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John Francis Coleman

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Biographical Information[edit]

John Coleman was the first major league player to hail from Syracuse University, ranking second in at bats and third in games played among Orangemen through 2019. Coleman appeared in 510 games as an outfielder and a few at first base and third base, but also was a pitcher in 107 games. He also umpired one National League game in 1884.

At the age of 20, he had the misfortune of going 12-48 as a pitcher for the Philadelphia Quakers in 1883, recording the first loss in franchise history. He pitched the majority of the team's games, subsequently picking up the majority of the team's wins and losses. As of 2019, his 48 losses, as well as the 772 hits and 291 earned runs he allowed that season, remain all-time major-league single-season records. They are unlikely to be challenged bar many changes in the game. As a hitter, his best year was 1885 with the Philadelphia Athletics of the American Association, when his Adjusted OPS was 10th in the league.

In a comparison that shows the limits of similarity scores, the most similar pitcher to John is Asa Brainard, the great pitcher whose play in the National Association was after his prime.

Notable Achievements[edit]

  • 200 Innings Pitched Seasons: 1 (1883)
  • 300 Innings Pitched Seasons: 1 (1883)
  • 400 Innings Pitched Seasons: 1 (1883)
  • 500 Innings Pitched Seasons: 1 (1883)

Records Held[edit]

  • Losses, season, 48, 1883
  • Earned runs allowed,, season, 291, 1883
  • Runs allowed, season, 504, 1883
  • Hits allowed, season, 772, 1883
  • Loss-win difference, season, 36, 1883

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