Babe Martin

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Boris Michael Martin
born Boris Michael Martinovich

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Biographical Information[edit]

Babe Martin was allowed to get in uniform and sit on the bench in the 1944 World Series, but he was admonished to not say a word. He had played in two games for the St. Louis Browns late in the 1944 season but was not eligible for the postseason. He didn't receive any World Series shares but was given $300 in lieu of going on an off-season barnstorming tour to California that several ballplayers were making.

Martin received an offer to become an umpire prior to the 1953 season, with a promised promotion to the majors in 1954, but instead chose to continue playing baseball. When the Browns moved to Baltimore, MD in 1954, Martin arranged for his release so he could play his final season with the Dallas Eagles, where he received a $5,000 bonus.

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