Bend Phillies

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In 1981 the Northwest League team from Bend, OR changed its name from the Central Oregon Phillies to the Bend Phillies. They went 30-39 their first season after changing their names, with the big name being Rick Schu. They did a bit worse a year later, slipping to 30-40, but the team did feature Chris James (second in the NWL with 12 homers) and Mike Maddux (3-6, 3.99). The club improved a bit, to 32-37, in 1983, but boasted no future big-league regulars.

1984 saw a winning season in Bend as the Phillies went 38-36. Marvin Freeman (8-5, 2.61) led the club in victories. Bend kept improving the next year, going 39-35 and finishing a game behind the Eugene Emeralds in the Oregon Division.

A horrible season was to follow as Bend went just 21-53, its .284 winning percentage clearly worst in the league. They were outscored 520-385. The Philadelphia Phillies decided not to remain affiliated with the city. The next year Bend featured an independent team known as the Bend Bucks.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1981 31-39 5th P.J. Carey
1982 30-40 5th Rollie de Armas
1983 32-37 6th Jay Ward
1984 38-36 4th Ramon Aviles
1985 39-35 3rd (t) P.J. Carey
1986 21-53 8th Ed Pebley