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Charles Brown

  • Bats Right, Throws Right
  • Height 4' 2", Weight 87 lb.

Biographical Information[edit]

Charles "Charlie" Brown is the main character in the Peanuts comic strip, created by Charles M. Schulz. Portrayed as the lovable loser, he shows endless determination and hope despite being insecure about many things in his life. He is perhaps best known for his stubborn determination to win a baseball game, and for refusing to give in when all seems lost (he can be seen standing on the pitcher's mound alone during a torrential downpour, refusing to let a little rain ruin his beloved baseball game).

One recurring theme in the strip is Charlie Brown's Little League baseball team. Charlie Brown is the manager of the team and, usually, its pitcher, with the other characters of the strip comprising the rest of the team. Charlie Brown is a terrible pitcher, often giving up tremendous hits which either knock him off the mound or leave him with only his shorts on. The team itself is also poor, with only Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy being particularly competent. Because of this, the team consistently loses. However, while the team is often referred to as "win-less", it does win at least 10 games over the course of the strip's run, most of these when Charlie Brown is not playing, a fact that Charlie Brown finds highly dispiriting.

Brown gave up an unusual number of line drives up the middle. He did hit a game-winning home run off a pitch by Roy Hobbs' great-granddaughter on March 30, 1993, although it was later revealed that she let him hit the home runs. In the final weeks of the comic strip's run in 2000, he tried to channel the great Joe Torre, determined to finally have a winning baseball season.

Charlie Brown also attempted to play football, but was never able to kick the ball, because his friend Lucy would pull it away as he would approach, causing him to land hard on his back.

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