"Four Eyes" Shottenhoffer

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"Four Eyes" Shottenhoffer is a fictional baseball player mentioned in the 1983 film, A Christmas Story, by Old Man Parker (played by Darren McGavin) when he tells his wife that the Sox (probably Chicago White Sox since the movie is set in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana) traded "Bullfrog" for the utility infielder. The entirety of the dialog about the two players is reproduced below:

Old Man Parker: "They traded Bullfrog. I don't believe it."

Mrs. Parker: "What's that?"

Old Man Parker: "Well, for Christ's sake, the Sox traded Bullfrog... the only player they've got, for Shottenhoffer. "Four Eyes" Shottenhoffer, a utility infielder. Got a whole goddamned team of utility infielders."

Mrs. Parker: "That's nice."

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