Newt Joseph

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Joseph at the 1924 Negro League World Series.

Biographical Information[edit]

A gutty hustler, always full of pep and chatter, this husky little third baseman was "chesty" and made the most of his modest talents. He was the Kansas City Monarch third baseman during the 1920s and early 1930s, when he and second baseman Newt Allen were roommates and were almost inseperable. On the field he was hotheaded and sometimes even mean, and off the field he was mischievous, sometimes shooting rabbits out of the bus window. He had a good arm but not good hands. Although weak on sharply hit balls, he excelled on slowly hit balls and making the throw to first without raising up. He was a strong-wristed clutch hitter. A smart player, he was an expert at stealing signals, and later in his career he became the manager of the Monarch's traveling team that featured Satchel Paige and was sometimes billed as Satchel Paige's All-Stars.