About Biographical Information

We have made every effort to make this information as accurate as possible and as up to date as possible. We have date of death information up to the 1998 season and will be working from there forward to bring our database up to date. Currently, we are probably missing some Necrology data from 1999-2002, but after that date, the data is fairly up-to-date.

Much of the data is due to the volunteers at SABR.org specifically the Biographical Committee, ably headed by Bill Carle. We're members of SABR and you should be too.

The SABR biographical committee routinely puts out updates for new information (or even new ballplayers) found. This can include updated birth, name and death information.

The SABR Collegiate committee maintains the database of schools attended by players.

Tom Ruane of retrosheet produced the original transaction database.

Arnie Braunstein (another SABR member) contributed information on related players.