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A wild pitch is any pitched ball that is not fielded by the catcher because of a mistake by the pitcher. A wild pitch is only scored when a runner advances one or more bases because of the mistake (if there is no one on base and it is not a dropped third strike, it is simply a ball). Typically, a wild pitch is awarded any time the ball bounces before reaching the catcher, in addition to any pitch that is so far from the strike zone that it cannot be caught with normal effort. A wild pitch, scored WP, is its own category, it is not scored an error.

All Time Leaders
Span Player Total Notes
Career Nolan Ryan 277
Season (pre-1900) Bill Stemmeyer 64 1886
Season (modern) Juan Guzman 26 1993
Game (pre-1900) Johnny Ryan 10 7/22/1876
Game (modern) Bill Gullickson 6 4/10/82

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