Grounded into double play

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A batter is said to have grounded into a double play if he hits a ground ball that is not a base hit and results in two (or three) outs. The outs come via either a double play or triple play (triple plays, particularly on ground balls, being exceedingly rare, they are not counted separately in this case). Other double plays, such as a fly out followed by a runner trying to advance, or a strikeout followed by a caught stealing, are not counted here.

The statistics is usually abbreviated GDP or GiDP. It is used in calculating more complex statistics such as runs created. Batters who compile a lot of GiDPs put a toll on their team's offense that may not always be captured by other measures; these are often slow-footed right-handed batters who hit the ball hard but on the ground, the epitome of which was Jim Rice, who would sit among the top three in the American League in this category year after year in the early 1980s.

All Time Leaders
Span Player Total Notes
Career Cal Ripken 350
Season Jim Rice 36 1984
Game Goose Goslin 4 April 28, 1934
Game Joe Torre 4 July 21, 1975
Game Yulieski Gurriel 4 September 25, 2016