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Note: This page links to All Star pitcher Mike Garcia. For the former major league pitcher who played in 1999 and 2000, click here.

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Edward Miguel Garcia
(The Big Bear)

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Biographical Information[edit]

Mike "The Bear" Garcia had a 14-year career, 12 seasons with the Cleveland Indians. He, Bob Feller and Bob Lemon were known as the "Big Three" and were arguably baseball's best pitching trio of the early to mid 1950s. A two-time twenty-game winner, Garcia was 19-8 in 1954 for the pennant-winning Indians, with a league-leading ERA (his second time). Twice he also led the American League in shutouts. A very dependable pitcher, his winning percentage of .594 shows his value, along with the fact that he more than 10 games for the Indians nine years.

Garcia began his pro career in 1942. He missed the 1943-1945 seasons due to military service. He returned to go 22-9 in the California League in 1946.

Notable Achievements[edit]

  • 3-time AL All-Star (1952-1954)
  • 2-time AL ERA Leader (1949 & 1954)
  • 2-time AL Shutouts Leader (1952 & 1954)
  • 15 Wins Seasons: 4 (1951-1954)
  • 20 Wins Seasons: 2 (1951 & 1952)
  • 200 Innings Pitched Seasons: 6 (1951-1955 & 1957)

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