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During the years prior to George Steinbrenner's purchase of the New York Yankees, the title of President of the New York Yankees actually meant something. At times, the President was also the majority owner or was the representative of the team as the owners were not always available to run the team, such as when William S. Paley of CBS owned the team. Following the departure of Gabe Paul in 1977, the title of team president meant very little in the Yankees organization as principal owner Steinbrenner was running the team. A good example of this was when Steinbrenner named his former Northwestern football coach, Lou Saban, as team president. By 1986, the title was non-existent. Today, the position is held by Randy Levine.

Yankees Presidents
Name Years
Joe Gordon 1903 to 1907
Frank Farrell 1907 to 1915
Jacob Ruppert 1915 to 1939
Ed Barrow 1939 to 1945
Larry MacPhail 1945 to 1947
Dan Topping, Sr. 1947 to 1966
Del Webb 1954 to 1964
Mike Burke 1966 to 1973
Gabe Paul 1973 to 1977
Al Rosen 1977 to 1979
Cedric Tallis (VP) 1979 to 1981
Lou Saban 1981 to 1983
Gene McHale 1983 to 1986
George Steinbrenner 1986 to 1990
Robert Nederlander 1990 to 1991
Dan McCarthy 1991 to 1992
Joe Malloy 1992 to 1993
George Steinbrenner 1993 to 2000
Randy Levine 2000 to Present


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