HS (Greensboro, NC) (0,1)

Southern Lee HS (Sanford, NC) (0,1)

Southern Wayne HS (Dudley, NC) (1,4)

Southwest Guilford HS (High Point, NC) (0,4)

Sparta HS (Sparta, NC) (0,1)

Spencer HS (Spencer, NC) (0,1)

Spring Hope HS (Spring Hope, NC) (0,1)

St. Augustine HS (Durham, NC) (1,1)

St. David's HS (Raleigh, NC) (0,1)

St. Paul's HS (St. Paul's, NC) (0,4)

St. Stephens HS (Hickory, NC) (0,7)

Stanfield HS (Stanfield, NC) (0,1)

Stanley HS (Stanley, NC) (1,1)

Starmount HS (Boonville, NC) (0,4)

Statesville HS (Statesville, NC) (1,4)

Stephens-Lee HS (Asheville, NC) (0,1)

Stony Point HS (Stony Point, NC) (1,2)

Stuart W. Cramer HS (Cramerton, NC) (0,2)

Summerfield HS (Summerfield, NC) (0,1)

Sun Valley HS (Monroe, NC) (0,5)

Swannanoa HS (Swannanoa, NC) (0,1)

Sylvan HS (Snow Camp, NC) (0,1)

T. C. Roberson HS (Asheville, NC) (3,16)

Tar Heel HS (Tar Heel, NC) (0,1)

Tarboro HS (Tarboro, NC) (0,3)

Technical HS (Charlotte, NC) (1,2)

Terry Sanford HS (Fayetteville, NC) (0,3)

The Burlington School (Burlington, NC) (0,2)

Thomasboro HS (Charlotte, NC) (0,1)

Thomasville HS (Thomasville, NC) (1,3)

Topsail HS (Hampstead, NC) (0,3)

Tri HS (Corleen, NC) (1,2)

Tri-City HS (Eden, NC) (0,1)

Trinity HS (Trinity, NC) (0,1)

Triton HS (Erwin, NC) (0,4)

Tryon HS (Tryon, NC) (0,1)

Tuscola HS (Waynesville, NC) (0,4)

Union Pines HS (Cameron, NC) (0,1)

Uwharrie Charter Academy (Asheboro, NC) (0,1)

Wake County Home School (Raleigh, NC) (0,1)

Wake Forest HS (Wake Forest, NC) (1,7)

Wakefield HS (Raleigh, NC) (1,5)

Walkertown HS (Walkertown, NC) (0,1)

Watauga HS (Boone, NC) (1,5)

Weaverville Prep (Weaverville, NC) (1,1)

Webb HS (Oxford, NC) (0,1)

Weddington HS (Matthews, NC) (0,2)

Wendell HS (Wendell, NC) (0,1)

Wesleyan Christian Academy (High Point, NC) (3,7)

West Brunswick HS (Shallotte, NC) (0,1)

West Caldwell HS (Lenoir, NC) (0,1)

West Carteret HS (Morehead City, NC) (1,2)

West Charlotte HS (Charlotte, NC) (0,1)

West Columbus HS (Cerro Gordo, NC) (1,7)

West Craven HS (Vanceboro, NC) (1,1)

West Davidson HS (Lexington, NC) (1,1)

West Forsyth HS (Clemmons, NC) (0,4)

West Henderson HS (West Henderson, NC) (0,6)

West Johnston HS (Benson, NC) (0,1)

West Mecklenburg HS (Charlotte, NC) (2,10)

West Montgomery HS (Mount Gilead, NC) (0,2)

West Rowan HS (Mount Ulla, NC) (0,1)

West Stanley HS (Oakboro, NC) (0,4)

West Stokes HS (King, NC) (0,1)

West Street HS (New Bern, NC) (1,1)

West Wilkes HS (Millers Creek, NC) (0,2)

Westchester Country Day School (High Point, NC) (0,1)

Western Alamance HS (Elon, NC) (0,7)

Westover HS (Fayetteville, NC) (0,2)

Wheat Swamp HS (Kinston, NC) (0,1)

White Oak HS (Jacksonville, NC) (1,5)

Whiteville HS (Whiteville, NC) (4,17)

Whitsett Institute (Whitsett, NC) (0,1)

Wilkes Central HS (Wilkesboro, NC) (0,2)

Williams HS (Burlington, NC) (0,2)

Williamston HS (Williamston, NC) (3,5)

Williston HS (Wilmington, NC) (1,1)

Wilson HS (Wilson, NC) (0,1)

Winecoff HS (Concord, NC) (1,2)

Winterville HS (Winterville, NC) (1,2)

Woodfin HS (Asheville, NC) (0,1)

Yanceyville HS (Yanceyville, NC) (0,1)

Zeb Vance HS (Vance County, NC) (0,2)

North Dakota

Central HS (Fargo, ND) (0,1)

Central HS (Grand Forks, ND) (0,1)

Century HS (Bismarck, ND) (0,5)

Des Lacs-Burlington HS (Des Lacs, ND) (1,1)

Dickinson HS (Dickinson, ND) (0,1)

Drayton HS (Drayton, ND) (0,1)

Enderlin HS (Enderlin, ND) (0,1)

Fargo HS (Fargo, ND) (0,1)

Fullerton HS (Fullerton, ND) (0,1)

Hickson HS (Hickson, ND) (0,1)

Jamestown HS (Jamestown, ND) (1,2)

Linton HS (Linton, ND) (0,1)

Minot HS (Minot, ND) (0,4)

North HS (Fargo, ND) (0,2)

Oakes HS (Oakes, ND) (0,1)

Red River HS (Grand Forks, ND) (0,1)

Rugby HS (Rugby, ND) (0,1)

Shanley HS (Fargo, ND) (2,2)

Sherwood HS (Sherwood, ND) (0,1)

South HS (Fargo, ND) (1,4)

St. James HS (Grand Forks, ND) (1,1)

St. Mary's Central HS (Bismarck, ND) (1,2)

Streeter HS (Streeter, ND) (0,1)

Sykes HS (Sykeston, ND) (1,1)

West Fargo HS (West Fargo, ND) (1,2)

Williston HS (Williston, ND) (0,2)

Woodrow Wilson HS (Fargo, ND) (0,1)


Academy P.E HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,2)

Ada HS (Ada, OH) (0,1)

Adena HS (Frankfort, OH) (0,1)

Admiral King HS (Lorain, OH) (0,4)

Aiken HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,6)

Akron East HS (Akron, OH) (2,4)

Akron HS (Akron, OH) (1,1)

Alexander HS (Albany, OH) (0,3)

Allen Carver HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,1)

Alliance HS (Alliance, OH) (1,5)

Amelia HS (Batavia, OH) (2,4)

Anderson HS (Cincinnati, OH) (2,7)

Anthony Wayne HS (Whitehouse, OH) (0,3)

Apple Creek HS (Apple Creek, OH) (0,1)

Aquinas College (Columbus, OH) (1,1)

Arcadia HS (Arcadia, OH) (1,1)

Arcanum HS (Arcanum, OH) (0,1)

Archbishop Alter HS (Dayton, OH) (0,1)

Archbishop Hoban HS (Akron, OH) (0,7)

Archbishop Moeller HS (Cincinnati, OH) (15,39)

Archbold HS (Archbold, OH) (0,2)

Ashland HS (Ashland, OH) (1,4)

Ashtabula HS (Ashtabula, OH) (0,4)

Athens HS (Chauncey, OH) (0,1)

Aurora HS (Aurora, OH) (0,3)

Austintown Fitch HS (Austintown, OH) (0,3)

Avon HS (Avon, OH) (0,1)

Avon Lake HS (Avon Lake, OH) (2,8)

Ayersville HS (Defiance, OH) (1,2)

Badin HS (Hamilton, OH) (1,7)

Barberton HS (Barberton, OH) (2,6)

Barnesville HS (Barnesville, OH) (0,1)

Batavia HS (Batavia, OH) (0,2)

Bath HS (Lima, OH) (0,1)

Bay HS (Bay Village, OH) (0,3)

Beachwood HS (Beachwood, OH) (1,1)

Beallsville HS (Beallsville, OH) (1,2)

Beaver Local HS (East Liverpool, OH) (0,1)

Beavercreek HS (Beavercreek, OH) (2,8)

Bedford HS (Bedford, OH) (2,5)

Bellaire HS (Bellaire, OH) (0,5)

Bellbrook HS (Bellbrook, OH) (0,1)

Bellefontaine HS (Bellefontaine, OH) (0,4)

Bellevue HS (Bellevue, OH) (1,2)

Belmont HS (Dayton, OH) (0,1)

Benedictine HS (Cleveland, OH) (1,4)

Berea HS (Berea, OH) (0,1)

Bexley HS (Bexley, OH) (1,3)

Big Walnut HS (Sunbury, OH) (0,1)

Bishop Hartley HS (Columbus, OH) (0,2)

Bishop Ready HS (Columbus, OH) (0,1)

Bishop Rosecrans HS (Zanesville, OH) (0,2)

Bishop Watterson HS (Columbus, OH) (1,6)

Blanchester HS (Blanchester, OH) (0,1)

Bloom-Carroll HS (Carroll, OH) (0,3)

Blume HS (Wapakoneta, OH) (0,1)

Boardman HS (Boardman, OH) (2,7)

Bowling Green HS (Bowling Green, OH) (1,4)

Bowsher HS (Holland, OH) (0,4)

Braceville HS (Braceville, OH) (0,2)

Brecksville-Broadview Heights HS (Broadview Heights, OH) (0,2)

Bridgeport HS (Bridgeport, OH) (4,6)

Briggs HS (Columbus, OH) (1,1)

Brookfield HS (Masury, OH) (0,1)

Brookhaven HS (Columbus, OH) (1,2)

Brooklyn Heights HS (Cleveland, OH) (1,1)

Brooklyn HS (Brooklyn, OH) (1,1)

Brookside HS (Sheffield Lake, OH) (0,1)

Brookville HS (Brookville, OH) (0,1)

Bryan HS (Bryan, OH) (2,6)

Buckeye Central HS (New Washington, OH) (0,1)

Buckeye HS (Medina, OH) (0,1)

Buckeye Local HS (Rayland, OH) (0,1)

Buckeye North HS (Brilliant, OH) (0,1)

Buckeye South HS (Tiltonsville, OH) (0,1)

Bucyrus HS (Bucyrus, OH) (0,1)

Butler HS (Vandalia, OH) (1,5)

Cadiz HS (Cadiz, OH) (0,2)

Calvert HS (Tiffin, OH) (0,2)

Cambridge HS (Cambridge, OH) (0,3)

Camden HS (Camden, OH) (1,2)

Canal Fulton HS (Canal Fulton, OH) (0,1)

Canal Winchester HS (Canal Winchester, OH) (0,2)

Canfield HS (Canfield, OH) (0,3)

Canton South HS (Canton, OH) (1,4)

Canton Township HS (Canton, OH) (0,1)

Cape HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,1)

Cardinal HS (Middlefield, OH) (0,4)

Cardinal Mooney HS (Youngstown, OH) (1,4)

Cardington-Lincoln HS (Cardington, OH) (0,1)

Carey HS (Carey, OH) (0,1)

Carroll HS (Dayton, OH) (0,1)

Catawba HS (South Vienna, OH) (1,3)

Cathedral Latin School (Cleveland, OH) (1,3)

Catholic Central HS (Steubenville, OH) (1,4)

Catholic HS (Hamilton, OH) (1,1)

Celina HS (Celina, OH) (0,3)

Centerville HS (Centerville, OH) (1,9)

Central Catholic HS (Canton, OH) (0,2)

Central Catholic HS (Cleveland, OH) (1,3)

Central Catholic HS (Springfield, OH) (0,1)

Central Catholic HS (Toledo, OH) (0,6)

Central HS (Canton, OH) (0,1)

Central HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,1)

Central HS (Columbus, OH) (2,8)

Central-Hower HS (Akron, OH) (0,3)

Centreville HS (Dayton, OH) (0,1)

Chagrin Falls HS (Chagrin Falls, OH) (0,1)

Chalker HS (Southington, OH) (0,1)

Chamberlin HS (Twinsburg, OH) (0,1)

Chaminade-Julienne HS (Dayton, OH) (0,2)

Champion HS (Warren, OH) (1,2)

Chaney HS (Youngstown, OH) (0,6)

Chardon HS (Chardon, OH) (0,1)

Charles F. Brush HS (Lyndhurst, OH) (2,3)

Chesapeake HS (Chesapeake, OH) (0,1)

Chillicothe HS (Chillicothe, OH) (1,3)

Christiansburg Jackson HS (St. Paris, OH) (0,1)

Cincinnati Country Day (Cincinnati, OH) (0,3)

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (Cincinnati, OH) (0,5)

Circleville HS (Circleville, OH) (0,2)

Clay HS (Oregon, OH) (3,8)

Clear Fork HS (Bellville, OH) (0,2)

Clearview HS (Lorain, OH) (0,1)

Clermont Northeast HS (Batavia, OH) (1,1)

Cleveland Central HS (Cleveland, OH) (1,2)

Cleveland Heights HS (Cleveland Heights, OH) (1,2)

Clinton-Massie HS (Clarksville, OH) (0,1)

Cloverleaf HS (Lodi, OH) (0,1)

Coldwater HS (Coldwater, OH) (0,4)

Colerain HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,8)

Collinwood HS (Cleveland, OH) (1,6)

Columbus Academy (Gahanna, OH) (0,2)

Columbus Grove HS (Columbus Grove, OH) (0,1)

Columbus HS (Perrysburg, OH) (0,1)

Conneaut HS (Conneaut, OH) (1,1)

Conotton Valley HS (Bowerston, OH) (0,1)

Copley HS (Copley, OH) (1,4)

Coshocton HS (Coshocton, OH) (1,2)

Courter Tech HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,4)

Crestline HS (Crestline, OH) (1,1)

Crestview HS (Convoy, OH) (0,1)

Crestwood HS (Mantua, OH) (0,1)

Cridersville HS (Cridersville, OH) (0,1)

Cuyahoga Falls HS (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) (1,3)

Cuyahoga Heights HS (Cuyahoga Heights, OH) (0,1)

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) (0,1)

Cygnet HS (Cygnet, OH) (0,1)

Dalton HS (Dalton, OH) (0,1)

Danbury HS (Lakeside, OH) (0,1)

Danville HS (Danville, OH) (0,1)

Darby HS (Marysville, OH) (0,1)

Darrtown HS (Darrtown, OH) (1,1)

David Anderson HS (Lisbon, OH) (0,1)

Deer Park HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,2)

Defiance HS (Defiance, OH) (3,8)

Deshler HS (Deshler, OH) (2,5)

DeVilbiss HS (Toledo, OH) (3,5)

Dixie HS (New Lebanon, OH) (0,1)

Dover HS (Dover, OH) (1,3)

Doylestown HS (Doylestown, OH) (1,1)

Dublin Coffman HS (Dublin, OH) (3,11)

Dublin Jerome HS (Dublin, OH) (0,3)

Dublin Scioto HS (Dublin, OH) (1,2)

Dunbar HS (Dayton, OH) (2,2)

East Canton HS (East Canton, OH) (0,2)

East HS (Cleveland, OH) (0,1)

East HS (Columbus, OH) (0,2)

East HS (Portsmouth, OH) (0,1)

East HS (Xenia, OH) (0,1)

East HS (Youngstown, OH) (2,4)

East Liverpool HS (East Liverpool, OH) (1,2)

East Palestine HS (East Palestine, OH) (0,1)

East Tech HS (Cleveland, OH) (3,7)

Eastlake North HS (Eastlake, OH) (0,2)

Eastmoor Academy (Columbus, OH) (0,1)

Eastwood HS (Pemberville, OH) (0,2)

Eaton HS (Eaton, OH) (0,2)

Edgerton HS (Edgerton, OH) (1,1)

Edison HS (Milan, OH) (0,1)

Edon HS (Edon, OH) (0,1)

Elder HS (Cincinnati, OH) (8,25)

Elgin HS (Marion, OH) (1,2)

Elida HS (Elida, OH) (0,2)

Ellet HS (Akron, OH) (0,2)

Elmwood HS (Wayne, OH) (0,1)

Elyria Catholic HS (Elyria, OH) (0,1)

Elyria HS (Elyria, OH) (0,5)

Enon HS (Enon, OH) (0,1)

Euclid HS (Euclid, OH) (2,10)

Euclid Shore HS (Cleveland, OH) (1,1)

Fairbanks HS (Milford Center, OH) (0,1)

Fairborn HS (Fairborn, OH) (0,1)

Fairfield HS (Fairfield, OH) (1,10)

Fairfield Union HS (Lancaster, OH) (0,2)

Fairland HS (Proctorville, OH) (0,1)

Fairless HS (Navarre, OH) (0,1)

Fairmont East HS (Kettering, OH) (1,2)

Fairmont HS (Kettering, OH) (0,1)

Fairmont West HS (Kettering, OH) (0,2)

Fairview HS (Dayton, OH) (4,4)

Fairview HS (Fairview Park, OH) (0,1)

Federal Hocking HS (Coolville, OH) (0,1)

Findlay HS (Findlay, OH) (2,6)

Forest HS (Forest, OH) (0,1)

Fort Jennings HS (Fort Jennings, OH) (0,1)

Fort Loramie HS (Fort Loramie, OH) (1,2)

Fort Recovery HS (Fort Recovery, OH) (0,3)

Fostoria HS (Fostoria, OH) (1,3)

Franklin Heights HS (Columbus, OH) (0,5)

Franklin HS (Columbus, OH) (0,1)

Franklin-Monroe HS (Arcanum, OH) (0,1)

Fredericktown HS (Fredericktown, OH) (0,1)

Fremont Ross HS (Fremont, OH) (1,3)

Gahanna HS (Gahanna, OH) (0,1)

Galion HS (Galion, OH) (1,3)

Gallia Academy HS (Gallipolis, OH) (1,3)

Garfield Heights HS (Garfield Heights, OH) (0,4)

Garfield HS (Akron, OH) (1,4)

Garfield HS (Garrettsville, OH) (0,1)

Garfield HS (Hamilton, OH) (0,1)

Geneva HS (Geneva, OH) (1,4)

Genoa Area HS (Clay, OH) (1,1)

Gilmour Academy (Gates Mills, OH) (0,1)

Glen Este HS (Batavia, OH) (2,7)

Glen Oak HS (Canton, OH) (0,3)

Glendale HS (Glendale, OH) (1,1)

Glenford HS (Glenford, OH) (0,1)

Glenville HS (Cleveland, OH) (0,4)

Gnadenhutten HS (Gnadenhutten, OH) (0,2)

Gomer HS (Gomer, OH) (0,1)

Goshen HS (Goshen, OH) (2,3)

Graham HS (St. Paris, OH) (1,2)

Grand Valley HS (Orwell, OH) (0,2)

Grandview Heights HS (Grandview Heights, OH) (0,1)

Granville HS (Granville, OH) (0,1)

Green HS (Uniontown, OH) (1,2)

Greenhills Community HS (Greenhills, OH) (0,2)

Greenon HS (Fairborn, OH) (0,1)

Greenville HS (Greenville, OH) (3,6)

Grove City HS (Grove City, OH) (1,4)

Hamilton HS (Hamilton, OH) (4,20)

Hanover HS (Hamilton, OH) (0,2)

Harbor HS (Ashtabula, OH) (1,1)

Harding HS (Marion, OH) (1,4)

Harrison Central HS (Cadiz, OH) (0,1)

Harrison HS (Ashville, OH) (0,1)

Harrison HS (Harrison, OH) (0,1)

Harvey S. Firestone HS (Akron, OH) (0,1)

Heath HS (Heath, OH) (0,1)

Highland HS (Marengo, OH) (1,2)

Highland HS (Medina, OH) (0,3)

Hilliard Bradley HS (Hilliard, OH) (0,1)

Hilliard Darby HS (Hilliard, OH) (0,1)

Hilliard Davidson HS (Hilliard, OH) (0,5)

Hillsboro HS (Hillsboro, OH) (1,3)

Holy Name HS (Parma Heights, OH) (0,5)

Hoover HS (North Canton, OH) (0,2)

Houston HS (Houston, OH) (0,1)

Howland HS (Warren, OH) (0,3)

Hudson HS (Hudson, OH) (0,2)

Hughes Center HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,1)

Hughes HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,8)

Huntsville HS (Huntsville, OH) (0,2)

Huron HS (Huron, OH) (2,3)

Iberia HS (Iberia, OH) (1,1)

Independence HS (Columbus, OH) (1,1)

Indian Hill HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,1)

Indian Lake HS (Lewistown, OH) (0,1)

Ironton HS (Ironton, OH) (0,4)

Jackson HS (Jackson, OH) (0,4)

Jackson HS (Massillon, OH) (0,7)

Jacksonville-Trimble HS (Trimble, OH) (0,1)

Jefferson Area HS (Jefferson, OH) (0,2)

Jefferson Rural HS (OH) (0,1)

John Adams HS (Cleveland, OH) (3,6)

John F. Kennedy HS (Warren, OH) (0,2)

John Glenn HS (New Concord, OH) (0,2)

John Marshall HS (Cleveland, OH) (0,1)

John R. Buchtel HS (Akron, OH) (2,4)

Johnstown-Monroe HS (Johnstown, OH) (0,2)

Kalida HS (Kalida, OH) (1,3)

Kenston HS (Chagrin Falls, OH) (0,2)

Kenton Ridge HS (Springfield, OH) (4,5)

Keystone HS (Lagrange, OH) (1,4)

Kings HS (Kings Mills, OH) (0,3)

Kiser HS (Dayton, OH) (1,2)

LaBrae HS (Leavittsburg, OH) (0,1)

Lake HS (Millbury, OH) (0,3)

Lake HS (Uniontown, OH) (0,2)

Lakewood HS (Hebron, OH) (0,1)

Lakewood HS (Lakewood, OH) (0,4)

Lakota East HS (Liberty Township, OH) (0,4)

Lakota HS (West Chester, OH) (0,1)

Lakota West HS (West Chester, OH) (1,8)

Lancaster HS (Lancaster, OH) (2,7)

LaSalle HS (Cincinnati, OH) (2,12)

Lash HS (Zanesville, OH) (0,1)

Leavittsburgh HS (Leavittsburgh, OH) (1,1)

Lebanon HS (Lebanon, OH) (0,10)

Lehman HS (Canton, OH) (1,3)

Lemon-Monroe HS (Monroe, OH) (0,2)

Lewisburg HS (Lewisburg, OH) (0,1)

Lexington HS (Lexington, OH) (0,1)

Libbey HS (Toledo, OH) (1,3)

Liberty HS (Youngstown, OH) (0,1)

Liberty Union HS (Baltimore, OH) (0,1)

Licking Heights HS (Pataskala, OH) (1,1)

Licking Valley HS (Newark, OH) (0,1)

Lima Central Catholic High School (Lima, OH) (0,1)

Lima Senior HS (Lima, OH) (1,3)

Lincoln Heights HS (Lincoln Heights, OH) (1,1)

Lincoln HS (Canton, OH) (1,3)

Lincoln HS (Cleveland, OH) (0,4)

Lincoln HS (Gahanna, OH) (2,6)

Lincoln West HS (Cleveland, OH) (1,2)

Little Miami HS (Morrow, OH) (0,2)

Lockland HS (Lockland, OH) (0,1)

Logan Elm HS (Circleville, OH) (0,1)

London HS (London, OH) (0,1)

Lorain HS (Lorain, OH) (3,13)

Lorain St. Mary's Academy (Lorain, OH) (0,1)

Lorin Andrews HS (Massillon, OH) (0,1)

Louisville HS (Louisville, OH) (0,3)

Loveland HS (Loveland, OH) (1,5)

Lyons HS (Lyons, OH) (0,1)

Macomber HS (Toledo, OH) (0,2)

Madeira HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,1)

Madison HS (Madison, OH) (0,1)

Madison HS (Mansfield, OH) (0,2)

Madison South HS (London, OH) (1,1)

Madisonville HS (Madisonville, OH) (1,1)

Magnolia HS (Magnolia, OH) (0,1)

Malabar HS (Mansfield, OH) (0,1)

Manchester HS (New Franklin, OH) (0,1)

Mansfield Christian HS (Mansfield, OH) (1,1)

Mansfield HS (Mansfield, OH) (1,5)

Maple Heights HS (Maple Heights, OH) (1,2)

Maplewood HS (Cortland, OH) (1,1)

Margaretta HS (Castalia, OH) (0,2)

Mariemont HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,1)

Marietta HS (Marietta, OH) (0,4)

Marion HS (Marion, OH) (1,1)

Marion L. Steele HS (Amherst, OH) (1,4)

Marion Local HS (Maria Stein, OH) (1,1)

Marlington HS (Alliance, OH) (0,1)

Massillon HS (Massillon, OH) (2,4)

Maumee HS (Maumee, OH) (0,2)

Mayfield HS (Mayfield, OH) (0,3)

Maysville HS (Zanesville, OH) (0,2)

McArthur HS (McArthur, OH) (1,1)

McClain HS (Greenfield, OH) (1,2)

McGuffey HS (Oxford, OH) (0,1)

McKinley HS (Canton, OH) (2,10)

McKinley HS (Columbus, OH) (0,1)

McKinley HS (Niles, OH) (0,1)

McNicholas HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,7)

Meadowbrook HS (Byesville, OH) (0,1)

Meadowdale HS (Dayton, OH) (1,3)

Medina HS (Medina, OH) (0,6)

Memorial HS (Campbell, OH) (0,1)

Memorial HS (St. Marys, OH) (1,2)

Mendon Union HS (Mendon, OH) (0,2)

Mentor HS (Mentor, OH) (0,5)

Metamora HS (Metamora, OH) (0,1)

Miami East HS (Casstown, OH) (1,2)

Miamisburg HS (Miamisburg, OH) (0,1)

Middleport HS (Middleport, OH) (0,1)

Middletown HS (Middletown, OH) (2,3)

Midpark HS (Middleburg Heights, OH) (1,7)

Midvale HS (Midvale, OH) (1,1)

Midview HS (Grafton, OH) (2,3)

Mifflin HS (Columbus, OH) (0,1)

Milford HS (Milford, OH) (2,6)

Minerva HS (Minerva, OH) (1,1)

Minford HS (Minford, OH) (0,2)

Mingo HS (Mingo Junction, OH) (0,1)

Minster HS (Minster, OH) (0,2)

Mohawk HS (Sycamore, OH) (0,3)

Montpelier HS (Montpelier, OH) (0,1)

Morgan HS (McConnelsville, OH) (0,1)

Morrow Ohio HS (Morrow, OH) (0,2)

Mount Healthy HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,3)

Mount Vernon HS (Mount Vernon, OH) (0,1)

Napoleon HS (Napoleon, OH) (1,3)

National Trail HS (New Paris, OH) (1,1)

Nevada HS (Nevada, OH) (0,1)

New Albany HS (New Albany, OH) (0,2)

New Bremen HS (New Bremen, OH) (0,1)

New Carlisle HS (New Carlisle, OH) (0,1)

New Lexington HS (New Lexington, OH) (0,1)

New London HS (New London, OH) (0,1)

New Miami HS (Hamilton, OH) (0,1)

New Philadelphia HS (New Philadelphia, OH) (0,3)

New Richmond HS (New Richmond, OH) (1,2)

New Riegel HS (New Riegel, OH) (0,1)

New Washington HS (New Washington, OH) (0,1)

New Waterford HS (New Waterford, OH) (1,1)

Newark Catholic HS (Newark, OH) (0,3)

Newark HS (Newark, OH) (1,7)

Newcomerstown HS (Newcomerstown, OH) (0,1)

Newton Falls HS (Newton Falls, OH) (1,3)

Newton HS (Pleasant Hill, OH) (0,1)

Ney HS (Ney, OH) (1,1)

Nordonia HS (Macedonia, OH) (0,1)

Normandy HS (Parma, OH) (0,1)

North Baltimore HS (North Baltimore, OH) (0,5)

North Canton HS (North Canton, OH) (1,1)

North College Hill HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,1)

North HS (Akron, OH) (1,1)

North HS (Columbus, OH) (2,3)

North HS (Willowick, OH) (0,1)

North Olmsted HS (North Olmsted, OH) (2,4)

North Royalton HS (North Royalton, OH) (0,4)

Northfield HS (Northfield, OH) (0,1)

Northland HS (Columbus, OH) (0,2)

Northmont HS (Englewood, OH) (0,4)

Northridge HS (Dayton, OH) (1,2)

Northridge HS (Johnstown, OH) (0,1)

Northwest HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,3)

Northwestern HS (Springfield, OH) (0,3)

Northwestern HS (Wayne, OH) (1,1)

Northwestern HS (West Salem, OH) (0,1)

Norwayne HS (Creston, OH) (0,1)

Norwood HS (Norwood, OH) (1,4)

Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School (Chardon, OH) (0,2)

Oak Hills HS (Cincinnati, OH) (3,12)

Oakwood HS (Dayton, OH) (0,4)

Oberlin College Prep (Oberlin, OH) (2,2)

Oberlin HS (Oberlin, OH) (0,2)

Ohio School for the Deaf (Columbus, OH) (1,1)

Old Fort HS (Old Fort, OH) (0,1)

Olentangy Berlin HS (Delaware, OH) (0,2)

Olentangy HS (Lewis Center, OH) (0,7)

Olentangy Liberty HS (Powell, OH) (0,7)

Olentangy Orange HS (Lewis Center, OH) (0,2)

Ontario HS (Ontario, OH) (1,1)

Orange HS (Pepper Pike, OH) (1,2)

Oregon HS (Oregon, OH) (1,1)

Orrville HS (Orrville, OH) (1,3)

Otsego HS (Bowling Green, OH) (0,1)

Ottawa Hills HS (Ottawa Hills, OH) (0,2)

Ottawa-Glandorf HS (Ottawa, OH) (1,3)

Otway HS (Otway, OH) (0,1)

Padua HS (Middleburgh Heights, OH) (0,1)

Painesville HS (Painesville, OH) (1,1)

Pandora-Gilboa HS (Pandora, OH) (0,2)

Parker Co-op HS (Dayton, OH) (0,1)

Parma HS (Parma, OH) (1,2)

Patrick Henry HS (Hamler, OH) (1,2)

Patterson Co-op HS (Dayton, OH) (0,1)

Paulding HS (Paulding, OH) (0,2)

Perkins HS (Sandusky, OH) (1,6)

Perry HS (Perry, OH) (0,3)

Perrysburg HS (Perrysburg, OH) (1,6)

Phillipsburg HS (Phillipsburg, OH) (0,1)

Philo HS (Duncan Falls, OH) (0,1)

Pickerington Central HS (Pickerington, OH) (0,2)

Pickerington North HS (Pickerington, OH) (0,3)

Piketon HS (Piketon, OH) (0,1)

Piqua Central HS (Piqua, OH) (0,2)

Pleasant View HS (Grove City, OH) (1,1)

Plymouth-Canton HS (Canton, OH) (0,1)

Poland Seminary HS (Poland, OH) (0,2)

Pomeroy HS (Pomeroy, OH) (1,1)

Port Clinton HS (Port Clinton, OH) (0,4)

Portsmouth HS (Portsmouth, OH) (4,6)

Portsmouth West HS (West Portsmouth, OH) (0,1)

Prep HS (Marietta, OH) (1,1)

Princeton HS (Cincinnati, OH) (2,10)

Prospect HS (Prospect, OH) (1,1)

Purcell Marian HS (Cincinnati, OH) (5,13)

Pymatuning Valley HS (Andover, OH) (0,1)

Racine HS (Portland, OH) (0,1)

Radnor HS (Radnor, OH) (0,1)

Rayen HS (Youngstown, OH) (1,2)

Reading HS (Reading, OH) (3,6)

Revere HS (Richfield, OH) (0,1)

Reynoldsburg HS (Reynoldsburg, OH) (2,7)

Richmond Heights HS (Richmond Heights, OH) (0,1)

Rittman HS (Rittman, OH) (0,1)

River HS (Hannibal, OH) (0,1)

Riverside HS (Painesville, OH) (0,2)

Rock Hill HS (Kittshill, OH) (0,1)

Rocky River HS (Rocky River, OH) (0,3)

Roger Bacon HS (St. Bernard, OH) (2,8)

Roosevelt HS (Dayton, OH) (1,4)

Rootstown HS (Rootstown, OH) (0,4)

Ross HS (Hamilton, OH) (0,1)

Rossford HS (Rossford, OH) (0,1)

Roth HS (Dayton, OH) (0,2)

Rowe HS (Conneaut, OH) (0,2)

Russia HS (Russia, OH) (0,1)

Rutherford B. Hayes HS (Delaware, OH) (0,1)

Sabina HS (Sabina, OH) (0,1)

Salem HS (Salem, OH) (0,3)

Sandusky HS (Sandusky, OH) (0,3)

Sandy Valley HS (Magnolia, OH) (1,1)

Scioto Valley HS (Scioto Valley, OH) (1,1)

Scott HS (Toledo, OH) (2,8)

Seaman HS (Seaman, OH) (0,1)

Sebring HS (Sebring, OH) (0,2)

Shaker Heights HS (Shaker Heights, OH) (1,7)

Shaw HS (East Cleveland, OH) (1,7)

Shawnee HS (Lima, OH) (3,6)

Shelby HS (Shelby, OH) (0,3)

Sheridan HS (Thornville, OH) (1,2)

Sidney HS (Sidney, OH) (0,2)

Solon HS (Solon, OH) (0,7)

South Central HS (Greenwich, OH) (0,1)

South HS (Akron, OH) (1,2)

South HS (Cleveland, OH) (0,1)

South HS (Columbus, OH) (1,4)

South HS (Lima, OH) (0,1)

South HS (Youngstown, OH) (0,4)

South Point HS (South Point, OH) (0,1)

South Range HS (North Lima, OH) (0,1)

South Webster HS (South Webster, OH) (0,1)

South Zanesville HS (Zanesville, OH) (0,1)

Southeastern HS (Chillicothe, OH) (0,1)

Southview HS (Lorain, OH) (0,4)

Springboro HS (Springboro, OH) (2,10)

Springfield HS (Akron, OH) (0,1)

Springfield HS (Holland, OH) (0,1)

Springfield HS (New Middletown, OH) (0,1)

Springfield HS (Springfield, OH) (2,7)

Springfield North HS (Springfield, OH) (2,5)

Springfield South HS (Springfield, OH) (0,1)

St. Charles Preparatory School (Columbus, OH) (0,1)

St. Clairsville HS (St. Clairsville, OH) (0,1)

St. Edward HS (Lakewood, OH) (0,12)

St. Francis de Sales HS (Toledo, OH) (1,6)

St. Francis DeSales HS (Columbus, OH) (0,3)

St. Henry HS (St. Henry, OH) (1,3)

St. Ignatius HS (Cleveland, OH) (7,17)

St. John's Catholic HS (Canton, OH) (1,1)

St. John's HS (Ashtabula, OH) (0,1)

St. John's HS (Delphos, OH) (0,1)

St. John's HS (Geneva, OH) (0,1)

St. John's Jesuit HS (Toledo, OH) (2,6)

St. Joseph's HS (Fremont, OH) (0,1)

St. Joseph's HS (Wickliffe, OH) (0,1)

St. Mary's HS (Akron, OH) (0,1)

St. Marys Memorial HS (St. Marys, OH) (0,2)

St. Nicholas HS (Zanesville, OH) (0,1)

St. Peter's HS (Mansfield, OH) (0,1)

St. Thomas Aquinas HS (Louisville, OH) (1,1)

St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (Akron, OH) (0,4)

St. Xavier HS (Cincinnati, OH) (4,17)

Start HS (Toledo, OH) (0,6)

Stebbins HS (Dayton, OH) (1,3)

Steele HS (Dayton, OH) (0,1)

Steubenville HS (Steubenville, OH) (2,11)

Stivers HS (Dayton, OH) (1,2)

Stow HS (Stow, OH) (0,3)

Stow-Munroe Falls HS (Stow, OH) (0,2)

Strongsville HS (Strongsville, OH) (0,8)

Struthers HS (Struthers, OH) (1,2)

Sulphur Springs HS (Sulphur Springs, OH) (1,1)

Swanton HS (Swanton, OH) (0,1)

Sycamore HS (Cincinnati, OH) (2,8)

Sycamore HS (Sycamore, OH) (0,1)

Sylvania HS (Sylvania, OH) (0,1)

Sylvania Northview HS (Sylvania, OH) (0,6)

Symmes Valley HS (Willow Wood, OH) (0,1)

T. W. Harvey HS (Painesville, OH) (0,1)

Taft HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,4)

Taft HS (Hamilton, OH) (0,5)

Talawanda HS (Oxford, OH) (0,3)

Tallmadge HS (Tallmadge, OH) (0,7)

Taylor HS (North Bend, OH) (1,2)

Tecumseh HS (New Carlisle, OH) (2,4)

Theodore Roosevelt HS (Kent, OH) (0,2)

Thomas Worthington HS (Worthington, OH) (0,2)

Timken HS (Canton, OH) (0,2)

Tinora HS (Defiance, OH) (0,1)

Tippecanoe HS (Tipp City, OH) (0,3)

Toledo HS (Toledo, OH) (1,1)

Toronto HS (Toronto, OH) (0,3)

Trinity HS (Garfield Heights, OH) (0,2)

Trotwood-Madison HS (Trotwood, OH) (0,2)

Troy HS (Troy, OH) (1,4)

Troy-Luckey HS (Luckey, OH) (0,1)

Turpin HS (Cincinnati, OH) (1,1)

Tuslaw HS (Massillon, OH) (0,1)

Twinsburg HS (Twinsburg, OH) (1,2)

Uhrichsville HS (Uhrichsville, OH) (1,1)

Union HS (Mansfield, OH) (0,1)

United HS (Hanoverton, OH) (0,1)

University Heights HS (Cleveland, OH) (0,1)

University School (Chagrin Falls, OH) (0,5)

Upper Arlington HS (Upper Arlington, OH) (0,2)

Ursuline HS (Youngstown, OH) (2,5)

Valley Forge HS (Parma Heights, OH) (0,1)

Valley HS (Lucasville, OH) (1,2)

Valley View HS (Germantown, OH) (1,2)

Van Wert HS (Van Wert, OH) (0,1)

Vermilion HS (Vermilion, OH) (1,3)

Versailles HS (Versailles, OH) (1,3)

Villa Angela-St. Joseph HS (Cleveland, OH) (0,1)

Wadsworth HS (Wadsworth, OH) (2,5)

Waite HS (Toledo, OH) (1,3)

Walbridge HS (Walbridge, OH) (0,1)

Walnut Hills HS (Cincinnati, OH) (0,1)

Walsh Jesuit HS (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) (2,15)

Wapakoneta HS (Wapakoneta, OH) (0,4)

Warren Consolidated HS (Tiltonsville, OH) (1,1)

Warren G. Harding HS (Warren, OH) (2,7)

Warren HS (Warren, OH) (1,1)

Warren Local HS (Belpre, OH) (0,1)

Warren Reserve HS (Warren, OH) (0,1)

Warrensville HS (Twinsburg, OH) (0,1)

Warrenton HS (Warrenton, OH) (1,1)

Washington HS (Massillon, OH) (0,1)

Washington HS (Washington Court House, OH) (3,5)

Watkins Memorial HS (Pataskala, OH) (2,5)

Wauseon HS (Wauseon, OH) (0,2)

Waverly HS (Waverly, OH) (0,2)

Wayne HS (Wayne, OH) (0,1)

Waynesburg HS (Waynesburg, OH) (0,1)

Waynesfield-Goshen HS (Waynesfield, OH) (0,1)

Waynesville HS (Waynesville, OH) (0,3)

Wellington HS (Wellington, OH) (0,1)

Wellston HS (Wellston, OH) (1,2)

West Branch HS (Beloit, OH) (0,1)

West Clermont HS (Batavia, OH) (0,2)

West Geauga HS (Chesterland, OH) (0,3)

West HS (Akron, OH) (1,2)

West HS (Cleveland, OH) (1,2)

West HS (Columbus, OH) (2,7)

West HS (Elyria, OH) (0,1)

West Jefferson HS (West Jefferson, OH) (1,1)

West Muskingum HS (Zanesville, OH) (0,2)

West Technical HS (Cleveland, OH) (3,4)

West Union HS (West Union, OH) (1,1)

Western Hills HS (Cincinnati, OH) (11,21)

Western Reserve Academy (Hudson, OH) (0,3)

Western Reserve HS (Collins, OH) (1,1)

Westerville Central HS (Westerville, OH) (0,3)

Westerville North HS (Westerville, OH) (0,4)

Wheelersburg HS (Wheelersburg, OH) (2,4)

Whetstone HS (Columbus, OH) (0,1)

Whitehall Yearling HS (Whitehall, OH) (1,1)

Whitehouse HS (Whitehouse, OH) (0,1)

Whiteoak HS (Mowrystown, OH) (1,1)

Whitmer HS (Toledo, OH) (2,4)

Wickliffe HS (Wickliffe, OH) (0,2)

Wilbur Wright HS (Dayton, OH) (0,1)

Willard HS (Willard, OH) (0,2)

William Mason HS (Mason, OH) (1,13)

William V. Fisher Catholic HS (Lancaster, OH) (0,1)

Williamsport HS (Williamsport, OH) (0,1)

Willoughby South HS (Willoughby, OH) (0,2)

Willoughby Union HS (Willoughby, OH) (0,1)

Windham HS (Windham, OH) (0,1)

Wintersville HS (Wintersville, OH) (0,1)

Withrow HS (Cincinnati, OH) (6,11)

Woodmore HS (Elmore, OH) (1,2)

Woodward HS (Cincinnati, OH) (3,9)

Woodward HS (Toledo, OH) (4,5)

Wooster HS (Wooster, OH) (0,3)

Worthington Kilbourne HS (Worthington, OH) (0,4)

Wyoming HS (Wyoming, OH) (1,4)

Xenia HS (Xenia, OH) (0,3)

Yorkville HS (Yorkville, OH) (0,1)

Zane Trace HS (Chillicothe, OH) (0,2)

Zanesville HS (Zanesville, OH) (4,6)


Ada HS (Ada, OK) (2,9)

Adair HS (Adair, OK) (0,1)

Altus HS (Altus, OK) (1,9)

Anadarko HS (Anadarko, OK) (1,4)

Apache HS (Apache, OK) (0,1)

Arnett HS (Arnett, OK) (0,2)

Arnett HS (Hollis, OK) (2,2)

Asher HS (Asher, OK) (0,6)

Atoka HS (Atoka, OK) (1,5)

Bacone HS (Bacone, OK) (0,1)

Bartlesville HS (Bartlesville, OK) (0,7)

Battiest HS (Bethel, OK) (0,1)

Beggs HS (Beggs, OK) (0,1)

Berryhill HS (Tulsa, OK) (1,3)

Bethany HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,2)

Betheny HS (Betheny, OK) (0,1)

Big Cabin HS (Big Cabin, OK) (0,1)

Big Pasture School (Randlett, OK) (0,1)

Binger HS (Binger, OK) (1,3)

Binger-Oney HS (Binger, OK) (0,1)

Bishop Kelley HS (Tulsa, OK) (5,19)

Bishop McGuinness HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,2)

Bixby HS (Bixby, OK) (1,9)

Blackwell HS (Blackwell, OK) (1,1)

Blair HS (Blair, OK) (1,2)

Blanchard HS (Blanchard, OK) (0,9)

Booker T. Washington HS (Tulsa, OK) (2,6)

Boynton HS (Boynton, OK) (0,1)

Braggs HS (Braggs, OK) (1,1)

Bridge Creek HS (Blanchard, OK) (0,1)

Brinkman HS (Brinkman, OK) (0,1)

Bristow HS (Bristow, OK) (0,1)

Broken Arrow HS (Broken Arrow, OK) (6,21)

Broken Bow HS (Broken Bow, OK) (0,2)

Buffalo HS (Buffalo, OK) (0,1)

Byng HS (Ada, OK) (4,12)

Cameron HS (Cameron, OK) (2,4)

Capitol Hill HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (5,17)

Capron HS (Capron, OK) (1,1)

Carl Albert HS (Midwest City, OK) (1,12)

Carney HS (Carney, OK) (0,1)

Casady HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,2)

Cascia Hall Prep (Tulsa, OK) (0,2)

Cement HS (Cement, OK) (0,2)

Central HS (Muskogee, OK) (1,4)

Central HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (5,9)

Central HS (Tulsa, OK) (1,9)

Chandler HS (Chandler, OK) (1,4)

Charles Page HS (Sand Springs, OK) (2,2)

Chattanooga HS (Chattanooga, OK) (0,1)

Checotah HS (Checotah, OK) (0,2)

Chelsea HS (Chelsea, OK) (1,1)

Chickasha HS (Chickasha, OK) (0,2)

Chilocco Indian School (Chilocco, OK) (1,1)

Choctaw HS (Choctaw, OK) (1,11)

Cimarron HS (Lahoma, OK) (0,2)

Claremore HS (Claremore, OK) (0,5)

Clarita HS (Clarita, OK) (0,1)

Classen HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (2,3)

Cleo Springs HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,1)

Cleveland HS (Cleveland, OK) (0,2)

Clinton HS (Clinton, OK) (1,4)

Cloud Chief HS (Cloud Chief, OK) (1,1)

Coalgate HS (Coalgate, OK) (0,1)

College HS (Bartlesville, OK) (1,5)

Collinsville HS (Collinsville, OK) (0,4)

Colony HS (Colony, OK) (0,1)

Comanche HS (Comanche, OK) (0,1)

Commerce HS (Commerce, OK) (1,2)

Coweta HS (Coweta, OK) (1,2)

Cowley County HS (Cushing, OK) (0,1)

Cowley County HS (Harrah, OK) (0,1)

Crooked Oak HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (1,1)

Crowder HS (Crowder, OK) (1,2)

Cushing HS (Cushing, OK) (0,2)

Cyril HS (Cyril, OK) (0,1)

Dale HS (Dale, OK) (1,2)

Dale HS (Shawnee, OK) (0,2)

Davenport HS (Davenport, OK) (0,1)

Davidson HS (Davidson, OK) (0,1)

Deer Creek HS (Edmond, OK) (2,8)

Del City HS (Del City, OK) (1,5)

Dewar HS (Dewar, OK) (1,1)

Dewey HS (Copar, OK) (0,1)

Donar HS (Stillwater, OK) (0,1)

Douglas HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (1,6)

Dover HS (Dover, OK) (0,2)

Duke HS (Duke, OK) (1,1)

Dunbar HS (Okmulgee, OK) (2,2)

Duncan HS (Duncan, OK) (0,4)

Durant HS (Durant, OK) (2,3)

Eakly HS (Eakly, OK) (1,2)

East Central HS (Tulsa, OK) (1,4)

Edison HS (Tulsa, OK) (0,8)

Edmond HS (Edmond, OK) (0,9)

Edmond Memorial HS (Edmond, OK) (2,4)

Edmond North HS (Edmond, OK) (1,5)

Edmond Santa Fe HS (Edmond, OK) (0,20)

Eisenhower HS (Lawton, OK) (2,9)

El Reno HS (El Reno, OK) (2,4)

Elgin HS (Elgin, OK) (1,4)

Elk City HS (Elk City, OK) (0,2)

Enid HS (Enid, OK) (2,8)

Erick HS (Erick, OK) (0,1)

Eufaula HS (Eufaula, OK) (0,4)

Fairland HS (Fairland, OK) (0,1)

Faxon HS (Faxon, OK) (1,1)

Fletcher HS (Fletcher, OK) (0,2)

Fort Cobb HS (Fort Cobb, OK) (1,5)

Fort Gibson HS (Fort Gibson, OK) (0,6)

Foster HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,1)

Frederick HS (Frederick, OK) (0,1)

Friendship HS (Altus, OK) (1,1)

Gerty HS (Gerty, OK) (0,1)

Glenpool HS (Glenpool, OK) (0,1)

Gore HS (Gore, OK) (0,1)

Gould HS (Gould, OK) (1,1)

Gracemont HS (Gracemont, OK) (1,1)

Grandfield HS (Grandfield, OK) (0,2)

Granite HS (Granite, OK) (1,2)

Grant HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,5)

Grove HS (Grove, OK) (1,2)

Guthrie HS (Guthrie, OK) (1,3)

Hale HS (Tulsa, OK) (3,13)

Hammon HS (Hammon, OK) (2,2)

Hardesty HS (Hardesty, OK) (0,1)

Harding HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,3)

Harrah HS (Harrah, OK) (0,1)

Hartshorne HS (Hartshorne, OK) (1,2)

Haskell HS (Haskell, OK) (0,3)

Heavener HS (Heavener, OK) (1,1)

Helena HS (Helena, OK) (0,1)

Henderson HS (Frederick, OK) (0,1)

Henryetta HS (Henryetta, OK) (0,2)

Heritage Hall School (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,5)

Hilldale HS (Muskogee, OK) (0,2)

Holdenville HS (Holdenville, OK) (1,3)

Holland Hall HS (Tulsa, OK) (1,4)

Hollis HS (Hollis, OK) (1,2)

Home School (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,1)

Hominy HS (Hominy, OK) (0,1)

Howe HS (Howe, OK) (0,1)

Hugo HS (Hugo, OK) (0,1)

Hulbert HS (Hulbert, OK) (0,1)

Hydro HS (Hydro, OK) (0,1)

Idabel HS (Idabel, OK) (0,1)

Indianola HS (Indianola, OK) (1,1)

Jay HS (Jay, OK) (0,1)

Jenks HS (Jenks, OK) (3,14)

John Marshall HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,6)

Jones HS (Jones, OK) (0,2)

Ketchum HS (Ketchum, OK) (0,2)

Keys HS (Park Hill, OK) (0,2)

Kingfisher HS (Kingfisher, OK) (0,3)

Kiowa HS (Kiowa, OK) (1,1)

Lambert HS (Lambert, OK) (0,1)

Latta HS (Ada, OK) (0,5)

Laverne HS (Laverne, OK) (0,4)

Lawton HS (Lawton, OK) (5,11)

Leedey HS (Leedey, OK) (2,5)

Lindsay HS (Lindsay, OK) (0,2)

Locust Grove HS (Locust Grove, OK) (2,4)

Lone Grove HS (Lone Grove, OK) (0,1)

Lookeba-Sickles HS (Lookeba, OK) (1,3)

MacArthur HS (Lawton, OK) (0,3)

Madill HS (Madill, OK) (0,1)

Mangum HS (Mangum, OK) (2,2)

Manual Training HS (Muskogee, OK) (1,2)

Marietta HS (Marietta, OK) (0,1)

Marlow HS (Marlow, OK) (0,2)

Maud HS (Maud, OK) (0,1)

McAlester HS (McAlester, OK) (2,5)

McLain HS (Tulsa, OK) (1,7)

McLoud HS (McLoud, OK) (0,2)

Meeker HS (Meeker, OK) (2,2)

Memorial HS (Tulsa, OK) (0,7)

Metro Christian Academy (Tulsa, OK) (0,1)

Miami HS (Miami, OK) (0,3)

Midwest City HS (Midwest City, OK) (5,21)

Millwood HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (1,3)

Moore HS (Moore, OK) (2,5)

Mooreland HS (Mooreland, OK) (0,1)

Morris HS (Morris, OK) (0,1)

Moss HS (Holdenville, OK) (2,2)

Mounds HS (Bixby, OK) (0,1)

Mount St. Mary's HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,2)

Muldrow HS (Muldrow, OK) (1,2)

Muskogee HS (Muskogee, OK) (0,6)

Mustang HS (Mustang, OK) (1,5)

Nathan Hale West HS (Tulsa, OK) (1,1)

Navajo HS (Altus, OK) (0,1)

Newcastle HS (Newcastle, OK) (0,1)

Ninnekah HS (Ninnekah, OK) (0,1)

Noble HS (Noble, OK) (0,1)

Norman HS (Norman, OK) (3,17)

Norman North HS (Norman, OK) (0,6)

Northeast HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,2)

Northwest Classen HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (2,7)

Okarche HS (Okarche, OK) (1,1)

Okarchee HS (Okarchee, OK) (0,1)

Oklahoma Christian School (Edmond, OK) (0,2)

Okmulgee HS (Okmulgee, OK) (1,3)

Olustee HS (Olustee, OK) (0,1)

Owasso HS (Owasso, OK) (5,29)

Paden HS (Paden, OK) (0,1)

Panama HS (Panama, OK) (1,1)

Perkins Tryon HS (Perkins, OK) (1,2)

Perry HS (Perry, OK) (1,3)

Piedmont HS (Piedmont, OK) (0,3)

Plainview HS (Armore, OK) (0,1)

Ponca City HS (Ponca City, OK) (6,11)

Porter HS (Porter, OK) (1,1)

Poteau HS (Poteau, OK) (0,4)

Prague HS (Prague, OK) (1,3)

Pryor HS (Pryor, OK) (0,4)

Purcell HS (Purcell, OK) (0,3)

Putnam City HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (5,11)

Putnam City North HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (1,3)

Putnam City West HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (2,4)

Rattan HS (Rattan, OK) (0,1)

Red Oak HS (Red Oak, OK) (1,1)

Ringling HS (Ringling, OK) (0,1)

Ripley HS (Stillwater, OK) (1,2)

Rock Creek HS (Durant, OK) (0,1)

Roff HS (Roff, OK) (0,4)

Roland HS (Roland, OK) (0,1)

Rosedale HS (Rosedale, OK) (1,1)

Sacred Heart Academy (Vinita, OK) (0,1)

Salina HS (Salina, OK) (0,1)

Sallisaw HS (Sallisaw, OK) (0,4)

Sand Springs HS (Sand Springs, OK) (0,2)

Sapulpa HS (Sapulpa, OK) (3,6)

Seminole HS (Seminole, OK) (1,1)

Sentinel HS (Sentinel, OK) (0,4)

Shattuck HS (Shattuck, OK) (0,2)

Shattuk HS (Shattuk, OK) (0,2)

Shawnee HS (Shawnee, OK) (0,11)

Silo HS (Silo, OK) (0,1)

Skiatook HS (Skiatook, OK) (0,1)

Smithville HS (Smithville, OK) (0,1)

Sooner HS (Bartlesville, OK) (1,1)

South HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,1)

Southeast HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (3,5)

Southeastern HS (Durant, OK) (0,1)

Southmoore HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (0,1)

Sperry HS (Sperry, OK) (0,3)

Spiro HS (Spiro, OK) (1,4)

Sterling HS (Sterling, OK) (0,1)

Stidham HS (Stidham, OK) (0,1)

Stigler HS (Stigler, OK) (0,2)

Stillwater HS (Stillwater, OK) (6,17)

Stilwell HS (Stilwell, OK) (0,2)

Stringtown HS (Stringtown, OK) (1,3)

Stroud HS (Stroud, OK) (0,1)

Stuart HS (Stuart, OK) (0,1)

Sulphur HS (Sulphur, OK) (0,4)

Sweetwater HS (Erick, OK) (0,1)

Tahlequah HS (Tahlequah, OK) (1,4)

Taloga HS (Taloga, OK) (1,3)

Tecumseh HS (Tecumseh, OK) (0,4)

Tishimongo HS (Tishimongo, OK) (0,1)

Tulsa HS (Tulsa, OK) (1,1)

Tulsa Union HS (Tulsa, OK) (4,17)

Tupelo HS (Tupelo, OK) (1,2)

Turner HS (Burneyville, OK) (0,3)

Tuttle HS (Tuttle, OK) (0,1)

Union City HS (Union City, OK) (0,1)

Varnum HS (Seminole, OK) (0,1)

Verdigris HS (Verdigris, OK) (0,2)

Vian HS (Vian, OK) (0,3)

Vinita HS (Langley, OK) (0,1)

Wagoner HS (Wagoner, OK) (2,4)

Wapanucka HS (Wapanucka, OK) (0,1)

Washington HS (Washington, OK) (0,2)

Wayne HS (Wayne, OK) (0,2)

Waynoka HS (Waynoka, OK) (1,1)

Weatherford HS (Weatherford, OK) (1,4)

Webster HS (Tulsa, OK) (4,9)

Weleetka HS (Weleetka, OK) (1,1)

Westmoore HS (Oklahoma City, OK) (2,14)

Westville HS (Westville, OK) (0,1)

Wetumka HS (Wetumka, OK) (0,1)

Wilburton HS (Wilburton, OK) (0,1)

Wildhorse HS (Osage County, OK) (1,1)

Will Rogers HS (Tulsa, OK) (2,13)

Woodward HS (Woodward, OK) (0,4)

Wyandotte HS (Wyandotte, OK) (0,1)

Yukon HS (Yukon, OK) (1,11)


Albany HS (Albany, OR) (1,2)

Albany Union HS (Albany, OR) (0,1)

Aloha HS (Aloha, OR) (2,5)

Ashland HS (Ashland, OR) (2,4)

Astoria HS (Astoria, OR) (0,4)

Baker HS (Baker City, OR) (0,3)

Banks HS (Banks, OR) (0,1)

Beaverton HS (Beaverton, OR) (4,21)

Bend HS (Bend, OR) (1,6)

Benson HS (Portland, OR) (1,10)

Canby HS (Canby, OR) (1,4)

Capital Hill HS (Troutdale, OR) (0,1)

Cascade HS (Turner, OR) (1,3)

Centennial HS (Gresham, OR) (0,7)

Central Catholic HS (Portland, OR) (1,11)

Central HS (Independence, OR) (0,5)

Century HS (Hillsboro, OR) (0,3)

Clackamas HS (Clackamas, OR) (0,8)

Cleveland HS (Portland, OR) (0,7)

Columbia Preparatory School (Portland, OR) (0,1)

Commerce HS (Portland, OR) (0,2)

Corvallis HS (Corvallis, OR) (2,8)

Crater HS (Central Point, OR) (1,5)

Crescent Valley HS (Corvallis, OR) (1,3)

Creswell HS (Creswell, OR) (1,1)

Crook County HS (Prineville, OR) (0,2)

Dallas HS (Dallas, OR) (0,3)

Dalles Wahtonka HS (The Dalles, OR) (1,7)

David Douglas HS (Portland, OR) (1,7)

Eagle Point HS (Eagle Point, OR) (0,2)

Eugene HS (Eugene, OR) (0,2)

Forest Grove HS (Forest Grove, OR) (3,3)

Franklin HS (Portland, OR) (0,8)

Gaston HS (Gaston, OR) (0,1)

Glencoe HS (Hillsboro, OR) (1,3)

Glide HS (Glide, OR) (1,3)

Grant Union HS (John Day, OR) (0,1)

Grants Pass HS (Grants Pass, OR) (1,4)

Gresham Union HS (Gresham, OR) (1,5)

Henley HS (Klamath Falls, OR) (0,2)

Henry D. Sheldon HS (Eugene, OR) (0,8)

Hermiston HS (Hermiston, OR) (1,5)

Hidden Valley HS (Grants Pass, OR) (0,1)

Hillsboro HS (Hillsboro, OR) (3,6)

Hood River Valley HS (Hood River, OR) (0,4)

Jefferson HS (Portland, OR) (3,14)

Jesuit HS (Beaverton, OR) (0,11)

Junction City HS (Junction City, OR) (1,5)

Klamath Union HS (Klamath Falls, OR) (1,11)

La Grande HS (La Grande, OR) (0,4)

La Pine HS (La Pine, OR) (0,1)

Lake Oswego HS (Lake Oswego, OR) (1,9)

Lakeridge HS (Lake Oswego, OR) (1,7)

Lebanon Union HS (Lebanon, OR) (0,1)

Lincoln HS (Portland, OR) (3,15)

Madison HS (Portland, OR) (5,19)

Madras HS (Madras, OR) (2,4)

Marist Catholic HS (Eugene, OR) (0,2)

Marshall HS (Portland, OR) (0,3)

Marshfield HS (Coos Bay, OR) (0,1)

Mazama HS (Klamath Falls, OR) (0,1)

McKay HS (Salem, OR) (0,2)

McKenzie HS (Finn Rock, OR) (0,1)

McLoughlin HS (Milton-Freewater, OR) (0,1)

McMinnville HS (McMinnville, OR) (3,5)

McNary HS (Keizer, OR) (1,7)

Medford HS (Medford, OR) (3,5)

Milwaukie HS (Milwaukie, OR) (3,8)

Molalla HS (Molalla, OR) (0,3)

Mountain View HS (Bend, OR) (0,3)

Myrtle Creek HS (Myrtle Creek, OR) (1,2)

Newberg HS (Newberg, OR) (0,2)

Newport HS (Newport, OR) (0,2)

North Bend HS (North Bend, OR) (0,2)

North Eugene HS (Eugene, OR) (2,9)

North Marion HS (Aurora, OR) (2,2)

North Medford HS (Medford, OR) (3,7)

North Salem HS (Salem, OR) (3,6)

Nyssa HS (Nyssa, OR) (0,1)

Odell HS (Odell, OR) (0,1)

Ontario HS (Ontario, OR) (0,2)

Oregon City HS (Oregon City, OR) (0,3)

Oregon Episcopal School (Portland, OR) (0,1)

Parkrose HS (Portland, OR) (1,1)

Pendleton HS (Pendleton, OR) (0,6)

Philomath HS (Philomath, OR) (1,1)

Phoenix HS (Phoenix, OR) (0,2)

Portland HS (Portland, OR) (3,3)

Portland Lutheran School (Portland, OR) (0,2)

Rainier HS (Rainier, OR) (0,1)

Redmond HS (Redmond, OR) (0,1)

Reedsport HS (Reedsport, OR) (0,2)

Rex Putnam HS (Milwaukie, OR) (1,6)

Reynolds HS (Troutdale, OR) (1,2)

Rogue River HS (Rogue River, OR) (1,1)

Roosevelt HS (Portland, OR) (0,3)

Roseburg HS (Roseburg, OR) (3,7)

Sacred Heart Academy (Salem, OR) (0,1)

Salem HS (Salem, OR) (0,2)

Sam Barlow HS (Gresham, OR) (2,6)

Sandy Union HS (Gresham, OR) (0,2)

Santiam Christian School (Corvallis, OR) (0,2)

Seaside HS (Seaside, OR) (0,1)

Sherwood HS (Sherwood, OR) (2,3)

Silverton HS (Silverton, OR) (0,1)

Sisters HS (Sisters, OR) (0,2)

Siuslaw HS (Florence, OR) (0,2)

South Albany HS (Albany, OR) (0,1)

South Eugene HS (Eugene, OR) (0,4)

South Medford HS (Medford, OR) (3,4)

South Salem HS (Salem, OR) (0,8)

South Umpqua HS (Myrtle Creek, OR) (0,2)

Southridge HS (Beaverton, OR) (2,5)

Sprague HS (Salem, OR) (0,6)

Springfield HS (Springfield, OR) (0,3)

St. Helens HS (St. Helens, OR) (1,3)

Stayton HS (Stayton, OR) (0,1)

Summit HS (Bend, OR) (0,2)

Sunset HS (Portland, OR) (2,8)

Sweet Home HS (Sweet Home, OR) (0,2)

Taft HS (Lincoln City, OR) (0,2)

Thurston HS (Springfield, OR) (1,6)

Tigard HS (Tigard, OR) (3,8)

Tualatin HS (Tualatin, OR) (0,5)

U. S. Grant HS (Portland, OR) (1,16)

University HS (Eugene, OR) (0,1)

Warrenton HS (Warrenton, OR) (1,1)

Washington HS (Portland, OR) (1,6)

Waterloo HS (Waterloo, OR) (1,1)

West Albany HS (Albany, OR) (0,2)

West Linn HS (West Linn, OR) (2,9)

Westview HS (Portland, OR) (2,12)

Willamette HS (Eugene, OR) (0,2)

Wilsonville HS (Wilsonville, OR) (0,1)

Winston Churchill HS (Eugene, OR) (1,6)

Woodburn HS (Woodburn, OR) (1,2)

Woodrow Wilson HS (Portland, OR) (2,11)

Wy'East HS (Odell, OR) (0,1)

Yoncalla HS (Yoncalla, OR) (0,3)


Abington Heights HS (Clarks Summit, PA) (1,1)

Abington HS (Abington, PA) (1,7)

Abraham Lincoln HS (Philadelphia, PA) (0,2)

Academy HS (Erie, PA) (0,2)

Adams HS (Adamstown, PA) (0,1)

Albert Gallatin HS (Uniontown, PA) (0,1)

Aliquippa HS (Aliquippa, PA) (2,2)

Allegheny HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (3,4)

Allegheny Vocational HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (1,1)

Allentown Central Catholic HS (Allentown, PA) (1,4)

Allentown HS (Allentown, PA) (1,7)

Altoona HS (Altoona, PA) (1,8)

Ambridge HS (Ambridge, PA) (2,4)

Annville-Cleona HS (Annville, PA) (0,2)

Archbald HS (Archbald, PA) (0,1)

Archbishop John Carroll HS (Radnor, PA) (1,5)

Archbishop Kennedy HS (Conshocken, PA) (0,1)

Archbishop Ryan HS (Philadelphia, PA) (1,6)

Archbishop Wood HS (Warminster, PA) (0,2)

Arnot HS (Arnot, PA) (1,1)

Ashland HS (Ashland, PA) (0,1)

Aspinwall HS (Aspinwall, PA) (1,1)

Athens HS (Athens, PA) (1,2)

Austin HS (Austin, PA) (1,1)

Avella HS (Avella, PA) (0,1)

Avoca HS (Avoca, PA) (0,1)

Avon Grove HS (West Grove, PA) (1,1)

Avonworth HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (0,2)

B. Reed Henderson HS (West Chester, PA) (1,6)

Bairdford HS (Bairdford, PA) (1,1)

Bald Eagle HS (Bellefonte, PA) (0,3)

Bald Eagle-Nittany HS (Mill Hall, PA) (0,1)

Baldwin HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (0,6)

Bangor HS (Bangor, PA) (0,2)

Beaver Falls HS (Beaver Falls, PA) (1,11)

Beaver HS (Beaver, PA) (2,2)

Bedford HS (Bedford, PA) (0,1)

Bell Township HS (Salina, PA) (0,1)

Belle Vernon HS (Belle Vernon, PA) (0,1)

Bellefonte Academy (Bellefonte, PA) (1,1)

Bellefonte HS (Bellefonte, PA) (1,3)

Belleville HS (Belleville, PA) (0,1)

Bellwood-Antis HS (Tyrone, PA) (1,4)

Benjamin Franklin HS (Carbondale, PA) (0,2)

Benjamin Franklin HS (Philadelphia, PA) (2,3)

Bensalem HS (Bensalem, PA) (0,2)

Bermudian Springs HS (York Springs, PA) (0,1)

Berwick HS (Berwick, PA) (1,4)

Berwyn HS (Berwyn, PA) (0,1)

Beth-Center HS (Clarksville, PA) (0,2)

Bethel Park HS (Bethel Park, PA) (0,2)

Bethlehem Catholic HS (Bethlehem, PA) (0,2)

Birdsboro HS (Birdsboro, PA) (1,1)

Bishop Canevin HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (1,3)

Bishop Guilfoyle HS (Altoona, PA) (0,2)

Bishop Hoban HS (Wilkes-Barre, PA) (1,1)

Bishop McDevitt HS (Harrisburg, PA) (0,1)

Bishop Shanahan HS (Downingtown, PA) (1,1)

Blackhawk HS (Beaver Falls, PA) (3,5)

Blairsville HS (Blairsville, PA) (0,1)

Blakely HS (Peckville, PA) (1,1)

Bloomsburg HS (Bloomsburg, PA) (0,3)

Blue Island HS (New Ringgold, PA) (0,1)

Blue Mountain HS (Schuylkill Haven, PA) (1,3)

Boiling Springs HS (Boiling Springs, PA) (0,1)

Boswell HS (Boswell, PA) (0,1)

Boyertown HS (Boyertown, PA) (0,10)

Boys HS (Lancaster, PA) (0,1)

Bradford HS (Bradford, PA) (1,3)

Brandywine Heights HS (Topton, PA) (1,2)

Brashear HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (0,1)

Brentwood HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (0,1)

Bristol HS (Bristol, PA) (2,4)

Brookville HS (Brookville, PA) (0,2)

Brown Prep (Philadelphia, PA) (1,1)

Brownsville HS (Brownsville, PA) (2,6)

Burrell HS (Lower Burrell, PA) (0,1)

Butler Area HS (Butler, PA) (2,8)

California HS (Coal Center, PA) (2,2)

Callery HS (Callery, PA) (1,1)

Cambria Heights HS (Patton, PA) (0,1)

Cameron County HS (Emporium, PA) (0,1)

Camp Hill HS (Camp Hill, PA) (1,1)

Canevin Catholic HS (Carnegie, PA) (1,4)

Canon-McMillan HS (Canonsburg, PA) (1,6)

Captain Jack Joint HS (Mount Union, PA) (0,1)

Cardinal Dougherty HS (Philadelphia, PA) (0,2)

Cardinal O'Hara HS (Springfield, PA) (0,4)

Carlisle HS (Carlisle, PA) (1,7)

Carlisle Indian School (Carlisle, PA) (4,5)

Carlynton HS (Carnegie, PA) (0,1)

Carmichaels HS (Carmichaels, PA) (0,2)

Cass Township HS (Primrose, PA) (0,1)

Catasauqua HS (Catasauqua, PA) (2,3)

Cathedral Prep HS (Erie, PA) (0,8)

Catholic HS (McAdoo, PA) (0,1)

Cedar Cliff HS (Camp Hill, PA) (0,3)

Cedar Crest HS (Lebanon, PA) (1,3)

Cedarcroft Boarding School (Kennett Square, PA) (1,1)

Centennial HS (Ridgway, PA) (0,1)

Center HS (Monaca, PA) (0,1)

Central Bucks HS East (Doylestown, PA) (0,4)

Central Bucks HS South (Doylestown, PA) (0,1)

Central Bucks HS West (Doylestown, PA) (1,1)

Central Cambria HS (Ebensburg, PA) (2,3)

Central Catholic HS (DuBois, PA) (0,1)

Central Catholic HS (Kingston, PA) (0,1)

Central Catholic HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (1,19)

Central Catholic HS (Pittston, PA) (0,1)

Central Columbia HS (Bloomsburg, PA) (0,4)

Central Dauphin HS (Harrisburg, PA) (0,5)

Central Greene HS (Waynesburg, PA) (0,1)

Central HS (Manheim, PA) (0,2)

Central HS (Martinsburg, PA) (0,1)

Central HS (Philadelphia, PA) (8,11)

Central HS (Scranton, PA) (0,6)

Central York HS (York, PA) (0,2)

Chambersburg HS (Chambersburg, PA) (1,19)

Charleroi HS (Charleroi, PA) (0,6)

Chartiers Houston HS (Houston, PA) (0,1)

Chartiers Valley HS (Bridgeville, PA) (0,1)

Cheltenham HS (Wyncote, PA) (1,5)

Chester HS (Chester, PA) (6,11)

Chestnut Hill Academy HS (Willow Grove, PA) (0,1)

Chestnut Hill HS (Philadelphia, PA) (1,3)

Christopher Dock HS (Lansdale, PA) (1,2)

Clairton HS (Clairton, PA) (1,1)

Clarion HS (Clarion, PA) (0,2)

Claysburg-Kimmel HS (Claysburg, PA) (0,1)

Clearfield HS (Clearfield, PA) (1,3)

Coatesville HS (Coatesville, PA) (2,12)

Cocalico HS (Denver, PA) (0,4)

Collingdale HS (Collingdale, PA) (0,2)

Columbia HS (Columbia, PA) (0,2)

Conemaugh Township Area HS (Davidsville, PA) (0,3)

Conemaugh Valley HS (Johnstown, PA) (2,2)

Conestoga HS (Berwyn, PA) (3,9)

Conestoga Valley HS (Lancaster, PA) (0,1)

Conneaut Lake HS (Conneaut Lake, PA) (0,1)

Conneautville HS (Conneautville, PA) (0,1)

Connellsville Area HS (Connellsville, PA) (1,17)

Connelly HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (0,1)

Conrad Weiser HS (Robesonia, PA) (0,1)

Conshohocken HS (Conshohocken, PA) (0,1)

Conwell-Egan Catholic HS (Fairless Hills, PA) (1,3)

Coopersburg HS (Coopersburg, PA) (1,2)

Cornwall HS (Lebanon City, PA) (1,1)

Corry HS (Corry, PA) (1,1)

Council Rock HS (Newtown, PA) (1,5)

Council Rock HS North (Newtown, PA) (0,3)

Council Rock HS South (Holland, PA) (0,3)

Covington HS (Covington, PA) (0,1)

Cowanshannock HS (Sagamore, PA) (0,1)

Crafton HS (Crafton, PA) (0,1)

Cranberry HS (Seneca, PA) (0,4)

Cresson HS (Cresson, PA) (1,1)

Crestwood HS (Mountain Top, PA) (0,2)

Cumberland Township HS (Carmichaels, PA) (1,3)

Cumberland Valley HS (Mechanicsburg, PA) (0,2)

Curwensville HS (Curwensville, PA) (0,3)

Dallas HS (Dallas, PA) (0,2)

Dallastown HS (York, PA) (0,1)

Daniel Boone HS (Birdsboro, PA) (0,2)

Danville HS (Danville, PA) (0,1)

Darby HS (Darby, PA) (3,3)

Darby-Colwyn HS (Darby, PA) (0,1)

David B. Oliver HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (0,3)

Deer Lakes HS (Cheswick, PA) (0,2)

Delaware Valley HS (Milford, PA) (0,1)

Delone Catholic HS (McSherrystown, PA) (2,2)

Denver HS (Denver, PA) (0,1)

Derry Area HS (Derry, PA) (0,1)

Devon Preparatory School (Devon, PA) (0,3)

Dickson City HS (Dickson City, PA) (0,2)

Donegal HS (Mount Joy, PA) (2,8)

Donora HS (Donora, PA) (2,2)

Dormont HS (Dormont, PA) (0,2)

Dover HS (Dover, PA) (0,3)

Downington East HS (Exton, PA) (0,2)

Downington West HS (Downingtown, PA) (0,3)

Downingtown HS (Downingtown, PA) (0,3)

Doylestown HS (Doylestown, PA) (0,1)

DuBois Area HS (DuBois, PA) (2,6)

DuBois Central Christian HS (DuBois, PA) (0,1)

Dunbar Township HS (Dunbar Township, PA) (0,2)

Duncannon HS (Duncannon, PA) (0,1)

Dunmore HS (Dunmore, PA) (0,5)

Dupont HS (Dupont, PA) (0,1)

Duquesne HS (Duquesne, PA) (0,2)

Duryea HS (Duryea, PA) (0,1)

Dushore HS (Dushore, PA) (1,2)

East Allegheny HS (North Versailles, PA) (1,2)

East Bethlehem HS (Fredericktown, PA) (0,1)

East Greenville HS (East Greenville, PA) (0,1)

East Hempfield HS (Landisville, PA) (0,1)

East HS (Erie, PA) (0,3)

East Lampeter HS (Lancaster, PA) (0,1)

East Liberty Academy (Pittsburgh, PA) (2,2)

East Pennsboro HS (Enola, PA) (0,4)

East Stroudsburg HS (East Stroudsburg, PA) (0,1)

Eastern York HS (York, PA) (0,1)

Easton HS (Easton, PA) (0,9)

Eddystone HS (Eddystone, PA) (1,2)

Edgewood HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (1,1)

Edison-Fareira HS (Philadelphia, PA) (0,1)

Edward W. Bok Technical HS (Philadelphia, PA) (0,2)

Eichelberger HS (Hanover, PA) (0,1)

Eico HS (Myerstown, PA) (0,1)

Elderton HS (Elderton, PA) (0,1)

Elizabeth Forward HS (Elizabeth, PA) (4,8)

Elizabethtown HS (Elizabethtown, PA) (2,3)

Elk Lake HS (Dimock, PA) (0,2)

Elkland HS (Elkland, PA) (0,2)

Ellwood City HS (Ellwood City, PA) (0,1)

Elmer L. Meyers HS (Wilkes-Barre, PA) (0,3)

Emlenton HS (Emlenton, PA) (1,1)

Emmaus HS (Emmaus, PA) (0,4)

Endeavor HS (West Hickory, PA) (1,1)

Enola HS (Enola, PA) (1,1)

Ephrata HS (Ephrata, PA) (0,4)

Episcopal Academy (Merion, PA) (1,2)

Etna HS (Etna, PA) (0,2)

Evans City HS (Evans City, PA) (0,1)

Everett HS (Everett, PA) (0,1)

Exeter HS (Exeter, PA) (0,1)

Factoryville HS (Factoryville, PA) (0,1)

Fannett Metal HS (Willow Hill, PA) (0,1)

Father Judge HS (Philadelphia, PA) (3,12)

Fell HS (Simpson, PA) (0,3)

Ferndale HS (Johnstown, PA) (0,1)

Fleetwood HS (Fleetwood, PA) (0,1)

Forbes HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (1,1)

Ford City HS (Ford City, PA) (1,1)

Forest Hills HS (Sidman, PA) (0,4)

Fort Cherry HS (McDonald, PA) (0,1)

Foster HS (Freeland, PA) (0,1)

Fountain Hill HS (Fountain Hill, PA) (0,1)

Fox Chapel HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (0,1)

Frackville HS (Frackville, PA) (1,1)

Frailey HS (Frailey, PA) (0,1)

Frankford HS (Philadelphia, PA) (4,7)

Franklin HS (Franklin, PA) (0,3)

Franklin Regional HS (Murrysville, PA) (1,4)

Frazier HS (Perryopolis, PA) (0,1)

Fredericksburg HS (Fredericksburg, PA) (0,1)

Fredonia HS (Fredonia, PA) (0,1)

Fredonia Institute (Fredonia, PA) (1,1)

Fredonia-Delaware HS (Fredonia, PA) (0,1)

Freedom HS (Freedom, PA) (1,1)

Freeland HS (Freeland, PA) (0,1)

Freeport HS (Sarver, PA) (0,2)

Garnet Valley HS (Glen Mills, PA) (1,6)

Gateway HS (Monroeville, PA) (1,2)

Geibel Catholic HS (Connellsville, PA) (1,2)

George School (Newtown, PA) (1,1)

George Washington HS (Philadelphia, PA) (0,1)

George Westinghouse HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (2,2)

German Township HS (McClellandtown, PA) (0,2)

Germantown Academy (Fort Washington, PA) (0,14)

Germantown Friends HS (Philadelphia, PA) (2,3)

Germantown HS (Philadelphia, PA) (1,1)

Gettysburg Academy (Gettysburg, PA) (1,1)

Gettysburg HS (Gettysburg, PA) (0,4)

Girard HS (Girard, PA) (0,1)

Girard Preparatory (Philadelphia, PA) (8,8)

Glen Rock HS (Glen Rock, PA) (0,1)

Glen-Nor HS (Drexel Hill, PA) (0,1)

Glendale HS (Flinton, PA) (0,1)

Global Vision Christian School (Scotland, PA) (0,1)

Governor Mifflin HS (Shillington, PA) (3,6)

Graterford HS (Graterford, PA) (1,1)

Gratz HS (Gratz, PA) (1,1)

Greater Johnstown HS (Johnstown, PA) (0,3)

Greater Latrobe HS (Latrobe, PA) (0,2)

Greater Nanticoke HS (Glen Lyon, PA) (0,1)

Greencastle HS (Greencastle, PA) (0,2)

Greencastle-Antrim HS (Greencastle, PA) (0,3)

Greenfield-Kimmel HS (Claysburg, PA) (0,1)

Greensburg Central Catholic HS (Greensburg, PA) (0,3)

Greensburg-Salem HS (Greensburg, PA) (0,3)

Greenwood HS (Millerstown, PA) (0,1)

Grove City HS (Grove City, PA) (0,1)

Hall Centre HS (Hall Centre, PA) (1,1)

Hallstead HS (Hallstead, PA) (1,1)

Hamburg HS (Hamburg, PA) (0,3)

Hampfield Area HS (Youngswood, PA) (0,1)

Hampton HS (Allison Park, PA) (0,2)

Hanover Area HS (Wilkes-Barre, PA) (0,1)

Hanover HS (Hanover, PA) (1,4)

Har-Brack HS (Natrona Heights, PA) (0,3)

Harbor Creek HS (Harborcreek, PA) (0,1)

Harrisburg Catholic HS (Harrisburg, PA) (0,1)

Harrisburg Central HS (Harrisburg, PA) (0,1)

Harrisburg HS (Harrisburg, PA) (0,2)

Harriton HS (Bryn Mawr, PA) (0,1)

Hatboro HS (Hatboro, PA) (0,2)

Hatboro-Horsham HS (Horsham, PA) (0,5)

Haverford HS (Havertown, PA) (1,7)

Haverford School (Haverford, PA) (0,2)

Hazle Township (Hazle Township, PA) (1,1)

Hazleton HS (Hazleton, PA) (2,15)

Hegins Township HS (Hegins, PA) (0,4)

Hellertown HS (Hellertown, PA) (0,1)

Hempfield HS (Greensburg, PA) (0,2)

Hempfield HS (Landisville, PA) (0,3)

Hershey HS (Hershey, PA) (1,7)

Hollidaysburg Area HS (Hollidaysburg, PA) (0,1)

Holy Ghost Prep HS (Philadelphia, PA) (1,3)

Homer City HS (Homer City, PA) (1,1)

Homestead HS (Homestead, PA) (0,3)

Honesdale HS (Honesdale, PA) (0,3)

Hooker HS (Hooker, PA) (0,1)

Hopewell HS (Aliquippa, PA) (1,3)

Horace Scott HS (Modena, PA) (0,1)

Hughestown HS (Hughestown, PA) (0,1)

Hughesville HS (Hughesville, PA) (1,1)

Huntingdon HS (Huntingdon, PA) (0,4)

Hurst HS (Mount Pleasant, PA) (0,2)

Huston Township HS (Huston Township, PA) (0,1)

Indiana HS (Indiana, PA) (2,5)

James Buchanan HS (Mercersburg, PA) (0,1)

James M. Coughlin HS (Wilkes-Barre, PA) (1,8)

Jeanette HS (Jeanette, PA) (0,2)

Jefferson-Morgan HS (Jefferson, PA) (1,3)

Jenkins Township HS (Jenkins Township, PA) (0,2)

Jenkintown HS (Jenkintown, PA) (0,2)

Jenner Boswell Joint HS (Boswell, PA) (0,1)

Jersey Shore HS (Jersey Shore, PA) (0,1)

Jessup HS (Jessup, PA) (0,3)

Jim Thorpe HS (Jim Thorpe, PA) (0,1)

John Bartram HS (Philadelphia, PA) (2,5)

John Harris HS (Harrisburg, PA) (1,11)

Johnsonburg HS (Johnsonburg, PA) (0,3)

Johnstown Central HS (Johnstown, PA) (0,1)

Johnstown HS (Johnstown, PA) (2,5)

Johnstown Liberty HS (Johnstown, PA) (1,1)

Johnstown Vocational Tech HS (Johnstown, PA) (0,1)

Juniata HS (Mifflintown, PA) (0,1)

Juniata Valley HS (Alexandria, PA) (0,2)

Kane HS (Kane, PA) (0,2)

Karns City Area HS (Karns City, PA) (0,1)

Kennedy Catholic HS (Hermitage, PA) (1,1)

Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic HS (Norristown, PA) (2,3)

Kennett HS (Kennett Square, PA) (0,1)

Kersey HS (Kersey, PA) (0,1)

Keystone Academy (Factoryville, PA) (2,2)

Keystone Oaks HS (Pittsburgh, PA) (0,4)

Kingston HS (Kingston, PA) (0,1)