Howard Fox

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Howard Fox served as the General Manager of the Minnesota Twins in the time after Calvin Griffith sold the club and before the new owners were able to make their own choice as to who the new general manager would be. He was a close friend and golfing buddy of Griffith's from their days in Washington, DC and assumed a variety of functions within the Twins' front office, while serving as Calvin's closest confidant and right-hand man, even though Griffith's son Clark Griffith II and nephew Bruce Haynes, both also serving in the front office, were in line to inherit the team.

When Calvin Griffith sold the Twins to Carl Pohlad in 1984, he insisted that Pohlad keep on the current management team, even though it was made up largely of close relatives and sycophants. Thus did Fox become general manager (a title Calvin had kept for himself since the Washington days), but he was soon evinced in favor of the young Andy MacPhail, who actually had some idea about how to run a baseball team in contemporary times.

Fox died on June 28, 2011 at the age of 90.

Preceded by
Calvin Griffith
Minnesota Twins General Manager
Succeeded by
Andy MacPhail